main stage

Welcome to the Midsummers night Masquerade ball

Thanks to Abel, the room looked beautiful, The outfits were on point, the theming was gorgeous and the nighttime summer air brought a sense of romanticism to the entire place.

So elegant, so extravagant… No less was expected of the Aether President at this point.

Two balls under his belt, now was the time to shine as he stands up high on the main stage, Music playing softly. “Good evening, Welcome to the Midsummers night ball. Its always good to see familiar faces in the audience- Some of you I’ve seen the past couple of balls as well. Welcome back! As usual, the public areas of the foundation are open for you, and the back terrace is open for pokemon battles should you care to partake in them. Donations may be given directly to me, or any Aether employee, and the Silent auctions will be taking place in the main lobby. We’ve been graced with a full Alolan style buffet at the back of the ballroom near the bar, feel free to help yourself to the authentic local dishes prepared in their traditional styles. There is also plenty of non-alcoholic drinks on the tables back there as well.”

“But of course, please do enjoy yourselves- The fashion this time around is beautiful and the masks are just as gorgeous, I’ll see you on the dance floor!”

And with that, he finally steps down, bringing the guest list to the front of the house.


NCT 127 cheering during Onew’s acceptance speech