main street diner


***You’re a little bitchy in this since the song says she’s cold hearted. So I kinda took that vibe and went with it while still keeping it playful and involved with the soa life 💋***

You scrunched up your eyebrows as you opened the bathroom door to hear knocking at your door. Glancing over towards the clock, you saw it was working in nearly 1 am. Tightening your robe around your body, you ran your fingers through your still wet hair. Maybe you had left something in your dates car. You’d spent the night out together and he’d just dropped you off back home. Something must have slipped out of your purse when you weren’t watching.

You walked up to the door and didn’t bother to really check who was there. You and Kozik had been broken up for months and the threat of being associated with the Sons was nearly gone. So you were more than surprised to find your blonde ex standing outside, looking just like he did the last time you’d seen him. You eyed him for a moment before finally speaking.

“What do you want Kozik?”

He shrugged softly and leaned against the doorframe.

“Just stopping by to check on you. See how your day went.”

You nodded and relaxed a little, leaning against the doorframe as well and watching him.

“It was fine.”

“How was your date?”

You straightened up at his question.

“How’d you know I was on a date?”

He shrugged again and out his hands in his pockets.

“I was passing through main street. By the diner. Saw you and that asshole you’re with eating.”

With a roll of your eyes, you smirked.

“And what exactly makes him an asshole?”

“He ain’t right for you. He can’t take care of you like I can. Fucker probably can’t take care of himself, let alone you too.”

You chuckled and tilted your head as you looked at him.

“And what makes you think you can take care of me?”

“The fact that I did it for 2 years.”

His answer was cocky, but you knew he had every reason to be. It was the truth. You’d been together for two years, him protecting you and doing what he needed to to keep you safe. It wasn’t enough though. In order to be a good Son and keep you safe, he had to be away. Whether it was on a run all the way in Tacoma or only 15 minutes away at the clubhouse, he wasn’t home as often as you’d wanted and the lack of attention had slowly worn a dent into your relationship until your feelings of neglect pushed you to want to leave him. And so you did. You stayed single and enjoyed the nights of hanging out around in the surrounding cities, not a care in the world about lockdowns as you partied and lived. But a certain someone had caught you eye and you’d been dating for the last couple of weeks. Apparently Kozik was already aware of this though.

“I took care of you and you know it. I may not have been there all the time but when I was, you loved it. And you loved me.”

He pulled his hands out of his pockets and and stood up straight, his usual cocky look coming to his face as he pushed his way inside. You could’ve stopped him if you wanted to, but you didn’t. You both knew that. So he walked in and closed the door behind him, your arm crossing over your chest as you watched him.

“You always felt safe with me. You knew I would always protect you. You knew I’d never let anything bad happen to you, not while I was there. He doesn’t make you feel like that. I’ve seen him. Kid couldn’t hurt a fly.”

He smirked and took a step closer to you, looking down at you as he came face to face.

“Guaranteed he can’t fuck you like I do either. Can’t take your breath away the way I can. Definitely can’t make you come as hard as I can.”

He put his hands on the bow tied on the front of your robe, pulling at one of the ends gently and making it come undone. The front of it opened and exposed the valley between your breasts, down your tummy and the front of your black panties. With his thumb, he pushed one side of the robe away slightly, just enough to expose your breast, your nipple poking out. He didn’t miss the opportunity to rub the pad of his thumb against it. A shudder ran through you at his touch, one you hadn’t felt in a long time. He gently ran his thumb in circles over the little bud.

“I know you babe. Better than anyone. I know your body. I know what you like. I know that you’ll give that little gasp if I just,”

He swiped his thumb over your nipple firmly and chuckled as you gave the exact gasp he was expecting. He could hear it in his head and felt a swell in both his heart and his pants as he heard it again in real life after so long. He did it a couple times more before leaning forward and crashing his lips against yours. He gripped your shoulder with his other hands and pushed the robe from your body, the fabric falling to a heap on the floor at your feet. He put his hands on your waist and pushed you backwards slowly, his mouth still on yours. Your back hit the counter and he gripped your waist again, spinning you around and bending you over the top.

“You know damn well he can’t take care of a woman like you. He may be nice, but he ain’t enough of a man to handle you.”

With one hand on your back holding you down onto the counter, the other gripped onto the waistband of your panties and pulled them down your legs, his lips kissing down along your spine. You could hear the jingling of his belt as he unbuckled it and began to pull his pants down.

“Taking care of you is my job.”

With that, he kneeled down behind you, his face level with your pussy. He left a small kiss on the cheek of your ass, his hands coming to grip them as he leaned forward and began kissing along your lips from behind. He let his tongue slip out and leave a long lick along your slit, one of his hands going down to stroke himself. His tongue pushed its way passed your lips and ran softly along your clit before he used his free hand to spread you open obscenely. He pointed his tongue and buried it inside you, your eyes slipping closed and your mouth slipping open at the sensation. He chuckled softly against you as you moaned, the vibrations making you throb. You whined and whimpered as you laid there, your hands reaching to grasp for something as he licked you. Kozik could feel the desperation radiating from you and had mercy, leaving one last kiss agains you before he stood up, gripping onto his cock and beginning to line it up with your opening.

“I’ll show you how you need to be taken care of. Remind you who’s the one that you belong to.”

Because You Loved Me

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Prompt: i was just wondering for part of wish upon a star.  after everyone reunion at the mayors office what emma, killian, henry, snow, david and regina go to grannies for dinner as family.  also emma and killian decide to dance at grannies when a song comes on its because you loved me by celine dion.

She woke up as her father called her name, her head resting on Killian’s chest, and her hands laced in his.

It had worked! Both her parents were awake, and Emma felt like crying. For the first time in weeks, things were looking up again. Her parents were out of the curse, her fiancé had returned, and they had a way to defeat the Black Fairy.

She watched as David and Killian made up, and Snow talked to the people of the town, who were all equally ecstatic that their curse had been broken.

They weren’t out of the clear yet, but when were they ever? There was always some curse, some evil, and some darkness, and Emma had long since learned to live in the moment, as opposed to waiting for a moment of peace in the chaos.

“Alright, I think this calls for a proper meal!” Granny said, as she ushered everyone out of the Mayor’s office.

“Killian,” she said softly, finding her Love, as she laced her fingers through his. He smiled softly at her as the towns people walked down Main Street and into the diner.

“I’m glad you’re both up,” she said to her parents as David pulled her into a hug. “I was really worried.”

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Normal - Jimmy Darling x Reader

REQUEST:  Jimmy meeting a girl with lobster hands? is that dumb? you don’t have to do it if you don’t want too… — sent by anonymous


Shout outs to @maiidesuu and @foodisthekeytodreams for talking to me while I was writing this and supporting the shit outta me cause they are amazing and awesome just like all the rest of you! 

You got off the bus when it got to your stop. You had just arrived in Jupiter, Florida. Hopefully here you would finally find what you had always been looking for, which was acceptance. You adjusted the gloves on your hands and hitched your bag on your shoulder and walked down the quiet main street. You spotted a diner, and you could really use a cup of coffee. You entered and sat at the counter, glancing around. The diner was mostly empty. There was a little family in the corner, an old man reading a news paper, and a cute guy on the other end of the counter with a motorcycle jacket and leather gloves. You locked eyes with him and he smiled at you and winked. You blushed and looked away. He was handsome, but if he got a look at what was under your gloves you bet he’d run screaming. 

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title: jealousy by another name 

fandom: Mystreet AU, Delinquent/Gang AU

pairing(s): one-sided!Ivy/Katelyn, ment. Garrance, Travlyn 

rating: T+

a/n: After seeing @sinner-sebby wonderful delinquent AU fanart, I couldn’t resist writing a quick drabble. I plan on definitely returning to this, so this is sort’ve a small taste??? I’M JUST GIVING INTO MY URGES >:>c

Don’t fuck with my love
I told her she knows
Take aim and reload (x.)

Maybe, just maybe, this was a dumb idea. 

Adrenaline pulsing, hot blood rushing, and thrill of the chase. The indignant shouts of Laurance drowned out by her own laughter and Katelyn’s profanity. 

Moments like these, she felt alive. 

Moment like these, as they hauled themselves over the metal fence, Ivy knew she chose right. 

She shot a look at the girl who ran beside her, her cheeks red with excitement. 

She definitely chose right. 

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Do not read if you do not want to spoil the last episode of the game:

Scenes in order:

Episode5Sub1=“Dark Room”

Episode5Sub2=“Dark Room - Focus”
Episode5Sub3=“Art Class - Focus”
Episode5Sub4=“Plane To San Francisco”
Episode5Sub5=“San Francisco’s Art Gallery”
Episode5Sub6=“Max’s Room - Focus”
Episode5Sub7=“Chloe’s Truck - In The Storm”
Episode5Sub8=“E5_5B MainStreet”
Episode5Sub9=“Diner - In The Storm”

Episode5Sub10=“Swimming Pool - Focus”
Episode5Sub11=“Cliff - In The Storm”
Episode5Sub12=“On The Road - Ending”
Episode5Sub13=“High School Toilets - Focus”
Episode5Sub15=“Hospital - Ending”

Originally posted by miyku

My theory of what will happen:

Max wakes up in the Dark Room, somehow she uses a photo of the Dark Room to jump back into the Dark Room? (I don’t understand this part) then she most probably uses the selfie she takes in Jefferson’s class to jump back into Art Class. Max then submits a photo for the Everyday Heroes contest and fast forward some time later she flies to San Francisco’s Art Gallery (idk when the winner flies out to San Francisco so maybe this theory isn’t legit) OR Max realizes something and buys tickets to fly to San Francisco’s Art Gallery. Max is safe from the storm but everyone else’s fate is unknown.

Maybe Max then realizes that she should go back to save Chloe and everyone in Arcadia Bay so she jumps back into her own room using the photo that she originally wanted to submit for the Everyday Heroes contest. Everything plays out as normal until the day of the storm except that they don’t try to find Rachel Amber and Chloe doesn’t end up shot by Jefferson. Max tells Chloe that they should save Joyce and David hence the “Chloe’s Truck - In The Storm”, “Main Street” and “Diner - In The Storm” scenes. 

Their plans fail and we are given the choice to either to:

Originally posted by maxcatfield

  • jump into the Vortex Club Party picture with Warren and save Chloe from dying then when we jump back we are already on the Cliff with the storm happening like when Max was having a flashback/blackout during the ending of episode 1 (the one where Chloe taps on her shoulder and Max snaps out of the vision and falls down) and they RUN AWAY TOGETHER as hinted by many songs in the game, esp. Mountains by Message to Bears but we don’t save everyone else and let the hurricane do justice to the town (if you haven’t read the theory that the hurricane is actually happening to wipe out the evil of the town, you should read it).


Old Concept Art of Polarized (not sure if still legit) (Max in hospital clothes)

  • jump into the High School Toilets picture when Max takes a photo of the butterfly (her reflection is seen on the steel bucket) in an attempt to relive their last week together again. Everything plays out until Max and Chloe are on the cliff like in the first episode. Max blacks out this time but is taken to the hospital, the storm is already happening when she wakes up and she tries to stop it by rewinding things as seen in the concept art and trying to go back to before the storm happened/to the cliff. Max tries hard but it works and she wakes up in class with the nightmare again (a vision of the way she should be taking to save Chloe since Rachel (the doe spirit) is also leading them onto the cliff in the storm here) OR Max saves everyone from the storm but she gets a massive headache because of her powers and how she didn’t save Chloe because Chloe got shot by Jefferson, she rewinds back to class again and wakes up with the nightmare.

Yes I get that there are some serious plot holes in my theory but this is what I think will PROBABLY happen, you are welcome to give your opinion and maybe logically fill up my plot holes? But there are two things I am sure about the last episode:

  • we will be jumping from photos to photos and to our timeline and back
  • there are two endings like the poem Alyssa recited during the Vortex Club Party if you save her four times (if we believe that she is actually foreshadowing the ending of the game):
  • “You kinda are a superhero. You always choose to help me.
    It reminds me of the only poem I can quote, by Robert Frost.”

    I shall be telling this with a sigh
    Somewhere ages and ages hence:
    Two roads diverged in a wood, and I —
    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference.

windout  asked:

Hey Wil, I'm going to Brownsville, OR tomorrow to be a touristy Stand By Me fan. Are there any pics you want or places we should see? If the Bluepoint is open we'll eat there. Really want to find that spot where the treehouse was. -Chris

The treehouse is long gone, and I think there’s something on that property, now. But if you look down the main street, with the diner on your left, the set was built on that small hill just above the town.