mainframe bees


This is not at all what you were expecting, am II right? Dirk laughed when II read this question to him and told him what II was planning to say.  He said everyone probably thinks we are some sort of ‘a hardcore family of gamers’.

Which Mituna and Sollux have bonded over them, II am just not very good with games. (They sometimes trigger my ‘battleship moments’.  II guess II take them too seriously.)

II honestly did not expect to love gardening as much as II do.  II dug my heels in at first and wanted nothing to do with, so II am truly astounded that Sollux enjoys it too.

II worried everyone with my tendencies to shut myself away, so II tried doing whatever my friends would suggest in order to appease them.  II suppose holing up in my respite block tinkering away at electronics every waking moment of my life was not exactly healthy, so II can see their concern was rational.

Rosa passed along a message and a gift from her descendant, Kanaya. The young Maryam suggested gardening as a hobby, claiming that it is calming, it would keep me busy, and II would be forced to go outside and get some air.

 II very reluctantly agreed.

The tomato plant she sent with Rosa nearly died.  IIt took a long time to work up the boredom to plant it in a half barrel on the rooftop.  After that,  II sat on the roof with Biclops Dad and just stared at the shriveled up vine feeling terrible for letting it get in such a state.

II am pleased to inform you that my garden is now larger than Kanaya’s and she is a touch jealous.

II was just a little bit shocked when Sollux started wandering out onto the roof and buzzing around, making up excuses to be there while II worked.

At first he had followed Dave up and watched the Striders sparring for a while, then he would wander over to Biclops Dad and pretend he needed to check on him, or he needed to check on his earth bees.  There was always an excuse until II finally shoved a young plant into his hands and told him to help me.

II thought he was just humoring me, or worrying about me, but the longer II am around him the more easily II can tell when he’s feigning interest or truly enjoying himself.

II can tell he is just as pleased as II am to work on the garden.  IIt makes me so happy.

We have been working on this garden together ever since; just the two of us – well, three of us II guess.

Sollux’s queen mainframe bee has taken to hitching a ride on him to make sure he is not cheating on her with those tiny yellow earth bees he keeps.

W-we… uh, also spend a lot of time together with the Strider’s watching horrible violent television shows and throwing movie lines back and forth at each other.