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22 Miles on Saturday

Maine is neat. I live in a neat place. I live in a place where I can run across a series of islands with incredible views and I think that’s neat as hell.

Overcast for most of the run, but still beautiful. It was about 40ºF. Took my long sleeve off 2 miles in, and ran in a singlet+gloves while wearing my Salomon vest.  Really surprised with my splits. To be honest, there was a hell of a lot of stopping and walking. I wanted to go out, enjoy my long run, and not feel like I was on the verge of death, so I walked, and I’m okay with that. 

3 weeks out from my first 50k race of the year. Glad to get the miles in, but really need to spend some time on the trails. It’s still snowy out which makes it tough, but I’m going to have to find another way to suffer through it, because that 3 weeks is coming up quick. Woof.

A Higher Education PT.1

Summary: Shawn and yourself are best friends at University. 

Word Count: 4,228

A/U: No idea what I’m doing here, but I’ll be doing this into three parts and they will be coming soon. I’ve also included some things that everyone has been demanding asking for. 

Your name: submit What is this?

“Hey excuse me?” I looked to my left to find a girl with long red hair and many freckles looking at me. When she saw she had my attention she continued on.

“I won’t be here next class would you mind if I got my notes from you?”

I put on a smile and nodded. “Yeah, sure.” I lied.

She proceeded to ask me for my email and I purposely put one letter wrong. If this first year thought she was going to get notes in a curved class she was an idiot. I had every intention to dominate everyone in here with their naivety alone. 

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The walk to the first lecture class was full of wonder and excitement, if one didn’t account for the faces of the almost-dead seniors who wanted no part in campus life anymore.

Still, Lexa was receiving her fair share of stares, her presence not nearly as prominent as it was back at Arkadia. Yet.

Lexa was wearing a typical crisp white collared shirt and tight black jeans that almost gave her a formal sort of look. When Clarke had questioned it, she’d replied “I have a meeting with the athletic director and the university president.”

Clarke didn’t even seem fazed.

She, on the the other hand, had opted for a simple tank top, flannel, and torn jeans. The morning and later afternoons could be chilly, though, so Clarke opted for Lexa’s famed letterman jacket.

Okay, maybe that wasn’t entirely why she’d chosen a jacket with Lexa’s name plastered across the back.

Lexa smiled as soon as she saw Clarke wearing it, and hadn’t stopped since. The two of them walked through the main campus quad together, linking hands, taking in the sights and sounds of their supposed home for the next four years.

made with so much love for @clexa-hsau‘s sequel. I hope you guys like it!

Niki, thank YOU for always inspiring me and believing in me when no one else would.

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13. “Quick, make out with me.” with Zuho from SF9

13. “Quick, make out with me.”

Originally posted by barepink

You were walking through campus, fretting about a biology grade when you made a split-second decision to take a different route home. Your dorm was just a quick ten minute walk through campus from your last class of the day, and the cool autumn weather was moving in to make the temperature perfect. Thus, instead of taking the normal bus to get back, you decided a nice walk through the main quad would do you some good.

Biology was occupying all of your thoughts, though. It was proving to be your worst class this semester, and if you weren’t careful, it just might be bad enough to drop you out of your scholarship eligibility. You made a frantic mental note to make an appointment to talk with your TA in the morning, and tried to leave it alone; worrying wouldn’t do anything but give you ulcers.

The quad was semi-alive with people. Some were walking dogs, others hand-in-hand down the sidewalks. A few sorority girls had set up picnic blankets on the slowly browning grass and were diligently working on homework. Clouds were rolling in over the blue sky, bringing in a subtle chill and a faint darkness that came with the looming winter.

Your feet crunched on the occasionally early fallen leaf as you continued walking, one headphone in your ear and the other swinging casually down your body. You noticed, as you continued, that one of your boots had come untied, the laces curling around your ankles with every step. You casually dropped to one knee, grunting as the hard sidewalk jolted against your clothed knee. You tied your shoe diligently, and upon standing up, you realized why you never walked this way back to your dorm. 

Your ex-boyfriend, Park Jimin, was casually making his way across the quad, clearing not noticing you. And strapped across his arm: a tiny little red headed girl who was smiling up at him with all the adoration you used to give him. The sight made your stomach roil.

Suddenly, they turned directions, heading straight towards you. Panicking, you glanced around you both ways, not sure what you were looking for. All you knew was that your hair was a mess, your socks didn’t match, and there was no way you would allow Jimin and his new Barbie doll to see you looking completely un-put together.

You finally saw him after a moment of fierce, white hot panic: a boy from your biology class. He was one of the few who sat in the back, never talking and only staring ahead with the most intense eyes you’d ever seen. His bangs tugged away from his forehead subtly by the wind, and his eyes stared straight ahead as he walked.

You grabbed onto his arm as he passed you, causing him to rip out his headphones and look at you with an angry surprise. You didn’t even realize what you were doing until we was staring down at you, his face cross. You blurted the words running through your brain before you even had time to regret them. “Quick, make out with me.”

“Wha…?” The boys asked, his face going from angry to confused. You motioned to Jimin, getting closer and closer.

“ ex. And his… his thing and…” Suddenly, the Boy from Bio’s face broke into a smirk of understanding. He grabbed your arm in the same place you held him, pulling you close, and attaching his lips onto yours.

You were two stunned to move at first, although you’d brought this upon yourself. Bio Boy was an amazing kisser, as all quiet boys in the back of classes with intense eyes seemed to be. His mouth moved fluidly against yours, guiding you with his subtly chapped lips and intoxicating scent of lemongrass.

You were so wrapped up in him, for a moment, you forgot all about Jimin and his new plaything. You forgot about the whole quad and campus and your biology grade and everything, until you remembered.

You pulled away sharply, still holding onto Bio Boy’s arms for support as you gazed up at him, stunned. “Whoa… hi.”

“Hi,” he chuckled at your breathlessness. “Is your boyfriend gone?”

“Oh, ummm..” you glanced around for a sign of Jimin. “He’s my ex, but he seems to have gone a different direction.”

“Maybe I should walk you back to you dorm, just in case you run into another ex,” he laughed, his eyes twinkling. You weren’t sure they could get more intense; you were wrong.

“I’d love that,” you replied, turning to start heading towards the dorms. “I’m Y/N, by the way.”


- Admin PeachJin 🍑

whyarethishappen  asked:

Hi UChicago admissions, if someone were to have a marathon of UChicago-related movies, what movies would be on the list?

Hi there! While there are definitely tons of movies that are set in Chicago, here are some movies that come to mind for a UChicago movie marathon (in no particular order)!

  • Hoop Dreams
    • A highly acclaimed documentary about two boys and living on the South Side of Chicago. 
  • Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
    • A Chicago classic that most people would say you need to see before living in Chicago.
  • When Harry Met Sally
    • They meet on UChicago’s main quad!
  • Divergent
    • See if you can spot one of UChicago’s libraries, Mansueto, in the movie!
  • Home Alone
    • Living away from your parents in college (unfortunately) won’t be as wild a ride as this movie is! 
  • Southside With You
    • See how Barack and Michelle met—right here in Hyde Park.

Sorta a Part Two to This Imagine


-Okay, so after all is said and done, and the pack loves you like their own now, as I said, you and Lydia get a lot closer 

 -To the point where one day, you kinda just look at each other and nod in mutual understanding at something no one else knows about 

 -Except Liam 

 -“What’s with those two?”

 -“Oh, they’re just dating.” 

 -And everyone is shocked but isn’t 

 -“When did this happen?!” Asks Stiles in complete denial. 

 -“About two hours ago.” 

 -But literally the rest of your classmates thought you were dating before so there’s not much of a change 

 -They just actually see you kiss 

 -Which is a surprise because they thought you both didn’t like PDA 

 -After awhile, you notice that Stiles is different 

 -Like he talks to both of you, he’s a lot closer to you than before, to the point that if you weren’t dating Lydia you’d be dating him 

 -And he’s a lot sadder than before, and a lot quieter which is like weird 

-And you confront your cinnamon bun

-His answer surprises you

-”I kinda just thought I’d always be the one to end up with Lyds you know?”

-And that breaks your heart, but then the next thing he says is

-”Or you. Goddamn I wanted you too.”

-”You hated me for a good chunk of time Stiles.”

-”That doesn’t mean I wasn’t attracted to you. It made me frustrated and just drove me to get you away more because I was confused.”

-And that’s when you get the idea

-So like you pinch his cheeks, and start cooing. “Was my little Stiles confuzzled with his feelings for me?”

-And he’s trying to bat your hands away cuz you’re in public on the main quad of the college

-(I wouldn’t care anyway)

-Anyway, when he turns his face away, you take the moment to capture your lips in his, and a heated makeout session follows

-Before he pulls away shocked. 

-”What about Lydia?!”

-And you just look up and smile at your girlfriend who sat on the other side of him undetected

-”I’m totally fine with it.”

-And then she pulls him in for a kiss

-When she lets him go he’s super red and blumbering, so you take a selfie

-It’s your favorite picture and lockscreen, because you and Lydia are smiling happily while he looks so confused in the background

-And then all of you are inseparable

-You guys don’t fight over one another either, you’ve sort of worked out a routine

-Where you’re just together all day almost everyday

-The pack’s accepted it

-The campus is still in denial

-Like he gets daily questions asked about the relationship

-”How did you score two of the hottest people on campus?”

-”Can you be my wingman?”

-”Teach me your ways.”

-”Can I join on your relationship?”

-He gets pretty amused by them all, but they get overwhelming

-And you have no idea how much pride he gets when it’s time for a pack meeting and two people he love the most are leaning against his jeep looking sexy as hell

-And he gets hella fist bumps on his way out of the school (you go glen coco)

-And you and Lydia sort of shower him in affection because you both already know each other inside out and want him to feel included in  all ways

-Because this sometimes happens:


-Scott loves how much closer everyone is

-Him and the other werewolves just don’t exactly like the fact that you all constantly smell like a certain activity has been done

-Scott undoubtedly had new respect for his best friends

-But Stiles still gets into fights with you two, so Scott has to help him see the light

-Liam is still confused on how the whole three people thing work


Not Like The Movies

Characters :Rose Hathaway x Dimitri Belikov

Inspired by Katy Perry’s song Not Like The Movies 

Warnings: None

Is it really fair to find your fair tale ending but have the guy be completely unsuitable? We were made for each other, we finish each other sentences. We laugh at the same jokes, I feel safe for once. Instead of having to always provide the safety for others he’s there, all warm and kind eyed.

Sadly we are worlds apart. He’s busy being an official guardian and my mentor, while I try to measure up to guardian status. Yes, I am about to graduate, but then there is the problem of guardian Lissa. So we kind of stuck with longing glances and hello’s loaded with emotion.

“Good morning Rose” Dimitri greeted me normally except for the faint glimmer in his eyes

“Good morning Comrade” I responded trying to sound happy but somehow it came out with a sad tone. I watched his face drop, as our though lead to the same place.

Why did it have to be him, why couldn’t I like one of the brat high school boys my age. Fuck, why couldn’t I like someone who I will not share a lifelong career with, could fate fuck me up any harder?

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Why Did Summer Go So Quickly (Part 4)

Summary: Summer of 2002, you and your brothers drive around the country to find a case. You think you’ll be able to enjoy a few weeks alone with your brothers. But the case is more complicated than you thought and Sam is talking about college again…

Characters: Sister!Reader, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, John Winchester (mentioned)

Pairing: DeanxSister!ReaderxSam

Word count: 1270

Warnings: Violence, death

A/N: Let me know if you want to be tagged in this series…

(Part 1)-(Part 2)-(Part 3)

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anonymous asked:

do you recommend any on campus places besides the shit-stain known as the Coffee House?

So I am not really too sure what you are asking for? Places for coffee or studying? So I will list both!

Places For Coffee On Campus:

  • Biobrew (SciLab)
  • Starbucks (Silo/Arc)
  • Coffee huts throughout campus
  • C stores (Trudys, Junction, and Crossroads)
  • CoHo (I personally like their coffee and tea) 

Places For Coffee Off Campus (Downtown):

One of the things I love most about the Davis campus is its proximity to downtown.

  • Barista Brew (G and 5th): they have happy hour $2.50 coffee drinks from 2-5PM.
  • Mishka’s (2nd Street).
  • Peet’s Coffee and Tea (E street)
  • Starbucks (F Street)
  • Delta of Venus (B Street)
  • Pachamama Coffee (1st Street): Farmer owned company.
  • Let Them Eat Cake (C Street)
  • Dutch Bros

Places to Study on Campus:

  • Peter J. Shields Library
  • Physical Sciences and Engineering Library
  • The Silo
  • Tercero Main Lounge
  • The Quad
  • The CoHo
  • The Arboretum
  • The Arc
  • SciLab
  • Griffin Lounge (inside the MU)
  • The SCC (Student Community Center)
  • The basement of Olson
  • Wellman Hall 
  • Giedt Hall
  • Kemper Hall
  • An empty classroom in a lecture hall

I could go on and on. There are many spots throughout campus… literally in almost every building on campus.  

Places to Study Off Campus (Downtown):

  • Davis Public Library
  • Davis Square
  • Again The Arboretum
  • Any of the coffee places mentioned above.
  • Davis Commons (Whole Foods, The Melt, Pluto’s, Mikuni’s, Habit Burger): There is a lovely outdoor area.

Grab a Beer or Bite To Eat Study Spots (Downtown):

  • 3rd and U Cafe (3rd Street)
  • de Vere’s Pub (E Street)
  • Ali Baba (3rd Street)
  • Pho King 4 (3rd Street)
  • again Delta of Venus (B Street)
  • again… Let Them Eat Cake (C Street)
  • Cloud Forest Cafe (D Street)
  • Crepeville (3rd and C Street)
  • Woodstocks Pizza (G Street)
  • Bambu (E Street)
  • Open Rice Kitchen (G Street): Great deals.
  • Thai Canteen (E Street)
  • Original Steve’s (F Street)

These are some of my personal favorites. With that said, there are many, many options! 

Obviously some cafes and restaurants may get annoyed if you occupy a table for hours and order the bare minimum. So do be courteous and aware, and make sure to tip well! ^_^

Top places to kiss at the University of Toronto

(Photo courtesy of Heritage University of Toronto)

Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library

Where: St. George Street and Harbord Street

Why: It reminds me of Beauty and the Beast. It’s also quiet and you’re surrounded by rare books.

The Plan: Find a cozy place, you’re among rare and classic books.

(Photo of Hart House courtesy of Annex Chess Club)

Hart House/ University College

Where: Hart House Circle and Kings College Circle

Why: They are both outstanding pieces of architecture with plenty of hidden and beautiful spots.

The Plan: Do a little exploring. They both have quads, main halls and private stairwells. Once you find a spot that suits the situation, it’s up to your lips.

(Photo courtesy of Life @ U of T)

Knox College

Where: King College Circle or George Street

Why: Knox College is like a castle. The quad has a beautiful walk way with flower baskets and arches so grand it would make anyone feel like a King or Queen. Also all the interiors of U of T’s heritage buildings are beautiful make out spots. I just thought I’d be diverse and mention the outdoor portion of Knox College. 

The Plan: Hold hands and walk through the quad. When it feels right, you’ll know.

There are so many make out spots at U of T. These are the four on my make out list. 

Oh, So Now You Like Me? Ch.1-Jikook

“Jeon Jungkook?” Jimin echoes, pursing his lips. He glances around the library, makes sure no one is paying them any attention, and mutters, “Why on earth would he invite me?”

“I keep telling you, he has a thing for you,” Taehyung exclaims. He pushes their English books away from them, against the edge of the table. “It’s like, every time I see him he asks about you. Every time.”

“Every time you see him he’s drunk off his ass,” Jimin counters, shaking his head. “And I haven’t talked to the kid since maybe sixth grade. He has no reason to ask about me.”

“He’s way into you, Jimin,” Taehyung repeats. “He always talks about how hot and smart you are, how you’re an incredible dancer. Just one party? Please?”

“Tae, as your best friend I have no problem with the fact that you leave our dorm every weekend to party with the biggest douches on campus. Just don’t drag me along.”

Taehyung pouts. “You would have fun. It’s not like me and Hobi would ditch you or anything.”

“I wouldn’t,” Jimin responds firmly, reaching for his book. “Thanks for the offer, really, but I like my weekends how they are now.”

He can tell Taehyung is still mildly miffed at him, but ignores him as he reaches for the buzzing phone in his back pocket. After reading the message, he stands, sliding his book into his bag. “I’m sorry, Tae, I have to go. Seulgi wants to run a scene.”

Taehyung just nods. “See you at dinner.”

It’s easy to put Taehyung’s ridiculous request out of his head when he heads out of the library and makes his way to the theatre department. Jeon Jungkook, the most popular freshman. He’s known for throwing insane parties at the apartment he shares with some upperclassmen, known for the line of girls dying to get in his pants. Jimin used to know him as the scrawny kid in the back of his hip-hop class, who talked to no one and blushed when a girl even looked at him. The little kid that cute little bunny teeth that showed whenever he smiled. That was a long time ago.

Jungkook and Jimin haven’t talked in years. They used to be friends, great friends, the kind that had sleepovers and watched anime together. Their moms were friends. They carpooled to dance class, and carpooled home. Then Jimin went to one junior high and Jungkook another and it all just… stopped. Jimin doesn’t like to get into why.

Jimin doesn’t know much about Jungkook these days, apart from the reputation he’s built for himself on campus. He highly doubts Jungkook is the same blushing boy he used to have to protect. It makes Jungkook’s sudden infatuation that much stranger.

“Jimin, thank you so much for coming early !” Irene mouths at him. Jimin nods, setting his bag on the row of seats closest to the stage and shaking his muscles loose. There are a couple other people here already, half an hour before rehearsal officially begins– understudies, the other leads goofing off in a corner. The director is sitting downstage, and nods at Jimin when he makes his way to him.

“Hi. What needs work?”

“This duet needs some choreography. It’s too awkward to have them just standing there looking at each other.”

Jimin nods. “Alright, let’s get this worked out. Places please!”

Two hours later Jimin stands and stretches from his seat in the auditorium. Onstage, the cast is finishing up blocking a new scene, one where Jimin and his choreography isn’t needed. He’s getting ready to leave when the director stops him, pulling him aside for just a moment.

“Thank you for everything. I’m glad they chose you for this.”

“I’m honored to be a part of all this,” Jimin smiles.

“A week from tomorrow a photographer will be coming to take some cast pictures for the program. Would you like to come? Your name will be in the program, of course, but it’d be great to be able to include a picture, as well.”

Jimin nods enthusiastically, flattered, and by the time the director has finished giving him the details the rest of the cast has finished up and is on their way out.

“Jiminie!” Irene slings an arm around him when the director is finished, beaming. Seulgi isn’t far behind her. “What are you doing this weekend?”

“Nothing? Great!” Seulgi responds before Jimin can even open his mouth, and he laughs. “Let’s go hit up some noraebang.”

“Okay,” he replies. “Friday?”

“Friday!” Irene calls, the two roommates swinging arms as they skip past Jimin and out the door. “We’ll pick you up around seven!”

“They always have so much god damn energy.” 

Jimin spins around, coming face to face with Yoongi. He looks characteristically tired, the way he always does around show openings. “Yoongi- hyung, hey.”

“Hey, Jimin.”

“How’s the set coming?” Jimin asks. 

“Slowly,” Yoongi grumbles. They make their way to the exit, some of the last people still in the auditorium. “The freshman have no idea what they’re doing and I’m running out of the patience I need to teach them.”

“The incredible Yoongi-hyung, legend of the theatre department, is struggling?” Jimin gasps. Yoongi shoots him a dead, unfazed look, and Jimin drops the act, laughing. “Anyway, what are you doing this Friday?”

“Nothing much,” Yoongi replies. He glances at Jimin, casually. “What’s up.”

“Come to noraebang with us. I can’t stand being third wheel all the time.”

Yoongi makes a face. “With Irene and Seulgi?”

“And me,” Jimin adds, smiling pleadingly. “Please?”

Yoongi just sighs. Jimin grins, knowing that he’s in. “Good. I would ask Taehyung but I know he’s got a whole weekend of parties lined up.”

Jimin and Yoongi round the corner, into the main quad area. There are clumps of people spread out on the grass, some with blankets and books, others fast asleep using their bags as pillows. Jimin notices the group in the very middle, the group that’s always there, without fail, every Thursday night after rehearsal. Jeon Jungkook and his fans.

Jimin only means to glance over, to catch a glimpse of the guy who supposedly has “a thing” for him. He spots Jungkook in the middle with a lazy smile, his arms draped around two women. Jimin’s in the middle of shaking his head, about to turn his attention back to Yoongi, when Jungkook catches his eye. For a moment they stare at each other. Then Jungkook breaks free of the girls on either side of him, his smile growing wider. Jimin isn’t sure that he blinks.

“Let’s hurry up,” Jimin says, startled. He fast- walks– practically runs, really– from the quad, dragging Yoongi with him. He doesn’t look back to where he knows Jungkook is still staring.