maine youth


Getting to do what you love isn’t always roses. That with that privilege comes hurt and pain and thorns too, but also that the taste of the sun through the clouds will be that much sweeter should you decide to stick around to see it.”

                                             -  John O’Callaghan

Holy Grail Meanie Fics

Hello everyone! So recently I reached a follower goal on @meanieficrecs and promised an all-time favorite fics compilation. Since I already have a top 5 fics post there, I decided to post on here.These are not only main meanie, but also fics with side meanie. Even though this is far overdue, I hope this post is useful. Once again, thank you all so much for the love you have shown. (I apologize for the length of this post!)

Ongoing (I tried not to rec too many)
  Main Meanie
Reckless, Wild Youth by baetan
Apartment Block 17 by hosaki
Not What You Think by minghaodareyou and gwanshim
Stethoscopes and Saenghwangs by ReBirth_Judgement
SEVEN DAYS by dmxlus
   Side Meanie
As It Was Meant To Be by bespelled (Jihan)
One Day at a Time by bespelled (Jihan + Jicheol)

Completed (chaptered)
  Main Meanie

Just Watch Me by triggerswaggiehavoc
Are You Sure? by shua_hui
Cabin Seven by synthetic_blossoms
You’ve got to wake up where your heart is by mingyups
Nostalgia by 84cm–
Rental Boyfriend by bespokenboy
Polar. by minseokmyass
#idiot by -kaiyeol
all i know is how to love you by jeonswonwoo
  Side Meanie
Pretty Boy Across the Hall by shinusual (Jicheol)

  Main Meanie
waiting and waiting for you to make a move by brightlight
i want (a pizza) you by chorusofthesong
i can give you love to fill by semesta
Connections by rjdgopiso
I Need You to Reparo My Heart by iamnotaprodigy
when i met you in april, you were looking like may. by itsnotgillian
didn’t you know it wasn’t forever by havanas
(i’m not) perfect for you by kouki (jinsation)
Different by minghaon
these arms were made for loving you by jeonswonwoo
it’d be fun, they said by insanelywrecked
Are They Dating? by chunjoe 
liar liar pants on fire by AlexNow
  Side Meanie
Routine by arashianelf (Junhao)
we’re just friends by dustie (Soonseok)
Like a Lifetime Movie (Except Not Really) by TrashcanGod (Jicheol)