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Martha was my sister, Gabi. My sister is dead.
      Not all of her, Jacob. Not all of her.

London Underground / Wimbledon Tennis. 1933. Andre Edouard Marty.

12 5/8 x 10 ¼ in./32 x 26 cm

On the surface, it’s a quintessentially quiet, genteel, quite English rendering of Wimbledon tennis; look further and it exemplifies the drama and the genius that occurs at Centre Court. Marty’s sharp angles, off-center framing, and excellent visual communication between competitors and spectators in this small design, echoes the angles of attack that change a forecourt winner into an unforced error. Marty, who was mainly a fashion illustrator in the Art Deco style, by the 1930s had become a set designer for theater and film – and his talent in those arenas has clearly been reflected in these small panels for the London Underground, intended for display in the Tube carriages themselves. He created 14 of them between 1931 and 1934.

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#Sweet Elite challenge: Day 1Introduce your scholar!  

Here’s my girl <3

+Fine Arts Department

+Mainly photography, digital illustration and video editing

+Cats, rain, anime and

 V A P O R W A V E 

+Only child in loving family

+Seeing her being elegant or feminine is a rare miracle from God

Only god knows if I’ll be able to complete this challenge some day, but that’s the plan :s hehe

I did a Kylo Ren illustration. Mainly because it gave me a valid reason to stare at Adam Driver’s face more. Shouts out to @jodeeeart for doing phenomenal sketches of this man & for providing inspiration! Check out her beautiful digital paintings toooo!

Who said you need fancy equipment or expensive applications to create graphic designs and illustrations? I mainly use a cheap phone app! Here’s an illustration I created with an android app called, “Design.” The Design app uses vectors, which is so cool! All done with the help of my Galaxy Note 4 and its stylus pen. Keep an eye out on our website, this design will become a shirt in the next few weeks! Keep creating y’all!

rawrzimmamonsta  asked:

What program do you use to make your stickers and font? At first I thought it was photoshop but it looks way less complicated. It looks so smooth and clean!

I use mainly Adobe Illustrator CC! Sometimes, I use Photoshop CC, but only for image editing or digital painting! :) 

Arabesque at the piano; Zina Ogilvie, the artist’s wife (1910-12). Malcolm Drummond (English, 1880-1945). Oil on board.

Zina Drummond, née Ogilvie, Drummond’s first wife, worked as an artist, and mainly as an illustrator. She married Drummond in 1906 and appears in a number of his pictures, as well as in a drawing by her husband’s friend, Walter Richard Sickert. The couple lived for many years in Elm Park Gardens in Chelsea which was the setting for this work and other piano paintings.

anonymous asked:

your art is so beautiful. i'm in love with your style and you're one of my absolute favorite artists on tumblr. i hope you open commissions again one day, but if you don't i'll be happy just to enjoy the gorgeous pieces you share with us :)

Wow… That means so much to me! Thank you ♥ I have some ideas for future illustrations (mainly some more mushy-gushy DA2 stuff and something for ME:A), so I hope I won’t dissapoint!

And as for commissions, they will definitely be open again! I’m back working on those that I left setting while I was feeling down. Once I’m done with them, I’ll see about updating commission information and opening up a few slots. 

the cover illustration of a new twelve kingdoms art book was posted on the website!

there will be two art books released–this one is titled ‘garden of eternity’ and is to be released late next month. it will mainly feature older illustrations from 1991 to 2006.

the second is titled 'song of the blue sun’ and will feature artwork from 2012 and later.

anonymous asked:

Oh don't apologize for being childish! I greatly respect you choice in books. Fairy tales give very important lessons to young children, and the fact that those tales and lessons still resonate with you today is admirable. Not to mention I'm a sucker for a good fairy tale myself! So don't be sorry, k?

[Struwwelpeter is a children’s book from 1845. As the concept of childhood as we know it only developed during the 19th century, there hadn’t been any literature really aiming to educate children in behavior. Struwwelpeter remedied this, as a book that mainly illustrates the consequences misbehavior may result in - in sometimes incredibly drastic ways. It would take a whole post of its own to examine all these stories in the length and detail they deserve! 
Fun fact, this book is still read today! And the names of some of the characters have entered the German vocabulary to describe certain types of people/behavior.]

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia BTS Sketches

Hi guys! Haven’t brought you a post in awhile, for I’ve been busy, but I have one today. This is from the short that Floyd County Productions created for Sunny’s 100th episode “The Gang Saves The Day,” where they get caught up in a convenience store robbery, and each imagine in their heads how they would save the day. We had the great honor as a studio to work on the animated segment that is Charlie’s imagination, which is a strange rethinking of Disney’s “Up.” (frame rate’s a little weird, but it still looks good : )

I was a part of the pre-production team on this project, with Chad Hurd as our art director. I helped out with the character’s turns for Charlie and the Waitress, as well as doing some layouts for the NUMEROUS rats we were to populate Charlie’s world with. I also was asked to oversee the assignments and manage the many illustrators we had working with us on the project, so that we finished on time and produced a lot of great drawings for the animators. I had a blast working on this project!

Here you can see the turnaround work for Charlie. The original designs were all done by Claire Almon, and when I joined, the first thing we needed was turns for our main characters. I started out with a line sketch first, and once that was done and approved, I did a colored version so that we knew where to put our shading when we build the character in Illustrator, mainly because we were working with no outlines.

Here is the same thing for the waitress. She just looks like she has more because she has a full turnaround, with “flips” as we call them. We have to consider things like when she’s facing screen right, what side is her hair parted on, and what does it look like, and vice versa. Charlie had it as well, for his shirt being asymmetrical, I’m just not sure why I didn’t draw it  :-P  We pretty much always do flips for any production we work on, but you can see most of the “flip” work done in Archer, for things like shirt buttons, jackets, crotch lines, etc.

I also did the turns for our rats as well. There were three rat designs, and we really just duplicated those three body types throughout.

So another thing I did for this project was some layout work. Layout is basically drawing a composition of the scene, before it goes into scene setups (where they import in all the characters and do the animation on the background with timing). We do this so the animators have a guide to follow, and the directors and producers have an idea of what the the final scene will look like. The planning on the front end helps with production in the back end.

As you can see…there were a lot of rats to deal with! I came up with an idea of making rat “clusters” as you can see in the sketches off to the side, where you can group some of them together, and duplicate throughout the scene. So all you would have to do is do the animation for the cluster of rats one time, and use it over and over again. Then they can put them all together when they comp the scene. It saves a lot of work!

So here are the three main final layouts for the rats. It took a long time placing them all in there, but I like to think my effort helped out a lot of people down the pipeline ;-)

I also just wanted to post some of the beautiful backgrounds the artists painted for this project. 

Well there you have it, a few more behind the scenes sketches from another project made by Floyd County Productions, and one I am super proud and lucky to work on!

About me/FAQ

Hello I’m brella! (she/her) I live in New York, and I’m mainly an illustrator, and graphic designer. I illustrate almost purely for hobby, but I do make merchandise, and participate in zines when I have the time. I hope this page can be used for any clarification if you ever wish to approach me. ^^

💜 My likes (currently?)! My Hero Academia, Love Live!, Gintama, Baccano!, Mushishi, Natsume Yuujinchou, GSNK, Steven Universe, Hunter x Hunter, Ace Attorney, Professor Layton, Yotsuba&, Space Brothers

💖 My ships! Okikagu (Gintama), Luckeve (Baccano!), Horikashi (GSNK), Karushuu (Assassination Classroom), EliUmi (Love Live!), Otayuri (YOI)

💬 Please ask me! About any of the above ships/series! Some additional series I would love to give input on include: 91Days, Kasane, Little Witch Academia, Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju.  

🚫 Please don’t ask me! I generally accept all lines of questioning, but don’t try to incite hate from me. I don’t have any known triggers so ask away! 

Q: Is it okay to reprint/repost your art on another site with credit?
A: Please do not repost nor edit/post my art anywhere else even if you wish to provide credit. The exception is if you had commissioned from me, feel free to post the artwork on your own blog/social media with a credit back to me (in the form of “brella” @nyarasho (on twitter), or @umbrellaguns on tumblr) and leave my signature on the image if I had signed it. If I had previously given you permission for a repost prior to reading this FAQ, you can keep it online.

Q: Can I use your art as an avatar or icon?
A: Yes you may! I only ask that it is a crop of the original (ie. The face of the character) and that somewhere, you would give credit back (in the form of “brella” @nyarasho (on twitter), or @umbrellaguns on tumblr). That includes RP accounts, your own social media, etc. Please refrain from using my art as an icon for your art-related account to avoid discrepancies.

Q: Can I use your art as wallpaper (phone/blog/computer)?
A: You may use my art as wallpapers and background graphics for your personal devices. For online on your blog or anything internet-public, same rules as reprinting: do not use them, even if you want to provide credit.

Q: I saw your art reposted without your permission. Should I report it?
A: This is a rare case that I haven’t seen, but before you do anything, please message me.

Q: Do you take requests?
A: I’m not opposed to taking requests, but do know there is no guarantee I’ll draw them or even reply back. My drawing load can be quite heavy most of the time, so try to pique my interest :D. For anyone that seeks my aid for a creative collaboration (art trade, art collab, chorus art, cover art) please give me a private message and I’ll see if I can help out.

Q: Will you be selling your art/merchandise?
A: Anything thats on my tictail is for sale! I usually will debut merch at a con before putting online, but I’m quite new to this so I might experiment around.

For any questions not addressed on this FAQ, send a message over!


This set of illustration were made for my first exploration project in ECA , “Pinch Penny Recipes”, a pictorial step-by-step cookbook. In Pince Penny Recipes, instructive illustrations are mainly employed to present the step-by-step cooking process. The concept is to let readers read less but watch more, by just following pictures chronologically arranged. Therefore, the key point of this book is to use illustrations to interpret and elucidate the recipes in every cooking process and this is going to be my first experimental pictorial cookbook for teenagers and adults.

pedromafonsomartins  asked:

Yo I love your illustrations, mainly the way you compose your backgrounds and their colours!!! I just wanted to know if you watch any cartoons that really inspire you or if you have any film you go back and watch to get inspiration from? thank you!

Before I will rewatch animations like Saint Seiya or Cowboy Bebop. Nowadays, and even before, classic movies directed by Wong Kar Wai, Johnnie To and Mabel Cheung are some of my biggest inspirations.  I also get pumped when I see Christopher Doyle cinematography.  Films I always go back to: Running Out of Time, Ashes of Time, Autumn’s Tale, Infernal Affairs, and my new favorites Nightcrawler and 2001: A Space Odyssey.