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Lúcio is a brilliant musician obviously but he’s also incredible with tech? I just wanna put that out there for a sec

Companies now have all kinds of shit they pull so that ONLY the people who’ve bought the license can use their tech. (And sometimes, so that those people have to repurchase the license after an expiration period, because why the fuck not squeeze all the money out of people you possibly can?)

That’s got to be even worse in the corporate dystopia hellscape that is the Overwatch universe post-Omnic Crisis. And the Vishkar Corp. is EXACTLY the type of company that would load up all their specially patented tech with everything they can to stop anyone else from using it or figuring out how it works.

So – Lúcio stealing & repurposing Vishkar tech isn’t even just a matter of, lifting a physical object (which is itself a pretty significant accomplishment) – he would’ve had to hack and/or rebuild extensively any tech he got to make it usable. To override security blocks, to pull out any kind of self-destruct mechanism or internal functioning obstacle, to repair the damn things to keep them functional when planned obsolescence starts kicking in (and you can bet they were never intended to be repaired – so he would have had to figure out what all the parts do, and how to replace them when they’re hyper-specialized proprietary nonsense, himself).

Like, I know the term “hacker“ has gone kind of memetic, but REALLY Lúcio is a hacker in the purest of senses, a straight-up technical genius, and it would be super cool to see that acknowledged more


Because i’m the biggest nerd, and also a big fan of both Miitopia and birds, i made my own class for the game based on one of my favorite things! Mostly cause i was disappointed to see no bird themed class things, outside of a few outfits, so here we are! The last couple sketches are rough because i don’t have the energy to spruce them up. Further details are in the read more below

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The recently restored Rock-afire Explosion Bear-a-dise show at The Kentucky State Fair 2017 (Source poprewind on Instagram who also has some videos of the show

The Matsuno Brothers As Parrots

Osomatsu: Macaw

Originally posted by sinnamonn

  • probably the first kind that pops into your head when someone says the word ‘parrot’, so it makes sense.
  • energetic and loving, just like his human counterpart.
  • can be annoying at times but he’s soft!!!!
  • can speak and imitate sounds pretty well but people teach him dirty words because it’s hilarious????
  • why are you screeching stop
  • 5/10 would smooch, he bites a lot.

Karamatsu: Budgie

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  • very tiny????
  • his nails are too long and scratches everyone.
  • he doesn’t mean it it’s just his nails ;n;
  • sings a lot.
  • why do people teach him english words????? no stop it he’s saying ‘brother’ on repeat
  • VERY cuddly. give him all the cuddles but please don’t squish him.
  • 10/10 would smooch

Choromatsu: Indian Ringneck Parakeet

Originally posted by avacado-and-louie

  • very smart!!! not in that gif tho uhhhhh
  • knows almost no words except for easy ones like ‘hello’, ‘thank you’ and ‘pretty bird’.
  • he is a pretty bird!!!
  • kinda shy?
  • 100/10 would smooch

Ichimatsu: African Grey

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  • poops everywhere jfc
  • likes imitating cat sounds.
  • a little aggressive.
  • talks really rarely and was abandoned a few times because of this.
  • don’t let him bite you. he’ll rip your finger off.

Jyushimatsu: Cockatoo (ok who saw this coming)

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  • loves bouncy stuff!
  • loudest shit ever oh my god
  • such a sweetheart.
  • 1000/10 would cuddle
  • his favorite sentence is ‘HUSTLE HUSTLE MUSCLE MUSCLE’ he says it all the time.
  • (second choice was a sun conure but ehh)

Todomatsu: Parrotlet

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(pls imagine it pink. I couldn’t find a gif with a pink one. yes those exist.)

  • most adorable bird ever wtf???
  • seriously cutest thing ever
  • sometimes speak I guess.
  • hates the dark.
  • Idk nobody really likes him so