main street music loop


Main Street USA
Complete Holiday Loop

Disneyland Resort, CA
Main Street USA

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The New Main Street Area Music Loop!

When I first heard about it, I wasn’t too sure, but I actually really like this. :D
I’m finding it just as catchy as the old loop! Even the rendition of “Married Life” fits in…
This is actually amazing.

(The actual audio begins around 4:25 into the podcast… But of course you have no way of seeing that on here.)

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Got tagged by @sidneys-crosby 💕

how old are you: almost 25 😑

what’s your current job: currently I: work for disney in merchandise, am an aide for a developmentally disabled youth, and do administrative volunwork for a homeless shelter.

what’s your aesthetic: skates on ice, the crack of a new book spine, Starbucks tea on a cold day, warm dog on my feet, worn cotton tshirts, the feeling of home when at Disney, the Main Street usa music loop, watching How Its Made at 2:34 am, well loved jerseys, rad touques and matching mittens, hockey arena poutine, clear skies

do you collect anything: tsum tsums, ear hats, disney pins, postcards, clothing, alumni gear from my alma mater, nerdy shirts

what’s a topic you always talk about: disney, hockey, Star Trek, women in WWII

what’s a pet peeve of yours: audible breathing

good advice to give: believe in yourself and do your best

three songs you would recommend: shit uh back home by Andy Grammar, young love by Colby Grant and more than life by Whitley

I’m gonna tag: @penguinsandyetmorepenguins @zimmsbits @gadelingsofthegalaxy @fabbittle @zombizombi @ilovetextingandscones @ittybittybakes @wheeloffortune-design @kent-parsons-cowlick @falconerjack and for anyone not mentioned who would like to do it, consider this your formal @ !!