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Hello, everyone! I hope you are having a good week so far! (^__^)

As some of you know, I’ve been starting a schedule of bi-weekly themed works for some time, mainly for the comics.

But recently because I got sick for two weeks in a row back-to-back (gastric pains, escalated to vomiting and diarrhea, aka… poopsplosions. I know.), I realised that maybe…. 2 weeks isn’t enough to completely finish the works that I’m planning for?

I’m still trying to figure out a nice schedule to work out the comics, like not quick enough to feel like it’s rushed or I can’t get all the pairings I want in (but then again, it’s HQ and I can’t even fit half of my OTPs in most of the time), not long enough for me to lose interest/people lose interest. And there’s the issue when my RL work becomes busier… so I thought I need to re-think the schedule.

I am thinking of changing bi-weekly into monthly. Mainly, because I do want to fit in my OTPS to have their own turns in the comics, take in consideration that disruptions might happen in the middle of it and because I might need to get some paintings in for practice. The earliest the monthly theme can start is next week.

At the moment, as much as I want to draw another comic, it’s probably best not to. It’s sad for me… (つд`)

But ugh, I definitely will have my revenge as soon as I’m well! I swear of it! I’ll make fun comics next time! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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Wizard Apprentice Credence Barebone. 

I really love the idea of Credence in a witch’s hat and being so into herbology he just magics his way into growing flowers on himself.

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In Another Life

Request: Hey!! Could you write something with Jughead based off the song “The one that got away” covered by Alice Kristiansen? (it’s on spotify and youtube.) I thought maybe it could be that you had always been close-to-dating Jughead but then he kisses Betty. Then there’s another talent show night at the school, and you sing that song. Then afterwards he realizes he loves you, and then fluff. Thank you so much :-) xx

Requested: anonymous!

A/N: AH! Back to requests! YAY! Thank you so much for this request, this story was amazing to write so thank you for the wonderful idea! (sorry it took me so long to get up)

Pairing: Reader x Jughead

Warnings: none.

Originally posted by riverdaleselite

You’d always been close to Jughead. You’d always believed that there was something more between you two than just best friends. You two had always reached that point but never stepped over the line, mainly because of Jughead. He’d always been so adamant that the two of you never became more than friends.

But you felt more and you knew he felt more. Though, you never said anything. You always allowed him to push you back from over that line even if there was moments when the two of you couldn’t help but stare into each others eyes. Even if there was moments where the two of your lips would just reach but not touch. You’d let him push you away and your heart would crack a little.

In another life…

But you decided, enough was enough. He was clearly attracted to you and you were clearly attracted to him. You were done having your heart ripped just a tiny bit more because he was too scared to commit.

You resolved to tell him how you truly felt and to make him trust you. 

I would be your girl…

You were ready and despite the way your heart beat rapidly against your chest, you felt confident enough that you’d be able to tell him. You were headed to the Blue and Gold office where you knew he’d be, your heart beating but your head high with hope.

You’d never felt so complete in a while. And as you made the final steps to the door, you thought maybe there was future for you and Jughead.

We’d keep all our promises…

But as your feet reached the room and your eyes were able to see through the glass pane, you felt your heart crack just a bit more. You gasped, a hand falling to your lips as your eyes widened and you felt the over-washing flood of betrayal flood through you.

There, inside the Blue and Gold office, stood Betty and Jughead, only inches apart and there lips connected. It was obvious to anyone there was a lot of passion between the two, which only ten folded the heart break you felt.

You weren’t quite sure why you felt betrayed. Jughead, again, had never made any promised to you. But, when you thought about it, you guessed you’d always thought yourself to be special in Jughead’s eyes and that you were the only one close enough to share that kind of moment with him.

You felt your eyes water, and now with your head heavy, you ran off before either of them noticed you.

Be us against the world…

Jughead sighed, He’d been dragged off to another school get together by Archie. He didn’t even know why Archie wanted him here so bad, he wasn’t even performing and the Pussy Cats weren’t performing one of his songs. But the boy was bouncing with nervousness.

He just didn’t like crowds. And there was a lot of kids sitting all around of him.

Idly, he noticed you weren’t sitting there. Actually, now that he thought of it, he hadn’t seen you a lot i the past few days. Any time he came near you, you’d run off before he could say a word. Which truly disappointed him. Because the conversations the two of you had, were always his favourite.

“And now, our very own Y/N Y/L/N.” Jughead’s head snapped to the stage. In shock he watched you walk out, an air of confidence floating around you as you held your guitar and sat down on the chair provided.

Turning to Archie, he shook his head confused. “I didn’t know Y/N could sing.”

“Well she can. And she’s really good.” Archie commented, his eyes strictly on you. Something about the way he stared at you made Jughead feel a spike of jealousy run through him as he slowly let his gaze fall back on you.

You coughed, clearing your voice. “Recent events have inspired me to sing this song.” Your voice explained as you prepared yourself.

Slowly your fingers began strumming the guitar and Jughead found himself caught. His body froze and his eyes were stuck on you as your angelic voice called out.

In another life…

There was something about the way you sang. 

I would make you stay…

Something about the way you held yourself.

So I don’t have to say…

Something about the way your eyes watered, and it was almost as if the words meant much more than they seemed.

You were the one that got away…

Something about the way your hair fell around you, and the way your soft fingers looked so fragile, and the way your eyes twinkled.

The one that got away…

Jughead realized… he was in love with you.

Looking over to Betty, he realized he had made a mistake.

“Thank you.” You spoke once the crowd stopped clapping, and then you were gone. Jughead shot up from his seat, he quickly apologized to Betty before running off. He ignored the calls from his friends and made his way back stage.

Once in, he breathed trying to find you. As soon as Jughead’s eyes fell on yours, he pounced.

“Y/N!” He yelled, gaining your attention. Snapping you from your conversation with Valerie, you turned with your brows furrowed in confusion. Once your gaze fell on Jughead, your face fell a little and you turned completely, knowing there was no where to run to.

Jughead panted once he reached you.

“Hey…” You greeted awkwardly. You expected him to say something, or for the awkward silence to continue. But instead you felt warm lips press against yours, and hands fall on either side of your face, pressing you closer to Jughead. Your eyes widened and though you wanted him to continue, a imagine of Betty, your good friend Betty flashed through your mind.

You pushed against his chest. “J-Jughead!” You stuttered, your hand falling to your lips as you stare astonished at Jughead. “You and Betty!” You yelled and his face fell.

“You know?” He asked and you flushed.

“I saw you that day… i-in the Blue and Gold office. I was- was going to tell you how I felt.” You mumbled, staring off to the side.

Jughead sighed and you went to take a step back, but Jughead caught your wrist. “I made a mistake, Y/N.” Wide eyed, you turned to Jughead.


“No, Y/N. You up there… singing, made me realize. I don’t like Betty. I love you.” 


“Yes…” You sighed, unsure of what to say.

“But Betty…” 

“Betty’ll understand. She already kind of knew.” You looked into Jughead’s eyes. Making sure he was telling the truth. And sighing, you smiled lightly.


anonymous asked:

uh one word prompt : spooning !!

Sakura couldn’t quite calm her thoughts at night, especially when Sasuke returned home after weeks at a time.

It wasn’t that she was exhausted from a long day at work, but that she couldn’t believe he was actually home, and not camping out under the stars.

The lamp on her side of the bed was immediately flicked on, sending a dim wave of unnatural light throughout the room, and along with it, Sasuke’s figure next to her.

He looked beautiful when he slept, the way his hair spread out over their eggshell white pillows, or house how is lips lazily lifted into a slight smile, yet it wasn’t quite a smile.

Sasuke looked like he was at peace most nights when he slept in their shared bed, yet other nights, nightmares of a past long gone would return. Tonight, though, he shifted lightly until he was lying on his right side, facing Sakura.

His hair spilled down his forehead, revealing his entire face and Sakura couldn’t help but smile. Even in the quietest of moments, he could make her smile.

“What’re you doing?” His sleepy voice startled her, yet his eyes remained closed.

“I’m having troubles with sleeping,” she looked away, her eyes settling on the sheer curtains. A minute went by, then another, until she was certain he had fallen back to sleep.

Instead of reaching for her book that rests on top of her nightstand, she instead reached for the switch to the lamp and the room was thrn curtained in darkness. 

She inhaled deeply before readjusting in her spot, and like Sasuke, she laid on her right side and closed her eyes. 

Just as she felt her mind begin to drift away, a soft pressure landed on her hip and a small smile came to her lips. It was Sasuke’s stub, the limb he hardly used, one he hated showing to the world; while he rested it on Sakura’s side, his body came closer to hers until his warmth reached her back side.

It wasn’t always that the two of them would cuddle, mainly because of their sleeping arrangements (Sasuke sleeping to Sakura’s left). It warmed Sakura’s heart to feel him press his nose to the canyon between her shoulder blades, and as gentle of a soul he contained, his hard exterior never fooled her.



Sakura’s eyes remained closed, but her smile never vanished. “I think you’re doing it wrong.”

The quick exhale and slight shuffle against her back made her smile deepen. “Shut up and go to sleep.”

The One With The Trust Issues

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: Angst, fluff

Word count: 996

A/N: This is my entry for @girl-next-door-writes celebration challenge! My song prompt was ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours’- I love both Steve and that song so much and it also made me think of another member of the team (Have a guess who that might be)

(Gif not mine)

Sometimes, relationships aren’t easy. It certainly hadn’t been for Steve and you. Sure, being the partner of Captain America was difficult at times, with him being gone on missions most of the time, but you had known that before you had agreed to go steady. At first, your relationship had been smooth sailing. Steve was a total romantic and an old fashioned guy, but you loved that about him. He never pressured you into doing anything, he was always ready to wait for you, always patient. But he never opened up completely to you. When you had confronted him about it, after finding him crying in his room, he had refused to talk about his feelings. Later that same night, he had told you that he wasn’t quite sure if your love for him was strong enough. You hadn’t exchanged the “I love you’s” yet - mainly because the two of you had decided to take things slow and because you were focused on gaining Steve’s trust before shocking him with any sudden declarations of love. Therefore, Steve doubting your feelings for him hurt you quite badly, already you tried to hide your inner turmoil from him. You promised to show him, that your love was strong enough for him, but he insisted on taking a break.

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Undeserving Part 1 (Auston Matthews)

Song: “No Promises” - Shawn Mendes

“Luke told me today he’d still take you if you want to go” your friend Cassidy looked over her shoulder from her spot in front of the mirror outside of the dressing room.

“No” you shook your head eyes glued to your phone.

“You’re talking to him?” She questiond moving the dress around to fit her shape better.

“When isn’t she talking to him.” Your other friend malia mocked two dresses in her hand.

“Actually.” You spoke finally looking up. “I’m talking to his mom.”

Your two friends exchanged looks and smiled “She’s in with the whole family now.” Malia nudged Cassidy to take the dresses out of her hands who laughed along with her.

“Yep.” You glared at them not really bothered but blushing nonetheless.

“(y/n) we’re just joking, how’s auston?” Cassidy asked as she returned to he dressing room and malia took a seat next to you.

“He’s good.“you simply replied noticing a text from his mom to confirm all of your flight information.

“That’s it.” Malia asked trying to look over your shoulder. “You'be been talking, no practically dating for over a year and that’s all we get.” You shrugged not wanting to tell them because as much as you loved them, you knew they wouldn’t understand.

“I don’t believe it.” Malia snatched your phone out of your hands and moved so you couldn’t get it back.

“Malia!” You snipped trying to get your phone back.

“You talked on the phone for 2 hours and 45 minutes.”

It started with him snapchatting you after a particularly bad game. Then he claimed the only way he’d feel better is if he heard your voice which lead to you talking on the phone. Talking to Auston was always simple so it was easy for you both to loose track of time and talk for longer than anticipated. Even if the conversation was innocent enough that didn’t stop your parents from teasing you the next morning when you walked into the kitchen with bags under your eyes and only an hour of sleep in your system. After you got off the phone with Auston you couldn’t go to sleep, you were way too happy to. So you layed in bed for the rest of the night looking up at the ceiling.

“Stop.” You pouted embarrassed by the length of time.

“Does he know about your surprise?” Cassidy shouted from the dressing room.

“Nope he still thinks I’m going with Luke.”

“That’s sweet. Invite me to the wedding.” Malia joked.

You laughed “I have to be his girlfriend before I’m his wife.”

“Seriously if he doesn’t ask you out soon I’m going to beat him up.” Malia was completely serious.

“I don’t think you’re going to hurt him, but okay.”

“Hey don’t miss judge these babies.” She said pointing to her biceps. “They have a reputation.”

“For what looking like noodles?” You laughed as Cass came out dress in hand.

“Shut up, I’ve punched someone before.”

“Yeah me in kindergarten” You stood gathering your purse. “But that didn’t exactly hurt.”

“You cried.” Malia pointed out standing as well. You both followed Cassidy to the register.

“That’s because not even five minutes later your brother ran over my foot with a scooter because you told him to.”

“Oh yeah those we’re the good old times.”

“Hey, don’t say that we weren’t friends yet.” Cass reprimanded pulling out her credit card and handing it over to the cashier.

“Fine.” You ended your conversation just as Cass was handed her bag and her credit card back.

“Let’s eat.” She smiled leading the way to her car. You stopped at a Burgatory before heading home to do some last minute packing.

“You have everything you need?” Your mom asked standing in the doorway of your room.

“Mhm, everything except-”

“Except the sweatshirt he gave you, it’s in the dryer.” Your mother knew the one thing you wouldn’t leave that house without.

Auston had given you one of his old sweatshirts during the summer a year ago when you were at a bonfire at his house. You had worn jean shorts and a tanktop forgetting a sweatshirt at home, but Cassidy assured you it wouldn’t get that cold and there would be blankets. Oh how wrong she was. It was freezing by the time the sun set and you didn’t even want to think about sitting outside. That’s when Auston offered you his sweatshirt from when he was 15 and played on a travel team. Matthews was on the back along with the number 19 and on the front his teams name. You stayed warm the whole night getting lost in both the sweatshirt and the way Auston played with your fingers as you sat on his lap a blanket draped over the two of you.

“Thanks mom.” You smiled zipping up your suitcase. It was hard to convince your parents to let you go see Auston especially since they wouldnt be going and you weren’t dating. But after showing that you’d pay for all your expenses including the plane ticket and that it would only be for the weekend they agreed.

“Just make him your boyfriend soon, that’ll be thanks enough.”

“I’ll see what I can do.” You laughed as she placed a kiss on your head.

Mrs. Matthews picked you up at 3:30 in the morning to get to the airport. The car ride was a comfortable silence due to the fact that you weren’t truly awake yet. She helped you out of the car and into the airport leading the way to the gate you needed to be at for your 5:30 flight.

“Are you excited?” She asked as you both sat side by side.

“Very.” You nodded taking a sip of your coffee.

“He’s excited too. He even went to bed earlier so you’d get there sooner.”

You laughed butterflies taking over your stomach. “I’m excited for his birthday.”

“Me too. I’m going to need you to distract him during the say so I can make him a birthday dinner.” Ema explained her plan taking a sip of her own coffee.

“Whatever you say boss.” You smiled as she nuged your side laughing.

Your flight number was called and you boarded for the first of two. It went very smoothly considering you only went to California for your layover. The second was more difficult. A women had her two newborns with her and they wouldn’t stop crying. The poor women was clearly overwhelmed and panicking. That’s when Ema stood up and politely took one of the babies out of her arms and began bouncing back and fourth not too long after one of the cries stopped.

“Here.” She said handing you the baby “keep bouncing him.” You did as directed while cooing at the small bundle in your arms. She took the second from the women and did the same silencing the cries. The women was so happy she looked like she could’ve cried.

“Both Alex and Auston were like this.” She told you. “It took everything in me not to start crying myself.”

You held the babies for the rest of the flight allowing the mother to get some sleep and giving the rest of the plane an easier flight.

“Goodbye handsome.” You cooed to the baby in your arms before placing him in the stroller.

“Thank you again.” The women smiled brightly at Ema as you all three moved through the airport toward the exit doors.

“My kids were the same way. It just takes practice and patience.” She advised.

“Is this your daughter?” She looked from Ema to you.

“One day hopefully, but right now she’s my son’s girlfriend.” Your heart jumped that’s the first time anyone has referred to you as Auston’s girlfriend. You knew it was just because it was easier then explaining the whole situation, but still.

“Well I hope you both have a wonderful time here thank you again.” The women smiled one last time before directing the stroller out. You followed suit toward the car Ema had rented. Auston’s game would start soon so you had no time to stop by his apartment. You changed into his jersey in the car and fixed your hair and makeup as well.

“Ready?” Ema asked as she parked the car. You nodded the fact that you were actually here starting to sink in.

“There’s Auston.” She pointed him out on the ice for warmups. Even if she hadn’t pointed him out you would’ve known which one he was from the build.

When the game got underway you were completely focused on number 19. Auston scored twice and both times you cheered loud. The final score was 2-4 and you knew a win would mean a happier Auston. You followed Ema to where you came in and waited patiently for your guy.

You’d wish someone would’ve taken a picture of Auston’s face when he saw you because it was priceless.

“What are you doing here?” He asked pulling you into his large frame.

He smelled good from his shower and you couldn’t help but admire his build.

“Surprising you.”

“Well i’m surprised.” He kept you in a firm grip but was able to look down at you now. “What about homecoming? you were nominated for queen.”

“I wouldn’t have won anyway.” Everyone knew Danielle Stapleton was guaranteed to win mainly because her older sister had two years before.

“But still. Cassidy told me how excited you were to go.”

You simply shrugged “it wouldn’t have been fun without you.”

“So you ditched your senior homecoming where you were nominated to win queen to fly half way across the world with my mom to spend time with me.”

“You like your surprise?”

“I love it.”

You stand in each others arms smiling at one another unaware of the people moving around you and the fact that Ema had left you alone.

“You’re the best you know that?”

You giggled “you’re just now figuring that out.”

“Why aren’t you my girlfriend?” Auston questioned aloud.

“you tell me.” You didn’t miss a beat with your reply.

“Because I don’t deserve you.”

The conversation is always the same. Auston hasn’t asked you out cause he doesn’t deserve you, that’s the sweet endearing joke between the two of you.

“And because you’re way smarter than me, and more capable, and going on to be super successful.” One finger wenr up after another as he listed off his reasons.

You simply shook your head and rolled your eyes up at the giant goof.

“I hate to break it to ya kid you’re out of my league.”

“Well you’re insanely hot, really freaking good at hockey, and going on to be a successful NHL player with hot girls throwing themselves at you all the time.” You took your time listing off your items about him. “Hate to break it to ya kid you’re out of my league.”

“I guess will just have to say neither of us deserve each other.”

“And that’s why we’re not dating.”

Auston smiled, but it’s obvious it’s forced and you mirror. “Let’s go I want to spend as much time with you as I can.”

“What about your mom?” You asked once you got in the car and begin adjusting your seat belt.

“I texted her.” Auston looks up from his phone and places it in the consol. “She’s going to dinner with some of the other families. So we have the place ourselves.“

“You know what that means?“ You asked a sly smile placed on your face.

“What does that mean?” Auston backed out of his spot driving with the hand that wasn’t holding yours.


“Lots of it.”

“Of course.” You nodded. Your head rested against the seat admiring the sites around you as Auston drove.

When you get to his shared apartment he opened the door and allowed you in first.

“I’m going to change. The living rooms through there though.” Auston directed.

You first kicked off your shoes then move to the living room where you sat down on the couch and took in your surrounding. Before you can reach for the remote auston entered with a huge blanket. He sat down beside you and pulled it over the both of you.

“Any preferences?” He fliped through the dvds he’d brought with him downstairs.

“This one.” You picked up the movie you have come to love over the many years and times you’ve watched it.

“Are we ever going to watch a diferrent movie?” Auston got up and put “some kind of wonderful” into his DVD player.

“No, probably not.” You smiled. This was the movie you watched in jack Linder’s basement when you hung out for the first time.

“Great.” He sat back down beside you wrapping his arms around your waist.

You don’t watch the movie, but rather auston. The way his large chest moved up and down with each breath and how small your hand looked in his. His thumb ran over yours repeatedly. You admired all the way from his hair to the silver chain that he never takes off from his neck.

“Take a picture it’ll last longer.” His voice broke your thoughts and brought you back to reality.

Your cheeks burn bright from being caught. “your handsome.”

Auston turned so he was looking down at you his head resting against the couch. That’s how you remain the both of you looking at each other the movie playing in the background. Auston’s hand found the side of your face and let it rest there before he leant down to kiss you. The kiss was slow and romantic. It was the type that made your legs go weak and your heart race faster. When you pulled away everything seemed hazy except Auston he was in complete focus.

“How was that?”

“Good.” You softly smiled. “really good.”

“better than last time?” The last time You and Auston had kissed was before he left for the season. You were laying in his bed just talking when he leaned down and kissed you.

They’re all great.“ You mumbled.

“You want to see if I can make this one better?”

You nod closing your eyes as Auston Matthews pulled you back into him. One kiss turned into two which turned into three which turned into you making out. Auston gently lifted you onto his lap and placed his hands on your hips. Your hands found the back of his neck and his hair.

He rubbed your back and played with the ends of your hair. Your lungs began to burn and the only sound you could make was a wimper mixed with a moan. Kissing along your jaw and neck Auston got the hint. However it didnt take long for him to return to your lips and start kissing away.

The door opened and closed loudly followed by an apology it caused both of you to jump. You leaned back into the couch hoping it wasn’t obvious how breathless and lightheaded you were. Auston sent you a lazy smile only making you want him even more.

“Hey guys!” Ema called coming into the room a brown bag in one hand her purse in the other.

“Hey mom.” Auston greeted and you waved.

“I brought take out.” She held up the bag glancing at the screen. “Oh I love this movie!”

“(Y/n) loves it too, she chose it.”

“Isn’t it just so sweet?” Ema commented a fond smile taking over.

“Mhm” you looked at the screen seeing the movies already almost over.

“Well I’ll take the food to the kitchen. Come in and get it whenever.” Ema walked into the kitchen leaving you alone once again.

“I could eat right now.” You stated taking the hair tie from your wrist and putting your hair up.

“Um” Auston cleared his throat. “Can you get me something?” He glanced down at his lap where the blanket is covering and you went red, but noddsd nonetheless.

“Sure.” You smiled standing up “I’ll grab you an egg role.”

Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook Reaction to Pretending to be Your Boyfriend

Part of Pretending to be your boyfriend

Part I, Part II, Part III


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If You’re Going Through Hell - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Author: dylanowhy

Summary: You wake up in a train station not knowing exactly how you got there. Everyone seems to be acting like zombies, all but one boy. Someone who seems to keep smiling through it all.

Pairings: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Warnings: Language. Kissing.

Word Count: 4,750

Originally posted by stydia-barnes

Damp. It was such an uncomfortable word for you, but even a more uncomfortable feeling. Soon you realized it was your own sweat, and you wondered how much of a restless night you had actually had. You blinked your eyes open, but what you saw before you was not the cool toned bedroom you were so use to. You saw rust and ugly greens, dark places mixed with blinking lights, but there was no one. Not a single person in sight. You shot up from the bench that you were starting to feel the pain from sleeping on. Eyes frantic but head not moving, there was a pang in your neck and as much as you wanted to speak or call out, you couldn’t find your voice. Like it had been taken from you. Licking your dry lips, you picked up on a faint noise behind you, it was soft breathing, but for some reason you found it quite calming. Turning slowly you took notice of a brown headed boy who had his back to you, it sounded like he was sleeping, making part of you not wanting to wake him up. “Excuse me.” You whispered, realizing how weak your voice was. You were starting to wonder how long you had been down here, to wonder if anyone had been looking for you. “Excuse me.” Your voice was louder, causing a halt in the soft breathing, head lifting to turn and look at you. You shouldn’t have been so awestruck by the way his soft eyes connected with yours, or how the corner of his lips twitched up in a slight smile, but you found yourself melting in your seat, cursing that there was no mirror around you.

“You’re new.” His voice was not what you expected. It was soft and yet there was a rasp behind it, it kept you clinging to him every word. “New?” You asked, eyebrows knitted together in confusion. At the beginning you were wondering how long you had been here, but now, you were curious about how long he had been there, curious as to how many more people had been in here and more importantly what had happened to them. He hummed, nodding in silence as he re-positioned his body, his left leg on the bench so he could face you a little better. “Every week or so, there is a new person. They come in sane, talkative and sometimes even fun. Last week, Becca came in. She was a riot for a while, probably the longest there has been, five days maybe? But sooner or later, everyone falls into routine.” There was this hint of sadness in his voice that you just couldn’t shake. There were so many pieces to this puzzle and yet you couldn’t put them all together. “What routine?” You questioned, his eyes raising as if you should know the answer already. “You’ll see, come over here.” He sat back upright, patting the empty spot next to him. You were quick with your movements, eager to be next to him. What happened next was probably one of the scariest things you have ever witness before in your life, so much so that you couldn’t stop your hand from reaching and taking the strangers, holding it tightly as you watched them pile in.

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Electricity // Julian Albert x Reader

Summary: You go to the precinct to have your daily lunch with your older brother, Barry, only to find he has resigned. You encounter Julian Albert the man you’ve had feelings for for the past year and in the moment you two have alone it seems he’s been doing the same.

Just a little bit of fluff

Word count: 1,139

Warnings: None

You step into the lab for your daily lunch with Barry. You had been gone for the week and had missed your talks with your older brother. You had come straight from the airport to make it to your scheduled time with Barry. Except when you step inside, he’s not there.

It’s not like the other times you get there and he’s not there, in the past you could assume he was just doing some Flash business. You couldn’t say that this time, because not only was he gone but so was his desk and all his belongings.

You stand in the doorway looking quite confused.

“What did I miss?” You mumble.

“Hey Y/N,” Julian says while brushes past you. “What are you doing here?” He asks, genuinely interested.

You and Julian had become friends even though him and Barry didn’t get along. You guys weren’t exactly best friends mainly because you knew if you two got too close he could find out Barry’s secret. You like Julian, you really do, you could even say you may have feelings for him. However, you know you have to protect Barry’s secret, even if it means giving up a chance with a guy you really like. Even so, it’s not like he felt the same way.

“I was just here to see Barry,” you say, hoping you hadn’t been lost in thought for too long.

“Oh,” he says, gaze trailing down to the side.

You weren’t aware of it, but Julian does indeed have feelings for you. It’s been that way ever since the two of you met a year ago out at a bookshop. He thought you were this sweet, intelligent and just absolutely ravishing girl. He still liked you when he found out you were Barry’s sister, in fact, he considers the day he found out to be the day he truly fell for you.

This sweet, quiet girl came into the lab one day and just swept him off his feet. Julian got to see a whole other side of you when you were here with Barry. You were this out-going, confident, and just all around sexy women. It was a complete 180 but for some reason you still seemed to be the same person. That’s what he loved most about you, no matter who you were with, how you were acting, you always stayed the same. You truly know who you are.

He takes a seat at his desk before continuing, “Didn’t Barry tell you?”

“He couldn’t reach me,” you shrug while walking up to the edge of his desk. “What didn’t he tell me?” You tilt your head to the side.

His heart sank a little. You were here on your daily lunch with Barry. He thought you knew he no longer worked here and that, for some reason, you were here to see him. He knew it was silly of him to think someone like you would go for a guy like him and you thought vice versa.

“Barry doesn’t work here anymore,” Julian clarifies, trying to hide his hurt. “He resigned a couple of days ago, I’m not sure why.” He shrugs, acting as if he doesn’t know. He thinks you will be quite upset to learn he made Barry quit.

“Oh,” you sigh. Why would he just resign like that? Without telling you? You know you need to go talk to him, to get to the bottom of this. “Well, I’ll just be going then,” you sigh before turning around.

A sudden jolt of adrenaline surges through Julian. He stands up and grabs your wrist, turning you around to face him.

“Wait,” he says, realizing what’s going on he grows nervous. He doesn’t know what to say from here. All he knows is he feels electricity just from touching you, and so do you. “Why don’t you stay?” He asks in a nervous voice, a slight blush creeping onto his cheeks.

You smile, could it be possible he has feelings for you too? Though, it doesn’t matter. The two of you can’t be together, not with having to hide Barry’s secret.

“I don’t want to interrupt your work,” you try to find a way out of this situation without being rude or hurting him. “Plus, I really should go talk to Barry.”

His hand moves from your wrist to your hand, brushing his fingers against yours. They linger and you just want him to hold your hand.

“Listen, Y/N,” he says lightly, taking your hand in his as you wished. “I don’t know how to tell you this but,” he pauses, he really doesn’t know what he’s going to say. What if he proclaims his love for you and you don’t feel the same?

You grow nervous at the pause. What is going on in his head? What if he does have feelings for and tells you? Do you tell him that you have feelings for him too? Even though the two of you can’t be together, do you tell him that too?

“I really don’t know how to say this,” he lightly chuckles while looking down at his desk. The little smile on his face when he laughs makes your heart melt.

“Just say it,” you speak quietly, encouragingly. All the worries leave your head and you just want to know if he feels the way for you as you do him.

He hesitantly looks up to make eye contact with you. You can see through his eyes that he’s thinking about what his next move is. You see him slowly leaning in and you don’t even have to think about it before you follow. You close your eyes and wait for the gap between you two to close.

You feel his lips connect with your and you lean in even more, immediately responding by kissing him back. Your lips move in unison, as if you two have kissed a million times before. Almost as if you two were meant to be. You can feel this electricity between the two of you and suddenly you know how it feels to be struck by lightning. The smile you feel present on his face makes your heart flutter. The kiss is sweet and gentle yet passionate, you both can feel the longing you two have had for this moment.

You two pull apart, leaning your foreheads against one another’s. You can feel each other’s breath as you try to refill your lungs with oxygen. You look up into his already staring eyes and you both smile.

“You don’t know how long I’ve waited to do that,” he breathes out.

“You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for you to do that,” you breathe.

His smile grows wider before he grabs both of your cheeks and pulls you into another kiss.

I’m Not Ill ( asylum!au)

//Trigger Warning: mentions of mental illnesses, physical abuse, and light mentions of death //

Summary: It’s your first day as an intern in a psychiatric ward. You knew a lot about this place, all the dirty secrets it kept. But you see more underneath its dark exterior as you meet the actual people suffering inside. 

Pairing: Taehyung x reader

Word Count: 2k+

“Ah, good morning Y/N-ssi!” The warm smile from Mrs. Kim greeted you. You smiled at her. It would’ve comforted you if it wasn’t for the daunting building you stood in front of.  ‘Daegu Psychiatric Ward’. You never thought you’d be standing in front of that place, much less working in it. But here you are.

You nodded politely at her. With silence,she led you in the building. The inside was about as interesting as the outside. White walls, and a marble floor that seemed to be more properly taken care of than the patients. You’ve been here in the past a few times when your cousin was admitted with a bipolar disorder. You saw how one of the nurses beat him to get him to calm down. Ever since, you didn’t want to get associated with such a place.

But here you are.

You passed by the front desk and entered a room with an ‘Employees Only’ sign. You reminded yourself why you where here. Just a huge family favor, and a desperate need for money. Namjoon was kind enough to coax his mom to give you a job offer, but you were never really thrilled about it. Even he wasn’t that fond of their business. He knew what their nurses did, but couldn’t tell his mom in fear of having them come back at him.

“Your job is pretty light. Keeping the patient records organized, manning the front desk from time to time, and in some instances, taking care of the patients. Don’t worry though, if that time comes, I’ll make sure that they hand you a much… milder patient.” she said, her smile unfaltering.

You knew what they meant by ‘milder’. Probably some kid who just needs someone to remind him to take his meds hourly. They’d never let you handle any schizophrenics or manic depressives. You wanted to help them, yes. But Namjoon told you beforehand that some of their patients are pretty intense. And he just ‘wanted you safe’. 

“Since today isn’t much of a busy day, I’ll let Jackson tour you around so you get familiarized with the place. Not that you haven’t seen it before.” She led you out into the front desk. “I’ll call him. He’ll be here in a bit.”

She disappeared into the outstretched hallway connecting the front room to the patient lounge. You could see a few people dressed in white moving around, but no one came through the front desk, mainly because of the two guards at the end of the corridor. Mrs. Kim came back a few minutes later, a brown-haired boy following behind her. “I’ll leave her to you.” she addressed him, nodding at you before leaving.

The boy, Jackson, as she has said, gave you a sheepish grin and held his hand out. “I’m Jackson, and I’m a nurse here. If you have any questions about this place, feel free to ask me.”

You took his hand and shook it. You had to remind yourself that not everyone here is heartless. Mark looked genuine enough, and that’s good for you. “I’m Y/N.” You smiled back at him.

He led you through the hallway, the guards parting to let the two of you pass. The lounge had a few chairs and tables. Everything was drenched in white, and it sort of strained your eyes after not seeing any other color for so long. About five people roamed around the room, their only entertainment being a few word search puzzles, some books, and the lone coffee machine sitting beside some of the ‘decorative’ indoor plants.

Curious eyes stared at you as you followed Jackson around. He sat down, and you sat opposite of him. “Anyway, I’ve heard that you knew the owner’s son? I’ve known Namjoon for a few years now. We used to hang out a lot before uni, but nowadays we just text. The patients here are really nice, by the way. You just need to learn how to get with them, you know what I mean?” You nodded.

While he was talking, you couldn’t help but glance at each of the patients. Only two people were sitting next to each other, while the other three went about their own business. There was only one girl, and she was huddled up in a corner, her knees pressed against her chest. Her hair was all over her face, preventing you from having a look at it. 

One boy walked around the couch, muttering to himself. He had dark hair, and a small, rounded nose. If it were under different circumstances, he would’ve passed as attractive for you. Another boy sat at the end of the table you and Mark occupied. He stared straight ahead, seeming to not pay any attention to his surroundings. In front of him sat an untouched cup of cocoa. 

“Hey, you ok?” Jacksn waved a hand in front of you. You whipped your eyes to him, but he already followed your line of vision. “Oh, I see you’re interested in our pati-friends.” He hastily corrected themselves. You stared at him. Maybe he was only new here, at wasn’t comfortable with them yet. Much like you. 

He bit his lip, not wanting to mess up. He turned to the boy sitting at the other end of your table. “Hey, Hoseok. You look a little faint there, buddy.” Hoseok blinked a few times before turning his head to your direction. His eyes widened after seeing you, but his surprised expression was soon replaced by a sheepish grin. “H-hi. I’m doing great. Haven’t blacked out in a few days, so I guess there’s progress.”

You returned his smile. “This is Y/N. She’s the new intern Mrs. Kim has been telling us about. She’s really nice.” Jackson introduced you as you waved at Hoseok. “Want some hot chocolate? Coffee isn’t the only thing that rust-bucket can make.” Hoseok pointed to the coffee machine. 

“Well, that’s mean. That coffee machine looks fairly new.” You laughed at him.

This got the attention of the two boys on the couch. “Jungkook, stop your whispering for a while.” 

“But h-hyung! I swear they’re lying to us. The medicine’ they give us doesn’t make us feel better, does it? They’re all lying, they-”

“Jungkook, sit down, you’re making me dizzy.”

Jungkook obliged, cautiously sitting next to his hyung.

“I’m going to talk to her.”

“No you won’t, Taehyung.”

“Yes I will, Yoongi.”

“You’re more delusional than Jungkook.”

“I’m not delusional!” Jungkook screamed.

Everyone in the room froze. Jungkook brought his hands up to his face and kept quiet. “Yoongi, what you said to Kook isn’t very nice.” Jackson turned around in his chair, facing the pale man on the couch. Yoongi held his icy glare on him, until finally sighing and faced the dark-haired boy from earlier. “I didn’t mean it, Jungkook.” The younger boy sighed at his weak attempt of an apology, but nodded. 

Then you noticed the other boy next to them. He had a golden brown tan and a boxy grin. His eyes met your gaze, and in an instant, he was heading toward you. “Wooaah! I haven’t seen that face yet! Come here, come close, I won’t bite, come on, come here! Waaaah, you’re so pretty!”

He looked like a kid seeing an amusement park for the first time. His smile got impossibly larger, and his eyes widened more. You couldn’t help but become flustered not only because he’s immensely cute, but also because there’s a stranger who can do who-know’s-what quickly making his way over to you. “Uh, h-hi, I’m-”

You were cut off as the guards who were previously by the entrance are now holding Taehyung back. You stood up, shocked by their sudden harshness. 

“Yah, yah, yah! I just want to talk! I’m not hurting anyone!” He began elbowing them, wriggling out of their grip. Yoongi just stared at them, a hint of guilt in is eyes. Jungkook watched in fear as his hyung thrashed around, knocking over a chair in the process. 

“Hey, let him go!” You strode over to them, wanting to help Taehyung, but Jackson stepped in and held you back. “Believe me, I don’t like it either when they do this. But don’t expect them to treat you any different from the patients.” He whispered, eyes avoiding the scene in front of you. 

You couldn’t do anything but look on, silently cursing the guards who were grabbing him too roughly. Another nurse came over soon. She had an injection in one hand, and you very well know where this was going. 

You turned your head to the side, glancing at Hoseok just as the guards were holding Taehyung down. Hoseok was staring at them with sad eyes, eyebrows scrunched. He downed his hot cocoa before stomping out the lounge, heading to his room. In the background, you could hear Taehyung’s yells getting softer. You faced him again, in time to see his body slack at the ground. 

“He wasn’t doing anything wrong.” Yoongi stood behind the guards, his stance supposed to give a menacing vibe, but his voice failed him. He bumped past the guards and kneeled over Taehyung, placing a motionless arm over his shoulder. 

“He was causing a ruckus. And he probably would’ve injured someone, just like the last time.” One of the guards replied, uninterested. They got back to their usual spot. Yoongi seemed as though he was going to yell a snarky reply, but held it back.

“Come on, Jungkook. Let’s take him to his room.” Jungkook walked over to them. He stopped gnawing the white sleeve of his shirt and slung Taehyung’s other arm around his shoulder. He looked at you curiously and said a silent ‘thank you’. 

“I can do that for you.” Jackson spoke up. Yoongi turned to him, the same cold stare on his face. “No, thanks. You might hit him on the way just for fun.” he spat at him.

Both boys continued walking down a corridor, leading deeper in the building. They took a left and disappeared out of sight. You heard Jackson sigh next to you. “Yoongi is still… a bit un-trusting of the nurses, or anyone in general. Jungkook’s worse though. But don’t worry, their getting the treatment they need. They’ll get better, I’ll make sure of that.” he gave you a weak but reassuring smile. “It’s ok. Do you mind, uh, telling me more about them?” you cocked your head to the side. 

Taehyung genuinely got you interested. Plus, you wanted to know more about Yoongi and Jungkook. Even Hoseok, who seemed to have nothing wrong with him, which piques the question ‘why is he here?’ Jackson contemplated for a bit. 

“I think you need to know them more before you know their illness. I don’t want  you to label them as anything before actually knowing them. No offense, it’s just that that’s what usually happens here.” you nodded in response, fully understanding him. 

The day went by slowly. The tension from earlier still lingered, and you didn’t want to spend much time in the lounge anymore. So Jackson took you to see the patients’ rooms. 

You didn’t go in, but as far as you know, the ‘milder’ patients had the closer rooms to the lounge. That part of the building was on the floor above the lounge, about 5 rooms per floor. You let him lead you up the building.

“They’re not all filled, of course. The first five rooms have no one in them, and is for the staff. Every room has a window. We ensure that our patients have proper ventilation, of course.” he paused, giving you a proud smile. “That’s Hoseok’s.” he pointed to a white door. The only thing that distinguished it from the others’ was a small, metal tag, the number written on it. “Where’s Taehyung’s room?” you blurted out.

Jackson lightly chuckled. “Someone’s eager. His is just a few more floors up. Hey look, that’s Jungkook’s.” he pointed to a room two doors away from Hoseok’s. Jungkook’s number read 8. 

You began thinking about Jackson’s previous statement. If Taehyung’s room is around the middle, then does that mean he could actually be dangerous? ‘No’. You thought. He looked like such an innocent child when he first saw you. There’s no way he could physically hurt someone on purpose.

“This one’s Taehyung’s, and next to him is Yoongi.” You stopped in front of doors 18 and 19. You knew that this building had seven floors. 

“My mom thinks it’s good luck.” Namjoon’s voice replayed in your head. It was the summer before this. You were hanging out in his room, listening to music. His mom left you brownies to eat, and told Namjoon to tell you about the ward.


“Yeah?” he turned to look at you. He was sweating from climbing up so many flights of stairs. “If you’re wondering, we’re not going on the seventh floor yet.”

“Yet.” you repeated with a smirk. This made him laugh lightly. “Okay, we’re going back down. This time, we’re taking the elevator, because Jesus Christ, I feel like I’m gonna faint.” you followed him, passing by Taehyung and Yoongi’s rooms. You decided that you like Jackson, since his talkativeness made you feel more comfortable. 

You got inside the elevator with him. Then suddenly, you realized something.

“Jackson, correct me if I’m wrong, but this building has seven floors right?”
“Yes, we covered that earlier.” he said teasingly. “Seven floors, twenty-five rooms. Patients roomed from mildest to, well, where it goes”


“Yeah, why?”

“Jackson… why is Taehyung in the eighteenth room?”

Your question was met with silence. The elevator stopped with a ‘ding’, and Jackson shot out the doors. “Look at the time. I’ll see you tomorrow, Y/N.” he nervously smiled at you, completely ignoring your question. You sighed, deciding to let it pass. You gave him a small grin. 

“See you tomorrow.”  you said to him as you waved goodbye. As you were walking away, you missed the pair of longing eyes, looking at you from room 18.

{Reaction} Monsta X college AU

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

Lee Minhyuk

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Minhyuk is that kind of student that jokes around and doesn’t really get that much work done but still manages to enter an exam and walk out with straight A’s, much to your annoyance. He’s a distraction, and he laughs to much when you’re trying to focus. But that’s what makes him somewhat attractive. When you’re watching him joke around, you can’t help but notice the way his smile lights up the room, the way his eyes are so beautifully attractive and drawing. It seems he notices your stare, because he turns to look back at you, sending a wink when he notices your eyes scanning his pure face.

{y/n}: “Aish, you’re so annoying.”

Minhyuk: “Annoyingly handsome, you mean?”

Yoo Kihyun

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Kihyun is that student that hangs around with his friends, but studies the most and puts a lot more work in than his friends do. He’s the shyer of his friends, the one that’ll skip on flirting with girls and hide in the library instead before his friends drag him into some kind of awkward situation. That’s how you met Kihyun, and it wasn’t long until the two of you became study partners. A romance began to blossom from there on, and he’ll be the kind of crush that’ll blush and pretend he doesn’t understand something just so you can keep talking to him that little bit longer.

{y/n}: “You don’t understand? Want me to teach it to you?”

Changkyun: “Of course he understands, he just fancies you. I thought you were smart, how come you didn’t work that out yet?”

Kihyun: “Shut up before I punch you.”

Shin Hoseok/ Wonho

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Good social life, average grades, amazing looks. Wonho is that student in the year that all of the girls have a crush on. You’d like to set yourself apart from that, and for the longest time, you did, but as time ticked on being his friend, you realised how hard it was not to like him. He’s the kind of guy that can pull of the ‘cute’ and the ‘bad boy’ type, only contributing to his ultimate sexiness.

Wonho: “Do I look good today, {y/n}? I bought this leather jacket because I thought it might make me look like a bad boy.”

{y/n}: “Oh yeah, you’re so bad, I saw you rip a piece of paper out of your maths book yesterday.” *sarcasm - trying to hide utter attraction*

Son Hyun-woo/ Shownu

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Shownu is the student that spends the majority of his time in the gym working out, either that or he’s playing football with the team he’s the captain of. The rest of the time he’s with his friends or trying to kindly reject all of the girls that confess their love to him. He has a lot of unwanted female attention, mainly because he only has eyes for you. The two of you met in the gym one day, on the running machines next to each other. It turned into a competition to see who could go the fastest. You were upping the speed, and he would. Once you both finally stopped after half an hour, hot, panting and sweating. You agreed to be friends. Ever since then, you’d secretly liked each other.

{y/n}: *struggling to put a weight back on the shelf.*

Shownu: “You’re so weak” *winks teasingly as he takes the weight from you and places it back.*

{y/n}: “I’m not!”

Shownu: “Lifts you up with one arm* “You sure, honey?”

Lim Changkyun/ I.M

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The student that is incredibly smart in every since class, but no one ever knows why because he doesn’t seem like he studies all that much. He’s confident and sweet, but can also be sarcastic and rude when he wants to be. Was bullied in primary school but became popular in high school. He writes a lot of songs, something that you love about him. He’s written a few for you in he hope he’d understand that you’d understand the hints of his crush on you.

{y/n}: “It’s a beautiful song.”

Changkyun: “Nothing compared to you though.”

Chae Hyungwon

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You and Hyungwon met in an unlikely situation. You were both at a party through mutual friends, and were somehow the only two people in the whole room that were sober. Ever since that experience, you have come unbelievably close to Hyungwon. The two of you talked rationally while the others made fools of themselves. It seemed almost like love at first sight that night as Hyungwon found himself attracted to you instantly like a sudden shot of sparks. 

Hyungwon: “Can I see you again?”

Lee Jooheon

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Jooheon is one of the more confident students in class, and even though he spends a lot of time messing around with his friends, he likes to impress you in class with his smart brain. So whenever there’s a discussion in class, it’s usually him participating with you because 1. He gets to engage in a conversation with you and 2. He can prove to you how bright he really is.

Jooheon: “Our discussions may be heated, but I can make you even more heated in the bedroom.”

anonymous asked:

Hey, can you write an Alex imagine where he and the reader have like a "no strings attached" thing going on but end up falling for each other? Thanks!

This will be a two parter, as I feel it’d be better that way - hope that’s okay! I love Alex sm, thanks for this request love! ~

Part 1, 565 words, Alex Standall/fem!reader

No words were spoken before Alex pulled you into a desolate classroom, slammed you against the wall and kissed you furiously. This always happened, he never spoke to you, it was just physical advantage. You and him were just people the other could go to if you needed to be satisfied, or your relationship wasn’t going all too well. No-one know about your kind of relationship, mainly so people would still be up for dating you two. Because who would date someone who has a go-to person that can please you better than they can? 

There was nothing romantic or emotional about you two, nothing meaningful in your sex or intimacy. You’d like to say you never wished you could go on a date with Alex, or just cuddle and hold hands, but you secretly thought about what it’d be like. Then you were dragged back into the reality of your relationship with rough kisses. He pulled you to the back of the classroom, slamming the door violently as he went. You didn’t think you should get like this at school, but since you agreed to never talk much you let him do it, that’s what each of you were there for. 

Bending you backwards onto a table he tried to get on top of you, fondling at your cleavage and balling your shirt in his fists. Abruptly he stopped kissing you and laid his head on your neck for a little, tempting you to run a hand through his bleach-blond hair. But you refrained, knowing he’d think it was out of the agreement. He stood up and took your hands, helping you get back on your feet, then left. You stared after him, wondering what his hair would feel like in your hands when you were calmly petting it - as opposed to pulling on it when he made you moan and cry out when he did his job (that you were beginning to wish wasn’t either of your obligations to each other anymore). While it was easy sex and relief, it meant nothing, you were both objects, accessories and tools when things didn’t go so well in your own romantic endeavours. 

One time when you had shown up at his house after finding out that your boyfriend had cheated on you, the most painful reason you’d gone to him yet, you fucked in the living room, not bothering to wait to go upstairs. During this he’d yelled out that he loved you. You stopped, and didn’t know how to feel. Happy? Angry that he hadn’t said anything before this ‘no strings attached’ situation got to this level? Once he realised fully what he had just shouted he threw you out of the house, again, without a word. You were all kinds of sad walking home that night. Sad about your boyfriend, sad about the fact that Alex had just shouted out those oh-so meaningful words in such a vapid context. You cried on the way home, and there and then you vowed to just keep your relationship expectations with him purely sexual. It was obvious that he saw you as no more than a stress relief, so why should you think any more of him.

Of course this vow didn’t last long. The next time he pulled you into the empty gym, or bathroom, or locker room you started fantasising all over again. 

You stood in the classroom that Alex had just left you in, your mind chasing his touch. You couldn’t allow yourself to fall for him, you’d just get hurt. 

(part 2 will be up soon!)

Reaction to You Being a Female Member and Falling For You. . .

Anonymous said: I wanted to send a request - an EXO request OT12 pls! Their reaction on you being the female member of EXO and being protective of you because they started to like you and don’t want you to like another member nor get the fans upset over it cause they may end up hating you and you may have to leave the group.

Reaction to You Being a Female Member and Falling For You…

A/N this cuuute <3 i hope i made it how you want Anonie! Enjoy :)

Kai Eonni ~


This would be very conflicting for Suho. He would probably be in the worst situation out of all of them only because he’s the leader. To him it would be very wrong to fall for his team member, he also has a responsibility to the fans. He would, no matter how painful and how much his heart says otherwise, put great distance between you two emotionally. Obviously he couldn’t avoid you, after all you’re his team member, but he would make sure to make your interactions devoid of any emotions. It would be really heartbreaking for him, but he would go through with his plan. He would refrain himself whenever he felt that jealousy grow within him whenever you were with another member, he would hold his tongue whenever another member would put his arm around your shoulder and would remind himself of why he’s putting himself through this heartache. Unfortunately there would be no relationship beyond team members between you two.

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He would go for it. He would have such a possessiveness over you that he wouldn’t be able to hold his feelings back. However, your relationship between you two would only be known in the group. The only other people knowing are your other members. There would be moments when he second guesses his actions, wondering if they’re only him acting on his selfishness, however those moments you two share in privacy wipe those thoughts from his mind. He would be fiercely protective of you just because of the possibility of fans finding out and you getting kicked out of the group. 

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Chanyeol would be another that would decide to act upon his hearts desire. It would be the constant sight of you hanging out with his other members and the idea of you falling for one of them that would motivate him to ask you out. However, he would constantly be insecure that you’re happy with a hidden relationship with him. He would ask you often if this is what you want and if you’re truly happy with him. He would continue to be protective and possessive over you in front of his members, however this time, he would use your relationship to his advantage and either place a hand on your thigh, an arm around your shoulder or holding your hand to tell your members to back off.

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This would be conflicting to him. Most likely, there would be some kind of relationship between you two, but it wouldn’t be official, mainly because he would be too scared to mess up and it ending in you both getting hurt. Xiumin would love to stay away from you, just to protect you from getting into trouble, but with having to seeing you with the other members and the undeniable attraction between you two, you both wouldn’t be able to stay away from one another. So there would be little sneaky hand holds behind your backs, pinky holds underneath the table at a business dinner or award shows, quick knowing looks, hugs that last a second longer than hugs you two would give to others. Talk about a real scandal eh? *wink wink nudge nudge*

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This crush between you two would last the longest ever. You two wouldn’t have the guts to take the first step and also scared of the consequences that would come with a hidden relationship. However, unlike Xiumin, there wouldn’t really be as much skinship. It would mostly consist of sneak peeks at one another, blushes, shy giggles and small laughs, wide smiles to one another. There would be moments where he would innocently do something romantic or endearing towards you, forgetting the situation you two are in. He would open up to the other members about his feelings and his unfortunate position. He wouldn’t really think of the other members and your relationship with them, he knew how close you guys are and would just love that and how close everyone is. He’s a cinnamon roll. There would be no jealousy.

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He would be open about it. Out in public, in private, in front of the other members, he didn’t really care. He wouldn’t make it an official relationship, but he wouldn’t hide the skinship he wanted with you or how he saw you as something more than a team member. However, if he were asked about it, he would slyly avoid the question or deny any feelings or relationship more than teammates. It would confuse pretty much everyone around you guys, and even you at times. He would be open about his affection towards you, but denied everything when asked about it? He wouldn’t really think about what could happen to you, and he wouldn’t see the other members as a threat.

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He would try to hide his affection as best as he could, however there would be those tense moments between you two–usually only when you two were alone–that he would flirt a little with you, or touch you in a meaningful way (not in a sexual way you nasty). However, out in public or in front of others he would control himself and would tease you like he does with the other members and it would be like those special moments between you two don’t mean anything. It would always kill him to see you looking so happy with the other members, and that would be the only reason he would be tempted to tell you of his feelings. However, the thought of you getting kicked out of the group or getting hate would be what’s holding him back.

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This would be really hard for him. At first he would put distance between you two, believing that that would be the best choice for both your sake and his. However, always having to see you laughing with Chanyeol, getting your daily dose of motherly hugs from Mama Suho, and even arm wrestling with Xiumin would always drive him over the edge. He would be that dumbass to flirt with other girls, trying to get you out of his head. However, after realizing that that wont help, he would give in and confess to you. Needing you and only you. He would be so elated to finally have you that he would do everything in his power to keep your relationship a secret so you don’t get hurt or kicked out.

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He would find this super annoying. He would become easily frustrated and wouldn’t know how to approach this situation. He would at first be snappy towards you out of the irrational thought that it was your fault this happened. However, not too long after, he would realize how ridiculous that thought is and would apologize, in the process admitting his feelings towards you. This would lead to a hidden relationship kept from everyone including the members. However, the members would be able to figure something is happening between you two with how possessive he is towards you though, so like, it was no use trying to hide it from them.

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He would be a mess. Like he would just push you away because he doesn’t know what to do about his feelings towards his teammate. He would confide in the other members to figure out what he’s supposed to do in a position like this. Things wouldn’t escalate simply because he’s worried about ruin both your careers. He wouldn’t like you being near the other members, and therefore he would become his sarcastic self and tease you and which ever member you were with about “dating” even though he’s in the position he’s in himself.

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Sehun would approach this situation in a more immature way than the others. Like the saying goes, “boys pick on the girls they like” he would be doing this exact thing. Out in public he would do things like tease you, gently tug your hair, or gently nudge you. It would be worse in the dorm when it’s just you and the other members though, he had no mercy, even for th egirl he likes. The others would catch on quickly to his feelings towards you, however, it would take Sehun slightly longer to realize his underlying feelings for you. He genuinely thought he was just picking on you because you were younger than him and “like a sister to him”. He would still be jealous of you and the other members, especially when he realizes his real feelings for you, and would always act clingy with you when you showed another member too much attention. It would take a while for him to confess to you, before hand, he would talk to the other members about his feelings, and they would help him weigh the pros and cons.

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He would be completely honest with his feelings and would make sure that you know. However he would hold off on jumping into a relationship, knowing how dangerous mixing pleasure with business can be. He already is very protective with you, making it known when he pouts whenever you seem too close with another member. So the idea of you getting hate or kicked out of the group terrifies him. He would make sure to find time to talk over the options and choices that are available to you two. Even though your relationship isn’t official yet, you two would just act like a couple already. Hand holding, head resting on shoulders, kissing cheeks and cute little outings dates on your days off.

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What The What!?

Here’s another part in “Our Girl”   This is also my 750th one shot!

Read “Movie Night”
Read Between The Sheets
Read Protection
Read Trust
Read “Come Home To Me”

Pairing: Dean x Reader x Sam (polyamorous)
Words:  1530

This part was requested by @scxrchy:  For your our girl series, could you write out how they started dating? Like how weird it was at first?

A/N: No longer taking requests for this series.
A/N: If you want tagged in anything, just let me know. :)

You were sitting cross-legged on the motel bed when you heard the Impala pull up outside. Sam and Dean had been interviewing witnesses while you continued to do the research at the motel.

           You heard the doors close and then the motel room door slammed open. Sam and Dean stomped in. Uh oh. Trouble in paradise?

           “What’s wrong?” you asked, looking up at them.

           “Nothing,” they both spat.

           “Liars,” you accused, “What the hell is going on?”

           “Don’t worry about it,” Sam said. That was unlike him. Sam didn’t snap at you and he didn’t get angry with you.

           You stood up from the bed, putting your hands on your hips, “Sit,” you commanded, pointing to the two beds.

           “Y/N …” Dean warned.

           You glared at him, “Sit. Down. Now.”

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anonymous asked:

I've been wondering for quite a long time now, what even was John's sexuality? I do think he was straight but somewhere inside me thinks he may have had small same sex attractions but I haven't personally found much information/proof to support that. + It was never confirmed by John himself which makes it harder for more proof. (Paul does make it seem like he was gay on many occasions but I don't know how much I trust it.) What do you think? It just really interests me. :-)

Personally, I think that John was bisexual with a preference for men, as is Paul. There are so many reasons why I think this so I’ll just make a list:

*When John was a teen, he had dreams of becoming a sailor, and it’s well-known that the navy has a very strong gay subculture attached to it. Many men would choose to go to sea for unlimited sex with other men, and Philip Norman referred to the navy as “a homosexual mafia.” (x)

*As a teen, he would invent wanking games with other boys (x)

*As a teen, he admired the gay poet Oscar Wilde. “I was torn between being Marlon Brando and being the sensitive poet - the Oscar Wilde part of me with the velvet, feminine side. I was always torn between the two, mainly opting for the macho side, because if you showed the other side, you were dead.” (x)

*(This quote is referring to when the Beatles went to Hamburg) “Though raised amid the same homophobia as his companions, John seemed totally unshocked by St. Pauli’s abundant drag scene; indeed, he often seemed actively to seek it out. “There was one particular club he used to like,” Tony Sheridan remembers, “full of these big guys with hairy hands, deep voices- and breasts. But they used to make an effort to talk English. There was something about the place that seemed to make John feel at home.”” (x) And here’s another story about him going to a transvestite bar called Monica’s (x)

*He has admitted to having a threesome with a man and a woman (x)

*The source is questionable, but Pauline Sutcliffe claims that John used to go to gay parties with Brian Epstein and other men, and that there was a lot of gossip around Liverpool about John not being straight (x)

*Pete Townshend says that among mutual friends, John openly talked about experimenting with men (x)

*He went to at least one gay bar with Paul in 1968 (x)

*He contributed a poem to the Gay Liberation Book in the early 70s, saying “Why make it sad to be gay/ Doing your thing is O.K./ Our bodies our own/ So leave us alone/ Go play with yourself—today.” (x)

*“When they got onto the theme of love, Andrews suggested that Lennon was troubled by his homosexuality. “‘Why do you dress Yoko as a boy?’ he challenged. John was enraged at the suggestion, rejecting it violently” (x)

*He said he was attracted to Yoko because she “looks like a bloke in drag” (x)

*Once when he was drunk, he grabbed one of the studio musicians and kissed him, then pushed him off and called him a “faggot” (x)

*He went around to gay clubs during his separation from Yoko (x)

*Many of his writings from his book Skywriting by Word of Mouth are blatantly homoerotic (x) (x)

bed-hogging | seth rollins

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With Seth being gone more often than not, I had learned to adjust to an empty bed. Sleeping alone never felt right and of course, there was always an incessant pain in my heart knowing I wouldn’t be waking up to him right beside me. But, I at least passed the point of being unable to sleep for hours, wishing he was next to me to provide comfort in the dark, silent room. 

Thankfully, Seth was set to come home today and spend a couple of nights here, in our home and our bed. I was beyond excited to fall asleep with my head against his chest, the gentle rise and fall providing more serenity than anything else. The one thing I wasn’t looking forward to, however, was his bed-hogging.

The man had a God awful habit of taking up the whole damn bed.
Many times, I’d waken up on a small sliver of the bed, nearly falling off. Other times, I’d had to whack him with a pillow over and over until he finally gave in and moved.

“Alright, alright! Jeez woman, let up, I’ll move,” he hissed, shifting his position so that I had much more room before patting the space he had freed up, “Now c'mere.”

I scoffed but joined him nonetheless, pulling the covers up and over us so we were both stowed away in the warmth they provided. He was beaming, surely impressed by how easily he had me rushing into his arms; in return for his never-ending cockiness, I flicked him right in the center of his forehead.
That night was probably only a few months ago and yet felt like forever ago, mainly because time flew by when I was with Seth. Two whole years we’d spent together and somehow, I still felt teenage butterflies in my stomach when he said “I love you.”

At ten o'clock, I heard the doorknob jiggle and eventually open, Seth’s arrival being just on time. He wanted to get here earlier, but flights and whatnot just hadn’t worked in his favor. Regardless, he was here now, and that was more than enough for me. It would always be more than enough.

“I’m home!” he yelled, although I was on the couch right by the door, “Hi baby.”
He leaned over the couch, quick to catch my lips in a kiss before heading towards our bedroom to unpack. I followed him, wrapped up in a blanket as I had been while watching a movie.

“How was your flight?” I asked, leaning against his shoulder as he threw things out of his suitcase.   

“Well,” he began, yawning and wringing his hands out before falling back against the mattress, “I listened to a lady talk about her kids for a good hour or so. I’m beat.”

We both erupted into a fit of laughter, the room feeling much more alive than it ever could be without him here. Seth got up, taking off his shirt and tossing it somewhere in the room before replacing his black pants with a pair of grey sweatpants. When he crawled back into bed, pulling me to his side, I raised my eyebrow in confusion. 


“You? Wanting to sleep? We haven’t seen each other in two weeks.”

He chuckled, placing a few kisses on my exposed neck. “We have all the time in the world tomorrow, babe." 

And with that, he turned off the bedside lamp and did what he does best.

Hogging the bed.

I decided to put up with it for a bit, as I still had a decent amount of space and he must’ve been real exhausted. Eventually, though, I was on the absolute edge, threatening to fall right out at any moment. 

"That’s it, Seth. You’re banished from this bed,” I announced, shoving him to the point where he almost fell himself. He sat up, rubbing his face before turning on the lamp once more. He looked over at me, laughing, before falling back to the pillow once more.

“Nice try.”

Oh, he wanted to play like that? Well, I happened to have a lot of pent-up anger at his bed-hogging shenanigans. So, I did what any good girlfriend would do; I pushed him right off, hearing the loud thud  as he hit the ground.
“I said you were banished, babe.”

I peered over the edge of the bed, hearing him groan as he lay on the hard floor.

“You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!” 

He got up, getting right back into the bed before pulling me extremely close to him. So close that there couldn’t have been any space between us at all. He pressed his lips to the top of my head, placing a few gentle kisses there. I sighed, closing my eyes as I accepted he had won, as always.

"Maybe if you did this all the time, you wouldn’t be banished.”

“Goodnight, Y/N.”


Okay….hear me out….the purest of ships!

These two would be the cutest and most uplifting boyfriends for each other.

Deku doubting his skills, and if he truly is made to be a hero? Income Kirishima with cuddles, blankets, and constant reminders on how manly deku can be.

Kirishima finding his quirk almost useless? Watch out, here comes deku with a thought out speech on all the perks Kirishima’s quirk has, as well as cute blushing deku as he realizes he’s talking a lot and starts nervously playing with both their hands.

They would be the couple to do the sit up into a kiss.

Deku does push-ups with kirishima on his back

They take turns with piggy back rides

It took a lot of convincing on kirishimas part to get deku to train with him. Deku doesn’t wanna hurt kirishima if he uses too much of his strength

Kirishima trying to kiss each and everyone of Dekus freckles

Deku playing with Kirishima’s hair constantly, whether spiked or soft

Kirishima constantly searching for new freckles on deku

Both being slightly embarrassed when they have to change or something infront of each other, but kirishima hides it better with his energetic personality

Kirishima humming the song “my boyfriends back” whenever deku does something badass

Katsuki pretending to barf whenever the two do something cute but also frustrated with how long it took for them to get to this point. He ships it because deku deserves happiness after all he put him throigh, and kirishima couldn’t have found someone better to treat him right

If the two ever have a fight it’s mainly because they are worried about the other getting hurt

Deku sometimes gets distracted by Kirishima’s hero uniform, to which kirishima eats it up and teases him with winks and such. This causes deku to blush and look away.

Slow dancing, even though both have two left feet, randomly as one or both hum a random song

Kirishima definately has tried to playfully bite deku before, but forgot about his teeth. So deku had a bite mark on his arm for a while. Now kirishima just kisses him everywhere randomly, claiming it to be a “shark attack”

Guy’s I have so many feels for this ship….then again I ship both of these boys with almost everyone anyways