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Ship Analysis: Klaroline

“But I’ll let you in on a little secret: there’s a whole world out there waiting for you. Great cities, and art, and music. Genuine beauty. And you could have all of it. You could have a thousand more birthdays, all you have to do is ask.”

Klaus and Caroline met at the most inappropriate of times. She was dying, bitten by her werewolf boyfriend, on her b i r t h d a y… and Klaus just happened to be one of the biggest antagonists that time. He was so gentle with her (mainly because she was dying). But why did Klaus choose to personally come to her aid? We all know that Klaus is the “high and mighty hybrid”, yet he apologizes and says that she was simply just collateral damage. Klaus saw this spark in Caroline Forbes, this spark that is just so hard to miss when you study her carefully. It seemed as if she had lived her life more in her vampirism, and she found power in it. Klaus spared her life because he saw great things in her. Young, beautiful and dynamic.

Now we all know that Caroline doesn’t really like Klaus , considering he was the ‘big bad wolf’ of the season. She found it absolutely despicable how heartless Klaus was without him even looking like he realizes it. But he’s just so keen, so eager to have these heart to heart conversations with Caroline (I.E the horse scene & the Ms. Mystic pageant party), and how he just completely turns in to mush around her. I don’t think any girl would have gotten Klaus to talk about the one time he wondered what it was like to be human. But Caroline obviously wasn’t just any girl, in the sense that every time she would reject Klaus, he would just smile and you could just see how much more infatuated with her he gets. Klaus learns of her fierce loyalty to her friends, her fiery personality, and her fun-loving side. I also think that one thing Klaus finds absolutely interesting about Caroline is that she does not shy away from the lavishes that he has to offer. She even turned to ask him for help when Elena stole her prom dress, asking him to dig up something of “royal caliber”. Klaus loves a woman who shares the same amount of interest in riches, and Caroline, as we all know, is exactly that. Although Klaus was basically the reason why Caroline’s boyfriend was never around…you can tell that she does have feelings for him, and she did respond to all the chasing that Klaus has done.

And so we see Klaus breaking out hell left and right for quite awhile…as he usually does. The next iconic Klaroline moment happens when Kol causes havoc at their graduation and boom! There’s Klaus in all his glory, killing the witches with toga hats (who knew those could even slice off heads lmao). And then he saves the day, all is good. And in this one scene it is revealed that Caroline actually sent him something to inform him about her upcoming graduation, joking about receiving cash, or a mini fridge. Klaus could very well have given her a mini fridge, he knew that it would actually bring a smile to her face. But he knew her enough to know that he could give her something worth more than material items, he knew what she wanted deep down.

And so he let Tyler go, stating that Tyler was her first love, but he would be her last. However long it takes.

There is nothing threatening with the way he says it. He means his words, his promise of patience…and we all know that Klaus Mikaelson is a lot of things, but he sure as hell isn’t patient. He sees this great, powerful young woman, who is definitely worth the wait. If Klaus were to rule as king, he sees Caroline fit to be his queen. And so they part, although I don’t think Caroline is ever shaken off of his mind as we see in the pilot episode of The Originals. Klaus is standing in the streets of New Orleans, basking in the festivities and he takes his phone out. Notice how he types in a number with familiarity. He is smiling all the way through. New Orleans was his most favorite place in the world, but all he could think about was Caroline and how she would have loved to see what he was seeing at that moment. He doesn’t even care that Caroline didn’t pick up her phone. He just wanted to let her know that he was thinking about her.

We don’t really see another Klaroline moment after that until Katherine comes back and is human. Klaus, ofcourse, goes back to Mystic Falls to “gloat over a corpse to be”, as Caroline had said. However, he’s there to save the day again. And you could just see how much he misses her, how much he just wants to hear the truth hidden behind these snarky remarks of hers . And so he gives himself the ultimatum, and chooses to never see her again in exchange for her honesty, (and honestly after how heated that was I don’t think Klaus regretted walking away from that at all XD). This did not only benefit Klaus, but the confession made Caroline’s feelings for him more emphasized. She was aware that they existed, as much as she hated Klaus for all the shit that he’s done, but I don’t think she ever really realized the intensity of said feelings that she was even afraid to admit that she had them.

The next significant interaction between the two happens when Stefan was running away from Rayna Cruz, ends up at New Orleans and in the company of his old friend, Klaus. Again, Caroline is also partly the reason as to why Klaus opens up his doors of sympathy for Stefan. He did not get pissed or whatsoever upon knowing of their relationship. Klaus knew what type of person Stefan was, and therefore knew that he was capable of making Caroline happy. It was enough of an assurance that Caroline would indeed be happy. And so he protects Stefan in all ways that he could manage. And then he picks up Stefan’s phone, encounters a very panicked Caroline, with two screaming babies at the background. And now this fierce, youthful, powerful woman that he used to know was now a mother. He remembers the last things she had told him, about building a future for herself, finishing college and the like. And so Caroline is on the verge of embarrassment, Klaus giving her tips on how to make the baby stop crying (as he’s had experience with Hope), comforting her in the best way that he can. He also tells her about how sorry he was to hear about Liz’s death, and how she would have loved to see Caroline and the babies. That was what Caroline needed that moment, emotional support, and Klaus knew that she did.

Then the most recent Klaroline moment happened, that got most of us screaming our heads off for sure. You would think that after all the things that happened to Klaus back in New Orleans, the new love interest he had had, would’ve made him forget about Caroline. But I’m pretty sure that Klaus was somehow up to date with the happenings of the Mystic Falls gang’s lives. And then all this extra shit happened, the Sirens, the devil, Katherine. Klaus might have heard about the Steroline wedding and was silently happy for her, then the next thing we knew Stefan’s human and then he’s dead. And now Klaus is certain, for sure, that Caroline’s happiness must be buried under all this grief. But hey what do you know, she’s putting up a school for her supernatural children, fulfilling Stefan’s last wish. And she is thriving. She may have sank down very low because of her grief, but Caroline was able to pick herself up at an instant, knowing that she had to be strong for her daughters, and for the people she loved.

Klaus might of been like ‘holy shit what’. This woman, Caroline, lost her husband of a couple hours, nearly lost her best friend again, was stronger than ever. This amazing, dynamic woman never let grief stand in her way, and was now dedicating her life to helping other supernatural beings learn how to be themselves. How could he not be in awe of her willpower and determination? He is reminded, time and time again, of Caroline Salvatore’s resilience. Ofcourse he just had to write her a THREE MILLION DOLLAR CHECK to help out on such a noble cause (I swear he emptied out someone’s bank account…certainly not his, for sure. Probably Elijah’s or Becca’s). And his heart is reminded of what it wants again. He wanted Caroline, however long it was going to take him.

And that, my friend, is why I believe Klaroline is fucking endgame.

Finally! Chapter 2 is up! Due partly to the awesome and gorgeous cover the extremely talented Nicole - @romanoffsbite - made for this fic and also because of the fact it was her birthday recently! Happy belated birthday, lovely lady. I wish you all of the good things (whiskey, cake etc).

Someone asked me which band I’m basing the Originals on and I would say Kings of Leon, probably more so because of the Lily Aldridge/Caleb Followill connection. Plus I do love the Kings of Leon so why not? Plus I might steal some of their songs in future (look out Sex on Fire)…

Beauty and the Beat

Part 2: It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll

Miami, Florida - Present Day - December 2017

Klaus wasn’t one to revisit the past, in fact he avoided it at all possible costs but here he was in Miami of all places and about to sing with his ex-girlfriend flaunting her delectable curves in skimpy underwear. His ex-girlfriend that could make anyone melt in her presence and he was no different. Not only for the fact that she was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen but also because of her adorable stubborness, quick wit, intelligence and frustrating ability to render him completely useless.

He was quick to refuse the offer to play the Victoria Secret Fashion Show all those months ago but he’d been outnumbered by his band mates, publicist and manager who all insisted it was too good an opportunity. Yes, the show was telecast to millions world-wide and it was the kind of publicity you couldn’t buy but that didn’t mean he wanted Caroline thrown back in his path and on such a public stage.

“Hello, Niklaus!” A voice interrupted. He focused his gaze on his annoying, younger brother in the reflection of the mirror. For some reason fans found that annoying smirk gorgeous but all Klaus wanted to do was wipe it off his face most of the time. Unfortunately Kol was an extremely talented drummer and he knew it. “We’ve got to get to make-up.”

“Maybe you might need a touch up little Mikaelson but this face is perfect just the way it is,” Enzo boasted, preening in front of the mirror next to Klaus.

“I’m surprised I can fit in this room with all these egos depriving me of oxygen,” Lucien joked from the sofa, tuning his bass as he said it.

“Yours is bigger than ours combined,” Kol shot back childishly.

“That’s not what your sister was saying the other day,” he offered, employing his usual tactic of teasing the Mikaelson brothers mercilessly by mentioning Freya.

“She was probably too starved of oxygen to bloody respond,” Klaus commented tersley before standing up and taking one last look in the mirror. “Let’s just get this over and done with.” He strode purposefully from their dressing room without even a backwards glance, the silence from his bandmates enough to know he’d made his point and not to mess with him in a bad mood.

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Awake - Klaus Mikaelson

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Warnings: Supernatural coma, (still a coma tho, so watch out if it can trigger you at all.) Sadness, pregnancy. Cursing.

(Sorry if this sucks.)


“Klaus! Klaus!” You push the door open as fast as you can and run towards him. He was laying on the ground, there was blood on his face but he wasn’t bleeding, of course he wasn’t, he heals quickly.

A heretic’s body was laying lifeless at the feet of Rebekah who was looking at you with big, sad eyes. Elijah puts his hand on your shoulder to stop you from running to Klaus but you push him off of you just as quickly as he had put his hand there.

“What did they do to him?!” You scream, turning around to look at Kol.

“They trapped him in his own mind.” Rebekah answers and you spin around to look at her.

“Well then how do we get him out?” You ask, a part of you already knows the answer but you need to know you can save him, you need to.

“We can’t.” Rebekah answers. “Not without hurting him.”

“You!” You turn around to point at Freya. “Your a witch, a damn powerful witch, and you!”

You turn to point at Kol.

“You know every spell, figure it out!” Kol nods, he wants to save his brother just as much as you do.

Once mostly everyone clears out of the room, Kol and Freya to go look through grimoire after grimoire, Rebekah to go burn the body of the heretic that hexed Klaus, but Elijah doesn’t move. He cleans off his hands and then takes a few steps to get to you.

“We’ll get him out of his own mind.” Elijah tries to reassure you.

“We have to. He’s gotta be here.” Elijah looks at you, tilting his head and furrowing his eyebrows in confusion as you look at Klaus.
“I’m pregnant.”


You sit up in your bed, looking directly to the spot beside it. It wasn’t a dream, the small bump at the bottom of your torso and the empty spot in your bed clarified that. You push the blanket off of you and stand up, feet touching the cold floor as you walk toward the open door. You move slowly up the stairs and towards the room where Klaus was. Freya wanted him to be near where they worked so that if they found something out he wouldn’t have to go far to find them.

“Y/n,” Kol sounds surprised when he walks into the room to find you sitting beside Klaus, one hand in his and the other on your belly. “What are you doing awake?”

“I couldn’t sleep.” You shrug.

“I’ve been thinking..” You trail off as Kol walks over to the cabinet. “He’s scared.”

“Why would you say that, darling?” Kol asks, looking over his shoulder at you for a second as he looks through the labelled ingredients in the shelves.

“Because even scary hybrids are scared of something, and the last time that you guys faced your monster of a father, he was scared. He used to squeeze my hand, just like he is now.” Kol looks at your hands, and sees that Klaus is holding your hand rather tightly.

“Mikael, he thought it was a weakness. When he took me to lure out Klaus he told me that I was weak, that I was a child, that I had nothing. And he was wrong. I might be weak, but I’m no child, and I had all of you. You guys made me your family before I even wanted it.” You never talked about what happened when Mikael took you. Mainly because now he was dead, he didn’t matter anymore, but Klaus was your strength, and you were his.

“He’s going to wake up, darling. We’ll find a way.” Kol promises. You watch him leave.

“You better fucking wake up, Klaus. Or I swear, when I get to wherever you are, I’m going to hand you your ass on a silver platter.” You squeeze his hand but he doesn’t squeeze back, you had tried that already.

“Seriously. You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you, I can’t raise them on my own.” You run your hand over your little baby bump as you hold his hand.

“Y/n.” Elijah opens the door and you look up at him. “We’ve found something.”


(This is shit, sorry.)

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Smut time! :D
Kol knew he didn’t have a lot of time. Most of the time he made sure whenever the two of you had sex it was at your place rather than his. You lived by yourself, and your parents hardly ever checked up on you because they were very busy business people. So, of course, best option, your place. However, recently, the only problem was that your brother had moved in recently. And he did not like Kol. At all. So, Kol had to resort to drastic measures by taking you to his family home.
Many people would not consider that drastic. But most people didn’t have Kol’s family. Kol hated taking you to his home. Especially when he wanted to fuck you. Because his siblings liked to interrupt the two of you. Mainly Klaus, because he was jealous that his brother had someone. But they all interrupted the two of you all the same. But Kol had a new tactic, and he was going to try it out today.
He had you pressed up against the door of his bedroom, his teeth nibbling at the skin of your neck as he practically tore the dress you were wearing off of you, causing you to gasp, arching in to his searching hands.
“Shh, love, be quiet. We can’t let them hear us.”
He picked you up, kissing you roughly and causing you to wrap your legs around his waist. He ran over to the bed, throwing you on it. He smirked at your surprised expression, crawling on top of you.
“We have to make this quick, love.”
And quick it was. Kol was quite impressed that you were able to keep up with him. In almost maybe five minutes, both of you were completely naked and Kol was kissing you furiously, lining up with your wet entrance. He grinned at you as he thrust in quickly, not hesitating before he started thrusting hard, loving the fact that you threw you head back and your eyes rolled, and you clawed down his back almost hard enough to draw blood, a silent scream passing your lips. He bit your neck, feeding from you to stop himself from moaning, and watching as you bit your lip to stop yourself from screaming out at the hard thrusts.
Soon enough both of you were close to the edge. Kol had one hand gripping your thigh, pushing your leg back, hard enough to leave bruises while the other was circling your clit with his fingers. He loved this bit, loved watching you cum. He licked and sucked on the bite on your lip that you had inflicted on to yourself, grinning at you wildly.
“Come on, Y/N love, cum for me.”
He whispered in to your ear, and in that second, you came undone, clenching around Kol as you moaned his name. He groaned, cumming inside of you soon after, collapsing on top of you. Once the two of you caught you breath, Kol lifted his head up, grinning at your exhausted face, licking at the blood on your lip once more.
“I have to say love, while that may have been one of our quickest, it was certainly one of our best.”
You giggled, shivering slightly as he licked at one of the bite marks on your neck, causing him to cover both of you up.
“Couldn’t agree more. Though, I don’t think I’ll be able to walk tomorrow.”
Kol hummed, nuzzling the crook of your neck as you ran your hand through his incredibly messy hair.
“Don’t worry darling, I’ll treat you like a princess tomorrow.”
At that moment, the door opened, revealing Rebekah. The blonde original vampire pouted.
“Oh, am I too late to interrupt?”
You laughed, while Kol growled and threw a cushion at his sister.
“Out Bekah!”

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"Why can you believe that I truly am in love with you." Either the Vampire Diaries or maybe Teen Wolf

You’d been avoiding Klaus like this plague. He’d tried so many times to reach out to you but each time, you pushed him further away. Things were different now. He’d told you that he loved you and you freaked. He loved you; or so he said. You didn’t believe him. You didn’t believe that the Hybrid had feelings for you, mainly because you were scared. You’d always known that you had feelings for Klaus but you were sure that he was only going to use you as some revenge plot.

It had been two weeks since his confession and you were determined to not see him until it was necessary. You didn’t know what you were meant to say or do. Did he really mean it? Was he just playing with you? He was Klaus, for God’s sake - the big scary Hybrid.

You were lying on your couch, watching a rerun of your favourite TV show, when a knock on the door interrupted you. You got up and walked to the door, not bothering to look through the peep-hole, and you swung it open.

Your heart skipped a beat.

“You can’t avoid me forever, love.” Klaus told you with a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes, “May I come in?” You swallowed your fear and nodded, stepping aside to let him brush past you - that familiar scent filling your nostrils.

It was silent for a few moments before you asked, “Why are you here Klaus?”

“You’ve been avoiding me ever since I told you that I lov-”

“Don’t say it again.” You snapped suddenly.

Klaus frowned, “Why not, love? Don’t you believe me?”

You stayed silent, knowing that you couldn’t lie to him. Then he was standing millimetres  away from you, “Why can you not believe that I truly am in love with you?” He breathed.

You stared up at him, “Why me?”

“Because you’ve always seen the best in me when everyone else sees the worst. You’re unlike anyone I’ve ever met before. You are the one I want to be with. I love you, (y/n).” Klaus was caressing your face.

“I…” You stared into his eyes and decided to take a blind leap of faith, “I love you too, Klaus.”

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klaus saying “For you, I would destroy the world” to caroline

“Is it done?” Caroline asked as soon as Klaus entered their bedroom. There was blood staining his hands with splatters across his neck and under his jaw. She was sure that if he hadn’t been wearing dark clothes that night, they would show the same.

“Yes,” was all he said in reply before heading into the adjoining bathroom. She curled up her legs next to her onto the couch she sat on, listening to the muted thud of his clothes hitting the tiled floor before he turned on the shower and stepped in.

She must have fallen asleep waiting for him to finish because the next thing she heard was Klaus dismissing the vampires who had been tasked at keeping her safe that evening in an abrupt manner before he entered the bedroom once again through the main doors.

He approached her next, coming to a stop in front of the couch and gently pushing back the hair she could feel on her forehead. Blinking her eyes open, she caught his gaze before letting them flutter close again under the heavy weight of sleep. Trying to open them once again, she stiffened when he gently lifted her into his arms and carried her the short distance to the bed.

“Klaus,” she murmured, pushing herself up when he laid her down and pulled the sheets over her.

“Go to sleep, love. We can talk tomorrow,” he replied but she grabbed onto his wrist when he pulled away. She was awake now and managed to keep her eyes open even as she rested her head on the pillow once again. Keeping her gaze on him, she held on tightly until he sighed and nodded, perching on the edge of the bed next to her. “Its done, Caroline. They’re all dead. What else is there to talk about?”

Caroline paused at his words. He smelt fresh and clean, like the bodywash he used and the musky scent that was simply him, but the smell of blood and dirt and sweat was still stuck in her nose from when he had first returned.

She knew what had happened in the bayous that evening. Every werewolf who didn’t pledge their allegiance was slaughtered. Every pack who refused to see him as their true Alpha now no longer existed. All because of four rebels who had refused to accept her, a vampire, as their Alpha’s mate, their so-called queen, and had attacked her.

It had happened that afternoon whilst she had been out shopping. It was merely to pass some time. On her way back, she had felt someone following her but before she could even explore it, she found herself being bundled into an alleyway by three people who she recognised as werewolves. The fourth was waiting for her already.

She knew that the wolves in the woods outside of the French Quarter weren’t overly happy with a vampire being part of their pack (no matter how small a role she played) but they would never do anything against it. Mainly because it would upset Klaus, the Alpha of Alphas, and because she had no active role in being the Alpha Female. She left werewolf business to the werewolves.

But these four were the younger ones; ones who understood how it all worked but didn’t quite grasp the reality of the situation. It had happened before (she had been in the city with Klaus for over three decades now) but with time, they all came around when they saw that she meant no harm to them or their ways.

In the alleyway, however, she knew those who were attacking her had a far greater issue than her simply being there. They wanted her gone. So they bit her, stabbed her with wooden splinters doused in vervain and tried to stake her. It took all her strength to keep the stake away from her heart, but she managed with one well placed blow to one of the mans’ hand before almost gouging an eye out of his female accomplice. It had been enough for her to run.

Tripping over her own feet, she had somehow made it to Rousseau’s where Cami had ushered her into the derelict kitchen without being seen by the small crowd of patrons of the early afternoon. Caroline had dug out the splinters from under her skin as well as she could as the human had called Klaus. It hadn’t taken him more than three minutes to rush into the bar in a gust of wind, flinging open the kitchen doors without any thought to the hinges that they precariously rocked on and demand what the hell had happened. After a fill of his blood, she explained to him with as much calm as she could muster but nothing could have been down to sooth his rage.

“Did you at least give them a choice?” Caroline asked softly, fingers smoothing over his wrist in anxiety.

“I told them that if they gave me who it was that harmed you, I would spare the rest,” Klaus explained in a clipped tone, jaw fixed and muscles tense. “They did not come forward and no-one gave them up. I could smell your blood all over one of the packs’ dwellings. They refused my offer and we killed them all.”

Remaining quiet for a moment, she let her hand fall from his grip on his wrist onto the bed where it played with the sheets. She watched the smooth cotton cause shadows against his skin before catching his eyes again. “What does this mean for the city? There can’t be peace any more, can there?”

“Perhaps not. Who know, love? Perhaps the rest of the werewolves will accept what happened as punishment for an act of treason,” he replied coolly, hand covering hers before picking it up to cradle between both of his.

“That’s not going to happen, we both know it,” Caroline sighed worryingly. “It’ll be vampires against werewolves again. The human and the witches will be split or in danger. It’ll destroy the city.”

“None of that matters, Caroline. We have done it once, and won. We will do it again,” Klaus assured her, lifting her hand to hold up to his chest as he leant forward to caress her face with his other hand. “They dared to harm you, to kill you. I don’t care what it takes, but I won’t allow anyone who even thinks about laying a finger on you to live a second longer. Forget the city, Caroline; for you, I would destroy the world.”


Icons from The Originals (1x16) of the Originals.
IE Rebekah, Niklaus and Elijah Mikaelson.
This is just part one, but there’s so fucking many that if I upload them all at once I’ll cry. 
Admittedly they’re mainly of Klaus and Rebekah, because the episode was mainly them arguing. For many of the scenes Elijah just has the same facial expression, sooo. Anywhere, here they are.

Just like to let me know you’re using them, please. :3

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