maine forest


Snowy spring coastline, Maine’s Acadia National Park.
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Chapter 12 is up!!! And so, Snowdin starts… maybe? :D

For those who can’t access AO3 or just don’t want to do it, the chapter is pasted under this sexy cut!!!

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Photos from yesterday, following a river. I found a beautiful glade area covered in forget-me-not flowers and ferns. Here in northern Maine ostrich ferns are really common, along rivers they’ll often blanket the forest floor. Some get as tall as me (5′1″) and I have to wade through them like a jungle. Near a field I found some old car parts and really old horse/cow bones all covered in moss. I think they’re beautiful like that. The leg bones were huge and I only took one along with a vertebrae. 

Would anyone be interested if I made a photography blog? I often wander through the woods and there’s a lot of wildlife here. Not long ago I saw a bear and two cubs while biking, though I didn’t follow them to take a photo ;). I take a lot of photos and I don’t want to post them all here because it’ll drown out my art haha.

mbti date ideas


  • the beach
  • learning 2 dance
  • petting all the neighborhood dogs


  • have a picnic
  • wine and dine under the stars
  • go to a farmer’s market


  • light a bonfire
  • watch fireworks
  • travel to a foreign country


  • pointless road trip
  • the silent game
  • netflix and let’s watch all the horror movies


  • an amusement park
  • surprise paintball fight
  • get trapped together in a pitch black room ;)


  • watch a movie
  • pay taxes
  • don’t break the law day extravaganza 


  • cloud gaze together
  • have a barbecue
  • go to a birthing class


  • take a scenic walk down main street
  • explore a forest at night
  • splatter paint on your bodies and be one with nature


  • decorate cupcakes
  • share emotional poetry
  • visit narinia


  • go mountain climbing
  • fight a bear
  • reverse strip poker


  • buy a cat together
  • vow to never leave them
  • take the vow again this time with a contract


  • the ontario science center
  • the 34th dimension
  • math camp


  • introduce them to your parents
  • browse affordable real estate
  • get married


  • dye your hair an emo color together
  • make flower crowns
  • try to get them to tell you about their emotional baggage


  • run for president
  • give them money
  • watch them win at monopoly fun day


  • turn off the lights and set the mood with some candles
  • draw a pentagram on the ground
  • begin the sacrifice