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I have a question about the main characters' titles. The tomboy countess goes by "Countess (name)", the sheltered princess goes by "Princess (name)", and the minor scholar goes by "Lady (name)". However, what are the titles for the ambitious widow, the daughter of a famous pirate, and the court lady? Thank you in advance, and you're doing a great job at creating this game!

Other than the Countess and Princess, they are all ladies, at least that’s how they would be called.

The widow is the only one who has a title (sort of) her own. She’s a Dowager Baroness. Which means she’s referred to as Lady (name).

The Jiyel Scholar and the Court Lady both have no titles of their own. They are simply the daughters of someone with a title. Therefore they are known by the courtesy title of Lady (name).

While the hise!MC can claim the same courtesy title because of her father, she’s generally getting the “lady” treatment because the other kingdoms are trying to be polite. There isn’t a nobility system on Hise. 

With very few exceptions, most of the women of the seven kingdoms will only ever get a title of their own if they marry one.

(For instance, marrying Lyon will make them a Duchess, marrying Lisle or Ana will make them a Princess/Princess Consort eventual Queen/Queen Consort, marrying Emmett will make them a Countess etc.)


angel doctor may be good at spouting wisdom about living healthy for other people but really, she’s just shit at taking care of herself 

when you’re a prodigy child and end up head of research as a teenager nobody really stops to check if you know how to function as an adult and hey, Angela is such a workaholic she barely has time for things like, learning how to cook or sleeping eight hours

feat. best friend jesse to the rescue because both of them are semi-functional and together they make one whole adult 

I mentioned a very long time ago that I would upload some videos of me playing piano, but I only just got around to doing it!  Anyway, I thought I’d stick with the HP theme, so here’s Newt Says Goodbye to Tina from FBAWTFT, composed by James Newton Howard.

This is my first time uploading a video to Tumblr, so I hope it works :D

Instrumental songs that make me sentimental

Get to know YORKE.

There’s not a lot about him so I thought I’d compile a list about him for those who want to know! Let’s show him some love! He’s still a pretty big mystery though, tol child needs to talk about himself more. Made with help from @mynameisyorke

  • No one knows his real name, brings new meaning to “My name is YORKE.” compared to just “YORKE.” (though someone called his real name out once and he thought they were calling for him XD)
  • Born April 25, 1979 (37 as of 2016)
  • His twitter says he hasn’t decided a hometown and his birthplace hasn’t been mentioned
  • 49 is used as a pun involving him as his name よ(“yo” or “4”) and く(“ku” or “9”) is literally “49”
  • His old signature was a hand with a 49 in it
  • Self-taught himself painting and 3D art
  • Had a one-man exhibition in 2004 (age:25) that sold out
  • In 2005, he spent the year painting with local musicians in the USA
  • In 2006, he had a painting DVD called “Puzzle City” showcasing his live paintings as he compared Tokyo to a puzzle
  • Was in miyavi’s KAVKI BOYS in 2007 and toured with them, painting along the way
  • Collaborated with DJ Hanger for BAKUHATSU!!MAN (really interesting videos!)
  • Bartended at 19 and is around when his name YORKE. originated
  • Got fired from his part-time job from stopping to watch the basketball game instead of selling snacks
  • Likes Minecraft
  • Got his teeth fixed between when Capture came out and Veni Vidi (He’s got a cute smile either way)
  • Star Wars nerd
  • Favorite food is strawberries
  • Loves children and teaching them painting
  • Painted an artbus to be donated for handicapped indonesian kids
  • Marvel nerd too
  • Plays piano and guitar
  • Has a brother and niece? Not sure if he’s a biological brother or not.
  • Has done other outside collaboration work like YORKE.xVANQUISH and Ca et laxYORKE. “LooserDogg”
  • Never believed in Santa as a kid but really loves Christmas
  • Tattoos: Star on right thumb (iconic), a blue and a red rose and anchor with a banner that says “1979” on his upper right arm, skull and crossbones on inside of left wrist, a cross on his left forearm, a banner that says “OBSERVER” on his left forearm and and a flying bird underneath that banner, another star on the same side as the bird, and a little jewel next to the bird as well.
  • Plays basketball
  • Wanted to be a tree as a kid (He’s tall enough at least)
  • Hosts a 20~ min. radio show “Garden Gate” at 1:30am Wednesday morning
  • Is a night owl, especially now that he has Garden Gate and it airs so late, he passes the time after doing things like playing Minecraft
  • Favorite game as a kid was climbing the jungle gym. Leading into the next-
  • Most memorable memory, “falling off”
  • First thing he does when waking up is remember his dreams
  • His favorite artists are Pablo Picasso, Horst Janssen, Chinami NAKAJIMA
  • Favorite song as of 2007 was Redemption song by Bob Marley
  • His ideal woman: “Warm heart, cool head”
  • He respects and is most influenced by his father
  • Loves Disney and has a bunch of tsumtsums
  • Likes mannequins

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blblblblblblbl ( cutie~ )
The Big Bang Theory Prequel Spinoff Young Sheldon Ordered at CBS
The Big Bang Theory’s universe is officially entering a younger, dense state. CBS on Monday formally ordered to series Young Sheldon, a prequel spinoff centered on Sheldon Cooper’s awkw…
By Michael Ausiello

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Paper stumbled himself into a world that wasn’t like the others. The whole layout of the way things were oriented was vastly different from how all of the other “Under-what not” universes out there. It was at the outskirts of the antivoid he lived, so could that be part of it? Either way he was already intrigued by the way it was formatted and with the overall different feel to it. Finding his way to a decent vantage point, he pulled out his notebook and started to flip the pages to a white, crisp page – not touched by other drawing utensils. Sitting himself down so he didn’t have to worry about supporting himself, he rested his book within his lap as he started to dig out different sketching pencils and pens for documenting this new world.

Main Titles
Danny Elfman
Main Titles

“Who am I? You sure you wanna know? The story of my life is not for the faint of heart. If somebody said it was a happy little tale, if somebody told you I was just your average ordinary guy, not a care in the world─ somebody lied.”