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astro witch coven au (moonbin)

introduction | rocky | eunwoo | moon bin | mj | jinjin

  • Astro’s resident Charmer

    • Rocky insists on calling him a Talisman creator but Bin personally thinks “charmer” fits his Very Attractive Face very well

    • He deals with charms and spells and puts them into objects to protect or to curse or to do stupid things like fly around Rocky’s head

  • ½ of the Lil Shit line  

  • I swear to god he’s such a little shit

  • Loves pranking the rest of the Coven

    • Loves charming multiple things to fly around Rocky’s head

      • And it pisses Rocky off so incredibly much

      • Once he made Rocky’s metal ladle fly about a metre above his head for about 10 minutes before Rocky glowered at him and threatened to slip a skin colour changing potion into his drink

      • He put it down pretty quickly

      • Rocky put the potion in his drink anyway as a lesson

    • Loves loves loves pranking Sanha

      • Once he stole a dead beetle from Rocky’s potion ingredients stash and asked Sanha to hold it temporarily while he went to the bathroom

      • But he added a Vibration spell beforehand and just as he left Sanha alone it started twitching

      • Sanha screamed so loudly nearly all his hyungs came running

      • I mean they all laughed but Sanha nearly cried

      • Once also he charmed several crystals with a Shouting spell

      • And put them all near places Sanha frequents like the bathroom and the stairs and the kitchen and whatnot

      • And every time Sanha went near those places it shouted, really loudly, “MJ, JINJIN, CHA EUNWOO, MOONBIN, ROCKY, YOON SANHA, A S T RO” in his ear

      • And Sanha yelped EVER Y T I M E it was hilarious

      • It also got Bin a whack on the head by Eunwoo because “even though it’s hilarious it’s not nice to bully a yoUNG CHILD, I HOPE YOU KNOW THAT” yeah

  • A ridiculously talented charmer Talisman Creator

    • His mum says it’s because he was born under some star or whatever Bin didn’t really listen because he was too busy doing other things

    • But when he was 8 his powers started to manifest very very strongly and his parents had to send him away to a stronger coven to train

    • I mean, his parents run a pretty small charm shop and they’re fairly good with energy and charms

    • But Bin’s magic became hard to control even for skilled witches like themselves he began dispelling excess energy into inanimate objects

    • Once Bin’s dad came home to find his pots and pans dancing around the kitchen and Su A crying because of the sheer amount of noise her brother was making

    • So Bin’s mum sent him away to a family friend

    • Speaking of which

  • Trained under Ravi from the VIXX coven

    • So he joined them when he was 8 and he was the most powerful young witch they’ve ever trained

    • Which is saying something because all the witches there had dealt with at least 3 apprentices each before

    • And the last most powerful witch they apprenticed ended up being part of their coven aka Hyuk

    • Story time

      • So when Bin’s mum brings him in to meet N Bin is really really afraid

      • He’s eight and he doesn’t want to live far away from his family with these strange tall beings he wants to stay home and he wants to run around with Su A and watch as his blue flows through with her lavender

      • And so he goes kicking and screaming to the VIXX coven

      • But when he gets there he sees sparkling, shiny crystals floating around N and he sees how they glow with a soft, pale blue light and his heart immediately aches because he wants to do that

      • And when N places a small Calming charm in his hand he feels the magic running through it and pulsing into his veins and he’s suddenly giddy with the power and peaceful all at once and he knows he wants to make this happen

      • And so he pushes up his tiny glasses and tugs on his mum’s hand and tells her quietly that he’ll see her later because he wants to go with Uncle N (cue N squawking indignantly that he is not An Uncle, thank you very much) to learn how to charm things

      • And his mum just pats his head and tells him with tears in her eyes that she’s proud of him and to behave and that she’ll see him during the weekend

    • But yeah the VIXX members quickly pick up Bin as part of their group it’s so cute

      • He’s apprenticed under Ravi but he takes lessons from everyone

      • I mean, he’s messed up a couple times and sometimes it’s hilarious

        • See: the time Ravi taught him to make a Waterproof charm and made Bin test it out on himself by dumping a bucketful of water on his head and seeing if he stayed dry

        • Hint: he didn’t

        • Which is a story in itself

      • And sometimes it’s alarming

        • When Bin thought he made a pretty good Fireproof talisman and threw the charmed pebble into the fire

        • It was Not Fireproof it was Flammable

        • RIP VIXX’s fireplace

  • Loves 2 sleep

  • No kidding

    • Naps everywhere

    • Anytime

    • As long as he’s not watching over some crystal formation or some energy channel he’s napping

    • He’s a tired baby please forgive him

  • Loves 2 eat

    • Also not kidding

    • Eats everything

    • Anywhere

    • Anytime

    • I woke up at 7am to watch Bin’s eating livestream he was adorable he was so painfully boyfriend please kill me

    • Eunwoo’s often wondered if he’s stored his stomach in a separate talisman or something and that’s why he can eat so much

    • But no, it’s really because Bin loves all and any food

    • But it’s also because he uses a shit ton of energy when he seals spells and charms into different talismans so he snacks all the time and eats a lot at meals

    • He likes to joke it’s him leaving a bit of himself in every talisman he creates but it’s not that much of a joke because it’s kind of true

  • Also loves to flirt

    • I’m kidding really he ‘flirts’ with everyone but he doesn’t really mean to do it????

    • It’s mostly his smile I think he just grins and everyone kind of lowkey falls under his spell

    • Haha see what I did there

    • And when he opens his mouth literally everything sounds flirty

    • (swings by the Seventeen coven to deliver charms to Mingyu)

      • “hey love, how’re you doing?” @ mingyu

      • not even a flirty sentence

      • but he’s grinning at Mingyu and Mingyu has a faint blush spreading across his cheeks

      • “wow uh Nothing Much” mmhmm very coherent Mingyu

      • no lie my roommate was once actually so flustered she actually said this out loud then walked into like 3 people

      • “Oh, and I added an extra crystal in there along with your order, by the way. I had an extra one lying around begging for a Happiness charm.” (adds on a wink) @ Mingyu

      • Mingyu, in his head: “mmasdhfkljsajskdfhlkasjd”

      • Bin: (accidentally has to deal with a glowering Wonwoo)

      • now Wonwoo deals with all the deliveries to the Seventeen coven house in case that one Charmer comes again and tries to flirt with his boy

    • ok but truth the very first time he went to deliver charms with Ken to learn his delivery route was when he was like 10 and Ken deemed him capable of controlling his powers outdoors  

      • and literally nearly everyone fell in love with this boy

      • all the old witches cooed over him

      • even the grumpy potions master over at the Bangtan coven loved Bin he actually smiled at Bin and gave him a piece of candy that Ken checked meticulously for signs of tampering even though Ken’s been going there for forever and he’s never even gotten a smile  

      • literally the most precious child my heart is in pain I love baby Bin

  • Changes hair colour every 2 or 3 weeks

    • Usually it’s a side effect of a spell

    • He’d be using too much energy to do something by accident and the energy would spill over in the atmosphere and dance around the closest living thing

    • It used to be a plant he kept next to the table and it used to sprout randomly coloured flowers but one day MJ swiped it for a blood ritual and it was never returned to him so

    • Now the energy hovers around him and sometimes when he straightens up all the excited energy floats around his head and runs through his hair

    • And you’d just see Bin’s eyes shining in concentration through a blue stream of magic

    • So sometimes you’ll see him in the morning with deep purple hair and in the afternoon you’ll see him with pastel blue hair

    • It throws Eunwoo off sometimes but Eunwoo loves all his colours anyway

    • Sometimes it dances around Eunwoo’s head and all Eunwoo does is lean back from the blue clouds and watch it flow excitedly

    • And sometimes Bin watches him

  • Is so so so incredibly soft for a small bean with a beautiful eyesmile it’s not even funny at this point


    • To everyone but Eunwoo tbh

    • I mean the moment he met Eunwoo he was Whipped™ for that man

    • What’s that

    • You want to hear the story of how they met ????

    • Well I guess I gotta

    • Here we go

    • Bin was in the middle of training with Hyuk and Hyuk was trying to teach him a Pain hex charm

    • Which requires a lot of energy by the way since Pain hexes need the charmer to have an evil (? Negative?) intention

    • But Bin’s always discharged his negative energy by pulling pranks on all his members in the VIXX coven

    • So it was really difficult for him to pull negative energy from the air

    • (Hyuk said it’d get easier as it went on because the longer you live the angrier you get at the world but Bin isn’t sure if he wants that to happen)

    • And so sitting with 10 crystals floating around his head and Hyuk sitting opposite him Bin starts to cast the hex

    • Fast forward three hours

    • It’s just the same thing but with more frustration

    • And more light blue energy floating about his head

    • And Hyuk falling asleep

    • Fast forward another 2 hours and Bin’s passed out on the floor with a cut on his forehead because one of the crystals was a bit too zealous in its spinning

    • And Hyuk’s kneeling over him and smacking his face and he’s not moving at all and Hyuk is panicking slightly and he doesn’t know what to do and

    • Next thing they know Hongbin’s levitating Bin out the door and Ravi’s in the car and they’re driving as fast as they can to the nearest Healing house

    • And this was back when Eunwoo was still training with Snuper

    • So Ravi just bursts into the house and Hongbin’s shuffling Bin into the house and all the Healers look up from different spots around the house at the noise

    • And the first one downstairs is Eunwoo and he’s snapping out a thin sheet onto a Healing table so Hongbin can set Bin down and everything is happening all at once and way too fast

    • And Ravi’s talking a mile a minute at Eunwoo about the hex Bin was trying to master and the crystals are circling agitatedly around Bin’s head and Hongbin’s chewing on his lip and trying not to let tears slip out

    • But the more Ravi explains about the hex the more worried Eunwoo gets about this pale boy that’s getting increasingly weaker as time slips by so Eunwoo stares right into Bin’s face and places a single finger on Bin’s forehead because wow if anything, Eunwoo is sure this boy is too beautiful to die

    • And instantly a spark of green runs down Eunwoo’s arm and shocks into Bin and there’s a flash of blue as Bin jolts on the table

    • And suddenly the table is smoking with blue and green magic

    • It’s so heady it sends the two Charm witches reeling and Hongbin and Ravi have to sit down and the witch on the Healing table beside Bin’s blinks sleepily and starts to sit up

    • And suddenly Bin’s eyes fly open and meet Eunwoo’s and wo w

    • Wow

    • Woooooow

    • Bin has to blink a couple times because wow is he dead already?

    • He didn’t even get to say goodbye to his parents

    • Or his sister :(

    • But ??? he can ask this angel to help him tell them, I guess?

    • Wait

    • Do witches go to heaven

    • He’s not sure but he’s pretty sure he’s in heaven because there’s no way this angel belongs in hell

    • Wait

    • The angel’s talking

    • And he looks worried?????? The angel keeps blinking and Bin vaguely starts counting the number of beautiful long eyelashes

    • And suddenly Bin’s ears unclog and he hears Ravi and Hongbin murmuring worriedly and the angel asking him if he’s alright

    • Oh dear if Ravi and Hongbin are here does it mean they were killed too oh God Bin didn’t mean to do this he never meant for any of this to hap-

    • And then he hears Eunwoo say, “Oh thank goodness you’ve woken up, we thought you were going to die…”

    • And it’s the softest thing he’s ever heard wow how can someone have a voice like a windchime????

    • Wait

    • He’s alive

    • He’s ALIVE

    • And the first thing he says is

    • “Are you real? Like, not an angel?”

    • And he watches as the not-angel flushes

    • “Yeah,,,,,,,,,,,,,,”

    • And instantly even with his forehead stinging and his legs weak he props himself up on his forearms and grins through the pain at Eunwoo

    • “Well, did it hurt when you fell from Heaven?”

    • And immediately he feels Ravi roll his eyes and Hongbin smacks him on the back of his head

    • But Eunwoo is smiling and blushing and his smile is so so so beautiful Bin get stunned into silence once more and obeys Hongbin’s hands as he gets laid down once more on the table

    • Until he realises that this particular angel’s method of healing is by touch and he flushes

    • Truly a blessing

    • I guess you could say

    • He was touched by an angel

    • Please shoot me

(dabs) i’m nearly done with finals i’ve got 2 more papers on thursday and friday then i’ll write something short about how Eunwoo recruited Bin into Astro (dabs again)

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Live Life Golden Part 7

Jungkook x reader

Warnings: strong language

Words: 2575

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He was a graduate of the elite class, inherited billions from his father, and lived the life of an international playboy. (y/n) came into his life and made him question it all.

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PruAus Week 2016 ~ Uniforms

They’re dressed for a game which took place September 2nd, 2011, where in Austria’s hopes and dreams of qualifying for the 2012 UEFA European Championship were dashed straight to Hell thanks to Germany.

I imagine Austria is a bit of a sulker once losing. Meanwhile, Prussia is bouncing around, expecting a hug and some praise like Old Fritz used to give him.

I’m sure these two always find a way to make up later…

Perfect Only Last So Long- Tyler Joseph Part Nine

A/N- Just to help you all out if your confused, this is a flashback to two years ago.

2 Years ago…

Your daughter was just over one year old and you were starting your life on your own. You had just moved into your apartment and you were out shopping for things for your apartment. You had forgotten the stroller so you were carrying your daughter in your arms. When you went to go pay you put her down for all of 30 seconds to pay but when you went to pick her back up she was gone. Your heart immediately sank, panic setting in. She was only 15 months old. She just learned how to walk only three months ago. She couldn’t have gotten far.

“Gabby?” you said frantically leaving the line and searching the surrounding area.

“Excuse me ma’am, is this who you’re looking f-” the man stopped when you looked up. “Y-Y/N?”

“Oh my god Gabby.” you took your baby back from the man.

You didn’t even look at the man, you were to focused on holding your daughter and controlling your racing heart.

“Gabby.” you heard him whisper and you finally looked up to see who it was and again your heart started racing.

“Ty-tyler?” you stuttered his name. You couldn’t believe it was him.

“Oh my god Y/N. How are you? I mean I don’t even know what I mean. Oh my god Y/N.” you could see he was in total shock and his eyes were becoming glassy from tears.

“I’m I mean we’re doing good.” you answered. “What about you? How’s your band?” you asked.

“Good. I’m actually touring right now. I just had to pick up a few things before our next show.” it was awkward. How do you just talk to someone when the last time you saw each other you were breaking their heart. “So this is her? I mean Gabby?” he asked again with joy and tears in his voice.

“Um yeah. This is Gabrielle. Gabby for short.” you smiled at her.

“She’s beautiful Y/N. Just like her mom.” he said and your heart skipped a beat.

You hadn’t heard him say something like that in so long and it was making you want to explode.

“Yeah she is. Anyways, we should probably get going. Nap time is soon and we can’t miss that, isn’t that right miss Gabby?” you said making her giggle.

“Wait before you go. Y/N, please you said if I ever find you we cou-” he started but you couldn’t take it.

“I know what I said. I said a lot and I’m sorry but I need to go.” you said walking away.

What you had wished for him had come true and you weren’t about to ruin that. He just said his band was doing good. He was on tour, doing great and you needed to get out of there before you messed it all up like before.

You went home and put Gabby down for her nap.

“What did I just do?” you asked yourself. That was your chance to get Tyler back and it was gone. Gabby could have known her dad, she could have been happy, she could have the life you want her to have, and you could have had Tyler again, but no the chance was gone.

It was one thing to mess up Tyler’s life, but now you were messing up Gabby. She didn’t deserve you as a mother. She didn’t ask to be born into your fucked up life. You didn’t deserve her and you most certainly never deserved Tyler.

Tyler’s P.O.V.

“I know what I said. I said a lot and I’m sorry but I need to go.” she said walking away and breaking my heart again.

No matter how many times she broke it I wanted her back still. Not only her, but my daughter too. That’s when it hit me. I just met my daughter, I had a daughter and her name was Gabrielle, Gabby for short. I was in total shock I just headed back to the van where my drummer Josh was.

“Did you get the stuff you needed?” Josh asked.

“It’s a girl.” I whispered to myself.

“What?” he asked confused.

“I have a daughter, Gabby. And she’s the most beautiful thing in the world, just like her mom.” I told him and he was still confused.

I never told anyone who came into my life after Y/N left about her. Mainly because it broke my heart and i couldn’t get through the story without crying. Also because I was embarrassed. Not because of her, because I never looked for her her enough. She didn’t want me to and it was one of the hardest things to do.

This was a total coincidence I ran into her today and I couldn’t help but think it was for a reason. Maybe it was really meant to be. I missed her unbelievably much. It was the worst feeling I got when I saw her walk away feeling like I would never see her again.

I wanted to be with her and Gabby. Be a family, start a future together, have them with me and give them everything they want in life.

I told Josh the story and he had no advice. I mean who would, it wasn’t the easiest situation to work out.

“I think that you have to let life play itself and you’ll see how it’s supposed to work out. But then at the same time I think you need to fight for her or at least Gabby.” he told me.

All I could hope for right now was they were safe and doing well. Then I remembered how Y/N could get at nights, especially when she was alone. It was a constant worry in the back of my brain. She said she was doing good but she always lied when it came to her mental state.

I never stopped loving her or worrying about her and I don’t think I ever will. Her or Gabby.

PSA: Just because you’ve suffered more hardships than a person does not give you to right to dismiss their problems and say “I’ve had worse.” and “You know, that was nothing compared to…..” Their experience does not make it any less painful to them than yours. Not only that, you will also prevent them from reaching out to people when they are dealing with severe problems and force them to deal with their difficulties without the support of others. No one’s emotions are ‘superior’ to others; all of our emotions have equal priority. And remember that crying never makes you weak.

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*rubs hands* Okay...19,1 or 8 Your choice. :)

I did all three because WHY NOT.

Who is majorly ticklish and who is the tickle-attacker?

Helga is super ticklish and she rues the day Arnold found out about it because he is totally the tickle-attacker. He loves it when she laughs, and tickling her reduces her to a laughing heap on the floor. She ends up flushed in the face, with tears in her eyes and a huge smile on her face and he’s struck each time with just how beautiful and breathtaking she really is.

Who is a fussy eater and who will eat food even if they’ve dropped it on the floor?

Probably Helga, she definitely has things she WILL NOT TOUCH, we see that in the episode Bob takes her to the grocery store, I think. I don't think she’d be fussy to the max, but she’s more so than Arnold. Arnold has had to grow up eating his grandma’s food concoctions, and ate all that stuff at the eating contest. I doubt the boy has very many things he won’t touch food wise. NOW, as for things being dropped on the floor, I see Arnold being kind of grossed out about that and Helga being like ‘Eh, five second rule, I’m not wasting this, it’s delicious’.

Who knocks on the other’s door  skylight crying at 4am?

Helga, ya she probably hates it when people see her cry but she HAS cried in front of other people in the show when she’s super overwhelmed or sad about something and if she’s going out with Arnold that means she’s even more likely to come to him when things get to be too much at home. She knows he won’t think less of her, and that he’ll just know if she needs a silent shoulder to cry on, someone to vent to, or someone to ask for advice. He gets her on a crazy level and she appreciates that. Arnold I don’t see crying too easily, mainly because he feels like he needs to be there for others first, and although Helga’s one of the very few he’ll break down in front of if it gets to that, I still don’t really see him showing up at her door crying. Maybe calling and asking her to come over, it takes a bit for him to finally break down when she does but she can sense something’s wrong and will ask if he’s ok until he does. 


danny and riley in the promo for baby daddy’s summer finale

George Harrison with his Aston Martin DB5, Kinfauns, 1965, photographed by Henry Grossman

“I like this picture a lot. There’s a strength to George, and someone told me recently that his son [Dhani] saw that picture and started crying. And I suspect that it’s mainly because there’s a certain strength and posture and stature in this picture of George. It’s not a picture of the car.” - Henry Grossman, CBS 60 Minutes Overtime

okay here we go.
i’ve tried typing this out so many times but every time i try i either cry (don’t worry, i’m happy now. i mainly cry because i listen to live versions of clean and ayhtdws) or just don’t know what to say.

taylorswift, i want you to see this because i’d really like for you to know how much you’ve done for me without even knowing. in 2013 i got «fearless» tattooed on my arm (the feather was added in may because i got ink marks under my skin that never went away. fun fact). people ask me about it all the time, and i always tell them it says fearless and that it’s related to you. i guess most people think i tattooed the name of an album/a song of yours because i’m obsessed (not afraid to admit i am), and that’s what i usually let them walk away with - but there’s so much more to it than that, and i want you to know it all.

2011 was a tough year for me. in many ways. for a lot of people this is gonna sound ridiculous because there are lots of people who struggle way more than i ever have. and believe me, i know. i’m so lucky have this life and i am so thankful for it all - but 2011 really was hard. i had spent three years in DC with my family and we were finally moving back to Norway. after three challenging, amazing and life changing years. it was obviously sad leaving my friends, neighborhood and even my school, but at the same time i was extremely excited to come back to norway. i finished my junior year. my friends hosted a surprise party. i packed. and i went home.

coming back to norway after three years was surreal, but i was SO happy. i visited my friend and we went to a local fair. i was so happy, t. then, on july 22nd, my biggest fear became reality as i watched the news. a bomb in the capital. shooting at a political youth camp. a lot of my friends were there. one of my really good friends from my neighborhood and my eight first years of school was there. no one heard anything from him. this was on a friday. the following monday, my grandpa died from a brain tumor. his funeral was set for friday. three days went by. still no news about my friend. thursday. headlines started to spread - the 69th and last victim at utøya. he was gone. i hadn’t talked to him for a couple of years. maybe because of distance. maybe because we grew apart. but he was still an important part of my childhood and i have so many amazing memories of playing tag, making snow mazes in his backyard and making stupid videos for school projects. memories i’ll cherish forever. memories that will always keep him alive, even when he’s not here.

i was scared. i didn’t even know these kinds of emotions existed in me until reality hit me in 2011. the following day, my family and so many amazing people made our final farewells with my grandfather. about a week later, i went to my friends funeral. it was the most beautiful funeral i’ll probably ever witness. the prime minister spoke. his favorite band performed his favorite songs. we cried together. we hugged. we laughed. we reminisced about our mutual memories of him, of each other - together. we were weak, but we were so. so. strong.

2011 showed me how pain demands to be felt and that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. that walking through rainstorms does in fact make you clean. that i CAN be fearless. it still hurts. i still wake up in the middle of the night crying because i had a bad dream about the shootings. i still get overly emotional watching the fault in our stars because i know the pain of losing people close to me. but i lived. and i live.

i honestly do not know where i’d be in life without your music, taylor. it’s one of those things that has impacted my decisions, my mindset and my life in an unimaginable way.

Thank you, Taylor. thank you for making music that inspires. thank you for inspiring me to be the best version of me i can possibly be. thank you for allowing me to be sad about stupid things. for being there when i go through tougher times. for being a source of laughter and support. thank you. from the bottom of my heart. i’m sorry if this is full of mumbling and typos but i’m not going to read it before i post because i wrote down exactly what came to my mind and that’s also what i want you to hear. i wanted you to know why fearless  will always be my song/album and why i am willing to carry it around (literally) for the rest of my life. i love you. 

love, kristina.

«fearless is living in spite of those things that scare you to death»

Had a friend die yesterday and this is in his honor. Haven’t stopped crying since I heard, mainly because when I saw you last night and said bye, I didn’t think it would be my last. Your kindness I always appreciated, the way you made a scene filled with good vibes was a skill. We all loved you and we’re broken right now but we will overcome this. You taught us valuable lessons and you brought us all together once again. Rest in paradise Gabriel BigJak Hernandez. You’ve impacted us all.

Jack is an amazing person

Oh good lord where do I start, okay, first of all, I hope you read this Jack. Because this is literally the only way I can pour my heart out to you since my anxiety Is totally through the roof and horrible and It’s to a point where leaving the house is impossible. So there’s no way I could save up money to get a flight to come see you at a convention. I know me writing this pretty much towards you (Jack) will result in so many people telling me off, but I’m doing it anyway because I can’t stand having these thoughts bottled up inside me for months and this is literally the only way I’m able to say it to you. Yes, I already made a post like this. But that was just a sliver of what I could have said. I need to say so much more than that so here it goes.
Jack, your amazing. Best youtuber I’ve ever seen for many reasons. I’ve never seen a youtuber try to reach out to their community as much as they possibly can. It’s crystal clear that you care about all of us and see all of our things that we post, and tell you, and it’s probably hard to get through all of it. I’ve been going through some incredibly tough times and if it wasn’t for you cheering me up all the time I don’t even know what I’d do. I completely understand everything you talk about. I see you as a friend and not some famous celebrity and I see you as someone I could talk to easily and vent to. I wish I could have just 5 minutes of a conversation with you to pour my heart out as much as I can in that time. I can’t ever meet you unless you come to my city or province which will probably never happen. I’m just incredibly thankful that your there for us all, Jack. Thank you for starting youtube and giving your all and reaching out to us as much as you possibly can. I really really respect that and I’ve never seen a youtuber do it like you have. You have come very far and it’s for a good reason. I love to listen to you talk and just overall through what’s on your mind out there. I’ve always wanted to talk to you and meet you and want you to know that I exist and that probably sounds selfish and I wish it didn’t because I know after posting this people are probably gonna be like “your just doing this for attention” while I’m not. I mean, yeah, I do hope with all my heart that you read this but I’m not doing this for attention. I really just want to talk to you about this and tell you all of this and just have you know all of this and that’s hard to do on the Internet. Your community is fantastic. The nicest community I’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen bullies, aggressive arguments, or fighting In your comments section or on any kind of social media. You’ve come far and you’ve done a really good job.

Whenever you talk about themes like anxiety, and depression, and play those kinds of games with heavy topics, I cry. Mainly because I relate so much to what you talk about in those types of games. You give good advice when it comes to depression or anxiety and stuff and the way you try to help and understand what some of us go through warms my heart. It’s very clear that you love us to death.
You never lie about anything. Your very sincere and I’m really glad you exist and so are a ton of other people. I wish I could meet you but sadly I can’t. Ever. Unless you end up going to a convention in my area which likely won’t happen because most of them are down in the states and I’m in Canada. So this is the only way to tell you all of this. I could talk about you for hours and I can’t talk about this to anyone else because they either won’t understand or they’ll be annoyed by how long I talk about you. When I say I can talk about you for hours I’m not even kidding. I could absolutely talk about you for hours. You’ve done so much for me and many other people by just communicating with us through a camera (and tons of comments and other things like omegle and social media of course). It’s insane how much you do for us. You cheer us up all the time. I really hope you read this. I know this is long but I really need you to read this so you know everything that’s on my mind about you. I can’t keep it bottled up inside any longer. If you read all of this thank you so so so so much for going out of your way to read this long ass post. It would mean the world to me. So thank you if your reading this and if anyone else is reading this and they got this far thank you as well. I’m very thankful if people read this far, especially if you do Jack. I know this entire post I’ve been talking like I’m aiming it all towards you (Jack) even though there’s a large chance you might not even see it but that’s okay. Just thank you for everything so much Sean.