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My DGHDA silly headcanons

• Todd likes musicals. He has a whole collections of soundtrack records hidden in his closet right next to wear he hides Dirk’s jackets
• Dirk once tried to borrow Farah’s jacket. Never again.
• Farah handcuffs Dirk to drawer handles in the apartment if he starts really annoying them. Calls it “Time Out”
• Amanda usually joins Dirk when he’s in time out and the others aren’t around. They swap stories. Dirk talks about cases, Amanda talks about Todd. It’s why Dirk knows a weird amount about him
• Dirk steals Todd’s band shirts on Laundry day.
• Todd will never admit he thinks the band shirts look good on Dirk
• Dirk will never admit that although he loves the shirts they oddly smell of bananas. Like all the time. Nothing gets rid of the weird banana smell.
• There are times when Todd stays up late drinking because he’s feeling real down so Dirk brings the record player into the living room and sits with Todd in the dark whilst they both listen to the entirety of Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd.
• In Amanda’s contacts, Dirk is called Literal Sunshine
• The rowdy three wrecked Todd’s apartment. They apologised but the sofa will never be fixed.
• Dirk refuses to tell anyone what the red jacket really is for but Estevez borrowed it?
• Vogle cannot tie his shoe laces. Amanda lets him borrow her boot laces to practice.
• Cross can be a bit shaky at times with his hands (I blame the obscene amount of energy in him) so Martin occasionally feeds him so they don’t make a mess. For Todd’s sake.
• Gripps can sing really well but he’ll only sing in the shower.
• Dirk can’t cook to save his life but he tries. There’s usually a Tupperware box, in the fridge, filled with some sort of mystery meal that no one dares to touch
• Dirk- probably those super sugary colourful cereals (although that’s only when he finds them because Todd always hides them. Dirk and sugar don’t mix well)
• Todd- coffee, that boy hasn’t eaten a proper breakfast since he was 14
• Amanda- cookie crisps (although swaps to the health stuff when Todd is around)
• Farah- probably mainly special k but whenever she’s feeling down she buys some lion cereals)
• Ken- Reese’s Puffs. Loves peanut butter
• Bart- plain cornflakes because she doesn’t understand why she’d eat cereals which have little kids or weird animals on them (although she probably steals Ken’s every once in a while, because they smell so good and she has a bit of a sweet tooth)
• Dirk also buys things like Golden Nuggets or any other yellow cereal for aesthetic
• Dirk also shares his cereal with sharkcat and Rapunzel. Although Todd isn’t happy about it.
• Rowdy 3- haven’t eaten cereal for god knows how long until Amanda joined them. Vogel and Cross seem like they eat the same sugary stuff as Dirk. Anything to give them energy. Gripps seems to be a man with a love for flavour so maybe one of those cinnamon ones. Martin probably shocks the whole system and eats muesli. Without milk. Imagines them as fucking nails.
• Estevez- probably has a quick coffee and baked good (bagel/pastry) on the way to work and he’d pick up a breakfast sub for Zimmerfield on his way.

( thanks to @amanda-is-psychic for help with the cereal sub-section 😂 )

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What does Misaki look like in your no-fangirl-eyes? Saru absolutely is a handsome guy b/c he was described that he looks like Niki but I'm not sure about Misaki. All I know about him that he looks younger than his real age;he catched girls's attention while surfing (MOK);he has a bright smile (LSW) so maybe he has a nice teeth or yaeba (snaggletooth considered cute in JP culture);natural light brown hair is quite rare for east asian (believe me i'm east asian) but K is anime so... whataya think?

I tend to assume that most of the cast is intended to be pretty hot in general, even within the world of the series (actually it’s interesting that Fushimi’s the one who’s assumed to be attractive, remember this is the guy who has a terrible diet and barely sleeps, by all rights Fushimi should be this scrawny twig with limp hair and probably bad skin due to poor nutrition and bags under his eyes). Yata I think is probably attractive though, in his own way. From what we see of him in the series I’d say he’s probably lean but muscular, we know that Yata does a lot of physical activity and I imagine his legs especially are likely pretty toned from all the skateboarding. Face-wise I could see Yata as having a bit of a baby face to go with his short stature, he probably gets mistaken for a kid a lot due to the combination of height and just his general look – his clothing choices don’t help a lot in that respect too, Yata tendency towards shorts and baggy clothes I think tend to make him look even smaller and so he’s easy to mistake for being younger than he is (and then when he takes the baggy clothes off like when he’s surfing or when he takes off his oversized sweatshirt and just has the tank on underneath and you can see his muscles and everything, it suddenly makes him look much more his age). I think his smile would be one of his best features too, Yata strikes me as the kind of person that when he smiles his entire face lights up and that’s one of the things that really draws people to him, that when Yata’s enthused about something his feelings are absolutely infectious and it’s hard not to get swept up by him. I could see Yata as being intended to be someone who’s maybe not super striking or overly handsome – he doesn’t have any kind of otherworldy air like Munakata or Mikoto and he’s not instantly attractive in the way that, say, Summer Kamamoto is intended to be – and the baggy clothes and short stature make him look younger than his actual age but he’s still actually pretty attractive when you really look at him.


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TEEN WOLF AU: Derek Hale works alongside his sister Laura Hale at the Beacon Hills Sheriff Department, both as deputies, and he mainly works with the K-9 Unit, even fostering some of the dogs before their training. Stiles Stilinski works alongside his brother Scott McCall as paramedics for Beacon County. Both Derek and Stiles often see each other at scenes and they work well together, despite the bickering that the rest of their teams/friends have viewed. Then one day when Stiles and Scott are out on a heart attack call downtown, Derek gets hurt in a volatile situation. Stiles ends up telling the rougish deputy about his feelings after Derek awakes in the hospital with Stiles sleeping in an uncomfortable chair by his bedside (where Stiles had been every spare moment he’d had), and it turns out that Derek also has feelings for Stiles. The bickering turns out to be their version of foreplay. Deputy Erica Reyes wins the pool on when the two idiots where going to get together, and when Stiles brings Derek over for family dinner it’s the Sheriff who threatens Stiles against hurting Derek, much to the amusement of everyone at the table. 

for @alqhamccall, last year I made you sciles, this year you get sterek. HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLIN!!! :* :* 

비처럼 음악처럼 (Like Rain Like Music)
Luhan x Baekhyun
비처럼 음악처럼 (Like Rain Like Music)

when the rain comes and the music flows, i think of you
the night you left it rained like this

because it’s already been two years, and i missed hearing their voices together

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Aaaahhhh shit son what bout some sleepy morning sex with Dem bois

Google would be SUPER confused. He’d get all disoriented and not know what to do and probably get all blushy about it because it’s super early??? Why are you do???

Dark loves it. He’s kind of a morning person (or at least he gets up early) so it doesn’t stay calm and gentle for long. Super growl-y low voice in the morning.

Wilford also loves it, mainly because mornings su c k and this just made his 1000% better. He tries his best to be in control, but since its so early he really can’t be bothered.

Author is also a fan. His morning fun is by far the most gentle. Gentle runs and kisses and soft little whispers. Since he’s not fully awake he gets super loving. He’s a drunk type of morning person, you know?

Paradise House
  • (The Paradise House is a Kik based roleplay, mainly centered around K-pop idols, but inclusive to all. If you'd like to join, shoot me a message!)
  • Welcome to the Paradise House: a place where idols can retreat to hide from sasaengs, recover from scandals, or just get some R&R between comebacks. After the end of the Roommate television series, the house was slightly modified and the security upgraded, creating an oasis for overworked idols. Each of the five bedrooms can house two to three idols. Drama is sure to ensue when this many people are in one house - especially since the circumstances of many idol's stays don't allow them to leave the house often. Will the inhabitants of Paradise House be able to resume their careers after their stays, or will they face a different sort of future? Stay tuned to find out.