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As this guy is the main cheese and birthday boy, here’s a list of what I consider, some of his best songs to show his talent:

Top 10 Alex Killer Bass Lines

  1. Girls and Boys.
  2. Out Of Time.
  3. Trimm Trabb
  4. Music Is My Radar
  5. Ghost Ship.
  6. Entertain Me.
  7. On The Way To The Club.
  8. She’s So High.
  9. Pressure On Julian.
  10. High Cool.

Happy Birthday Alex James 💞

Sinnoh Confirmed

Many people may not have noticed this, but I found this pretty damn intriguing.

Now I’m sure many were upset by the Direct and I was as well and still am.

I noticed a very awesome Easter Egg that to me directly confirms Sinnoh Remakes are coming.

And it’s all in this picture. Take a look in the background all the Main title generations are there….except one. Which one is it I wonder?

Before people say it’s behind his head there’s also this screenshot as well

Awfully strange that Nintendo would not put Diamond, Pearl, nor Platinum in the background image, especially since every other generation is on there,

I think the reasoning they’re doing it is obvious, cause they want to hype up the Sinnoh remakes and make people hyped.

Not a single indication of Sinnoh in the background which means it’s coming.

someonescreamingfromhell  asked:

The new batman comic with the robins at lunch reminded me so much of your art. Can we start a petition to get you to start drawing for dc?

That was a fun issue! I’ve been on and off with the main Batman title and picked up #16 on a whim; felt like I struck gold. All that was missing was Tim. And ah yes, drawing for DC! That is the dream. That and landing a storyboarding gig. So many goals! But, in the meantime, I’m happy to keep making entertaining stuff for your viewing pleasure :)

anonymous asked:

please. tell us more about your 'folk bangers' playlist. that sounds relevant to all of my interests. (folks and banging)

if you want a playlist for banging folks this probably isn’t the one for you, but if you want to Go Off, Historically then WHAT’S UP 


ANIMATIC: OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes Main Title

(See the final version here!)

Presenting the rough animatic for the show’s main titles! This was a true labor of love and a chance to work with one of my animation heroes, Hiroyuki Imaishi(Best known as the co-founder of Studio Trigger)!

For this project, we began by solidifying the theme song. Our team at Mint Potion Studios, headed by composer Jake Kaufman, created a blood-pumping disco song that not only extols the virtues of friendship but also brings to mind the visual of robots exploding. As an easter egg, the first 9 notes are a callback to the theme song of the original 2012 “Lakewood Plaza Turbo” pilot!

We sent the theme song and some early episodes to Imaishi-san in Japan for him to get the vibe of the project. He sent us a mind-blowing storyboard- he created an otherworldly image of a planet encased in a discoball seamlessly transitioning to a wild action sequence(described by him as “CRAZY FIGHTING”)! Our storyboard supervisor Jeremy Polgar took it from there, and animated the heck out of it. Pausing randomly on the final version reveals some pretty out-there character drawings!

This intro is very special to me, as it encapsulates all of the feelings of the show into one place. It took months of coordinating across multiple time zones. It was a challenge to get all of the main characters, rivals, settings, and a discoball all in 20 seconds! Please, enjoy our hard work!

-Ian JQ

Storyboard: Hiroyuki Imaishi

Director: Jeremy Polgar

Revisions & Additional Animation: Max Collins, Anna Craig, Ian Jones-Quartey

Music: Mint Potion Studios

Special Thanks to Will Feng, Studio Trigger


he started with zero dance background, but look where he is now, fully capable of doing a dance solo for their concert. i’m so proud of you, byun baekhyun.