mianite party

so me and @jordansgreenshorts have figured out a date!!! we are doing it on feb 20th at 3 pm est! its stream time for everyone not est. thanks to everyone who sent us asks telling us their timezones. were not sure how long it will be but whatever! we are extremely excited to host it and welcome anyone and everyone there. send us asks or message us about any questions you have and we hope to see you there!!!

Kaya ayoko ng summer e. ANG INIT sa'min. Mas gusto ko talagang umuulan na lang. Bakit? Kasi maliban sa presko na, masarap pang matulog matapos kumain ng mainit na champorado or hot chocolate. :3 Di tulad ngayon, kahit nakaligo ka na, mainit pa rin. Hu. ._____.

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