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Dating N Would Include...

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  • PDA.
  • Him being over protective ALL THE TIME.
  • Lots of cuddling. He’s a cuddler.
  • Diva Moments.
  • Binge-watching K-Dramas.
  • Mainly his own K-Dramas…
  • Sass…lots and lots of sass.
  • “Hey, Jagiya. The guys are staying the night tonight. Hope you don’t mind.”
  • Him doing aegyo in order to get you to do what he wants.
  • If you’re older then him he would NEVER call you Noona (Unless it’s a part of his aegyo to get you to do what he wants).
  • But if you’re younger then him you have to call him Oppa. He’ll go Beyoncé on you if you don’t.  
  • Lots of witty banter.
  • Disney nights.
  • You getting mad a lot due to his constant self-praise (Even though you know he’s just confident and that every word he’s saying is true).
  • But then he would kiss you and tell you how much he loves you and you’d immediately get over it.
  • He would also brag on you a lot. So much so that all the members would know everything you’d ever accomplished.
  • Constantly having to reassure him that his members are just messing with him and that he’s literally the most gorgeous human being on Earth.
  • “No, Hakyeon. You cannot call Leo over to watch Romeo & Juliet with us.”
  • “Come on, Jagiya! It’s his favorite!”
  • Frequent arguments over skincare. He thinks his routine is better than yours.
  • Banana Milk. All day, every day.
  • Him being super excited whenever you would ask him to teach you choreography.
  • Him picking your clothes out whenever you go on dates.
  • He has a thing for shoving you against walls during make out sessions. It doesn’t even have to be a rough make out session, he just likes pinning you to things.
  • Him holding you close and lightly nibbling your ear, just because.
  • Long talks about the future.
  • “Sometimes you act like you love Leo more than more.”
  • “It’s not acting, babe.”

IR fans, don’t believe orgs for one second when they claim to be fond of Rukia or even praise her:

They praise Rukia when the argument suits them, but they turn around right away when it is no longer needed, like here:

Rukia is only good in their book when she is being good to ori. Can’t say the same for ori though. The *Main Heroine* went to SS mainly to protect K-kun, while the *nakama/side character* Rukia crawled while dying on the floor, still trying to save her in HM.

Not surprising that in this case, it’s the *nakama* who scores high on the popularity poll, and not the main heroine.


Pic 1-3. iKON promotion of iKON goods. pic ©YGEXStaff

Pic 4. Pic tr: “application closing soon on 3/17”
Whoaa!! 🤓. It’s for j-ikonics mainly(omo! How about K-iKONICS tho?🤔) but Any country can participate too😁🇰🇷 it will be on 2017.4.22 Seoul city by Shinsegae JP Duty Free Shop XiKON FAN FESTIVAL!
Aaaaaand you have to pay ¥40,000(US $350)/application fee…travel expenses are NOT INCLUDED😂😂😂 so bloody expensive 😆 Pic cr @shinsegaedutyfree_jp

Pic 5. Tr:
Showing off in Fukuoka, JU - NE’s (facial expression)Burozon Chiemi! Eh️ ❓ it’s similar. Let me ask you. Do you think I will do it even at the dome?DAME KONIGI (can’t do, iKONICS)iKON is waiting at the Yokohama Arena. From JU-NE. pic ©YGEXStaff
FYI: ‘BURUZON CHIEMI’ is a Japanese comedian


TEEN WOLF AU: Derek Hale works alongside his sister Laura Hale at the Beacon Hills Sheriff Department, both as deputies, and he mainly works with the K-9 Unit, even fostering some of the dogs before their training. Stiles Stilinski works alongside his brother Scott McCall as paramedics for Beacon County. Both Derek and Stiles often see each other at scenes and they work well together, despite the bickering that the rest of their teams/friends have viewed. Then one day when Stiles and Scott are out on a heart attack call downtown, Derek gets hurt in a volatile situation. Stiles ends up telling the rougish deputy about his feelings after Derek awakes in the hospital with Stiles sleeping in an uncomfortable chair by his bedside (where Stiles had been every spare moment he’d had), and it turns out that Derek also has feelings for Stiles. The bickering turns out to be their version of foreplay. Deputy Erica Reyes wins the pool on when the two idiots where going to get together, and when Stiles brings Derek over for family dinner it’s the Sheriff who threatens Stiles against hurting Derek, much to the amusement of everyone at the table. 

for @alqhamccall, last year I made you sciles, this year you get sterek. HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLIN!!! :* :* 

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Can I have a Keith blog that about you know KEITH and not fucking K//lance?!?!?!? I just want to nerd out over my favorite character without having that FUCKING SHIP shoved down my throat!!! Is that to much to ask?!?!? Ahhhhh!!!!!

I mean same

Go on a blog with a Keith Url? 70% chance it’s a K/ance blog.
Search the Keith tag? Better prepare yourself, it’s full of K/ance.
There’s a discourse blog called “keiths-salt”? Jokes on you, they mainly complain about the K/ance fandom.

Terashima Takuma facts~

● born on 20 December 1983
● from Ishikawa Prefecture
● currently affiliated with AXEL-ONE
● blood type B
● is tall
● he is a middle child, with an older brother and a younger brother.
● in middle school, he belonged to the Kendo club
● he joined the Kendo club because he really liked the series ‘Rurounin Kenshin’
● in high school, the acting club
● his hobbies are singing, drawing, billiards and darts
● he also likes gal games and collecting figures
● his collection of figures mainly consist of K-ON and SD Gundam

20 Questions
Tagged by @jindongdongie Thankssss! Sometimes I get bored procrastinate  and these are just what I need! ♡ 

nicknames: Tiger (since I was small hehe, hence how most of my social media has something to do with tigers, either in the username or whether it’s emojis ahaha.)

gender: ♀

star sign: Pisces

height: Not a clue ahahahaha

time rn: 22:03pm

last thing i googled: “New York time right now” … because the BTS billboard interview livestream aha >o<

favorite bands:


Non K-pop wise: The 1975… and I thought I’d stan loads more but actually, checking my Spotify, it’s mainly non K-pop solo artists not bands lmao K-pop rules tbh.

fave soloists: Oh ok then here we go… 

K-pop wise: Hyuna, Shannon Williams, um… idk man XD

Non K-pop wise: That Poppy (I lovvvve her her music 👌) , Panic! At The Disco,  Allie X, Melanie Martinez, Marina And The Diamonds, Ariana Grande. (Probs loads more but I can’t think rn lolol.)

Oh and J-pop special: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu I’ve loved her for so long ╰(◡‿◡✿╰) (CANDY CANDY is one of my fave songs by her.)

song stuck in my head: Well, I’ve just started playing That Poppy so now it’s Money by That Poppy 

last movie i watched: lol probs the same as the last tag challenge I did since I’m so busy all the time. (Sad times haha ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ)

last show i watched: Idek lol

when did you create ur blog: Friday, June 5, 2015

what do you post: My blog started out initially as a Jedward blog, with intentions to post loads of Jedward (I stanned them so hard) I loved K-pop even back then (I started getting into K-pop in 2012 though) but I just didn’t post about it in 2015. Now I feel like I’m drifting away from Jedward, it’s kinda sad. They just aren’t as active anymore but I still suggest you check them out their nice guys and I’d still love to meet them! They’ve dm’ed me many a time on Twitter so yahhhh. But ANYWAY haha now it’s literally mainly BTS, also some SEVENTEEN here and their, sometimes That Poppy and Mars Argo and I’m a pink/pastel aesthetic blog. I also love memes so sometimes I post some quality memey content XD

when did your blog reach its peak?: What peak? Haha ヽ(^◇^*)/

do you have other blogs: Nope. But I have Twitter!

do you get asks regularly: NoOooOOooo hehe ~ ✯ my asks are open y’all ✯

why did you choose your url: Well I just recently changed it from ferociousjedtigerrawr, to tae-la-tiger, I will just explain my new one:

Tae: Because Taehyung is my bias x

la: Because I’m Laura and it’s the first two letters of my name and broken up to say: ‘la tiger’ sounds French and cute haha also, I think it’s cool that the first two letters of my name are L.A. hehe :3

Tiger: Because as I explained earlier, Tiger is my nickname and a Tiger is my favourite animal ever!

posts: 6,161

hogwarts house:  💙 R A V E N C L A W 💙

pokemon team: I used to have Pokémon Go but I had to delete it and got kinda bored >.< I was Team Mystic tho 💙

fave colors: Pastel Pink for sure and I also love yellow 💖💛

avg hours of sleep: It’s changeable. Oh God I dread to think…

lucky numbers: 8 and 23

fave characters: Hansung, (Hwarang, a K-drama, my baby T_T,) Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter,) Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter, a Ravenclaw 💙,) Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games) ummm ummm idk my mind’s gone blank ヾ(@⌒▽⌒@)ノ

what am i wearing now?: Polar bear PJ’s XD

how many blankets do u sleep w: Since it’s still fairly cold at night, I have two thick blankets onto of my quilt, but my room is soooo cold.

dream job: Idek anymore ●﹏●

dream trip: Tokyo, Harajuku + Tokyo DisneyLand and Seoul, South Korea.

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