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Hauntingly Beautiful & Sad Music Has the Power To Lift Your Emotions

An investigation led by psychologists at the universities of Kent and Limerick has revealed that “beautiful but sad” music has the power to make unhappy people feel better. The study was titled “Listening to sad music in adverse situations: How music selection strategies relate to self-regulatory goals, listening effects and mood enhancement” and was published in Psychology of Music. So what exactly is it about brooding melodies and siren-like symphonies à la Lana Del Rey, which makes us feel better?

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I managed to only catch the last half of the special but some thoughts!

-Gosh I love those new gems! I’m not sure which one is my favorite since they’re all so lovely. 

-I get that the writers were probably trying to push a message of “We’re in this together” but I just wanted the other gems to be safe and happy on Earth (this is pretty much just a nitpick). I had a feeling the writers weren’t going to let that happen but it’s really sucky, especially because these gems have been in hiding for eons.

- Lars saying that he wants to be someone who deserves being brought back to life. Lars sweetie I don’t understand why you think that but there is literally nothing you’ve done that makes you someone undeserving of life. 

-Everything is back to the status quo (for the most part) again. It seems like this show really has difficulties taking risks. It’s great that Steven is back with his family but the reunion lacked the emotion I was looking for (kind of like when Steven was going to Homeworld the first time. Maybe it’s because they’re all used to Steven being okay time and time again).

- I’m not really sure which direction the show is going to be going in now. Steven can now transport between Homeworld and Earth, so I’m hoping the others gems can finally visit Homeworld again and meet the other gems. I also really want to see Lars come back to Earth and see his family and friends again. Lars still has a lot of self hatred and toward the end of the episode before he and Steven parted ways it still appeared as if he felt that he didn’t deserve life again. Lars isn’t a horrible person and I want him and the show to acknowledge that, especially considering that Lars is more important to the narrative now more than ever.

New K-pop Collaboration Idea

Group Name: Minhyuk and the Minhyuks


Lee Minhyuk #1 (Block B) - Leader, Lead Vocal, Main Dancer

Lee Minhyuk #2 (BTOB) - Lead Dancer, Main Vocal

Kang Minhyuk (CNBlue) - Visual, Drummer on occasion 

Kim Minhyuk (MAP6) - Lead Rapper, Vocals

Lee Minhyuk #3 (Monsta X) - Main Vocal, Mood Maker

Park Minhyuk (Astro) -  Maknae, Main Rapper



Brian Reitzell, American Gods Main Title Theme