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Leaked concept art of Efi Odaele’s Ancharo drone.

This is Overwatch shitpost #2 for anyone who’s counting. I guess this is just a thing I’m gonna do whenever Blizzard introduces a new character…

(This was also a lot funnier in my head)

I am going to try to be more talkative on my blog > : I !

Hey my dash is full of mainly stim stuff at the moment, which is great don’t get me wrong, but I need more autism stuff.

So if you’re autistic and post mainly autism/neurodiversity stuff (lets say about 80%) please let me know.

Especially if you’re nonbinary or from brittain.

Please don’t interact if
you are anti self dx/feminism/kin/black lives matter
You are an aphobe (or any other kind if reg)
You are c/g/l or d/d/l/g
You support trump/nigel farrage/ukip/the bnp

I was tagged by @magqneto. tysm quinn!

name: christina
: 5′2″
hogwarts house
: hufflepuff
go to SSBB character
: (apparently this means super smash bros) yoshi? idk I haven’t played that in such a long time
fictional character i’d date
: james tiberius perfect hair
favorite band or artist
: the neighbourhood, zella day, halsey, troye sivan
how many blogs do I follow
: 437 but that number is always increasing
what do I post about
: mainly star wars, star trek, marvel. some dc & hp (all my fandoms are on my about page btw)
do i get asks on a regular basis
: haha no but feel free to send them in guys I love answering asks
warm sweaters, coffee mugs, paint strokes, typography, soft songs, SPACE, fog & clouds, flowers (really all nature for that matter), chris pine’s blue eyes, beautiful cinematography, books, I could go on forever..

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