main road as well

hey have i ever told y’all about my cursed apartment building

cursed how, you say???? well, here’s the thing: no-one can fuckin see it. let me explain further

  • i live in a tiny flat in a big red brick building with huge windows. it has a driveway with two columns on either side - not a thing you usually see in this area. it is opposite a bus stop and several corner shops. it is on a main, busy road. most significantly, it is attached to a church. a well-known church with a big pink sign on the front.
  • all things that would make it easy to spot, right???? like if i gave that list of distinguishing features to someone along with my address then they’d be able to find my flat easily, right??? well APPARENTLY NOT
  • we have never once had a delivery to our flat (outside of the usual postal service) where we haven’t been called by a lost courier 
  • usually, they are about thirty seconds away. “i’m by the church and i don’t know where to go from here,” they say. so we tell them, “it’s the building right next to the church!! the one you’re outside. that church. it’s the next building along. it’s opposite a bus stop and it has a driveway with two big columns.” 
  • without fail, they call back 5-10 minutes later, still lost.
  • i have answered calls from both lost delivery people and friends where i’ve been able to see them standing in front of the driveway, from my window
  • a friend of mine once drove past my building three times, while on the phone to me, getting increasingly panicked that she couldn’t figure out where she was going. she parked in a nearby road and i had to walk to her car and guide her to the driveway
  • however, my flatmate and i found this place when we were flat-hunting first time, no trouble, and we don’t know what that means other than i guess this place chose us and the rent is so cheap because the estate agents were so relieved to find the first people in a thousand years who could actually see this fuckin building
  • today a food delivery person called me to say he was outside the church, was told to go to the next building along, (a 20 second journey on foot) and arrived at my door 20 minutes later, saying, “sorry, i went to the back of this building by mistake. weird right???”
  • this building doesn’t have a back
  • it backs onto the rest of the church it doesn’t have a back where did he go

braveten  asked:

Victor, Yuuri, and Yurio are looking at colleges when Victor sees a sign for a marathon and decides to join it with Yurio. Yuuri is holding a sign labeled 'kiss me i'm a skater' on the sidelines and Victor gets very distracted during the race.

Viktor Nikiforov, retired 5-time consecutive World Champion of Men’s Figure Skating, has recently announced that he will be participating in the 2018 St Lidwina Marathon on April 16. Nikiforov reportedly has taken up long-distance running as a hobby alongside coaching his husband, 2017 World Champion and Grand Prix Winner Yuuri Katsuki as well as 2016 Grand Prix Winner Yuri Plisetsky. Plisetsky is also running the marathon alongside Nikiforov, while Katsuki will be cheering at the halfway mark on the St Lidwina University campus. [MORE]

The screaming at the St Lidwina University Thunder Tunnel is, for lack of a better word, thunderous. 

Yurio had been looking at the university as a prospective applicant, and they’d lined up the visit so that they could get a campus tour and attend an admissions info session alongside participating in the marathon the next day. They were even staying at a small Airbnb just off-campus, tucked above a cosy little cafe called Charlotte’s Corner. St Lidwina was a sweet little New England college town already beginning to be warmed by spring, and Yurio had loved it.

Well, at least, he was scowling a lot less than usual. Puberty had hit Yurio like a truck, and as a consequence he liked to act extra surly to compensate for his sudden lack of grace on the ice. But when the blond had looked up at the red-brick and marble-pillar majesty that was Founders Hall, the admissions and administrative building of the liberal arts college at the university, none of that surliness had been on his face.

That had been yesterday. Today, a different sort of energy hums in the air. Yuuri is convinced most of the students piled up on the metal barriers by the main road are already well on their way to drunk if not already there. Their screams are deafening, and the bright colours of their signs flash wildly in the mid-morning sun.

Viktor and Yurio would be coming by in one of the middle groups, Yuuri knows, so they’ll be here sooner or later. He elbows his way into the crowds gathered at the barrier until he’s managed to squeeze himself up against the metal, between a girl holding a sign that says “Live Long and Prosper” and a boy with a sign that says “Kiss Me, I’m from Texas”. 

Yuuri has his own sign, of course, and he has it up just as another wave of runners begin to appear around the bend.

The screaming gets louder

Yuuri almost drops his sign in an attempt to cover his ears. Had he ever been this loud while at Wayne State? Maybe he should have had something to drink before coming out here. The girl next to him is jumping up and down now, offering high-fives to the marathon runners as they go by. Someone has come by and planted a solid smooch on the cheek of the boy from Texas. 

Yuuri himself offers a couple high-fives to passing runners who recognise him. He shouts some encouragement to them as they go past, but his voice feels oddly drowned out in the overwhelming sound.

And then he sees them both rounding the bend, and his heart picks up a little at the sight.

Yuri is wearing a loose black tank and short leopard-print shorts, his hair tied up and his expression determined. He high-fives a couple people, and offers a quick peck to a girl waving a sign that says “Kiss Me, I’m a Cat Person”. But for the most part he’s focused on the road ahead.

Viktor, on the other hand, is craning his head every which way for a sign of Yuuri. And he’s running shirtless, the white t-shirt he’d started with now uselessly draped over his shoulders. His hair is clipped out of his face and he seems to be covered in sweat, but there’s an intoxicating flush in his cheeks that has a lot of people surrounding Yuuri clamouring for him to come over and kiss them.

And Yuuri’s not about to let that happen.

Viktor!” he shouts, waving his sign. Viktor looks over, his expression lighting up at the sight as he jogs by. 

“Yuuri!” he breathes. He looks like he wants to say more, but is too exhausted to do anything else other than grab Yuuri by the back of his head and bring him in for the hottest, sweatiest, and most disgusting kiss they’ve ever shared in their life. The world falls away all the same, all the noise and screaming around them narrowing into a tunnel of sound surrounding the two of them.

Viktor’s shirt tugs a little. Yurio is dragging him away. Yuuri is dimly aware that he’s now halfway over the barrier. His sign has dropped away somewhere.

“You should go,” he breathes absently against Viktor’s lips.

“Don’t wanna,” mutters Viktor.

“You need to finish the race,” Yuuri says. “We can pick this up later.”

“Promise?” asks Viktor.

Yuuri nods. His fingers linger a moment longer on Viktor’s cheek after he’s pulled back, and then his husband is racing away, sunlight glinting off his ring. Just before he fades from view, Viktor turns back and blows him a kiss, and Yuuri catches it with a grin.

“Wow.” He hears it just to his left, and turns to see the girl staring at him, wide-eyed. He can feel the eyes of everyone nearby on him, now, striking a match to the fire spreading rapidly across his cheeks. 

“That was adorable,” someone remarks. “Can’t wait to see it break the internet.”

And then they return to the screaming, and Yuuri hopes (in vain, he knows) that Phichit won’t find any videos of him and Viktor by the end of the hour.

Rick Martin for BuzzFeed

Viktor Nikiforov and Yuuri Katsuki continue to be #relationshipgoals as Katsuki was spotted giving out some, ahem, encouragement as a spectator of the St Lidwina Marathon this past Monday.

The St Lidwina University Thunder Tunnel is a longstanding tradition of the Marathon, being located at the halfway point on the route. It offers runners a significant milestone as well as encouragement to continue the route. Katsuki was spotted at the Thunder Tunnel at around 11:30AM holding a sign that says ‘Kiss Me, I’m a Figure Skater’ and offering high-fives and encouragement to the runners that passed by.

Well, until his husband, retired five-time consecutive World Champion Viktor Nikiforov showed up with their son (in all but name) Yuri Plisetsky.

Nikiforov clearly read Katsuki’s sign and decided to take him up on the offer.

Very enthusiastically.

And of course Katsuki was very enthusiastically reciprocating.

I mean, can we blame them? Nikiforov was running shirtless by that point in the race. #thethirstisrealfolks

Eventually Plisetsky pulled Nikiforov back to the marathon at hand, and the two managed to complete with the rest of the runners.

Nikiforov repeatedly beat his personal best time by six minutes despite having been distracted by his husband along the way.

We’re sure they celebrated this little victory in their own little way afterwards. 

Praying to the god of Mischief

TITLE: Praying to the god of Mischief 


AUTHOR: BlackIrisPosts

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine one night you pray to the god of mischief before setting out to prank a friend, to your great surprise and horror, he shows up to help and things get out of hand.


Not my first fic, but my first time writing Loki. I hope you enjoy! 

Flash light? Check.

Two mega economy packs of toilet paper? Check. And check.

Simplest idea ever? Check.

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You Make My Heart Beat

Park Jihoon is a mystery at your high school. He never talks to anyone, goes home in a super fancy black car, and rumor has it that he’s in a gang– or worse, the mafia. When you’re assigned to sit next to him, you start to realize that Park Jihoon isn’t the cold guy that everyone made him out to be

  • a written fic version of park jihoon’s mafia au scenario; read that here
  • for the aprox. 20 anons who asked for a written version of jihoon’s mafia au lmao
  • the tysm-to-the-lovely-angels-that-support-this-blog fic

“(y/n),” the teacher called, pointing to one of the desks before moving on. You obediently picked up your things, trudging over to the new desk that had been assigned to you. “Park Jihoon.” Your head jolted up in surprise—you would be sitting with Park Jihoon?

Jihoon had… and interesting reputation at your high school. He never talked to anyone, ever, and if he didn’t take the bus home from school, a fancy, shiny black car picked him up. At first, the rumor was that he was a chaebol, but when Kwon Soonyoung reported that he saw a tattoo on Jihoon’s chest when they were changing for gym, the rumors shifted into Jihoon’s participation in a gang, or worse, the 101, the organized crime group of the area.

You’d rolled your eyes at this, thinking it was stupid to judge someone based off of a bunch of high school rumors. If he didn’t want to talk to anyone, fine, but that didn’t give you or your classmates the right to be rude about it.

Granted, as Jihoon silently took the seat next to yours, you felt slightly intimidated by the deathly silence, your classmates all looking at you sympathetically. Jihoon had the seat by the window, and you had the one more towards the classroom, and as class finally started up, he just stared out the window, not paying attention.

This became a daily occurrence. When Jihoon showed up—if he did at all—he’d take his seat silently. Occasionally, if you were feeling particularly cheery, you’d say good morning, but he would just sit there, either playing a game on his phone, texting, or staring out of the window. You wondered about his confidence, how he could just waste away his time in school while you were desperate for more time, cramming as much information into your head as possible.

Your friends were all interested, however. Jihoon had the whole mysterious thing going on, and his incredibly good looks helped as well, and your friends pressed you to talk to him, or maybe introduce them to him. The guy hadn’t spoken one word to you—what made them think he would talk to you?

A few weeks after you had begun sitting next to Jihoon, you were rummaging around in your locker for your lunch, cursing to yourself that you’d somehow managed to lose it.

“(y/n),” someone said quietly from behind you, startling you. You stood up, and banged your head on the top of the locker, cursing as you clutched the top of your head. Jihoon tried to conceal a smile, which you didn’t notice, looking over at you. “Could you cover for me? Something came up.” He said stiffly, cheeks coloring a tad bit.

You were startled that he was talking to you, let alone that he even knew your name, but you nodded quickly. “No problem. I hope whatever happened works out.”

Jihoon just nodded, casually slinging his backpack over his shoulder and hurrying out. As you sat with your friends, eating your lunch, you watched the small figure that was Jihoon toss his backpack over the fence, easily climbing over it.

“So Park Jihoon has finally caught your eye?” One of your friends teased, following your gaze to where Jihoon was running up to a black car, getting into the back.

“What?” Your cheeks colored as you quickly shook your head, “no, no. He’s just… interesting.”

When class started up again, the teacher pinned you down with a piercing stare. “(y/n), where did Park Jihoon go?” She asked shrilly, glaring at you, “Is he skipping school again?”

“No, teacher,” you lied smoothly, “he threw up and had to go home from sickness.”

The next morning, you got to your seat, surprised to see something sitting on top. It was a freshly baked muffin from a bakery near your school, along with a Post-It note with Jihoon’s scrawl—

Thanks. –pjh

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run away days

Some how Neil escapes both the Feds and the hospital. It’s mindblowingly amazing that after being tortured and kidnapped and held under surveillance that he managed to slip past the Feds and out the front door (the security footages showed him just walking on out, barely upright. He had stolen new clothes and nicked some baseball cap but anyone who knew Neil knew that desperate set in his shoulders.).

Andrew was livid.

Neil had panicked and fled, face torn up and body a bloody mess. He hadn’t even taken a phone with him, or his duffle bag. All that he had left behind was a scrap piece of paper that he had written im sorry on in his own blood.

The Feds were searching and Andrew was combing the streets. Neil was smart enough to avoid the train station and the bus station along with the main roads. He knew Neil well enough to know that he would migrate towards an airport.

It was stupid, seeing as how he had no ID much less a passport and Andrew was going to handcuff him to his own wrist the moment he got his hands on him.

He was driving down one of the back streets seething in anger, hands gripping tight to the steering wheel.

Neil was hunched over on a street corner by himself and Andrew slammed on the brake the moment he caught a glimpse of him.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” He demanded as he slammed the car door hard. Neil gave a violent flinch, looking up with a panicked expression. “Thought I told you to stop playing rabbit.”

He got a shrug in response and a chance to take a look at the hospital bandages. Blood was showing through at a few spots and he frowned hard.

“Old habits.”

“Figure out how to break them.”

His anger, much to his dismay, was slipping away. Andrew made an attempt to pull Neil up but was rejected, arms lifting to cover his face as Neil leaned back out of reflex. “Pretty stupid sitting in the open like this. Thought you had survival instincts.”

Neil looked up at him blankly. “I don’t think I want to anymore.”

Ah, Andrew frowned. Neil was waiting for someone to pick him off. Do the majorly post poned job and kill him. Gun, knife. Nothing overly new. This wouldn’t stand.

“Yes or no.” He asked and waited for the slight jerk of Neil’s head, half unaware and half exhausted. Andrew placed one hand on the back of his neck, waiting for the anxiety to die down a bit before using his other hand to grasp Neil by the elbow and force him to stand up.

Neil winced, standing. His legs trembled with the effort and his skin seemed to burn. Suddenly Andrew was herding him towards the still running car and for a moment he tried to push away and flee but was blocked. It was a subtle repositioning of stance, Andrew shifting to prevent Neil from slipping past and instead had him seated in the car, buckled in and contained.

The window went down a few inches and Andrew kept an eyes on him, even as he drove him back to the hospital.

Everything was a mess there, nurses up in arms with the Feds and the foxes up in arms with everyone. Kevin was hunched over in the waiting room drinking what appeared to be a combination of protein powder and vodka while Matt was on his phone calling out what sounded to be a description of Neil-“he’s really fucking short, and I love him so find him”- before catching sight of Andrew gently guiding Neil into the area.

“Where did you find him?” Matt demanded, getting close but not to close because Neil looked like a nervous wreck, half leaning towards Andrew and half trying to stumble backwards out the doors. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” he whispered, words like plastic against a face covered in bandages and misery.

“Bullshit,” Aaron announced from where he was perched on a bench. “You need bandages changed, probably pulled some stitches. Ever think maybe taking it easy instead of pulling off an escape might be a good idea?” Dan hummed in agreement as she waved over a nurse.

Suddenly people were swarming and Neil was pressed up against a wall with Andrew standing guard. Feds were talking loud and fast and he could barely keep words straight when Andrew moved to block one man with handcuffs from touching him. “Don’t even think about touching him.”

“We were very clear what would happen if you tried this. He’s had his warning, now please move out of the way.”

“What exactly has he done wrong?” Allison demanded, elbowing her way through the collection of nurses to get closer. “He’s just a witness who got scared off. Technically you’re more at fault for letting him just walk on out those doors.”

“He needs protective custody. Nathanial isn’t in a strong mentality to be left to make his own decisions.”

“Neil,” Andrew said loudly, “is staying right here.”

“He’s dangerous to have around.”

“I’m more dangerous than you’d think.”

Neil was skittish, trying to find an exit to escape the crowd of people and Feds were pushing in to much and suddenly Andrew had backed him up towards a wall of solid muscle, Matt who gently put an arm around him and stood tall towards anyone who dared to blink in their direction. Renee was up beside Andrew and Kevin was close to Neil, hands curled tight.

Suddenly the world was hard to focus on much of anything and he slid down to the floor.


“You’re idiot boyfriend over exhausted and dehydrated himself.” Aaron told Andrew. “Next time he decides on fleeing pack him a water bottle.”

He was hooked to an IV and had his wrists restrained until it could be proved he wasn’t a danger to himself. The moment Neil had collapse the nurses descended, sending him deeper into the hospital. Matt had followed with Aaron while the rest of the foxes stood off to the Feds. It had been three hours of point blank refusing to agree that Neil had any potential of danger (beyond what Nicky called his oblivious cruelty to his attempts at flirting with the striker)

“Shut up.” Andrew said smartly.

Neil’s name was to be legally changed to Neil Josten and nothing was to change at all. He would attend trial for Lola’s crimes as well as testify to the extent of his father. He would remain a fox. He would remain their own.


After his release Neil was a bit different. His sessions with Bee were weekly mandatory sessions and he refused to cooperate at all. Andrew got into the habit of escorting him to and from, as well as sticking around to monitor the situation afterwards. Neil sometimes became flighty and unpredictable and Andrew had found him after the second session packing and unpacking his duffle bag over and over again.

He said stopped using lighters anywhere near him and there was an unspoken promise between them. Neil would try to cope and Andrew would handle what Neil couldn’t. If that meant to force him to not run away or to drag him to the therapy sessions, Andrew was fine with it.

Praying to the god of mischief

Imagine one night you pray to the god of mischief before setting out to prank a friend, to your great surprise and horror, he shows up to help and things get out of hand.

 Submitted to Imagine Loki here:

Read on AO3 here:

Flash light? Check.

Two mega economy packs of toilet paper? Check. And check.

Simplest idea ever? Check.

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In the Mist - Chapter 1


Nowhere in Particular

Most people had horses or wagons to get them from one place to the next, but all Jamie had to rely on were his own two feet. He was an avid horseman, and he had ridden and trained more horses than he could count. But here, he had few things of value and none of them would give him enough for a horse.

He didn’t have any real destination, so he simply took a step, and then another. Eventually he stumbled onto what he assumed to be a main road. It was evident that many people came through there, based on the abundance of hoofprints and footsteps. He hoped that if he followed it long enough, he would come across some sort of community.

It was already dark when he left the station, and there was no telling what sort of danger lingered in the brush in daylight, let alone the dark. He walked until he found shelter in a hollow tree just off the main road. It wasn’t much, but it was dry and he was well hidden from prying eyes. He hoped that it would also be enough to protect him from anything lurking in the shadows.

He was no stranger to living outdoors, but that was a place he knew well. He knew nothing of this place apart from what he’d seen in the short time he’d been here. This was a world of all new fauna, people, customs, and traditions.

He pulled the tartan from his pack and wrapped himself in it. The highlander way of life had been wiped out long before he was born, but highlander he was. The wearing of kilts had been outlawed in Scotland, but this was a whole new place. The whole purpose of people coming here was to live freely and the way that they wanted.

Still, he didn’t want to draw attention to himself, already a stranger in strange place.

“One day.” He smiled as he ran his fingers across the fabric, remembering all those he left behind.

He took solace in the night sky, small specks of light littered among the empty void. Proving that no matter what, there was light. That there would always be hope.

Black gave way gray, and the birds came to life in song, signaling the start of a new day.

The forest floor was shrouded in a heavy fog, reducing visibility to a minimum. Jamie would have to wait until it cleared just a bit before he resumed his journey.

But there was something there, barely visible.

He thought it must’ve been a squirrel making it’s way from tree to tree, but the closer it came, the clearer it was.

It wasn’t a thing, but a person. A woman.

She was dressed in a white garment that was hardly modest. Dark curls surrounded her head, as wild as the world around them. Her pale skin seemed to glow, just a bit. He couldn’t make out her face, but he imagined it was just as perfect as the rest of her.

It looked as if she were dancing, blissfully unaware of her surroundings. Perhaps just happy to be alive.

And then just as quickly as she appeared, she vanished.

He rubbed his eyes and looked again, but there was nothing but the mist.

The fog had cleared, and once again Jamie was headed into an unknown future.

He couldn’t help but think about the woman he saw in the early hours of the morning. Or if he had even seen her at all. Perhaps she had never even been there, and his mind made her up out of painful solitude.

What did it mean? Was it a sign? A vision? Or was being alone simply driving him mad?

Either way, she wasn’t likely to leave his mind any time soon. He had no idea who she was or what she was, but by God she was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. His heart fluttered as his mind wandered back to the moment when he’d seen her.

He shook his head, laughing at himself. “Yer a fool, Fraser.”

After what felt like days of walking, Jamie finally, finally, found paradise. A small tavern with a few outbuildings surrounding it. He received many sideways glances and looks of disgust, but he was so tired and hungry he didn’t care.

“What can I get you?” Came a soft voice from behind the bar.

“Anything that’s edible.” He laughed, while searching his pack for the little money he had left.

When she returned with his meal, he was so focused on the food, he hadn’t even looked up.

But after a few bites he finally glanced at the hand that fed him, and nearly choked as a result.

It was her.

That morning, he hadn’t even seen her face. But he was sure it was her.

“Are you alright?” She asked, trying her best not to laugh at his ridiculous face.

“Fine.” He choked out, along with wet eyes and a red face.

It hasn’t even been ten minutes and ye’ve already made a fool of yerself.

She crossed her arms and smiled as he took a swig of ale. “Good, It’d be a shame if you died without paying.”

He had finished his supper long ago, and they were the only two who remained. She was everything he imagined her to be, and more. She was no ordinary woman, and with each passing minute, she only became more interesting. More beautiful. More perfect.

“So where are you headed?” She asked with her head propped in her hand.

“Nowhere in particular.” He smiled as he gazed into deep amber eyes, losing himself in them. “To be honest, I haven’t any place to go.”

She frowned and paused, deciding whether or not to speak her mind.

“Well, I have an extra room upstairs. You’re welcome to stay there until you figure it out.” She hardly knew the man. He had come out of nowhere, resembling the lowliest of beggars. Yet there was something about him, something that drew her to him. He was handsome, and charming. There was no doubting that. But it was as if he didn’t even know it. He was so kind and genuine, nowhere near the same as the other men that came through.

“I haven’t anything to pay ye with!” He exclaimed, eyes wide. He never wanted to leave, but he wouldn’t take advantage her like this.

“Well I can’t let you just sleep in the dirt, can I?” She smiled and turned to clear away the mess of her departed patrons.

“Aye, ye could. I could be a killer for all you know.” He quipped.

“Are you?” Her voice was steady, confident.

“No…” He mumbled.

“Then there’s nothing to worry about.” She flashed him a smile and motioned for him to follow her once everything had been put away.

He clenched his jaw, bit his tongue, and did as he was bid.

She lead him to the back of the tavern, up some stairs and stopped outside a large door. The room was small, but it had a bed and a fireplace, which was more than Jamie could have asked for.

“You can stay here until you have a place.”

He stood there, completely dumbfounded.

“I have nothing to give ye.” He tried again, he didn’t want to impose. He had nothing to pay her with, and she was willingly giving him food and board. And to a stranger at that.

“You will.” She smirked, and turned to leave, but hesitated, glancing at him over her shoulder.

“What’s your name?”

“James, but ye can call me Jamie.”

“Goodnight, Jamie.” She smiled, and then disappeared into the confines of her own room.

“Goodnight, Sassenach.” He whispered into the empty darkness. He didn’t even know her name.


Dear, anon… Something like this is to your liking, I hope.

Indeed, I hope.





Itachi knew his brother well.

At eighteen, Sasuke had yet to grow out of the habit of disliking everyone he met upon first meeting them. Most people either gave up on trying to be on good terms with Sasuke or were persistent enough to where Sasuke could tolerate them.

But…Sasuke disliked Hinata, and she was neither someone who cared to get into Sasuke’s good graces nor did she hide her contempt for his attitude towards her.

Neji was just as perplexed when it came to Hinata.

At seventeen, Hinata had no true enemies despite the superficial ones acquired by being a Leaf shinobi. It took him a while to realize that her indifference towards Sasuke was actually genuine coldness towards him.

Neji wouldn’t have cared, but even he had to admit that out of all the enemies she could have had, Sasuke Uchiha was not a wise choice. He honestly had no clue what could have happened between the two to make them dislike each other so strongly.

So, from one brother figure to the next, Itachi and Neji decided to settle the issue once and for all.

“What is this?”

Sasuke stood at Itachi’s side at the entrance of the Training Grounds. On the other side, he could see Neji and Hinata situated under a tree. The two had been talking, but once Hinata heard Sasuke’s voice, she turned towards the Uchihas, wide eyed then stone faced.

“Hear us out,” Itachi said as he urged Sasuke towards the Hyuugas.

“What is this?” Sasuke demanded again, glaring hard at the Hyuugas.

Or perhaps the one deeming the trees more worthy of her glare than the youngest Uchiha.

When the two pairs were face to face, Neji and Itachi wondered if they were making the right choice. The tension between Sasuke and Hinata was so thick, it was amazing either of them still remained where they were instead of storming off or attacking each other.

Neji cleared his throat. “Hinata, it has come to my attention that you are not particularly fond of Sasuke.”

Hinata looked at Neji slowly, her stone expression unchanging.

“And, Sasuke,” Itachi said, “for whatever reason, Hinata seems to irritate you more than most.”

Sasuke glared at him, fists clenched at his sides.

“With that being said,” Itachi went on, “Neji and I have concluded that whatever unresolved issues you both have should be settled. We think a spar is in order.”

Sasuke stared at Itachi for a long minute. “What?”

“You two should spar,” Itachi said.

“We’ll supervise,” Neji said. “We think both of you are past the point to talk through whatever animosity it is that has both of you so cold towards each other.”

“And you’ve never actually sparred with each other without interference,” Itachi said. “We promise to not intervene unless it becomes life-threatening.”

Hinata and Sasuke didn’t say anything. They stared at their respective family member for a thick moment before turning their stern stares on one another.

“Fine,” Hinata said, pulling out a hair tie and tying her hair back.

Sasuke waited a moment before pulling out a headband to hold his bangs back.

After Hinata threw her jacket to the side, she and Sasuke walked to the center of the field in silence. Neji and Itachi watched from underneath the tree with the sickening feeling that they had both made a mistake.

And then Hinata and Sasuke clashed before either Itachi or Neji knew what was happening. Chakra sprayed and metal collided, each attack strong enough to be felt on the edge of the field. In a blur, Sasuke and Hinata were savagely engaged in hand-to-hand combat, making both Itachi and Neji cringe when an attack landed successfully.

“Maybe we should stop them,” Neji said.

Sasuke’s foot narrowly missed shattering Hinata’s hip.

“It’s not life-threatening,” Itachi said.

Hinata sent a forceful jab of chakra intended for Sasuke’s shoulder cratering into a tree on the opposite side of the field.

The two kept this up for another minute before Hinata unexpectedly turned heel and ran into the thicket of trees. Sasuke hesitated a second before giving chase, catching up with her quickly. They disappeared into the trees, but soon after, destructive crashes and ground-shaking booms filled the air.

Neji and Itachi stared in stunned horror as the sounds continued.

Then the sounds stopped.

Neji and Itachi shared a worried glance before darting across the field. Before they entered the trees, Hinata screamed, sending the two into a new wave of speed and worry. They followed the mess of splintered tree trunks and torn bushes until they could hear the two up ahead.

“I’m tired of this,” Sasuke panted hoarsely. ‘I’m tired of you.”

“I can’t take this,” Hinata whispered miserably.

Neji and Itachi finally got Sasuke and Hinata in their sights but stopped abruptly feet away from them.

Sasuke had Hinata pinned to the ground, holding her hands firmly above her head. He was in between Hinata’s legs, but it appeared as though Hinata was keeping him there, whether or not it was to keep him from coming closer or getting farther away was unclear. The bruises and torn clothing could easily be explained away by the sparring, but every so often Sasuke’s hips would press into Hinata, causing her back to arch, causing an unintelligible groan.

“I can’t take it.” Hinata freed one of her hands and tugged at the top of Sasuke’s pants. “I can’t wait.”

Sasuke leaned his head back, taking a deep breath, shuddering. “Fuck it.”

Itachi snatched Neji away before they could see any more. The two walked back in silence, ignoring any sounds they heard, and didn’t stop walking until they were out of the Training Grounds all together and back on the main road. They stood in a stupor, their minds unfortunately working very well, and tried to beat down and sort through all the events that led up to this point.

In mutual agreement and silence, they located a bench and sat down. Itachi was the first to speak.

“How long have they-”

“I have no idea,” Neji said mechanically.

“I didn’t even know-”

“Me either.”

“I thought-”

“Me, too.”

Another long silence.

“At least they don’t hate each other,” Itachi said resignedly.

Neji laughed.

Alone, Until I Get Home (13/?)

Summary: In Boston, Henry Swan’s six-year-old brother Ian finds a book titled “Once Upon a Time” hidden beneath the seat in their mom’s old yellow bug. As soon as Henry touches it, he remembers.

Season 3 Canon Divergence-Emma finds out she’s pregnant a few weeks after she and Henry leave Storybrooke with new memories and new lives. Nearly seven years later, another Dark Curse puts her family in danger, and Emma must return to Storybrooke to help them.

Who’s powerful enough to cast the Dark Curse? And how the hell is she going to tell Hook they have a son together?

Also on: AO3

Tagging: @el-kelpo @m98h@strawberrycupcakeprincess@crisanja@superchocovian @adeelam @andiirivera @cinnamonduckling@mez86​ @tiganasummertree

Chapter 13

Henry gleefully drops his wooden practice sword onto the ground and throws himself down next to it.

Holy shit,” he pants.

Chuckling, Hook (who’s not even breathing hard, the absolute bastard) sits down on a stack of dock pilings.

“You didn’t know learning swordplay would be such a workout, did you?”

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First Meeting - Jaewon/One Fluff

Originally posted by fy-jay-dok2

I’ll be honest, I didn’t know who Jaewon was, but I did my research and he actually seems pretty sweet. I downloaded one of his songs too, because I searched him on Youtube. I think it was with Beenzino? I like Beenzino, and now have another rapper to like, so thank you anon x

Word count: 1320

Genre: Fluff

Finally, you could go home after that long and stressful day. Your boss had you running here and there far more than usual. Your boss was also in one of their weird moods, so you had to refill them with coffee every hour or so just to make sure they were still alive. You just couldn’t wait to sit down, even if it was on a train, and maybe have a nap.

When you got on the train, though, you realised that it wasn’t going to be that way at all. It was absolutely packed full of people, and as you scanned up and down the carriage you knew that you wouldn’t be sitting down. Moving to the nearest loop which hung from the trains ceiling, you grabbed on before the train began to move.

Way to ruin your day just that little further. On the worst days, there were never seats on the train. It was just the rule, or that’s how it appeared.

You pulled out your phone to see a text from your boss.

‘You’ve got to come in early tomorrow. I don’t want you a second late after eight AM. Bring coffee.’

“Aish.” You snarled, locking your phone and shoving it into your bag.

“Are you alright?” Was heard from above you, causing you to turn. This is when you first met eyes with him: Jung Jaewon.

Of course, you didn’t know at that second who he was or eventually how much he would mean to you, but what you did know was that he was gorgeous. His dark hair hung down naturally, his jumper baggy on his arms. And, oh, how you feel for those eyes the second you clashed with them. Warm eyes that seemed so inviting.

“Is there something on my face?” He chuckled (a laugh more beautiful than you’d ever heard before), wiping around his soft lips.

Your eyes widened, realising that you’d been staring, “Ah, no. Sorry, I’m just tired.”


“Yeah. My boss is a little… bossy.”

Again, he laughed lightly, “The clues in the name I guess.”

“I guess I was stupid enough to work for somebody like that anyway.” You huffed, looking around the carriage.

“I’m Jaewon.” He said, causing you to turn and look at him shooting you a smile which suddenly made your day ten times better.

“I’m Y/N.” You replied, mirroring the smile he gave you, “So, Jaewon, do you make conversation with everyone on public transport?”

“Only the pretty ones, Y/N.” He answered, a smirk growing on his face.

You felt your cheeks heat up as you looked down on at your shoes, worn from all the strutting about at work. This is when the lights began to flicker on the train, causing everyone to gasp.

“Ah, what’s going on with them?” Jaewon muttered lightly. As these words floated out of him, you couldn’t help but keep your eyes fixed to his lips. You studied the way they moved, wrapped around each vowel. Your eyes then travelled up to study his whole face, and you believed at that second that you’d never see anybody so beautiful.

You felt your hand begin to loosen up on the loop as you began to truly admire Jaewon. His hair, his eyes, his nose, his cheekbones. Those lips. But as soon as you felt yourself relaxing, the train jolted and came to an abrupt stop.

Screams could be heard from around you as people’s bags fell over, or they bumped into the person next to them. Nobody fell over. Nobody, that was, but you and Jaewon. When the light’s turned on, it revealed the mess that was surrounding you all. Along with some people’s groceries, Jaewon and you were on the floor, you lying on top of him. You were so wrapped up in looking at his face that when the train stopped, you fell straight into him and took him down to the floor with you.

You pushed up, looking down at him, “Ah, I’m sorry.”

Again, that smirk grew on his face as Jaewon pushed himself up then offered his hand out to you, in a mess on the floor. You graciously accepted his hand (which was surprisingly soft) and brushed yourself down.

‘We seem to be experiencing some technical difficulties. I’m afraid that you will all have to get off now. Don’t worry, though, because-’ The announcer carried on speaking, but as Jaewon leaned in close to you ear, you could hear nothing but what he was about to say.

“You must have been staring again, right Y/N?” He chuckled, before slinging an arm over your shoulder and walking off the train with you as soon as the doors opened, “Aigoo, looks like we’re stuck in,” Jaewon looked up at the sign, “Ilsang station.”

“This was my stop anyway.” You replied, the two of you walking to the exit.

“Oh, really? My stop didn’t arrive yet.” He said as you both left. Quickly, he rushed in front of you and placed a hand on each of your shoulders, forcing you to stop walking, “Perhaps it was fate that the train stopped here.”

“U-Uh, I’m not sure.” You answered, your eyes wide. As quickly as the hands landed on your shoulders, though, Jaewon dropped them down and the two of you continued walking.

“Do you live far from here?” He asked, looking up at the darkening sky.

You pointed towards an alley way, “If I walk down there, ten minutes away,” You then pointed towards a main road, “If I walk that way, thirty.”

“Well, let me walk you back. It’s getting late, it would only be right of me to do it.” He said.

“Ah, you don’t have to do that. I’ve walked home at this time on many occasions before.”

“Let’s call it compensations for you using me as your cushion back there when the train stopped.”

You turned to look at Jaewon, your brows furrowed, “Really? I didn’t mean to!”

He turned to you, a grin on his face. The grin slowly faded though, and became a more honest smile, the look in his eyes changing, “Just let me walk you home. I want to make sure you’re safe.”

After a few moments of thought, you nodded, agreeing to his suggestion. The two of you chattered on the way back about work. Jaewon revealed to you that he was a trainee rapper, with a dream of doing what he loved as a living every day. You must admit, this man you’d just met on the train became more and more beautiful, more and more perfect by the second.

Finally, you made it back to yours and Jaewon’s hands slipped into his pockets.

“Well, I’m glad I came to see you off. I’ll sleep easy tonight.” He said, the same genuine smile on his face, “Good night.” He nodded, turning to walk down the street.

“Jaewon, wait.” You called, making him stop and turn back to you, “Do you like tea?”

He chuckled, jogging back up to see you. The two of you stood on your doorstep, just looking at each other, deep into each other’s eyes. This is when his arm wrapped around your shoulder again, turning you so the both of you walked into your house.

“I knew you wouldn’t want me to go. I saw it in your eyes.”

You made Jaewon and you tea, and soon enough you were sitting on the sofa together and laughing like you had known each other for years. Maybe it was fate that the train stopped, or that there were no spare seats. How else would you have met the man of your dreams? That night, you slept well, with Jaewon’s arms around you as the two of you fell asleep on your couch, exhausted from getting to know each other. Never would you forget your first meeting with Jung Jaewon.

You Can Never Go Home - Part Four

Ghosts From The Past

“Aw baby we’ve missed you so much!” You had forgotten how tight her hugs were and you were begining to wonder if she was ever going to let you go. Finally she stepped back, taking you in.

The last time you’d seen her was a few months previously when both your parents had come to visit. For obvious reasons they came to you as opposed to the other way round. She had never seen you in “FBI mode” before.

“You look so impressive”

“Mom please”

“What? You do! Doesn’t she?” She finally turned to Reid.

“Um yes?”

“Mom this is Dr Reid. Reid this is my Mom”

“Please to meet you Ma'am”

“Ma'am!” Your mother exclaimed with delight as she led you both inside and towards the back of the house “My God your co-workers are so charming and may I say handsome? Everyone’s started eating but there’s plenty left”.

She bounced into the room while you mouthed a ‘sorry’ to Reid who had gone bright pink.

“She calls it how she sees it” you grinned “the woman has no filter. But she is an excellent cook…”

As you entered the dining room you were greeted by a feast that could easily have fed the population of a small country. The entire team was there, plates piled high and chatting and laughing. Your father was at the head of the table deep in conversation with Emily but he rose to hug you when you came in.

“I’m proud of you kiddo” he whispered in your ear. You murmured a thanks before grabbing an empty seat next to your younger brother. Reid took the seat opposite and your mother immediately started piling food onto his plate. You suppressed a giggle as his eyes widened.

“Hands down, this is the best meal I’ve had on a case” declared Luke while the others murmured their agreement. You smiled proudly at your mother. It was hard being away from home so much, the food was something you missed in particular.

“Its better than what they serve down at the shitty motel” your brother nudged you and grinned. You rolled your eyes, grabbing the mashed potatoes.

“That was so wrong of them to kick you out” your mother’s eyes darkened. You could feel a rant coming on but your father cut in.

“Danny mind your language. He’s right though. Food’s better here”

“It’s like they don’t even want to solve those murders!” Apparently your Mom wasn’t going to be put off.

“Coleman’s a jackass”

“Danny seriously, language” Your Dad shot him one of his looks but when he turned away you gave Danny a sneaky fist bump under the table. There was a
large age gap between the two of you but you got on well.

“Those poor girls. How do you deal with seeing that on a daily basis?” your mother asked.

“We focus on the lives we save Mom” you answered.

“Is it true their eyes were missing?”



“That was supposed to be kept from the public?” JJ frowned “Where did you hear that?”

“Keith at school” Danny shrugged.

“Pam’s son” you clarified

“That charming lady at the station?” Rossi raised an eyebrow.

“That would be her” your father said “I wouldn’t expect much information to stay private here”

“I’ll have a word with the Sheriff tomorrow” said Emily, darkly.

“With all the respect in the world Agent, I doubt it would make a difference” said your Dad “People here are stubborn and certain things are valued much less than they should be”.

“We’re getting that impression” said Tara “You avoid the worst of it on the outskirts here?”

“Thank the Lord” your mother gave one of her legendary eye rolls.

“So…he did take their eyes?”

“Danny for God’s sake!”

“Yes he did. We call that enucleation”

“Reid please, we’re eating” said Emily


“Okay so-”

“Danny I swear to God if you carry on I’m going to make you sleep in the barn”

“Mom this is useful information to have if I want to join the FBI!”

“Woah when did you decide this?” you asked. 

“Danny wants to follow in his sister’s footsteps” your Mother didn’t tone down her boasting for a moment and you could feel the heat on your face as a grin swept around the team.

“Everyone else here is an FBI agent Mom, no one is impressed”

“We’re impressed”


“Are you interested in behavioural analysis Danny?” asked Reid.

“Hell yeah!” Danny said “I have so many questions. For instance when-”

“Not when we’re eating please” said your Mother and everyone laughed. Reid promised to lend Danny some books, age appropriate of course and conversation steered round to more normal topics as everyone finished their meal and the dessert that followed.

It was late when everyone was shown to their rooms. You had your old childhood bedroom while the team doubled up in the rooms usually reserved for guests or the students that worked on the farm.

As you got ready for bed there was a soft knock at the door.

“Come in”

“Hey” Luke stuck his head around the door.

“Careful, my parents have strict rules about be sneaking boys in here” you smiled at him. He glanced around the room, “I haven’t slept in here - or redecorated - since I was sixteen. Don’t judge”

“I’m saying nothing” said Luke, still hovering in the doorway. His tone suddenly grew serious “Reid told me what happened outside the Sheriff’s station. Are you okay?”

You bit back the urge to snap at him. Reid was only being a good friend afterall and it was sweet they were so concerned about you.

“Don’t be mad at him” said Luke “He was clearly worried and I pressed him”

“I’m not mad. Please tell him I’m not mad. I just…it was a shock”

“I’ll bet it was. Are you going to tell Emily?”

“No, our relationship with these guys is difficult as it is. I just want to solve this case and get home”

“I understand, you know you can talk to me anytime right?”

“I know Luke. Goodnight”

“Goodnight y/n”

As he went back to the room he was sharing with Reid you caught a glimpse of your Mother further down the hall.

“How long were you eavesdropping?”

“Long enough. What was happening outside the station?”

You shrugged. You knew that deep down as happy she was too see you, she was desperately concerned about you being there.

“Just people being stupid”

“There’s a lot of that going round”

You shrugged again but you couldn’t hide the sadness you were feeling. Your mother wrapped her arms around you, stroking your hair like when you were a little girl. You stayed there for what seemed like forever.

“So…Luke seems very nice”

You broke out of the hug, rolling your eyes.

“And the doctor, Spencer? He sounded very concerned about you”

“Mom, really? Their colleagues, friends”

“Uh huh. Well, sweet dreams”

“Yeah, Night”

You weren’t sure how long you had been asleep when someone shook you awake, whispering your name urgently.


“Hey” Reid’s face greeted you. He looked concerned.


“There’s been another victim”

Five minutes later, after you had pulled on some clothes and grabbed your badge and gun, you were stumbling into the car. You were still sleep addled as Emily relayed what the Sheriff’s department had called in.

“A group of high school kids was fooling around in the woods when they came across the naked body of a young woman. Most of them freaked and left the scene but two called the police. No ID yet but she’s definitely been strangled. Garcia is checking missing person reports”

“Wait” you have been struck by a thought “Where in the woods was she found?”

“Uhh let me see” Emily checked the map on her phone “Just south of the river by an abandoned hunting lodge”

“About a mile from the main road?”

“Yeah, exactly. You know it?”

“It’s a well known local spot. Kind of a lover’s lane”

It’s was also a short way away from where Toby had died…

You got out of the car at the scene and in all honesty you weren’t sure how your legs were moving. You had come here as a teenager with Toby when you first started dating. It brought back a lot of memories. You peered into the woods and for a moment you thought you could almost hear the rush of running water even though you were nowhere near close enough.

“We’re going to be in so much trouble when my Mom finds out” you sighed contentedly “Your dad is going to freak when he find out you bailed on practice”

Toby just grinned, tracing circles on your leg. The two of you were stretched out on a picnic blanket, the sound of the river was the only noise.

‘It’s worth it, just to be here with you. I hate having my dad listening at the door whenever you come over”

“Or my Mom bursting in with ‘snacks’ every thirty seconds” you snorted.

“You know I love you right?” he said, his voice suddenly serious.

“I know” you said softly. His lips were on yours, his hands on your waist, teasing at the waistband of your jeans. It was heaven, just the two of you there…

“Y/N?” Reid’s voice broke through the memory “If you want to head to the station, no one will judge you”

“No” you said, more firmly than you intended “I can do this”

He gave you a reassuring smile before going to examine the body. You couldn’t quite bring yourself to follow so you headed over to where Dale Coleman was deep in conversation with his father, Emily and Tara.

“Her name is Stella Reddick” the Sheriff was saying. He paused when he saw you but continued “She thirty three, owns a local vintage store”. He glanced over to where the coroner was placing her in the body bag, a look of pain flashed across his face. “I know the family. I should be the one to let them know”. Emily nodded and he stalked off. You felt a pang of sympathy for him.

“You were first on the scene?” you asked Dale

“Yeah. It’s awful. Everyone in town is on high alert, I can’t imagine how this happened. This guy is smart.” Dale shook his head.

“Was she reported missing?” asked Tara. Dale shook his head.

“He may have abducted her, killed her and then dumped her in a really short amount of time. Usually we see these UNSUBs take longer with each victim. The strangulation is what gets him off, he’d want to prolong that”

“Two victims this close together means he is devolving” said Emily “Or he is impatient to get to the source of his anger and the surrogates aren’t satisfying him anymore”

‘Why dump her here?” Reid asked as he and Rossi re-joined the group.

“When we were kids the woods were a good place to sneak off to for some…privacy” you said “Plus the lodge is pretty much still intact. It could be used all year round”

“Hadley Woods is kind of infamous since…” Dale trailed off and shot you an apologetic look “The river is over that way. Close enough but not too close you know? It’s part of the draw.” You swallowed, feeling sick. Everyone else was looking at you with sympathy. You tried to shake the feeling off.

“The other two victims were also found in wooded areas” you said “There actually connected if I remember right but I’d need to check a map”

“Do they all have the same kind of reputation as here?” asked Reid.

“Making out yes. Murder no” you said.

“That can’t be a coincidence” said Tara “This guys feels emasculated, impotent. Maybe he’s picking these dump sites as a message to people who he sees as having something he doesn’t”

“Wait hold on” Dale was frowning “Isn’t that a big leap? How do you know he’s impotent or emasculated?”

“There’s no sexual assault” said Emily.

“Yeah but doesn’t that just mean he’s a murderer not a rapist?”

“Most crimes like these have a sexual component” you explained but Dale looked doubtful. He’d always been kind of prudish. “Here the strangulation is where he gets a sexual release”.

Dale just shrugged and headed back over to his fellow deputies.

‘We should head back to the station” said Emily “JJ is there checking in with Garcia. Let’s see if we can find anymore victims before Kaity and if we know where he started we might be able to anticipate where he’s going”

As everyone headed back to the SUVs you turned back towards the river one last time. The sun had just begun to rise and the sky was begining to turn red. You shivered, like someone was walking over your grave.

Part Five - Close To Home will be up next week

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~ Stranger Things Have Happened ~ Chapter 2- Things Can Only Get Better ~ Steve Harrington x OC fanfic


A/N: Here’s the second chapter. A bit of exposition and a lot of dialogue. Tell me what you guys think! Feedback and criticism are always appreciated.

Chapter 1 - Cold Wind Madness

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I'm Glad It's You (Dad!Tony / Steve Rogers x Reader)

Summary: While shopping, Y/N comes across a celebrity who seems to take an unusual liking to her.


Sighing, you pushed your shopping trolley along the aisle. You put all your might into nudging the trolley around the corner. Suddenly, you heard a crash, followed by your trolley spinning out of control. You hurried around the corner to see what you hit, only to see a man lying on the floor, groaning in pain.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry, sir! Are you alright!” you exclaimed, reaching your arm out to help him up.

“Yeah, yeah. I’m fine, really. Been through worse,” he chuckled, standing up. That’s when you saw his face, and you stepped back in shock.

“Well, I’d say so, you’re Iron Man!” you exclaimed, only to be met by him shushing you.

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request: an imagine where he helps you babysit your four cousins
a/n: i used completely random names so i mean ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

“So, why were you super vague when I called earlier?” Shawn asked, buclking his seatbelt after you picked him up from his house. 

You glanced at him, smirking. “Well, you know how my parents are going on that weekend trip with my aunt and uncle?” You turned onto the main road and drove past the turn for your house. “Well, they forgot to mention to me that my aunt didn’t call the babysitter until this morning, and apperantly they have plans.” You looked at your boyfriend. “I assume you know where this is going?”

“We have to babysit four children?” He asked, snorting.

“You betcha!” You pulled into your aunt’s driveway, smiling as you saw your parents rushing to their car. “Let’s go!”

You two got out of the car and walked up the path to the front door. “Hey!” You smiled, walking into the house.

“Thank God you said you’d babysit!” Your aunt praised, kissing you on the cheek. She was holding her youngest, a boy named Tyler, who was 4 months. He happily sat on your hip, and your aunt and uncle raced after your parents so they weren’t late to the plans they had. 

Walking inside, you passed the baby to Shawn, and tip-toed down the hall to your other cousins’ rooms. The oldest, McKenna, was 14, and she was probably going to stay in her room for the entire day. You poked your head into her room, and saw her sitting on her bed, texting. “Hey, your parents left.” You said, and she just hummed in response. 

Closing her door, you moved to the other two. They were twins, both boys. Opening their door, you saw them making a mess with Legos on their floor. “Hello, boys.” You smiled, walking into the room. 

Christian and Connor, identical twins. They absolutely adored you, and they both cheered when they realized who you were. “Did you bring your boyfriend?” Connor asked, with a sour tone. He wasn’t a fan of someone taking your attention away from them. The boys were 5, and you often visited them after school, so they were like younger brothers. 

“Yes, be nice to him.” You giggled, leading them into the living room, where Shawn was playing with the baby.

Two hours later, the baby was taking a nap, McKenna still hadn’t come out of her room, and Shawn was building something with the twins. You grabbed an apple and made your way to McKenna’s room. Walking inside, you sat acoss from her on the bed. “Come hang out with Shawn and I. I think your brothers want him to play aa game and they want you to play, too.”

“Ugh, fine.” She locked her phone and followed you into the living room. Shwan looked up at her, and smiled. 

You sat on the couch behind Shawn, and he leaned back, so he was leaning againt your calves. “What game are you guys playing?” You asked, beginning to play with Shawn’s hair. 

“Mopoly!” Christian said, he still couldn’t properly say Monopoly, but you got the gist. 

“Ooh, fun!” You snickered, and McKenna picked a playing piece.

You watched them play for a bit, until you heard the garage door open. “Your parents are home!” You stood up, and Shawn followed, intertwining your hands together.

You greeted your parents, aunt and uncle at the door, and left not too long after summarizing what you all did while they were gone. “That was fun, pick me up before you babysit them again.” Shawn pecked your lips before getting out of the car. “Love you.”

“Love you, too, babe. See you.” You backed out of Shawn’s driveway and headed home.

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Hello to my few followers. I don’t know why you would need to know this or if you care but I recently got guinea pigs. The copper & white colored one is named Miguel and the black & white one is Tulio. Yes, they are named after the main characters from The Road to El Dorado, it fits their personalities very well. Have a nice day!

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Heloo i saw your taking prompts? “I’m a biker and one day i was biking in your neighborhood while you just happened to be outside watering the plants and since you’re so goddamn cute i accidentally steered into a pole and now you’re giving me first aid (holy shit you’re even cuter up close)” AU

Thanks nonnie…more apologies for yet another delay. This is a great prompt, hope you like my little spin on it : )

Ezy Ryder

Caroline loved the feel of riding along the highway freely, her hair blowing in the breeze beneath her helmet. If the Sheriff could see her now, she was fairly certain she would be excluded from the will. 

If there was anything Sheriff Forbes believed in it was safety and at all times. This was the reason Caroline figured she’d finally rebelled. She was 21 now and able to make adult decisions. Just as long as her mother didn’t know anything about them, like buying this Harley Davidson spontaneously on Sunset as well as some skin tight leather pants before hitting the road.  

She wasn’t exactly sure where she was headed until a sixteen wheeler decided to hog the road and force her off into god knows where. It was pretty remote in these parts as she checked her surroundings and turning into what looked like a main road. Well, as main as you could get in these parts. 

Caroline decided to head to the nearest gas station and pick up a few things, including the fuel to keep her moving. All her life everything had been so strict and planned but for some reason she felt completely free without any inhibitions and it was glorious. 

She saw what looked like a makeshift gas station with one pump and brought her bike closer, filling up the tank and taking in the view and really hoping that they had a crispy creme somewhere in sight. 

“Are you going to hog that all day?” A distinctly english voice enquired which caught her off balance given she was somewhere in rural Arizona. His dark, blonde curls were slightly damp from the summer heat and she couldn’t miss a pair of raspberry hued lips. She relinquished the pump slowly, not before his hands brushed hers accidentally and she felt a single jolt of electricity. 

Caroline didn’t blush often but a brief touch from this idiot had her feeling way too many sensations all at once. “And here I thought country manners were supposed to be charming?”

“You’ve picked the wrong guy, sweetheart,” he uttered, sending her one last glance and a flash of dimples before placing the pump inside his pick-up truck.

She was shocked for a good few minutes only coming to and witnessing him sauntering into the gas station, his snugly fitted ass housed in tight, dark denim and hypnotising her slightly. 

Caroline shook her head, deciding that some rude, country but also weirdly English ass wasn’t going to ruin her road trip. She’d just graduated from college and had every intention of enjoying herself for a while.

After snapping up every chocolate bar she could carry on her bike, Caroline made her way towards what she thought was the highway but instead finding herself instead on a lonely dirt track headed in the opposite direction. If she had some working internet service, Caroline figured it would have been so much easier given her usually close relationship with Google Maps.  

The houses were now few and far between, just large parcels of brown land with cattle and sheep. She was just about to make a u-turn when she spied something from a distance in a nearby yard. 

A shirtless figure in the garden. If she’d been concentrating, Caroline knew she could have worked out what he was doing but all she could focus on were his rippled muscles caught in the scorching sunlight, Before she knew it, Caroline was running into the nearby fence, her bike falling beneath her and hitting the brown dirt with a considerable impact if the ensuing pain was anything to go by. 

“Are you alright, love?” She looked up at him, her head swimming from the sudden impact not quite sure if there were two or three of that annoying stranger from the gas station.  Either way she figured it was too many.  “How many fingers am I holding up?”

“As if I’d tell you given your complete lack of decorum. But if you’d like there’s a finger I’d be more than happy to return the favour with.”

“Well, judging by that callous response I’d say you’re well and truly okay,” he quipped, his thumb now massaging her temple softly. She gave him a curious look, trying to be upset but had to admit it felt kind of nice. Not to mention the view of him in such shirtless and close proximity.

“You know decorum is considered one of those words.”

“What words?”

“That proves the extremely stuffy city girl has her wits about her even in the face of possible concussion.”

“You’re just being facetious,” Caroline scowled. 

“Maybe, I could give you all the concussion signs as a doctor but I thought that you’d relate to the most.”

“You’re a doctor?” She huffed, finally pulling herself from the ground so she could stare at him from direct eye level. “Give me a break.”

“Okay,” he shrugged his shoulders. “If you’re going to be okay then I’ll get back to watering the plants.”

“You were watering the plants?”

“Are you seriously going to judge everything I do and why?” He scoffed and Caroline was silently willing him to put on a top so she wasn’t so close to drooling.

“I suppose I could refrain, you know just briefly,” she admitted, holding her head protectively. “I kill most things.”

“Well, then for once I’m glad to be the Doctor in this scenario,” he chuckled, his hand finding the small go her back and pulling her off the ground. Carline would have been lying if she said the sensations he was causing weren’t causing havoc to her already weakened condition. “Fancy a drink?”

“Only under sufferance,” she scoffed. 

“Why am I not surprised.”

“And for the love of god man, put some clothes on.”

“Distracted, love?”

“You wish.” The knowing look between these two strangers was enough to know that this wasn’t just a passing thing. They liked arguing too much after all and there was the question of that thick sexual tension…


Request: A lot of you suggested me to write this one. Based on this imagine x

Pairing: X-Men x Reader (Non-Romantic).

Warnings: Slight violence (what comes with action) and language

Fandom: X-Men, Marvel.

Note: This is a parallel world where the X-Men stayed together after the First Class events. Also this is super long, I just wanted to do my best.

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(Where’s my poor Beast?😢).

The day was gorgeous, a flawless blue sky was illuminated by a bright sun, on normal terms you could say that it was going to be a perfect time to go for a walk or something but right now what was happening was far from good.

Everyone had probably abandoned the city by that time, but you were still there. Smoke from explosions and gunshots filled the air; the government tried to stop the robots some unknown suspect had liberated however they were too much to handle for simple humans, so the only solution was to rely on mutants.

You were a mutant, yes, though keeping it secret was the best for now since what occurred in Cuba a few years ago. Despite this, there were lots of mutants who didn’t want to hide, the X-Men being one of those cases. This group even helped the humans to combat threats that were too big for them, in fact, they were helping right now.

¿What were you doing in the middle of such battle? You were trying to escape from the area you were at the time it all started, but a big blast destroyed a building leaving debris on the way, making impossible go out through the safest road. Well, the only left option was the main street where the fight took place. Your plan was simple: avoid obstacles, protect yourself and get out of there quick safe and sound. Nevertheless, your inner hero told you it was time to help when a horde of those killing machines surrounded the group of mutants.

“Shit!” You heard a blonde guy shouting; you weren’t far from their position after all.

“Charles! What the hell are we going to do now?” A blue woman yelled at one man in a wheelchair. ¿What was he doing there? Right now that didn’t matter.

You couldn’t lose more time; you ran to the middle of the warzone and placed your hands on the floor, the X-Men didn’t seem to notice your presence. Your eyes glowed bright green and the energy of plants flood through your veins, taking a deep breath you raised your hands to the sky freeing all the power you could. Big tree trunks broke the pavement and grew as long as you pleased intertwining each other to form a protective barrier, just before the robots could get to the heroes.

“What the fuck is this?” Erik exclaimed after a brief moment of shock. “It looks like we’re not alone my friend” Charles answered calmly, the team never understood how he could be serene in these situations. The telepath laid two fingers on his right temple to locate their new ally.

“Hello, my name is Charles Xavier” You listened to a voice in your head, that certainly wasn’t yours.

“Well, hello mister Xavier. Sorry for being disrespectful but it’s hard to keep a trees barrier if I’m not fully concentrating” And it was true, every second you spent having this little mental chat with him your head would suffer waves of pain. Also, the stupid machines were firing their guns to the plants, so you had to replace the damaged ones and try to maintain them strong.

“Sorry, I just wanted to ask you, ¿for how long you can you stay with this wall up?” You groaned lightly as one blast destroyed another tree.

“Just a couple minutes more, you better act quick” The pain was unbearable, so you dropped the conversation hoping they did something soon.

Charles looked at the team and let out a sigh. “Out there is a fellow mutant trying to help, this protection won’t last long. We must elaborate a plan”.

After a few minutes, they were all set with an almost perfect combat tactic: take down as many enemies as you can and don’t get yourself killed. “My friend, you can let go” You heard the same voice who had talked to you early, and that’s what you did. All the plants went back to the earth, and their energy came back to your body.

“Now!” Someone screamed. They attacked with all they had and even you helped; tying villains with vines, growing trees to stab your opponents with branches until there was no more danger.

You breathed deeply to recover some air. It was as if you had run a marathon but you never felt so good for being tired. Ready to leave you started to walk away but somebody tapped your shoulder softly. When you turned, you found a ginger haired boy smiling at you.

“Hey Green, there’s someone who wants to talk to you.” A little giggled escaped your lips from his nickname. He took your hand and led you to that “someone”. The man in the wheelchair who you recognized as Charles Xavier greeted you with a smile.

“I never had the pleasure to know your name” The telepath commented, and the others looked at you expectantly.

“My name is Y/N Y/L/N.” You replied, cheeks a little red from the sudden attention. “Well Y/N, we are all grateful that you helped us today… And also, we wanted to ask you if you would like to be part of our team” He proposed, looking at his teammates who nodded in approval.

“I…I don’t know” You muttered, ¿did they desired you to be on the team?

“Oh c'mon Y/N, your mutation is amazing! You could help us a lot” The blue woman stated. “Yes Y/N, please” Begged a blue and furry guy.

“O-Okay” You agreed. Maybe it would be good, maybe you belonged with them.

“Cool! What about a nickname for our new friend?” A blonde guy spoke with a little smirk on his face.

“¡I got one!” The girl who later you learned was Raven chirped, “¡Green Fury!”.

“Welcome to the X-Men, Green Fury” Charles announced and the only thing you could do was smile.

Hey guys, thank you so much for reading❤ It took me a lot of effort to complete this but I did it! You can request something if you want, my askbox is open. Also don’t hesitate to tell me about any mistakes you find.

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They should come visit Florida! It's horribly hot this time of year- but the beaches are nice. Very few super villains, too!


DP: I have no idea how you thought that three grown men in spandex pilled on a small scooter is discrete, but yeah, there is a work part in this vacation.

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Volt watched as the prince stooped down to the tiny two year old’s level, watching slightly anxiously as Harmony took another step forward and reached up to try to grab ahold of the other’s eyebrow. “He gots a big tail too.”

“Harmony… You’re a walking puffball pumpkin. I don’t think you can talk about fluffy things.” He spoke softly and offered an apologetic bow as Harmony stuck her tongue out at him. “We’re sorry if we bothered you, your majesty.”

thinking about my otps in the shower and i noticed a trend:

  1. one of them is usually dead
  2. probably because they were killed by the other
  3. and the other one is forever depressed after that
  4. dysfunctional relationship to the maxxxx
  5. daddy issues
  6. dead mothers
  7. probably involves some kind of dystopian/humanity issues
  8. or moral dilemmas 
  9. or both
  10. im fucked (up)