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For years, you served as a faithful Main Character. Your Author rewarded you by maiming you and forcing you to marry a woman you never cared for. Then he cursed you with children you never wanted, took away everything you ever loved, and quietly destroyed you while your children replaced you, all to thunderous applause. Now, after all this time, you have come face-to-face with your Author, ready to demand an explanation

types of ships
  • gigantic deluxe cruise: 34705 search results on everywhere, dominates the fanzine market, badass edits with lots of heart-wrenching quotes since they’re probably the main characters. author probably shipped them as well, tbh. usually the “opposite personality” pair, overused tropes, nicknames, etc.
  • modest viking longship: has been there since the beginning of time, always appears as a side ship in fics, especially those with all the main cruises in one universe. yet has surprisingly little main fics considering how the characters basically aren’t shipped with anyone else but each other.
  • the “aww” submarine: that non-mainstream pair whose fanart pops up on your dash once a while. everyone lowkey ships them in a ‘in another universe where my otp didn’t exist’ way. see: “I don’t get why don’t more people ship xxx!” actually, they do.
  • the sturdy fishing boat: usually clashes with one of the mainstream ships. people either ship them, think they’re good as they are now, or oppose them with a passion. with enough supporters it may upgrade to a bigger fishing vessel, garner quite a bit of attention and start discourse with the cruise oppressors. mostly stays in their waters and are chill if u don’t insult them
  • the driftwood: tinier than the piece of lumber that jack and rose couldn’t hold on to at the same time. you need wood? you make wood. EMPHASIS: usually consists of couples that would theoretically be good together since a) they are minor characters and b) they have had zero interaction
  • the lone canoe: most perplexing of all. these characters are well known, have decent interaction, yet are never shipped together. when it is suggested people frown upon you as they are deeply rooted within their prejudices, but convert someone and you will be much more satisfied with the content than poor driftwood.

I hereby solemnly vow to leave feedback on EVERY single piece of content that I view for more than two seconds. Kudos, a comment, a like, some kind of encouragement.

Because I think there is a dissonance between people who view content and people who create content.

People who view content don’t believe that there is any reason to leave a comment because the author won’t care much anyways, or it isn’t that important, or they have x amount of comments already.

Well, let me tell you something. I refresh my email about every 10 minutes to see whether I have any new feedback on my fanfics. And it wouldn’t matter how many comments I had already gotten on any of my fics. I treat each one as though it is the first.

Feedback is truly the most important ingredient in my life as an author, and I cherish every person who takes the time to type out a comment. 

Seriously, button mash on your keyboard, give something like ‘This is awesome’ or pick out 400 lines to comment on, we don’t care. We love you if you take the time to say anything.

Because that means that you care. 

Some Car Boys thoughts

Just wrapped up the finale and like everyone I’m still reeling from it. I wanted to sketch out a few thoughts on the show that hopefully I can return to at some point.

1) This is the best exploration of games in a work of fiction to date and should be a model for filmmakers and writers going forward. Not only does Car Boys explore modern digital gaming, it does so by using one of the most basic forms of a game: improvisational storytelling. The plot and mythology of the show emerges from Nick, Griffin, and the fanbase’s interactions and interpretations of of the game, culminating in that amazing title reveal at the end. Actual play podcasts like Adventure Zone and Friends at the Table have tapped into this before, but this is the first time I’ve seen it done so well in a visual medium. Maybe the most exciting thing about Car Boys though, and what I just can’t stop thinking about is that Nick, Griffin, and the fanbase are not the only ones telling the story, they aren’t even the main authors.

2) Car Boys is technology telling a story about itself. Where most stories about technology (Black Mirror, Blade Runner, etc) are by necessity from a human perspective, Car Boys reverses this and offers something new. The main author of Car Boys is The thrust of the plot is driven not by what Nick and Griffin do to the game, but what it does back to them. The glitches and psychedelic imagery are so haunting because they are beyond our control and maybe even our understanding. What is the game doing and how is it doing it? How do I, the player, begin to understand my place in this digital space? How do I understand what this space is and what its for? This is part of what made the ending of the series so touching. Two small storytellers, lost in a digital infinity still finding meaning.

3) Humans have always looked to the heavens and created stories. We see comets and stars and assign them meaning. We create gods and look for life. Car Boys turns our eyes towards some kind of digital heaven and does the same. It is the best exploration of technology I’ve ever seen and I can’t wait to see what Nick and Griffin do next


Wanna know what they’re saying? Then can I interest you in a cute and super hilarious confession fic between Pearl and Marina?

It’s written by my good friend, and main author to my upcoming webcomic. I provided Marina’s dialogue, while she did Pearl’s, but again she did the writing, and I did the art! 


Remember the Exorcist version I did for Velvet? To match with her, I made a version of Oscar as a Pirate instead xD!!!

And yes I made DLC costumes of him, cause I can >3!! Cause who says he is not with the MAIN party members??? he is forever a main character to me QvQ!!!!

anyways enjoy xDDD

stripespolkadots  asked:

Hey, I'd like to rec "Blue Shells and Comic Books" by SonofHades, this fic deserves more hits and kudos. Thank you <3

Yay! Thank you so much! <33
- Vallie

Blue Shells and Comic Books by SonofHades (8/? | 51,515 | Teen and Up)

Lance has too much time on his hands, Keith doesn’t have enough. Lance leans more towards being outgoing and sociable, while Keith keeps to himself and can be mostly unpleasant. Neither think they have anything in common. What they don’t realize, however, is that there happens to be a very popular graphic novel that connects them together. Lance happens to be an avid reader and Keith just happens to secretly be the author.

(shallura, hunk/shay)

Dav Pilkey is a sensational author whose main target audience is kids. But honestly, I feel as if a lot of adults could take some notes from Pilkey especially in his approach to the subject of ADHD. 

Example: note from his website on the most recent Captain Underpants book:

He was the man that inspired me to write. He inspired me to read. While he writes about two kids who hypnotized their principal with a toy ring they bought into thinking he was a superhero they created, it’s a story that’s living on from my childhood and into the childhoods of today’s kids. 

Long Live Captain Underpants 

To all the tireless betas out there...

Today is Fanfiction Author Appreciation Day.

But I wanted to take a moment to thank all the betas out there who help those authors make their work that much better. Those who help elevate the work, plot, and characters that much higher. 

You’re all amazing. Wonderful. 

Thank you.

(Special thank you to my betas @cuthian and @perrydowning  — you are a blessing and I will always appreciate the fact that I have you in my life. As betas and as friends.)


blue night radio ♡ 170331
translation: papi_eng

okdal’s song for jonghyun:
do you know who jonghyun is?
we don’t know, we don’t know.
he’s a man who was born april 8, 1990.
the dolphin main vocal of shinee.
the author of diphylleia grayi.
loves white-shirt.
you are a fool that only knows about music.
jjongd who loved blue night is not here any longer.
but you are the best in our memories. jjongd, fighting!

As a phan shipper (you’re allowed to leave, I know everyone isn’t sharing my opinion) a thing I think about a lot is how we focus to much on direct actions as proof.

Because actions are so easy to both prove and disprove as ‘phan proof’, what we really should talk about is their fondness, their relationship. Because it’s not ‘that iconic tweet clearly stating them being a couple’ that makes me want to believe them a more then friendly relationship, it the fact they they have know each other as one another’s best friend for eight years+, lived together for multiple years, moved together multiple times, a forever home.

I mean do you really get a forever home with someone being solely your best friend (well, unless you consider yourself ace or aro), wouldn’t you want something more in life?

But this is also really just actions, what I really mean is just how well they know each other, how close they are, how many couply stereotypes they fulfil, the big parts they play in one another’s lives.

And as the last nail in the coffin. I’ve known my best friend for eight years (so about as long as we know they have known each other), for the better half of my life, she knows me better than any person outside family knows me, we are both out as being on the queer spectra to one another. But yet we’ll never have the same kind of relationship as dan and Phil have, it could of course be explained by that they have lived together for so long, but we’ve basically raised each other throughout the first few years of school. We aren’t nor have we ever been romantically involved likewise have we despite having basically the same conditions from the get-go, never had the same kind of connection as they have, because the emotional foundation in a relationship is different between best friends for life and lovers.

This is a sappy overly psychoanalysing mess, which may or may not make any sense. This is solely based on my own thoughts and experiences, so feel free to drop a hate oozing anon message in my ask, if your opinion is that I’m overwhelmingly wrong! :)
As previously stated, this is just my own opinion and analysis, so take it with a pinch of salt.

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hello hello, i am in desperate need of kyouhaba fic recs and i'm pretty sure i've read all the ones in all the other recs as well as the ones in the first five pages on ao3 when you sort by kudos, so if you could help me out i would be very much obliged

Yo anon! Such a daunting task you’ve requested, lmao. I actually had to think about whether or not to indulge this since 1) I have no idea if you’re serious, tbh, 2) I’m not sure if I’ll be able to link you fics that haven’t already been recommended somewhere else, 3) I have no idea which stories you’ve already read, 4) Like I said, this seems very daunting because there are LOTS of brilliant Kyouhaba fics out there. If I get really serious with this, by the time I’m done the list will look pretty overwhelming, lol.

That said, the request wouldn’t leave my mind and since I have free time now, I guess I’ll do it. I’ll go all the way too and treat this as an extensive Kyouhaba rec list for others (HQ/Kyouhaba beginners especially) who might want it, so take note of that if you see stories you’ve already read.

Btw, I’ll just do a shortcut when it comes to authors with multiple Kyouhaba stories and take you to their main AO3 page instead of linking each of their stories. Believe me, these authors are brilliant and there’s no use sifting through their Kyouhaba stories to see what’s good and what’s not. They’re ALL amazing. 

Btw, I used AO3′s tag filter to take you to their Kyouhaba stories only since that’s what you asked for (and what this blog is for).

* Works by darkmagicalgirl 

* Works by knightswatch

* Works by kiyala

* Works by shions_heart

* Works by snoqualmie

* Works by surveycorpsjean

* Works by squidmemesinc

* Works by HoneyBeeez

* Works by ArcticLights

* Works by CheetahLeopard2

* Works by Dogsocks

* Works by InkCaviness

* Works by shukagari

* Works by crossbelladonna

* Works by fortyfiveangrycats

* Works by herekittie

* Works by Maiokoe

* Works by SecretMaker

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Something that’s been bugging me about Voltron (the fandom) lately...

A bunch of people made :/ faces at the Paladin Handbook for listing Keith’s ethnicity as “Human/Galra” because we all know that “human” isn’t an ethnicity, right?

So why is the fandom okay with treating Galra like an ethnicity?

Please stop treating Keith’s being part Galra as an analogue for him being a mixed-race/multi-ethnic human being.

Being part alien is not the same thing as being part human racial minority.

Ignoring the difference between ethnicity and species actively perpetuates damaging stereotypes of mixed-race people as “aliens” and, given that the Galra are also the show’s villains, aggressively correlates human racial minorities with being evil, in the same way that racist scare tactics have long painted this-or-that minority group as violent, uncivilized, invasive, and a threat to the greater good.

Does Keith’s experience discovering his heritage and being ostracized for it bear strong emotional resemblance to the experiences of real mixed-race people? Yes, of course.

But if you’re reading Keith being part alien as perfectly analogous to Keith being a mix of two or more human races or ethnicities and expecting the show to make meaningful social commentary on that, you’re reading something into the show that just isn’t–and should not–be there.

Just sayin’, Voltron fandom, “mixed with alien” =/= “mixed with another human ethnicity.”