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Hello hello, saw that you were going to 'What the Butler Saw ' on the 31st of March. Well, so am I and I was wondering if there would be a meet up with all the berena fans. Would like to join if I may :) Just thought you might know anything about it cause you seem like quite a leader to me. I mean this in the nicest way possible.

Oh bless! I’m in no way a leader but I appreciate the regard just the same. Okay, so I believe fans are going at all different dates, but I’m sure meet-ups will crop up. My wife and I aren’t even sure we’re going on the 31st now (it would be the 31st if it’s that end of the month, but we may be going at the beginning of the run instead - it depends on her work mainly. We have tickets for both ends)

But anyways, that all being said. I am definitely interested in meeting people if they’d like to meet me (and my spectacularly sassy wife). If you would indeed like to do that and you have a Tumblr account, please message me! Or tweet me or something (My twitter handle is kitnkabootle) and we can make a plan.

Don’t in any way be shy. For an icebreaker, just send me the line “Tell me about that one time you almost burned down a restaurant” and we’ll take it from there.


character analysis: MOIRA BURTON

Even if no salvation should come, I want
to be worthy of it at every moment.

myongji university brochure - an interview with jonghyun, key and taemin
translation by: thatcoolcatmeow (via mini9296)


q. please tell us what you’ve been up to (lately).
jonghyun: we worked mainly overseas for two years and recently resumed promotions in korea after releasing “odd”. i’m glad and excited to see fans after a long time.
key: aside from the promotion of shinee’s album i’ve been performing the musical “chess” with the role fo anatoly. i’ve (also) been busy appearing on various shows.
taemin: i think “view” and other songs in the album have received so much love from everyone. it’s encouraging as everyone (seems to) love the album that all of our members worked hard on.

q. i heard the album is a hit worldwide — including in the u.s. and japan.
jonghyun: this album was ranked first on the billboard world chart. i feel very good that it received favorable comments from various places. also, last march, we held a concert at tokyo dome after our fourth year since debut in japan and, also, held a concert tour in twenty cities too.
key: i feel thankful that we are gaining good results overseas, too. we did try hard but i think we’re very lucky too.
taemin: it feels great as all the efforts we’ve put so far have come to frutation. i also feel thankful to sunbaenims who have pioneeed in the overseas market. we will work hard to become more influential artists abroad.

q. when thinking about your university what’s the first place / time / person that comes to mind?
jonghyun: i remember being very nervous when having (my) admission interview for graduate school at the end of last year. i don’t know how many times i practiced my self introduction and answered for expected questions whenever i had free time. but, at the interview, my mind went blank and i couldn’t think of anything. it was the most nervous moment (of my life) after my debut stage.
key: many sunbaenims of myoungji university who are successful in the broadcasting industry comes up in my head — just like the sunbaenims i will try hard to set a good example of my university and major.
taemin: when thinking about my university…, people in my film and music major come up first. although i cannot spend a lot of time with them because of my promotional activities i think my university life will be memorable because of them.

q. if you have a life motto, what would it be?
jonghyun: it would be “approval over understanding”. things that seem tricky or not understandable at first sight — if you approve of it’s existence as itself and search for solutions you can make a breakthrough.
key: mine is simple: i want to live in confidence — things like: “you will do well since you’re kibum!” (laughs)
taemin: my one is simple too: “man proposes, god disposes.” try as best as you can leave the rest to god’s will!

q. you have already succeeded as singers — if you have other goals, what would it / they be?
jonghyun: i don’t think visible resutls like numbers or size are important — just like having a deep meaningful conversation with someone, i want to do music that will remain for a long time.
key: a life enjoy and accepting the moment. i want to live each moment of my life accepting results whether they are bad or good in a humble way.
taemin: i want to be an artist who is able to send clear messages to people.

q. what would you like to say to your university friends?
jonghyun: we are young / our body and also our mind. so, try to experience as many things as you can.
key: there are times when you have to domsething you don’t want or things because of the situation — but, once in awhile, please think about what you really want.
taemin: above all, i want to say thank you to my friends in the film and musical major.

[translator’s notes]

i. this isn’t word for word. there are mistranslations here and there.
ii. please do not retranslate into another language.


i. jonghyun is currently working on his graduate degree. key and taemin are working on their bachelor’s. they are all majoring in film and music / musicals. jonghyun had previously attending chungwoon university — alongside onew — where he received his bachelor’s degree in broadcasting music. more information can be found here.