Quantum computers have arrived.  

First there was the mainframe, then came the personal computer, now we’ve reached a new monumental landmark in the history of technology. For the first time ever, IBM aims to bring universal quantum computers out of the lab and into the commercial realm. Projected to sift through vast possibilities and data, to choose the perfect option or discover unseen patterns, quantum computing is poised to drive a new era of innovation across industries. This means that some of the world’s most complex problems now have a chance of being solved. And as the quantum eco-system grows, a seemingly impossible kind of physics could start to make the most incredible things possible.

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  • (Talon planning mission)
  • Sombra: So, uh, how are you going to do that?
  • Reaper: I’m not sure. I need some kind of time machine.
  • (Sombra thinks)
  • Sombra: Wait a minute. Using an RX modulator, I might be able to conduct a mainframe cell direct and hack the uplink to the download.
  • Reaper: What the hell does that mean?
  • Sombra: It means with the right computer algorithms, I can hack you back in time. Just like a time machine.
  • Reaper: Well then. It’s hacking time.
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