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I’m so excited that I’ll be able to announce who’s in the Pharmercy Zine today!

And it’s a great line-up too, so I am definitely pleased about this. 

Ultimate Victuuri FicRec List

bc I am utter trash and have spent the past few weeks hiding away on ao3 reading fics to fill the gap in my heart and I want to keep all my favorite links in one place. Will be updated as I find more that I like! Suggestions are always welcome!


Clarity by thylaa | 3k words | mature

- An interesting one about the immediate aftermath of The Kiss. Light touches of commentary on homophobia but it isn’t really delved into; mainly just cuteness

i know my madness by astoryaboutwar | 14k words | explicit

- Canon divergence, where Yuuri wins silver in the Sochi GPF, and Victor is a rich figure skating playboy who decides to wine and dine the newcomer Japanese skater and ends up catching an STD known as Feelings, and it’s really hot and really well written and if you haven’t read this yet who even are you

victory cheer by SportsAnimeRuinedMyLife | 3k words | teen and up

- Told from various POVs immediately following The Kiss, but still just as cutesy as anything told from Victor or Yuuri’s POV. 

When He’s Not Even Trying and One Night to Blow by qwartooty | 2k words & 3k words respectively | teen and up

- These can be read as one-shots but the first is actually a prequel to the second. When He’s Not Even Trying = Phichit being the best/worst wingman ever and Victor just worshipping everything Yuuri does; One Night to Blow = bachelor parties feat. the return of Pole-Dancer Yuuri and Victor being super into it. This fluff is so sweet it will give you cavities

Addicted (to the taste of you) by smudgesofink | 5k words | teen and up

- Super cute post-Kiss fic that features a lot MORE kissing and it’s beautiful and Chris is the best-worst wingman ever

Praise Please by surveycorpsjean | 5k words | explicit

- Praise kink, need I say more? I’m not always a huge fan of fics where Victor is super dominant, but this one is just really hot okay leave me alone

Appreciation by Merit | 4k words | explicit

- Yuuri’s exhausted after the Cup of China free skate so Victor’s gotta do all the work ¯\_(ツ)_/¯   smut with feelings. Victor is so in love I can’t even deal

From the Moon by ButterBeerBitch | 4k words | mature

- Victor finds his way into Yuuri’s bedroom/shrine and instead of it going horribly wrong like Yuuri expected, it goes better than he could have dreamed.

all for a moment by Authoress | 2k words | teen and up

- Post-Kiss…kissing. Lots of kissing, in a stairwell bc these losers can’t even wait to get back to the hotel, though it never veers into mature territory. And flirting. It’s so beautiful read it

Distance by surveycorpsjean | 5k words | explicit

- One of my favorites! Domestic married Victuuri, plus a super hot kitchen sex scene that is an absolute gift to this world.

Silliness and Stolen Shirts by smudgesofink | 2k words | teen and up

- I love this one so much! “In which Victor is weak for the Boyfriend Shirt, and Yuuri doesn’t realize he is, too.” Domestic post-ep. 12 fluff and these losers are so cute omggg

Victor Effing Nikiforov by shysweetthing | 13k words | explicit

- Canon divergence: in which Victor does not retire to coach Yuuri, but the banquet still happened and Yuuri still doesn’t remember it so he is v confused when he shows up to the World Championships and Victor effing Nikiforov is suddenly getting all affectionate. They still end up being couple goals. 

live with a man who knows you by jinlian | 3k words | teen and up

- Ahhhh. Domestic fiance life in St. Petersburg, from Victor’s completely lovestruck POV. The writing is BEAUTIFUL and the sweetness is so, so strong. It’s a quick read but it’ll give you all the warm fuzzies, just do it, seriously.

Works in Progress

solo and pair by calciseptine | 17k words | teen and up | 7/? chapters

- soulmate AU where you get an identifying mark on your body that matches your soulmate’s; Yuri realizes when he’s really young that his and his skating idol’s marks look extremely similar, but he feels like he doesn’t deserve Victor because fuck anxiety. Seriously some of the most beautiful writing ever & my absolute favorite soulmate AU. I can’t wait for the day this one is completed!

A Choreographer’s Dilemma by Mysecretfanmoments | mature | 5/? chapters

- In which Yuuri and Victor officially start dating following The Kiss, and they go through all the awkwardness and fascination and learning experiences that come with starting a new relationship. It’s the hyper-realistic domestic Victuuri fic I never knew I needed, and it is gorgeously written. It is canon compliant but as of right now all 5 chapters take place after episode 7 and before episode 8.

Winter Song by proantagonist | 62k words | explicit | 11/? chapters

- THIS IS IT. THIS IS MY FAVORITE FIC OF ALL TIME EVER and chapter 6 reduced me to TEARS it crushed me to RUBBLE but not in a bad way, these are 100% tears of joy. This is so beautiful, this is everything I never knew I needed. My skin has cleared, my crops are flourishing, my GPA has skyrocketed (maybe not but w/e). If you want lots of domestic, in-series, canon compliant, healthy and mutually supportive Victuuri in looooove then read this, for the love of my smol son Yurio, read it and understand. I’m almost glad this isn’t complete because it means that there will be more. I can’t fucking deal I s2g

Dot, Dash, Star* by shorelines | 6k words | teen and up | 4/6 chapters

- (cw: emotional abuse) Soulmate AU where you get a little floating orb of light that follows you around and allows you to communicate with your soulmate in Morse code. Feat. smol Yuuri, smol(er) Yuri, and smol Victor, Victor’s mom who is awful and abusive, Yakov being a kind cinnamon roll, and lots of sadness and angst with just enough hope to keep you reading. I’m on the edge of my seat for this one because right now it’s really sad and I don’t want my smol Victuuri to be sad; luckily it seems to be frequently updated so I’m sure it’ll be completed soon. 

Low Bars by TheCookieMonster77 | 11k words | teen and up | 3/? chapters

- Basically, the anime as told through text messages - mainly those between Yuuri and Phichit, but also featuring other characters. It’s hilarious and Phichit is a gift that we do not deserve and I want more of this so much


katsuki_fc wrote by tetsurashian | 12k words | general audiences | 7 chapters

- A favorite of mine! The story of Victuuri, from the Sochi GPF to the pair skate, but told through the social media posts of Yuuri’s fans. A quick and fun read.

Hold Me Tight by smudgesofink | 11k words | teen and up | 2 chapters

- “Alternatively titled, ‘Five Times Victor Hugs Yuuri, and the One Time He Doesn’t.’” Beautifully written Victuuri fluff that touches on some more serious topics in chapter 2 - read: homophobia in Russia. But it is handled well, and it has a happy ending!

The Fundamentals of Caring by braveten | 20k words | explicit, but the first chapter is more teen and up | 2 chapters

- Yuuri gets a fever while staying at Victor’s flat in St. Petersburg (pre-Barcelona), and so Victor and a reluctant Yurio have to take care of him. However, Yuuri is also completely delirious and loses his filter, so he starts proclaiming his love for his coach and Victor is so so happy and Yurio becomes their #1 shipper. (I was totally in Yuuri’s boat a few months ago, but I only wish I had someone like Victor to take care of meee)

kind, calm, supportive dads are underrated and undersupplied


Seven Deadly Sins → Akatsuki 

i can feel myself starting to not take queerbaiting accusations seriously anymore since so many people like to throw that term around just because their own personal expectations/hopes for a ship weren’t met.

Im watching Civil War and something super nitpicky that annoys me to no end is the fact that Peter and aunt may’s apartment is completely different to their apartment in Homecoming. Not even just in the way the rooms are set up, but the decorating is done in a completely different style and the rooms have basically no similarities! The door to his bedroom doesn’t even open from the same side. And I’m pretty sure the building that tony drops him off at at the beginning of Homecoming is the same one that he sneaks into before Ned finds out he’s Spider-Man! Plus Aunt May’s hair goes from being just below her shoulders in civil war to nearly being at her waist in Homecoming! I’m mainly just mad that the set decorators and the Russo brothers made their apartment so bland that it had to be completely reimagined for Homecoming!