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aint nothin like big, half naked sweaty buff guys grabbing each other and pounding each other into the ground in the woods all alone–

drabble of my big buff redneck n @supergalacticsoldier ‘s bojack sparring

i’d saaay this is pg13??

CW: broken noses, blood, mild violence, faces being punched and rednecks being knocked out

word count: 1,472

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okay but bisexual suicidal luke who was able to overcome depression (for the most part bc lbr thats not something thats easily taken care of and he still has his moments) and is now able to take care of himself and jocelyn and clary and has found purpose in his life with the help of his girls 💜💜💜

Modern mood board: Shelagh Turner.

I also made this very canon; Shelagh would be a cat lady, i feel like she would have little succulent plants, the photo of Shelagh and Patrick is to represent how much they love each other like the first day they started their lives together, and they now have a house that has flowers growing on the outside and the mirrors are a representation of ‘In the mirror’ and she’s had an upgrade on her glasses.

Today is little Kanan’s birthday ! Happy birthday you lil spacehead !

The special event will be a laser tag ! Red team VS blue team ! Or should I say… µ’s VS Aqours !!! They recognize each other with the color of their gear and warpaint (the phosphorescent warpaint was Mari’s idea, to get in the mood.

The main goal ? Shoot. Just shoot at any flickering light that isn’t like yours. 

Here are the main targets : Gun : 2pts, Stomach/back : 3pts, Shoulders : 5pts. They have 5 seconds to run away before they can shoot/get shot at again

There are many places to hide, many hideouts and hidden areas, but the big event is a super hard to reach staircase, at the top of which is the Big Laser Cannon (Nicknamed BLC). Once you activate it with the color of your team, it rotates on itself and shoots at everything. Except that you have to use it 1 minute maximum or you lose all your points.

Oh, the 1 year olds you ask ? Well they obviously aren’t going to play, since they can’t walk, run, or communicate with their teammates. Instead, there is a big screen in the lobby. So they’ll be cheering for the two and three year olds with snacks !

And that’s not all ! For today only, as long as it’s feb 10 somewhere in the world, the ask blog has a special Kanan-only layout ! With a playlist that she selected herself to suit her general mood !

Have fun ! Pew pew pew !!!

                    ❝   Look, I don’t think that you coming out with us next week is a GOOD idea. For one thing, you throw that darned thing around so much and so  v i o l e n t l y, I’m scared you’re going to take one of OUR heads off, and for another, you never listen to me. It’s infuriating. When we’re halfway up the road and you’re a mile away from us trying to peer into one of the empty shops for something you can LOOT, it’s not safe, Puck. I’m not here to babysit you. That’s not my job.   ❞

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