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Alright so like; the Bayverse bots (ur choice!!) reacting 2 their human friend liking to sit/hang out of their shoulders a lot? Ty and happy holidays!!

Alright, Bayverse!Bots of my choosing… I think I’m going to limit the character amount to 5 for now.

Optimus Prime

When you first wanted to sit on his shoulders, he was hesitant for a good reason; he’s rather tall and didn’t want you to fall like Sam and Mikaela did that one time when S7 was hunting them.

Over the next few times, he starts to relax when you’re on his shoulder, even to the point of smiling a couple times as you almost fell but caught yourself, though his hand was always up in an instant, ready to catch you.

He never forgets that you’re on his shoulder and always remembers that humans have biological needs and such. Plus you don’t want to be on his shoulder when he and Megatron are duking it out.


  • He’s a very tactile mech, so expect lots of nuzzles whenever you’re on his shoulder.
  • He loves having you at ‘his height’ just for the fact that there’s times you’re awed at what you can see from above rather than, well, eye-level.
  • He’s told you to never touch his doorwings as they were ‘sensitive’. (If S/O, you’re told that they were a hotspot in a sense)
  • There was only one time he forgot that you were on his shoulder and went into a fight, but quickly got you back to the human allies before anything could happen.


  • The first time you asked to be picked up, he’s a bit amused, a bit annoyed, but lets you sit on his shoulder should it mean you don’t put up a fuss during your physical
  • More often than not, he’s caught you trying to read the data reports, huffing when you realized like all the times before, they were written in Cybertronian. Next time, if you saw that it was English, you didn’t mention it.
  • Seeing as he was CMO, he was at beck and call, and whenever a scouting party came back injured, he didn’t really have time to set you down before he got to work, which led to you subsequently becoming his apprentice of sorts.
  • If S/O, he’ll use this to his advantage as it’s as close to his spark you can be without a bigger chance of falling.


He’ll smirk and ‘flex’ his cannons upon you first asking, figuring if you didn’t run off, then you weren’t so bad.

At first, he’ll forget humans are more sensitive than Cybertronians and will go to the range and just start blasting target after target with you perched right beside one of his main ion cannons.

If you’re a NEST soldier, he’ll sometimes pick up you and maybe a few others and help rush the front lines.


He’s a freaking Corvette Stingray! Anyone would want to gawk at his alt-form, and when you ask to sit on his shoulders, he had to peer at you for a second. ((Memories of Sunstreaker talking about his despise for organics flashed in his processor before he finally agreed))

Silver boi likes to show-off, and with his pedes being wheels, expect lots of roller skate-esque type moves He does a few flips before realizing that maybe that wasn’t a good idea by the way your skin had tinted green.

He almost always forgets you’re on his shoulders and as he’s one of the best frontliners, it’s kinda an issue. It’s gotten to the point where you just calmly wave at the ‘Cons while lounging under one of his armor plates, and a few times, you’ve convinced yourself you saw a vehilcon or two wave back.

Sorry for the, well, lack of content yesterday. 12 hour car trips and easy motion sickness don’t really work well, especially when Tumblr decides to eat all your drafts/queues.


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HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!!!🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 I tried to draw something for this photo but it looked terrible so I just printed this one off😂 but fireworks tonight🎆🎆

More and more spots

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft was officially captured by the gravity of the Asteroid Ceres about 2 months ago, but since then we haven’t actually gotten that much data. The Dawn spacecraft’s main engine is an ion-powered thruster that, although it is extremely efficient it isn’t very fast, so the spacecraft has spent the last couple months aiming that thruster in the direction it istraveling to slow down and come into a more circular orbit around Ceres.

As a consequence, the imaging systems on Dawn haven’t been able to aim towards Ceres. However, today, the Dawn team released this photo of the feature everyone keeps wondering about on Ceres, the extremely bright spots.

As the spacecraft moves into closer orbits, it is getting better and better shots of them. As you can see, at least one, if not both of the “spots” that were seen as single bright points in previous, lower-resolution images now are made up of several smaller spots close to each other.

Really neat, but still leaves us with the same questions about what they are. All we know is they’re reflecting a lot of light towards the camera, but that doesn’t yet tell us composition (other instruments can measure that, but we haven’t gotten data from them yet). The best guesses remain that these are exposed areas of water ice or salts, both of which tend to be pretty bright when they’re not covered by other debris.

The Dawn spacecraft will reach its first science altitude, the Survey orbit, in June, and from there will move into two gradually closer orbits afterwards, so we’ll continue seeing better and better pictures of these areas and others for months to come.


Image credit: NASA/Dawn