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Time After Time

Here’s another of my future Klaroline drabbles and my season five premiere. Just so you know I didn’t incorporate the hollow stuff (mainly because I don’t watch the show - yet anyway).

Hope you like it. I also included something I saw on a gif set from @fyjosephmorgan (not sure if Joseph said it or not but it’s gold) so thank you.

Caroline has to suspend Hope for making out with her boyfriend at school, deciding that given his overprotective streak it’s probably best to drive to New Orleans with her and break the news in person.

“If you’re lost you can look and you will find me. If you fall I will catch you, I’ll be waiting.”

Somewhere in Mississippi

“Can we play something that was produced in my lifetime at least?”

“Last time I checked naughty, suspended girls don’t have the right to pick the car playlist,” Caroline chided, her eyes firmly trained on the road. “And just for your information, there is nothing wrong with Cindy Lauper.”


“Forget I mentioned it,” she muttered, thinking kids these days didn’t appreciate good music. And since when did she become the responsible adult? Unfortunately being the Principal at the Magic School in Mystic Falls didn’t give her the coolest reputation. Given what had happened with Hope two days earlier, Caroline knew that was also part of the teenager’s animosity towards her.

The school was holding their annual magic fair at the Boarding House next weekend so Caroline had been looking for the outdoor equipment they’d stored in the back shed the previous year. She opened the door, holding her breath so as not to inhale any rogue dust that had gathered over the seasons. It was dark and she fumbled for the light switch on the wall, it was as she did it that she heard some low moans emanating from the corner. If she knew any better it sounded like…

Before Caroline could entertain any further thoughts the switch was on, illuminating the room. Her eyes adjusted to the light slowly but it was difficult not to miss the scene before her. Two half dressed bodies, their sweaty limbs intertwined as they writhed on the floor. The invading light the only thing breaking them from their activities. Four very guilty eyes met hers. For once in her life Caroline was speechless. Not only because of what she’d walked into but because of just who she was. Klaus Mikaelson was going to murder this teenage kid if he found out, that much was sure.

“Get your asses outside pronto,” she ordered, shielding her eyes. “And with a whole lot more clothing on please.” They’d taken their time, skulking outside guiltily with their clothes thrown on haphazardly. “I don’t need to tell you just how much trouble you’re both in.” Roman and Hope both had their eyes downcast now but Caroline was pretty sure their disappointment wasn’t due to guilt but disappointment she’d interrupted their fun.

Their prolonged silence continued, Caroline knowing that this was a difficult decision to make because of the possible consequences. If there was anything she knew well it was Klaus and his thirst for revenge. Never mind the fact Hope was also his only daughter. Who was she kidding Roman had no chance at survival. Given her sympathy it would have been so easy to turn a blind eye but it wouldn’t be Caroline to let them go unpunished. She had a fierce, headmistress reputation to protect after all.

“This isn’t the first time you’ve been caught,” she growled, thinking back to Alaric’s discovery in the grounds a week earlier when they’d first been warned. “You’re both suspended until further notice, I’ll be notifying your parents.” There was no mistaking the fear in Hope’s eyes. Caroline would have been scared too, even if Klaus made it his life’s work to protect her.

On further reflection, Caroline knew a more personal approach would be better to break the news. Over the years she’d seen Klaus a handful of times but he’d kept his distance, something that Caroline initially respected but she’d be lying if she said she hadn’t missed him. She figured Klaus would be less likely to kill anyone in his path if she raised it with him face-to-face which meant a road trip to New Orleans with his daughter Hope in tow. If only the youngest Mikaelson had better taste in music.

“I can’t believe you’re making me do this, haven’t you ever been young?” Seventeen years young she thought to herself.

“I know plenty about being young, Hope, but I think attempting to have sex on school property is just a little too exhibitionist for someone your age.”

“Well, not that it’s anyone’s business but we, uh, haven’t got that far yet.”

“Not without trying,” she drawled, thinking back to the scene in the shed. “But I have to say for that I am eternally grateful.”

“Why? Because my virginity is a precious gift that needs to be protected or something like that?”

“Actually I was going to say it’s a pretty sad story to tell people you lost your virginity in the equipment shed,” she joked, looking over briefly to send Hope a smile. “You know it’s okay to wait for the right time and place? To be honest I think you’d end up regretting rushing it.”

“So, all the more reason not to tell my father then?”

“Good try,” she growled. “Look, we both know the large newtwork of spies your father has at his disposal and we both know that he’s going to find out about this whether you tell him or not. This way you can get to him first and calmly explain the situation…”

“Now there’s an awkward conversation just waiting to happen.”

“Well, put it this way, he might be less inclined to kill your boyfriend.”

“You’re kidding right?”

“It’s worth a try. Look, I know first hand how, um, overprotective Klaus can be but I will be right there with you.”

“Why are you doing this?” Alaric had questioned her about the same thing, suggesting that given their history it might confuse things emotionally. Caroline had insisted it was her principal’s duty and purely professional but even she’d conceded that she didn’t sound convincing at all.

“Well, I mean he’s less likely to lose it if I’m around,” she offered weakly. “Here’s hoping anyway.”

Before Hope could respond, Caroline heard a loud bang, the car swerving unexpectedly to the other side of the deserted road. She squealed in fright, Hope doing the same thing as Caroline attempted to steady the car even with a busted tire. Hope leaned across placing her hand over Caroline’s to try and help control the car. After a few seconds, Caroline had managed to pull over and cut the engine, both girls looking at each other in relief before she joked to the young brunette. “And you were worried about the music on this trip.”

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alright let me clear up some things for you guys.

1) bambam is enlisting? FALSE. that was an assumption made by stan twitter, which is definitely more inaccurate than wikipedia. no jype staff and got7 members have confirmed this nor is there an official statement about this. the military lottery picking is in april so it makes no sense for bambam to be enlisted when he has not even went to pick. also bambam did NOT cry/tear up in the airport today. according to bambam fansites, he was just sleepy/tired.

2) jjproject is having a comeback. this is TRUE. my parents are back and ready to shake it up for everybody. jype has confirmed that jjproject will have a summer comeback,

3) jackson’s solo is true. like yixing he will have his own work studio (think of it like a mini sub jype that helps manage jackson’s activities in china) called team wang. why don’t jype manage his activities? mainly because jype doesn’t really have big connections in china and not to mention due to political issues. tbh a solo promotion in china is very beneficial to not only jackson but also got7 because with the current kpop ban in china as jackson is still be able to rake in popularity for the group in china/keep them relevant there.

4) got7 members have solo/unit does NOT equal jype want to disband them or leave got7 in the dungeon. jype knows that got7 bring in profit through their physical albums and tours. furthermore, they know that majority of the fandom wants the 7 member to promote together and the members popularity is mostly equally distributed within the fandom which means each member is a selling point of the group aka jype the milking machine will try to milk money from each other through group promotion. also, solo/units are a normal thing for kpop groups to keep the group/members in the spotlight while the other take a break/prepare for the next group comeback.

adding on, the fact that jype tweeted and released an official statement on jjproject and jackson solo on got7′s official account means that they do NOT intent to disband or leave got7 dead in the ditch. if people know jype, they like keeping mute about a lot of things then go mia and then release a statement. the fact that they did a pre release statement to tell media/fans about got7′s upcoming plans meant that even though they are having a unit comeback and a solo, the group got7 will still promote after/during this.

5) solo/units means that we will not see ot7 for the next 50 years? this is false. got7 still have their fanmeet in hong kong, japan tour and they will most likely go on year end shows. furthermore, got7 did talk about a comeback which means there is a plan for one.

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I don't mean to sound doubtful, but how do we know that larries are truly the majority of Louis's fandom? I mostly stick to tumblr so I don't engage with anyone who aren't larries mainly because I don't follow them, so I always wondered how big of an impact we really have on a general perspective. I do realize we are a good part of it but would it be enough to sabotage Louis career-wise?

I didn’t say we were the majority - I only said we were a large portion. I have my opinion, but I don’t know for sure whether or not we’re the majority. Also, for the record, the stunt talk (and even Larry questions) don’t only annoy Larries - they annoy any fan who believes Louis isn’t straight (because there are those who don’t think he’s straight, but also don’t think he’s with Harry) and any fan who suspects that Eleanor and/or Freddie are stunts (even if they don’t think it’s a closet situation) and any fan who cares about the music, not Louis’ personal life.

As for Larries in particular though - we are the ones who led the No Control Project and Project Just Hold On, both with no support from One Direction’s or Louis’ team, and I think the results speak for themselves. Larries have led numerous charity drives for Louis and repeatedly raise $20k+ per drive. As annoying as they are, Larry-related worldwide trends have happened over and over and over again, and AIMH is the third most retweeted tweet of all time, both demonstrating our reach on Twitter. Almost every Larrie I’ve ever seen on Tumblr or Twitter doesn’t just buy one of Louis’ songs - they promote it endlessly on social media, lead projects for it, stream it continuously, and buy numerous copies for friends and family members and random people on the Internet who signed up to be sponsored. I’ve been here for five years and it’s incredibly rare to see a Larrie who is a “casual” fan. We go above and beyond. Anyone who denies that Larries and other non-het Louies are the portion of his fanbase who are the most vocal, who fight hardest for him, and who do whatever it takes to guarantee his success, with or without the support of his team, isn’t paying attention.

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pretty pretty pls atomwave with a child i'll love u forever

let me open this little adventure with this

it’s like 1901 and they’ve found a sickly baby in a basket and ray is like MICK WE GOTTA and mick is like literally 1, no, 2, as chronos i have to tell you that this baby not dying could irrevocably change the course of history and oh you’ve already picked it up. ray that baby is very sick please put her down

they take the baby back to the ship and all she really needs is a quick antibiotics…. everything, and she’ll be good as new, and already here comes rip with the you cant pick up a sick baby letting that baby live could and mick is like i covered okay??? he wants. the baby. and rip is like oh no, dont tell me you’re fond of it now too, and mick like sort of is and sort of isn’t, mainly it’s just that like no one can tell ray no but him and ray already refused to listen SO. the baby stays

ray, holding her: what should we NAME HER
mick: i don’t know??? what do you name babies after. cars? planets? planet of cars???

they name her jupiter bc honestly? i fucking said so

amaya is full on diana like OH MY GOD A BABY and mick is like please don’t encourage this oh. oh it’s far too late why do i even BOTHER

sara: okay not to be that guy but like if that baby lives it could-

there’s a point where jupiter just starts crying and crying and she doesn’t want to eat and she doesn’t want to be changed and ray, rocking her while having a Deep Panic, and mick is like oh for fucks sake give me the baby and is just like, holding her. and staring at her. and she’s like, yeah i guess, as much as a baby can give that vibe, and goes to sleep

mick: i like… raised lisa when len wasn’t there??? i can do babies. i choose not to.

honestly like, they can’t put her back in 1901 bc like she’s not supposed to be alive, but also bc there’s no like…. fun place to put someone in 1901. that’s not a thing. so they have to essentially raise a baby on a timeship now, or they drop her off in 2017 with cisco and mick is like, this is jupiter, she’s essentially my child, and if anything happens to her i will burn this entire world down and cisco is like uh sure mick thanks for calling before you just showed up and handed ME A BABY

ray obviously wants to take her with them and cries whenever they’re apart. so they have to go see her. a lot. until finally everyone caves and just builds a nursery on the ship and rip is like honestly, i hate this. i hate you. i don’t hate the baby but i’m not comfortable enough with my own loss to address those feelings yet?
mick: wow so interesting show me on the map where i asked


-his eyes would tear up each time he saw your demeanour change when being called by the wrong pronouns but other than that he wouldn’t try to show his annoyance until the two of you were alone- 

“I can’t believe they’d do that to you, babe..” 
“I just don’t understand how parents can’t be accepting of their child and just do stuff like that instead.” 

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-he’d be awful at hiding his frustration with them, but wouldn’t express it until you were alone mainly because he didn’t want to upset you by being rude to them- 

*holds your hand and turned to you* 
“Jagi, you’re valid and I love you with all my heart, okay?” 
“Don’t pay attention to what they’re saying.” 

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-he’d scoff in disbelief every time they’d get your pronouns wrong and immediately would become worried that you’re uncomfortable-

*as soon as the leave the room, he pulls you into his arms* 
“Babe, do you want to leave?” 
“I don’t want their ignorance making you uncomfortable..” 

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-he’d be just completely incapable of hiding his anger, rolling his eyes every time they spoke- 

“I’m sorry, but I think we should leave now..” 
*he’d suddenly say in the middle of dinner, practically rushing out of there with you after saying your goodbyes*
“I know that was rude, I’m sorry, but I just can’t listen to them do that to you.”

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-he’d be good at hiding his anger, even fooling you at one point, but the instant the two of you got back to your hotel he’d blow up- 

“No offense babe, but your parents are ignorant dick heads..”
“Like how the fuck do they expect you to want to be around them when they don’t even acknowledge who you are?” 

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-every time your parents misgendered you, he’d just turn to see if you were okay and every time he’d see your face contort with discomfort; he’d find his heart breaking yet filling with resentment- 

*your parents finally leave to return to their hotel* 
“Babe are you okay?” 
*pulls you into his arms, kissing you all over*
“I don’t want to listen to their stupidity, alright?”
“You don’t deserve to have to deal with being invalidated like that.” 

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-the first time he’d hear them misgender you, he’d politely correct them and continue to do so throughout the time you two were with them- 

*your dad starts talking about what you were like in highschool and continuously calls you by the wrong pronouns*  
“Excuse me sir, but can you please call y/n by their correct pronouns?”
“I don’t mean to be rude by any means, but I don’t enjoy seeing the love of my life uncomfortable.” 

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Fic Masterpost

I figure I should make one of these so I can keep track of all of the fics I write. 

Updated 5/21/2017

Drabbles (Under 1000 words):

  • A Tipsy Chat (T, mainly Ladynoir friendship)  Ao3/Tumblr
    • A tipsy Chat Noir is a cuddly one.
  • Food and Love (G, Friendship!)  Ao3/Tumblr
    • Three people love Adrien and want him to eat more.
  • Sparring was a bad idea (M, Ladynoir)  Ao3/Tumblr
    • Sparring gets unexpectedly uncomfortable.
  • Superhero Sandwich (M, All the pairings?)  Ao3/Tumblr
    • Alya asks the important questions.
  • Boop (T, Ladynoir)  Ao3/Tumblr
    • In which there are kisses.
  • Pomme de Terror (Pure Crack)   Ao3/Tumblr
    • Nino loves potatoes.
  • Slip up (M, Ladynoir)  Ao3/Tumblr
    • Chat Noir accidentally says something he shouldn’t have.
  • Painted Blue (G, Ladynoir/Adrinette)  Ao3/Tumblr
    • Ladybug painted her nails.
  • I’m Sorry (T, Marichat)  Ao3/Tumblr
    • Chat pays Marinette a visit after a bad day. 
  • Sleep talking (M, Adrinette) Ao3/Tumblr 
    • Adrien overhears Marinette talking in her sleep. 
  • Hard (M, Ladrien) Ao3/Tumblr
    • Things get hard when Ladybug rescues Adrien from an akuma.
  • Innuendos and Revelations (M, Ladynoir) Ao3/Tumblr
    • Ladybug and Chat Noir flirt over wine and pastries until it becomes too much for his poor heart.
  • Unexpected (E, Ladrien) Ao3/Tumblr
    • Ladybug’s visit to Adrien’s room goes horribly wrong. 
  • Gay Chicken (T, Adrinino) Ao3/Tumblr
    • Adrien and Nino’s game of gay chicken gets out of hand.
  • Elevator (G, Chlonette) Ao3/Tumblr
    • Marinette and Chloe get stuck in an elevator
  • Proposal (T, Alyanette) Ao3/Tumblr
    • Marinette asks Alya a question


  • Caught in the Act (E, Ladynoir/Adrinette) Ao3/Tumblr 
    • Ladybug and Chat Noir are caught in the act and everything is awkward.
  • Miracul-ass: Heroes of Paris XXX (M, Ladrien/Ladynoir) Ao3/Tumblr
    • Adrien finds a porn video featuring Ladybug and Chat Noir.
  • Manger des Cochonneries (G, Ladynoir friendship) Ao3/Tumblr
    • Ladybug discovers that Chat Noir has never eaten junk food before. She decides to fix that.
  • Going Commando (M, Ladynoir) Ao3/Tumblr
    • Ladybug and Chat Noir realize that they are not wearing underwear under their suits. 
  • Misunderstanding (T, Ladynoir) Ao3/Tumblr
    • Ladybug becomes convinced that Chat Noir is a homeless stripper and tries to help him. Chat Noir is confused.
  • Two Huge Nerds (G, Chat/Alya) Ao3/Tumblr
    • Alya interviews Chat Noir for the Ladyblog and discovers that they have a lot in common.
  • When your friends are traveling (T, Djwifi, Adrinette) Ao3/Tumblr
    • Alya and Nino are very loyal friends. Even when they are on an increasingly bizarre trip, they are always ready to drop anything for a phone call from their best friends. Slight crack.

Multi-chapter (Complete):

  • Black Hole of Sex (3/3, M, Ladrien/Ladynoir) Ao3/Tumblr
    • “I’m going to fuck that boy so hard he will literally implode and become a black hole of sex.”

Multi-chapter (Ongoing):

  • Too Close for Comfort (4/?, E, Ladynoir) Ao3/Tumblr 
    • Ladybug and Chat Noir end up too close for comfort and things take an unexpected turn.
  • Chloe vs Adrien! Fight! (3/? T, Ladrien, Chlobug, Chlodrien friendship) Ao3/Tumblr 
    • Chloe and Adrien compete for Ladybug’s affections.
  • All Tied Up (3/?, E, Ladynoir/Adrinette) Ao3/Tumblr 
    • Obligatory BDSM AU

Mini-fics (Under 500 words, tumblr only) can be found here.

Miscellaneous vaguely fic/headcanon-like tumblr posts:

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2d's reaction to his s/o being into cosplay? I dont know I just imagine it being super cute....

  • At first he’d be like “oh ok cool” mainly because he doesn’t really know what it is and his attitude towards you is “you do your thing and I’ll support you” so he doesn’t really mind what you do
  • In all honesty, he probably forgets, until he walks in one day to find you doing a mini cos-test, completely decked out in makeup, costume and wig, and honey he screams
  • He thinks a weird colourful stranger has broken into the house and kidnapped you
    • He’d probably try and throw a lamp at you
    • Until you screech at him that it’s only you
  • He’d make you take off the wig to prove it, and ask you loads of questions about your relationship (some of which he doesn’t know the answers to himself) to check that it really is you
  • Once he’s sure, he’d just sort of blink at you and then go “did you do all that make up yourself?”
  • He’d insist on cosplaying with you the next time, and is genuinely sad when he discovers that white sclera contacts don’t exist
  • So you make lists of characters with black eyes/black sclera so he can cosplay with you
  • He also really enjoys sitting and watching you do your makeup, and even helps you out sometimes
  • He asks a lot of questions though
  • “What show are they from? Have you cosplayed them before? Can I see a picture of them? How much did that wig cost? Are you gonna use the waterproof mascara? Can I paint your nails? Can I help you with the makeup?“
    • He just wants to be included
  • On April Fools day, you wake up extra extra extra early, grab your black wig, slather yourself in green paint, pop in a red eye contact and grab the hot pink thong you’d had stowed away and slip back into bed beside him
  • His screams wake up the whole house, and the real Murdoc finds it hilarious
  • 2D is less enthusiastic about your cosplays for a good while after that escapade