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Jason’s Death Day

Since it was yesterday and of course I can’t leave anything potentially angsty alone; not requested; obviously angsty.

A/N: I used the word “attack” pretty loosely, but know that it’s not a full blown anxiety attack each time, mainly it’s just an attack of memories.

-You cannot tell me that the anniversary of the day that you died, the day you were supposed to stay dead isn’t going to have negative repercussions mentally, emotionally, and physically.

-A lot of times, the day just sneaks up on him and when he realizes it he gets overwhelmed by his emotions.

-If he does remember before hand he will throw a party. Mainly he’ll just buy junk food and such and invite the family over, along with a few others.

-He tries to play it off as a “yeah, I DIED on this day”, with a cocky attitude, but he just doesn’t want to be alone.

-For heaven’s sake, do no let this boy be alone on his death day.

-Obviously the day forces flashbacks and he ends up extremely depressed.

-He won’t patrol that night if he’s alone, he’ll curl up in a corner of his apartment, left with just all of his negative thoughts.

-He needs someone to force him out for patrol to get his mind off of it.

-It’s the one day that Bruce always tries his absolute hardest to implore Jason to see a therapist.

-Thankfully at this point the family silently knows Jason shouldn’t be alone on his death day, especially the ones who have a death day themselves.

-Damian is the one who spends the whole day with Jason.

-Damian will show up at dawn, before Jason would normally be awake, but sleep doesn’t exactly come easy knowing that you die the next day.

-The two of them do rather normal activities, play video games, watch tv, go shopping for Jason’s potential party, etc.

-This is the one day that Jason grabs a six/twelve pack to bring home and he cracks it open with Damian and whoever else happens to be there.

-The worst anniversaries can be gauged if he cried or not because usually he doesn’t get to that point.

-But when memories of the hurt and the overall pain he was in seep into his brain, he can’t hold back. When he remembers the pain it means everything else comes flooding back in. The smells, the layout of the room, every little detail.

-Sometimes it doesn’t even happen on his death days. The weather tends to throw him into an attack, especially because it’s not as hot in Gotham as it is in Ethiopia.

-So when he gets hit with a heat wave and especially the humidity and such, it washes over him in a horrifying, “This feels like the day I died.”

-The weather makes it all the more real for him, makes him feel as if he’s just starting to look for his mother, though he has a sense of fear that something bad is going to happen.

-This scenario is the worst because he’s really the only one who knows exactly what the weather was like that day and not many of his siblings/acquaintances think of it as a trigger, or hell, not many even think that Jason Todd has any triggers.

-Don’t coddle him unless he’s already in the middle of an attack, distract him. Go somewhere fun, make him appreciate his life that he has now.

His little girl (Joker fanfiction) 6

Request: Are requests still open??💗 If they are then could u maybe do one where you are Batman younger sister but you are also secretly in love with the Joker??

Part 6

On the rooftop across the building, staring with deadly eyes at the two of you was Batman.

 The sound of The Joker’s chilling dark chuckle echoed in your ear and manifested itself to your body, as you stood there, lifeless, breathless. Although you couldn’t see them, you could feel the ice cold stare of his eyes, burning you. After what felt like forever of unbearable silence, Batman jumped and came crashing through The Joker’s window, tiny bits of sharp glass flying everywhere. You instinctively shut your eyes and covered your face from getting cuts. But you also felt two other hands wrapping themselves over your face, shielding you.

 ‘’Batsy!’’ The Joker exclaimed happily, as he jumped up and down and giggled. ‘’Let her go.’’ His voice was hoarser and darker it seemed, if that was even possible. The Joker chuckled and licked his lips. ‘’Now, why would I do that when she’s soo much fun to play with?’’. Out of nowhere, Batman launched forward and tackled the green haired psycho.

 You gasped loudly as you stood, witnessing the two of them rolling around on the floor, groaning, laughing, beating, kicking, ripping and pulling at each other as much as they could. Despite The Joker being a relatively average man in terms of height and weight, he threw in a surprisingly large amount of punches at the Bat.

 The Joker giggled every time Batman punched him in the jaw or kneed him in the groin although the pain was evident by the expression on his face. You gulped and stood frozen, unable to interfere. Eventually, Batsy kicked the Joker right in the gut, which made him crouch and groan in agony. Batman used the advantage to get up and place his black boot on his chest, pinning him down.

 Mister J looked up at the bat with wild eyes and a grin plastered in his painted face. ‘’You have no idea how much we’ve had’’ he started but grunted when Batman pushed his foot further into his chest, fracturing his ribcage. ‘’Oh hohoho-ho’’ The Joker’s laugh echoed around the room and you were amazed that he could still laugh when being in so much pain and most likely, a life threatening situation.

‘’You’re garbage’’ Batman spat and tried to resist cracking the clown’s ribcage. Mister J snickered and licked the side of his mouth. ‘’Mmm hm mhm… if you only knew what was under that shirt’’ he purred and looked over to you.

You immediately looked away, feeling shame hit you like a rock when you realized what you had let that murderer do to you. You could hear the animalistic growl that erupted from the inside of you big brother’s black mask as he used his muscled leg to kick the Joker out the window. You gasped and ran forward, catching yourself in actually feeling scared for the clown.

Of course, that didn’t last long as Bruce wrapped his arms around you and scooped you up in his protective grip and ran away from the scene. The last thing you heard was The Joker cackling hysterically until his laughter faded and in the end disappeared completely. A little pool of tears started to form in your eyes and you furrowed your brows in confusion. Why were you sad that The Joker was dead? On the other hand, you never heard him hit the ground…

Birds chirping was the first thing you heard, hours later. Your eyes were shut and your eyelids felt like two bricks resting on top of your eyeballs. Groggily, you attempted to open your eyes but failed miserably and groaned tiredly. ‘’Y/N’’ a concerned and British voice spoke from the corner of the room. ‘’You’re awake, thank god. Master Wayne and I have been so worried, are you harmed?’’ Alfred asked, worry laced in his voice as he placed his hand on your shoulder, over the blanket Bruce had wrapped you in when he had gotten you home.  

You squeezed your eyes together and groaned, a pounding pain in your brain consuming you. ‘’W-what?’’ you muttered and felt your eyelids finally cooperating with you as they started to flutter. ‘’What happened?’’ you whispered and scratched the back of your head. Alfred sighed in relief when he could see for himself that you were okay and sat down on the bed. ‘’How much do you remember?’’ You cleared your throat and sat up, resting your back on your headboard as you allowed the memories of last night to flicker back.

Alfred placed a protective hand on your knee as he saw the painful expression that was forming on your face as he assumed you were remembering all of the heinous acts The Joker had performed on you. Of course, what you really remembered was how The Joker had allegedly fallen to his death and you would never see him again. Inwardly scolding yourself, you choked back the tears and looked down at Alfred. 

Damn you for being such a softie. ‘’The important thing is that I’m safe, and that I’m home.’’ Alfred sighed and smiled. ‘’I’ll tell Master Wayne that you’re awake. I’m sure he has several things he’d like to talk to you about’’ he made a grimace which made you giggle a little. God it felt good to laugh. ‘’If he talks a hole through your head, I put some earplugs on your nightstand’’ Alfred winked and walked out. You laughed at him and smiled lovingly. He always knew how to lighten up the gloomy mood and put a smile on your face. Alfred had really been like a father to both you and Bruce.

You took the few moments you had to lay back and breathe in an attempt to regain some strength. Naturally, that didn’t last long as a knock on the door shook you out of your sauna of dreams. The door creaked as it opened slowly, revealing a very tired-looking Bruce. He had dark circles under his eyes, proving the fact that he had barely slept since your capture. ‘’Y/N…’’ he sighed and walked inside.

‘’I’m so sorry. I do not know how I can express how sorry I am. I swear I was so certain that we had it all under control, but then that clown slipped inside and took out six officers. I should not have underestimated that freak, but I did and you had to pay the price. ‘’Bruce’’ your soft tone interrupted his speech. ‘’Bruce, it’s okay. I never blamed you. Not for a second.’’ Your words seemed to calm something within in as he let out a really long sigh.

‘’You have no idea how scared we’ve all been for you. We’re so glad to have you home, safe and sound.’’ You smiled at your big brother and grabbed his hand. ‘’It’s good to be home’’ you said and stroked his hand with your thumb. Yet, somehow, when you said it, a little pinch to the heart made your gut churn. Your body was telling you that you were lying to yourself.

You spent almost an hour lying about how The Joker had not laid a finger on you and just kept you locked inside a room with a minimal amount of food, mainly just waiting for the only person he cared about, The Batman, to come and get his little sis. Bruce excused himself and let you have some alone time before you had to come down to dinner.

You felt badly about lying to someone you loved, but the truth would cause so much more harm. His maniacal laugh and dangerous touch had stuck to your memory like glue and no matter what you did; you could not get him out of your head. At times, he had been so gentle with you, as if he actually didn’t want to hurt you. The more you thought about it, the stranger it seemed because it was the complete opposite of everything The Joker stands for.

Dinner was small talk and ‘’are-you-sure-you-are-okay’’s. While Bruce and Alfred had finally moved on to another subject and sat chatting about something business-y, you zoned out. You closed your eyes as you remembered when you and The Joker had danced in the middle of the night to the soft tunes of your little music box and a little tear fell from your glossy eye and landed on your plate. Actually, it had to be one of the nicer memories you possessed in your inexperienced mind.

‘’What are you so happy about?’’ Bruce’s voice caused you to jolt in your seat and silently choke on your food. You nervously laughed your reaction off and swallowed hard, your brain almost having a panic attack whilst trying to quickly come up with a lie.

You cleared your throat and put your fork down on your plate. ‘’Uhm, I was just thinking about that old treehouse we had in the backyard when I was ten.’’ Good choice. Bruce laughed and started telling Alfred how you used to cry for help because you were too scared to climb down the ladder by yourself.

‘’Look, Y/N, Alfred and I were thinking of throwing you a little welcome-back party tonight’’ Bruce started but raised his hands in defense when he saw your skeptic eyes. ‘’Nothing major, just our closest family friends, nothing formal, just a good meal and some drinks and a comfortable environment. I just want you to feel settled back in and remember how much everyone loves you. I mean, I don’t think anyone can imagine what you’ve been through…’’

You looked at Bruce and then at Alfred. ‘’That sounds lovely, thank you’’ you spoke softly and offered them a warm smile. When dinner was finished, you walked back up to your room and found a pretty floral dress. Your bare feet made their way to the window and you placed your fingers on the glass, looking out at all the yellow city lights. You couldn’t help but think about him. That face haunted you.

When you heard people chattering downstairs, you took one glance in the mirror to see how you looked. Your dress fit you like a glove. It was white and looked like something those Greek goddesses wore in old paintings at museums. It was a gift from Alfred. 

You walked down the stairs and were greeted by six or seven people standing with champagne glasses between their wrinkly fingers. All of their heads turned when they saw you and you were attacked with sympathetic smiles.

‘’Y/N! How are you? You look beautiful, we heard about what happened and we’re just so glad that you’re home’’ seemed to exit one relatives mouth and fly over to another ones, as if it had been rehearsed beforehand. Luckily, there were only about eleven people present, which made you relax a little bit. You weren’t that shaken up about the whole kidnapping thing but being at a party with seventy people was the last thing you needed.

The night remained calm and you actually had a lot of fun. After a couple of hours, people loosened up a bit and started dancing. You even got Alfred to shake it on the dance floor. However, after a while you started feeling a little dizzy and placed your soft palm on your big brother’s shoulder. ‘’Excuse me, I just need to get some fresh air’’ you said in his ear before you opened door to the garden and walked outside.

After all the dancing, little drops of sweat had begun forming on your forehead so it felt magical when the ice-cold Gotham breeze hit your skin. You sighed, content and sat your champagne glass filled with soda on the concrete of the angel-shaped fountain you had in your garden. The soft wind was blowing in your hair as you felt that same stinging sensation spread through your chest again.

What had just happened to you, despite it being illegal, immoral and cruel, was the most exciting thing that had happened to you in your short life. And to be honest, a part of you longed for your brother never to come that day and save you. It had been about a week now, but you still couldn’t shake him. God, he was like a little parasite that clung to you wherever you went, impossible to brush off. A beautiful parasite.

A rattling sound came from one of the dark green bushes and your head turned quickly, followed by a muffled gasp. Your heart started fluttering, as if your recognized something. When you turned around to look into the window of your mansion, you could see Bruce and Alfred giddily chatting away with guests and pouring champagne into half-full glasses.

While you head was turned, you swear could hear little footsteps pressing on the grass in front of where you were sitting. Your heart started pounding as your body felt another presence. Of course, not in a million years would ever have the guts to turn around and face them. Oh well, you’d just have to sit there with your head turned until it snapped off.

A muffled chuckle, caused a tear to fall from your glossy eyes as you sighed in relief? Happiness? Excitement? You knew who it was. But you weren’t scared.

Slowly, you turned around only to be faced with green bushes and leaves blowing. Sighing, you shook your head at yourself. Gee Y/N, don’t start hallucinating now. You looked around before grabbing your glass and brushing some dust off the front of your dress. Before you walked back inside, you shuffled down to the green bushes and looked out at the city. The sight of skyscrapers at night, all lid up and speeding cars made your heart beat a little quicker.

You laughed loudly at yourself and your stupid paranoia as you threw what was left in your glass into the bushes. ‘’He is dead. That’s gonna make it hard to crash the Batman’s garden party’’ you chuckled and straightened the hem of your floral dress. ‘’How about alive?’’ a playful voice growled in your ear as cold, plastic gloves covered your mouth to muffle your scream.

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What do you do to get such an amazing body? I'm having so much difficulty disciplining myself for my food choices:(

ngl i’m just naturally petite. i don’t do much other than go for walks and eat moderately. actually, i’d like to start a mild exercising routine. but it’s mainly just food. i don’t eat super healthy like raw or have like 5 green smoothies and salads a day but i don’t eat junk or anything too unhealthy/sugary/oily everyday. i eat a lot of veggies (obviously) and drink lots of water. 


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5 things you’ll find in my bag?

wallet, driving permit, phone, hand sanitizer, and chapstick 

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom?

a very good smelling vanilla candle, a very pretty pastel calendar, harry potter figurines, some stuffed animals, and a bunch of books

5 things I’ve always wanted to do?

go to a concert, meet one of my faves, make a youtube video, go ice skating, travel further than Massachusetts (which is the the farthest ive ever been)  

5 things that make me happy?

my friends, my cats, my favorite songs/artists, my favorite shows, and the sims   

5 things I’m currently into?

Lorde/ Melodrama , the color orange, the song Different Kind of Love by Martin Hall, Andrew Arcade (very good youtuber) , and I’ve been playing the Wii a lot as of late (mainly just dance and a food network game) 

5 things on my to-do list?

Summer homework, practice cursive, read, draw, and I have some recipes I want to try and bake! 

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The girl’s broken face was etched into the boy’s mind, torturing him every second of everyday. When her call pulled out of his drive that dreary day, a part of the boy went with it. The part that loved. The part that lived. The part that was her. He wanted to run. Run for her. Run after the vehicle that was so cruelly leaving him standing alone. But his feet were frozen to the ground. This was what she wanted. Or what she thought she wanted. She was so confused as she drove. She couldn’t make sense of what she was feeling, as if her emotions were in a different language. The only thing she was sure of was that she loved him and that he loved her. They weren’t over, she promised, she only needed a break.

Her eyes were torn between the two objects lying on the table. Her silent phone was taunting her, begging to be picked up so she could call the voice she hadn’t heard in ten months. The wedding invitation was thick and beautiful and as she read the details once last time, she couldn’t help but feel the sharp sting in her chest.

She picked up the phone, then hesitated. Why was she doing this to herself? Weren’t there any games she’d rather play? Ones that didn’t involve her heart being the pawn? It’s nothing, she told herself. I’ll be calling him as a friend, she lied. She wasn’t convincing, not even to her own self. Her eyes screwed shut and she bit her lip. Screw it, she was going to call. Maybe she just didn’t want to go alone. But maybe, just maybe, she missed him like hell.

The phone rang twice, three times. She was about to hang up when she heard his voice. The voice that rendered her speechless.

“Y/N?” Harry asked hesitantly. He had nearly dropped his phone when he saw her name on the small screen. It had been so long, too long, since she called him.

Y/N leaned against the counter for support and brought one hand to her forehead. “It’s me,” she breathed. “Hi Harry.”

Silence. She heard him lightly cluck his tongue. She could just picture him running his hands through his hair. Oh how she missed him. Her heart sank with each passing second.

“Harry, are you there?”

“Yeah, I am. It’s just been a while since I’ve heard from you,” he said coolly.

Her face was hot. He was right. What the hell was she doing calling him out of the blue?

“I know, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have called you,” she mumbled, tears forming in her eyes. She heard a distinctly female voice call for Harry in the background. It felt like the ground had been swept from underneath her feet. “You’re busy, I’m sorry…”

“No,” Harry sharply interrupted. His heavy footsteps carried him out of the room. “I know what you’re thinking. She’s not with me.”

“Harry, you don’t have to explain-“

“I do. I’d never let you think I was with another girl when I’m not. She’s a friend of my sister’s.”

Y/N swallowed. “It’s okay, Harry. I just—I just shouldn’t have called you.” It hurt too much to hear his voice and not be his.

Harry’s head shook in fear. He wanted, no needed, to know why she called. Or why it took her ten months to.

“Please. Tell me. Tell me why you called.” His voice was so full of conviction she had no choice but to obey.

“My boss, she’s getting married in L.A. next weekend and I didn’t want to go alone. I mean, some coworkers are going but I see too much of them as it is. And I know it’s short notice but—“

“I’ll be there,” Harry said simply. With each word she spoke, Harry’s heart grew in size. She wanted him with her. The details didn’t matter. The fact that it was for only one night and for some stranger’s wedding didn’t mean a thing. If he got to see her again, he was in.

“Really?” Her voice was more surprised than Harry liked.

“’Course. You know I’d do anything for you,” Harry said in a voice that sounded like melted chocolate. She bet that was what his lips tasted like too. She shuddered at the thought.

“I’ll uh…I’ll send you the details,” she told him.

“See you soon, then,” Harry said calmly.

“Yeah. See you soon.” Her eyes pinched shut at the thought. Seeing Harry soon. After a ten month drought, the idea sounded as invigorating as a year’s worth of rain.

She knew she was well on her way to becoming clean when his face became fuzzy in her memory. When the features of his face couldn’t be made out as easily in her mind. Because if she couldn’t picture him, maybe she could convince herself that he wasn’t real. Maybe that would make it easier to get over him.

But all it did was make the blow that much more devastating when she did see him.

She had been standing at the fountain they had decided to meet at for ten minutes. Her eyes desperately scanned the crowd of unfamiliar faces for the one she loved. When they finally found him, she nearly dropped to the floor. His hair was longer than it had been, yet with the way the curls bounced and lay perfectly, she knew he had gotten it trimmed. His skin glowed against his white silk dress shirt and his pants hung deliciously low on his hips. And his eyes, his eyes were so green. She wanted to run to him. Wanted to run and throw herself in his arms shamelessy and make him promise to never let her go.

She wasn’t clean. Not in the slightest. Nothing superficial like time could cleanse her of him. He was under her skin.

He had been watching her stand by the fountain for ten minutes. He could tell she was looking for him but he couldn’t be seen yet. He needed more time to admire her from a far. She was beautiful, she was always beautiful, but seeing her after all those months only made her even more exquisite. Her hair was curled, not straight like she usually wore it. Harry found himself wondering if she did it like that for the occasion or if that was how she liked to wear it all the time now. He wanted to get to know her again.
When their eyes locked, it was like the room stopped spinning. Like the world stopped turning. Wordlessly they said how much they loved and missed each other. But out loud, they said nothing at all.

“Hey,” Harry said sheepishly, shoving his hands in his pant pockets.

“Hi,” she said in a hushed tone.

“You look…” they each said at the same time.

“You first…” they said again.

“You look beautiful,” Harry said. His gaze lingered lovingly on her face. She flushed deep pink. Harry wanted to caress the stained skin.

“And you look very handsome, Mr. Styles,” she said nervously. Why was she being so formal?

Harry shuffled his feet. There was so much he wanted to say, he didn’t know where to begin. Was she okay? How was work? How were her parents? Did she know he was still madly in love with her?

“We better go,” Y/N said. “Ceremony is about to start.” She had planned their meeting perfectly. She didn’t want to leave too much time for…for whatever it was that they were doing.

When everyone’s eyes were on the bride and groom at the front, his eyes were on her. The intensity of his stare was making her warm. She could feel it heat her entire body as she watched the couple exchange their vows. Tears fell down her cheeks, making Harry’s heart break. How come other people always got what she wanted?

She had barely touched her food, mainly just moving her fork around the plate. Harry stared worriedly at her full plate as he ate his own dinner. She needed to eat. He didn’t like it when she didn’t eat. But he also knew she didn’t eat when she was anxious. Which she most likely was. Harry would have done just about anything to see a smile on her sad face.

Dance. She liked to dance.

“Dance with me,” Harry said as the waiters cleared their plates.

“What?” She asked with a soft smile. Almost there.

“I want to dance with you,” he said slowly.

“Dance? There’s too many people,” she pointed out shyly.

“Oh come on, no one will be looking at us,” he lied. They would though, she was too beautiful not to be stared at.

“Fine,” she gave in, rolling her eyes playfully.

She was laughing. She was actually laughing. Her and Harry were too terrible at dancing for it not to be considered funny. His lanky body awkwardly moved to the music and she didn’t do too much better. Too lost in their own world, they were oblivious to the stares of the guests. They were getting lost in the music, with each bump of the bass, they fell deeper into the hole they knew they’d have trouble getting out of. Their lids were heavy as they stared into each other’s orbs. The intensity overwhelmed Y/N. She turned her body sharply around and almost tripped over her own feet. Harry’s large hands immediately found the back of her hips. He squeezed gently and it felt like her entire body was set on fire. Struggling to take a breath, she weaved in and out of the crowd until she in the clear.

She left Harry standing alone for the second time in ten months.

Would she ever stop running from him? Would he ever know why? He decided to give her space, figuring that was all she needed. But he had to watch her, just to make sure she was safe. She was like a baby deer, all big eyes and seductive innocence. Harry felt bile rise in his throat as he saw the animal approach her. His smile was slimy and his eyes were cold. When he saw her tense, Harry sprang into action. Her eyes widened as she saw Harry. For once, she was running toward him. She wrapped her arms around his waist, burning the both of them.

“Having a good night, mate?” Harry asked tersely.

“I am. Beautiful night, don’t you think?” His eyes flashed to Y/N.

Harry took a step forward, causing her to tighten her grip. He calmed immediately.

“Asshole,” Harry muttered towards the man who was now walking away.

“Thank you,” she said quietly.

His heart broke. As if he wouldn’t do absolutely anything for her.

“You’re alone for two seconds and the wolves come out,” he said quietly.

She paused, not knowing how to respond. “I better get going,” she decided.

Harry nodded, pursing his lips. “Did you want to come back to mine?” He suggested shyly. He knew she was going to turn him down even before her lips parted.

“I’ve got a hotel room,” she said. “But you…you can come there…if you want, I mean.”

There was nothing he wanted more than to be alone with her. Just the two of them and their many broken parts.

“Sure,” he nodded. Inside, he was screaming.

Harry stood with his hands behind his back on the elevator ride up to her floor. If he didn’t, one hand would have been clasping her small hands above her head and the other would be caressing the body he missed so much, his mouth on her hers.

He kept his perverted thoughts to himself as she slid the key into the lock. She stepped to the side to give him room to enter. She placed her purse on the table and walked towards the miniature fridge.

“Do you want something? A drink or something to eat?” She asked politely.

The only thing Harry wanted was her.

“I’m fine, thanks. But how about you? Are you hungry?” His eyes were soft but his words were stern.

“I’m fine,” she repeated his words back to him. She frowned slightly, hating that he noticed her lack of appetite.

Sighing, Harry walked over to her lean body and gently roamed his hands over the slight curves in her frame. Relief washed over him as he felt no protruding bones. He needed to make sure she was healthy. He didn’t know what he would have done if she wasn’t.

Her eyes rolled to the back of her head, and even though the gesture itself wasn’t sexual, she could feel herself getting turned on.

“What’re you… what’re you doing?” She couldn’t help but moan. Harry wanted to swallow the sound. His lips trailed down the exposed skin of her shoulder, nibbling softly. It had been so long. She felt her knees weaken.

“Steady there,” Harry whispered in her ear as he grabbed her hips. Her heart flipped. She needed to keep her heart out of this.

“Stop, we can’t do this,” she said quietly.

Harry’s hands dropped immediately. “Do what?” He asked flatly.

“I…I don’t know,” she gulped. His fingers began to delicately trace her neck.

“This? You want me to stop this?” His lips pressed into the hollow of her throat.

“Yes,” she breathed. She didn’t even know what she was saying. When she felt his hardness press into her, she came to her senses. “Stop, Harry!”

He took two steps backwards, hurt clear on his face. “Sorry,” he said huskily.

“I…I just…”

“Please, Y/N, you don’t have to explain. I didn’t mean to lose control,” he said carefully.

She was the one losing control. Anything more from him and his clothes would have been ripped off.

“It’s not you,” she said suddenly.

Harry nodded, looking solemnly towards the floor. “Why’d you invite me here?”

She shrugged, beginning to feel emotional. “I missed you,” she admitted.


“But I don’t know if anything has changed,” she cried.

Everything has changed, he wanted to scream. Yet nothing changed. He still loved her more than life itself and she was still so scared to get her heart broken that she ended up being the one hurting herself.

His chest was rising and falling rapidly. She was quietly sobbing into her hands. His presence was overwhelming her. She was just so confused. She had barely survived their months apart, and she had left him. She wouldn’t know what to do with herself if he ever left her. And one day he would. That, she was sure of him. She wasn’t special. Not like him.

Harry quietly stepped into the bathroom. He untucked his shirt and unbuttoned it to give him some air. He heard a light knock on the door. He opened it to reveal a half dressed Y/N staring at the chiseled muscles on his stomach.

“I needed your help with the bottom part of the zipper,” she said quietly, still staring at his body. He chuckled lightly, coming alive under her stare. She knew she was being rude, so she forced herself to drag her eyes to his face. A scribble of ink caused her to stop dead in her tracks. Harry tensed, knowing she had seen it.

“What…what the hell, Harry?”

She traced her fingers over the cursive letters, feeling the thump of his heartbeat as she did so.

“You got a tattoo of my initials?” She barely whispered. She began to lift her fingers but Harry gently smothered her hand, flattening it against his heart.

“I did,” he said in a rough voice.


Harry tilted her chin so that she was looking directly at his face. “Because Y/N, no matter how much you run, how long we go without seeing each other, this, us, you, are permanent to me.”

Y/N’s heart was in her throat as she digested his words. There was nothing she could say. No words of her own would ever sound as right.

So instead she kissed him. Kissed him hard. His lips parted in surprise before they moved rhythmically with hers. Their tongues collided, teasing and tasting each other. Her fingers knotted in his hair and his hands caressed her sides. When she pulled off his shirt and ran her small hands over his defined pecs, he knew he needed to have all of her. But not if she didn’t want to.

“Are you sure?” He asked in a strained voice.

She nodded excitedly, her eyes light with fire and passion. “I want you, I want you so badly Harry.”

Piece by piece, their clothes were discarded and her walls were torn. They made slow, passionate love on the hotel floor till the early hours of the morning. They had barely came up for air, except for him to tell her how sure he was and for her to say how sorry she had been for running. His fingers dipped into his body with a feverish passion. She was there, and he was inside her, but he could never know how long she’d give him. With his body buried deep inside hers, she felt a strong sense of belonging she hadn’t felt before. They were meant to be. And whether she left or he left, they come back for each other. Always.

She woke up alone on the thick carpet. Memories of the night flooded her mind at once. Her lips tingled and her thighs were sore. She flashed back to images of Harry thrusting into her relentlessly. She was sad to be alone. But maybe she deserved to be left.

“I got you breakfast,” Harry said, startling her. There was a nervous look in his eyes and he looked both sexy and shy in only his underwear.

She nodded and stood, grabbing his dress shirt to cover her naked body. Seeing her, dressed like that, Harry decided that there wasn’t anyone or anything he had ever loved more.

Y/N made her way to the table, where a blueberry muffin sat next to a small box. She felt her heart sink to the pits of her stomach and she didn’t know why. She wanted to question if it was for her, but somehow she knew it was. She heard Harry sharply inhale as she unwrapped the blue ribbon. She popped open the velvet box and it felt like all the air had been sucked from the room. This isn’t…no, it couldn’t be.

“Marry me,” Harry said. He was so sure yet so scared.

A violent sob ripped through Y/N’s body. Harry felt like crumpling to his knees in front of her. She cried because she knew he wasn’t leaving. And if he wasn’t, she wasn’t.

“Yes,” she said finally, barely recognizing her own voice.

“Yes?” Harry asked, tears in his eyes.

“Yes,” she repeated.

It was time she gave her heart a break.

Guess I’m a little late to the party, huh?

But you try running a sorority filled with girls anxious for the first week of school, and then tell me how much free time you have left. Girls are wild.

Also, I couldn’t decide on whether I should actually create a blog or not. But, luckily for you all, I’m going to be here sharing some quality content (that includes mainly just pictures of food). 

Day 2 - Paris

After they arrived in Paris yesterday Cory and Lea did some sight seeing and mainly just ate the food. Today though they were going to see more amazing sights and just have some relaxing time together. He was know currently in bed and he woke up early as his body clock was all over the place as he just traveled here yesterday, he then looked over at Lea who was still sleeping and he kissed her head.

10nahna10  asked:

Lucy, what do you miss most that you can't get here in the USA?

Besides my friends, family and having actual seasons? Just food, mainly. They don’t have marmite here. Or pom bears. Also, there’s no Topshop.