maine avenue fishmarket


The Oldest Fish Market In`America

The Maine Avenue Fish Market in South East DC is the oldest continuously operating fish market in the America, seventeen years older than America’s’s Fulton Fish Market, having been in operation since 1805.

Following the Civil War, local fishermen and farmers set up makeshift shops and booths and began selling fresh local seafood and that sailed in via the Potomac River. 

While popular images of the White House and US Capitol spring to mind when thinking of Washington  - this market offers another, more colourful and possibly, more real image of the city. 

The market is abundant in character; customers haggling with fish mongers, locals chowing down on steamed shrimp, and bearded fisherman who look like they’ve stepped right off 19th century steamboats. 

Isolated from the main attractions in DC due to its location under the freeway in the South East, it’s a historical rough diamond worth seeking out.