mainland regional high school


I didn’t politely tap on Puberty’s door to ask for a cup of good fortune, no, I knocked his bitch ass door in and French Kissed him. This was the result.

First pic is from my 2006 freshman yearbook, on St. Patricks Day. I even was lame enough to need to get a temporary ID because I’d left mine at home.

The second picture is from July 2014, on a day where I was in a class that help military members transition back into the civilian life. As part of the class we did mock job interviews. This is what I wore to said ‘interview’.

Quite a change really…

As much as I have an eternal distaste for the UA corporation, this is pretty fucking awesome.

My high school won the Finding Undeniable contest. It’s awesome for them and they deserve it after all the tragedy that occurred in 2011. I think this is the first time I’ve legitimately ever been proud of my high school and the camaraderie that comes from it. Congratulations guys. Mustangs forever.

Reblog to show your appreciation to four young men.

Today, we saw many faces come to the field. The community showed there love to families who lost there loved ones. Tonight, we were one. Tonight, we were all mustangs. It was the faces that weren’t here that brought us together. But those faces, those young men, were looking down on us tonight. Looking down with love and happiness. Seeing there community’s come together as one. May there names be remembered not for what had happened, but on how they lived there lives. Dean Khoury Nick Conner Edgar Bozzi and Casey Brenner. There were good men, They were mustangs.

we had an assembly today and this guy talked to the school about why you shouldn’t judge people, and he had all these “characters” he played who each had problems at home or tried killing themselves and stuff, and he was talking about disabled people and when he played the disabled character, he was so emotional and he talked as if he was a disabled guy and he was like “people make fun of me. but why? why do people hate me?” and all this stuff

and this kid named Clyde, who has a disability, raised his hand from the audience and my principle let him speak, and Clyde was like “people talk about me, but i just keep going. i won’t let them get me down!” and he said other stuff and he was so passionate about it, and then everyone started cheering and he stood up and was throwing his hands in the air and it was so fucking cute!

Saturday August 30th, 2014

I graduated high school last year and I’m still so proud to be a Mainland Regional HS Mustang. over the course of just a couple years, our community has lost 7 students & 1 teacher. one in an accident, one suicide, one of natural causes, four at once in a car accident, and one more today in a car accident. our school has faced tragedy so often, and each time we become closer. everyone is extremely kind and sympathetic and caring towards those who have lost their friends/family in these accidents. we will continue to grow as a community, as a family. I’ve never been so proud to be a Mustang. stay strong, everyone.