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365 Days of Heat-Free Hair: Week 1

My first heat-free week has certainly  has been a challenge. While
flexirods and sets are a great protective style, I found it most
difficult to maintain the curl due to this week’s rain. I also run 2-3
times a week which increases frizz and swelling at the root.
Nonetheless, I made it a full week!! 

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What is Professional Hair?

After work yesterday, my coworker and I had a conversation about “natural hair”. For the past few days, she’s been rocking a ‘wash-and-go’ on her shoulder length, wavy hair and the results come out beautiful every day. She repeated something that I had said to her just a few weeks earlier, “he looks at me as if I look disheveled”; he being the prominent ophthalmologist we work for.  I came to work with a big twist out one day and he stared at my hair for a few seconds. Those seconds were long enough for me to question if I looked crazy or was he just not used to big, black girl hair.

Was I unprofessional? And what the hell is “professional” hair anyway? Is our hair supposed to be straight or pulled back?   What exactly is unprofessional about how my hair grows? This conversation isn’t new but now that I’m working in such an affluent environment, I frequently question my hair styles. Should I not twist my hair or should I avoid controversial twist outs or my curly bush for the sake of not being stared at? Or maybe it’s just me…. Perhaps I’m still questioning my own comfort ability with my hair.


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