main story added

3.1 Topics


~New Main Story Quests added.

~Side Quests - Theological School - Saint Endalim Scholasticate. New and interesting side story.

~Vanu Vanu Beast Tribe Quests

-Battle System-

~New dungeons: Saint Mocianne Arboretum & Pharos Sirius (Hard)

Only 2 dungeons since they are aiming to work on new and different content.

~Adding experience points to Level 50 dungeons.

~New 24-man raid: Void Ark

You saw it flying around already.

Loot rolls will be the same as WoD. 1 tank, 2 heal, 5 dps. 3 Alliances as usual.

~New primal battle

If you participate in The Rising event coming up, you might get a hint of what it might be!

~Airship Exploration Voyage

Exploring sky islands with FC airships

Multiple parties can explore the same place

Defeating a lot of strong monsters - There are multiple difficulties with islands, and monsters will get stronger and stronger as you get to the center

Even if you aren’t in an FC, you can still participate, through Ishgard Landing.

Seems like there will be some gathering nodes on those islands as well, so for example, maybe you go to the party finder and get a bunch of gatherers, clear the island, and dig up the entire place together.

~Comletion time for duties added to Undersized Party.

for doing Time Trial / Speed Runs?

~New Weapon Upgrade system

Really cool looking weapons  \ *A* /