mainland orkney


I have been to Westray three times before, and at least one of those occasions has been in weather like this. Westray, “The Queen of the Isles” is like Orkney mainland in miniature, and when the weather is bright it is breathtakingly beautiful. It’s a little harder to find the beauty in more inclement weather, especially when you’re struggling to find a decent tea and cake shop!!! 

#1 - Dreich!
#2 - coastal thistles
#3 - Grobust Beach / the Links of Noltland, where there is extensive neolithic archaeology going on, and Scotland’s oldest known representation of the human form, the “Westray Wife” was found very recently. Hector belted about this beach not caring about the rain :-)
#4 - Along a path we took to see the remains of a Viking farmhouse, there were hundreds of these beautiful snails.
#5 - accidental, but fairly representative of the day after the puffin excitement had worn off
#6 - these dry stone dykes are for the spreading out and drying of seaweed, which was a big industry here
#7, #9, #10 - Many ruins of farmsteads here
#8 - Pierowall bay