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Part of the Italian island of Sicily is pictured in this false-colour image from the Sentinel-2A satellite.

This image was captured on 8 January during a period of unusual cold and snowfall across parts of southern Europe. As a consequence the mountains of Sicily are visible in white across the northern part of the island. While Italy’s northern regions experienced little snowfall this winter, the central and southern areas have seen abnormally cold conditions and snowfall in mountainous areas.

Mount Etna, an active volcano, is visible at upper right. Positioned over the zone where the African plate collides with and slips under the Eurasian plate, Etna’s frequent eruptions are often accompanied by large lava flows, smoke and ash.

Sentinel-2 provides optical data for land and vegetation monitoring. Its main instrument has 13 spectral bands, and this false-colour image was processed including the near-infrared channel – which explains why vegetation appears red.

The varying shades of red and other colours across the entire image indicate how sensitive the instrument is to differences in chlorophyll content. This is used to provide key information on plant health; brighter reds indicate healthier vegetation.


The Mortal Instruments main characters posters.

I noticed something in Stammi Vicino Non Te Ne Andare

In the original Stammi Vicino (non-duet) the starting few notes are particularly noticeable as a clarinet or oboe (correct me if I’m wrong) with strings as the main instruments.

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However, in the duet version it has been changed to a piano. So I was thinking about the symbolism of this (because episode 12 was so beautiful ;-;) and I came up with a possible conclusion. 

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The instrument changed to a piano because it was what represented Yuuri in his Free Skate music, Yuri on Ice.

I’m sure there are plenty of posts out there that talk about the symbolism of the different instruments in Yuri on Ice, but in short terms, the piano represents Yuuri while the percussion and strings represent Viktor (and probably others but mainly Viktor because Viktuuri :D). So I was thinking, this song was originally composed for Viktor as a original composition (Yuuri said in episode 4 that Viktor had new music written up for his SP and FS) but with the piano melody and the added duet line, which would likely represent Yuuri, it has turned their song instead of Viktor’s song.

In the duet version, we also see a deviation of the original lyrics (This is the English Translation)



Which (as many others have pointed out and deeply analysed) represents how they were both lonely but were connected through this song and as they develop their relationship, become connected. They fall in love with each other and are now officially (by my standards) the most adorable and cute couple (ship) to ever exist.

If you want to read more in-depth about the lyrics of Stammi Vicino, read it here.

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How is perfect pitch a curse?

  • i can’t play transposing instruments because my brain is bad and cannot relate the notes on the page to the concert pitch
  • people use me as a human tuner
  • *screams* “hey what note is this” fuck off i just want to warm up in peace
  • every time i hear a note, the name of the note plays in my head and i am unable to turn it off
  • hearing note names to everything including but not limited to the school bell, refrigerator noises, and garage door noises
  • i just want to listen to stuff without every note name jumping out at me dammit
  • my main instrument is piano so intonation isn’t even a benefit 
  • if a note is even less than a quarter tone off from the normal chromatic scale that’s all i can focus on (like for example a specific whirring sound my refrigerator makes is between F# and G and it drives me nuts)
  • my ear is tuned to equal temperament bc of piano but i also play instruments that use just temperament so i have to attempt to tolerate that
  • baroque tuning
  • the viola part of sinfonia concertante
  • the differences between A440, A441, and A442 (i still maintain that A441 is the best A but i guess 442 is ok too)
  • trying to read the scores to bass concerti along with the recording but the bassist is in solo tuning

Welcome to Hell - Human Mephistopheles Headcanons

  • He was definitely a music major in college. There are few instruments he can’t play, but his main instrument was the trombone (for the memes).
  • After college he did orchestral work for several years, switching between instruments to avoid boredom. Eventually, he decides that what he wants to do is to teach. This was a mistake, dear god someone save him.
  • He always starts the first day of the new school year by announcing ‘Welcome to hell.’ (Seriously, why did he think teaching high school band was a good choice?)
  • Mephi does not know how to play any string instruments (besides guitars and the like), so Tom had to be hired to handle that section.
  • Unknown to his students, Mephi is just as skilled in playing more modern music. He once was part of a garage band that never really played anywhere, mostly because they kept changing their minds about what sort of music they would play.
  • Sock plays violin and is taught by Tom, but somehow has managed to get attached to Mephi and comes to bug Mephi during his free time. He’s the only one who knows the extent of how truly adverse Mephi is to playing/learning string instruments.
  • Jonathan sometimes hides out in the band room. Mephi can’t be bothered to kick him out and sometimes they talk music. Mostly its mutual ignoring of each other. Sometimes he takes off his headphones to listen to Mephi play and is the only one in school who knows about Mephi’s garage band days.
  • It’s because of the way they hang out around Mephi that Sock and Jonathan meet and eventually become friends. Mephi makes sly jokes about them being together and him being a third wheel when they hang out in the band room.

This is less of ‘Human Mephistopheles hc’ post and more of a Band A/U post, hahaha. Oops. Feel free to add to it if you have any ideas for any one else in this A/U.

The Violinist

* Lin-Manuel x Reader
* Modern rpf
* Orchestra Reader

    A/N: Here it is! my idea made a real thing! So, the beginning is kinda slow…but it’s important for the rest of the story so yeah. But enjoy!

    Word Count: 3,747


    You had first met Lin when you played in the orchestra for In The Heights. At the time you were playing saxophone. Saxophone wasn’t your main or original instrument, it was actually violin, however you had learned saxophone a long while ago. It came in handy. In the beginning of In The Heights, Lin was in the room while orchestra was rehearsing. You had caught him looking at you with a strange look on his face. Still, you didn’t get much of a chance to meet him until a cast party. You knew many of the cast members so they insisted that you come along.

    However, it got late and you got slightly tipsy. You sat down during the party, you buried your face in your hands. It wasn’t crazy or anything, it was a relatively calm bar, but you were tired and a little drunk. “Y/N?” A voice asked. You glanced up and saw Lin looking at you in concern. He still had a Usnavi type hat on over his hair. “Are you alright?”

    “Uh, yeah sure.” You shrugged.

    “Uh huh.” Lin said, unconvinced. “You just look completely miserable.”

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    Steven Universe sheet music

    Because memorizing the lyrics to the show just wasn’t enough, now you can play it too.

    I play the viola, but the songs can be played by violinists as well as other band or orchestra instruments!

    UPDATED: Now includes (in order)- Extended Intro, Stronger Than You, Do It For Her/Him, Its Over Isn’t It, Giant Woman, Strong In The Real Way, Be Wherever You Are, Both Of You, Peace And Love, (from Adventure Time) Everything Stays, and Something Entirely New

    I just realized that Yurio’s FS song is a fast-paced piano, coupled with violin later, and have a more serene part halfway. I don’t know why but I get the ‘impulsive, act first think later’ vibe from this lovely piece. Compare his to Yuuri’s. Another gorgeous music which also consists of a piano, coupled with violin later, and have a more serene part halfway–but his FS song is slow-paced and contemplative.

    My point is, it reminds me much about the premise of Yuri on Ice: two skaters, both named Yuri. They have the same name, but their names are the only similar thing between them. The same name only highlights further how contrasting these two are, like how their song is vastly different despite using basically the same main instruments.

    TL;DR I’m waiting for someone to compare both Yuri’s FS song haha.

    Another thought I just had, about Gems and musical motifs:

    I’m almost positive that the Diamonds each have their own set of musical motifs separate from the “Diamond sound”, and to me, I think that’s deeply significant- because they have to have a private life. YD is probably neglecting hers pretty badly, but these people do have identity outside of just what’s dictated by their roles- just like everyone else below them. It’s just that we haven’t seen it yet.

    About the only one we seem to have a hint for is White’s, ironically, even as little as we’ve heard of her- her motif would seem to be a harp. Strawberry Battlefield/The Sleeping Pyramid has a prominent harp sound to it that continues to be the main instrument between the inside and outside of the pyramid.

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    Idk if you know of them, but could you make a profile of Hotshot? I got into them a while back and I still don't know too much about them ヽ/❀o ل͜ o\ノ

    Yes :) i love Hotshot! MORE PEOPLE NEED TO STAN THEM!!

    HOTSHOT (핫샷) consist of 6 members: Junhyuk, Timotheo, Kid Monster, Sungwoon, San and Hojung. The band debuted on Oct 31, 2014, under K.O Sound.


    Stage Name: Junhyuk/준혁
    Real Name: Choi Junhyuk/최준혁
    Nicknames: Choi Giraffe, Choi Leader
    Birthday: April 21, 1992
    Birthplace: Ulsan, South Korea
    Height: 182 cm
    Weight: 67 kg
    Position in Group: Leader, Main Vocalist
    Languages: Korean
    Instruments: piano
    Hobbies: playing the piano, buying clothes
    Education: Sehan University


    Stage Name: Timoteo
    Real Name: Kim Moonkyu/김문규/Timoteo Kim
    Nicknames: Timo, Timo Kim
    Birthday: January 25, 1993
    Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
    Blood Type: B
    Height: 178 cm
    Weight: 63 kg
    Position in Group: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper, Face of the Group
    Languages: Korean
    Hobbies: buying clothes

    Kid Monster

    Stage Name: Kid Monster
    Real Name: No Taehyun/노태현
    Nicknames: Kimon
    Birthday: October 15, 1993
    Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
    Height: 172 cm
    Weight: 56 kg
    Position in Group: Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Rapper
    Languages: Korean
    Hobbies: watching movies
    Siblings: one sister
    Education: Korean Art High School


    Stage Name: Sungwoon
    Real Name: Ha Sungwoon/하성운
    Nicknames: Real Man
    Birthday: March 22, 1994
    Birthplace: South Korea
    Height: 172 cm
    Weight: 56 kg
    Position in Group: Main Vocalist
    Languages: Korean
    Hobbies: playing billiards and football
    Education: Dongah Broadcasting High School


    Stage Name: San/산
    Real Name: Yoon San/윤산
    Birthday: August 22, 1994
    Birthplace: South Korea
    Height: 173 cm
    Weight: 63 kg
    Position in Group: Main Rapper, Vocalist
    Languages: Korean, French, Japanese
    Hobbies: solving the Rubik’s Cube, playing games, rapping
    Education: studied Design in France


    Stage Name: Hojeong
    Real Name: Go Hojeong/고호정
    Birthday: October 20, 1994
    Birthplace: South Korea
    Height: 178 cm
    Weight: 65 kg
    Position in Group: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Visual, Maknae
    Languages: Korean, Japanese, Thai
    Instruments: guitar, piano
    Education: Hanlim Entertainment Arts High School

    Last Comeback: I’m a HOTSHOT

    • Discombobulate
    • Hans Zimmer
    • Sherlock Holmes

    This incredibly wacky but still amazing piece by the one and only Hans Zimmer really sums up the character of Sherlock Holmes in every way, shape and form. It starts off with a slow and in a way creepy cimbalom performing the main theme, then bursts out into a dramatic brass blast and continues on with a constant but still very energetic main theme, incorporating many instruments such as a broken pub piano, banjo, squeaky violins, detuned uprights and (as mentioned before) a cimbalom. 

    This in whole is a very unique but brilliantly composed piece, thanks to the best, Hans Zimmer, well done. You always seem to amaze!

    You and your birdcage are the damn thorn in my side…

    You’re the one that’s going to disappear Doflamingo!


    a battle mix for the otp [listen here]

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    reed anon actually does not know that clarinets and oboes use different reeds. pls do them an explain

    clarinets and saxophones have single pieces of wood that get held to a mouthpiece, and the airflow goes between them. oboes and bassoons have two pieces of wood tired to one another that is attached to the main body of the instrument without a mouthpiece, and the airflow goes between the pieces of wood

    Music & Band Questions
    • <p> <b></b> A. What is your main instrument?<p/><b></b> B. What are all the instruments you play?<p/><b></b> C. What is an instrument you would love to learn?<p/><b></b> D. What do you think is the most difficult instrument to learn / play?<p/><b></b> E. Which instrument do you think is the easiest to learn?<p/><b></b> F. What's the weirdest instrument in your opinion?<p/><b></b> G. Which instrument sounds the nicest to you?<p/><b></b> H. What is your favorite key to play in?<p/><b></b> I. What is your least favorite key to play in?<p/><b></b> J. On a scale of one to ten how well do you sight read?<p/><b></b> K. What is your favorite note to play?<p/><b></b> L. What is the nicest sounding note to listen to in your opinion?<p/><b></b> M. Favorite DCI group?<p/><b></b> N. What is your favorite concert piece you have personally played?<p/><b></b> O. What is your favorite marching band piece you have personally played?<p/><b></b> P. What is your favorite jazz piece you have personally played?<p/><b></b> Q. Funniest band story?<p/><b></b> R. Hardest music you've ever played?<p/><b></b> S. What is your favorite marching band show theme you have been apart of / seen?<p/><b></b> T. Describe your ideal marching band show theme.<p/><b></b> U. How long have you played an instrument?<p/><b></b> V. Do you transpose / write music?<p/><b></b> W. Do you like your band director? What is your favorite thing about them?<p/><b></b> X. Who is your favorite composer?<p/><b></b> Y. What is your favorite band pun / joke?<p/><b></b> Z. What is your favorite genre of music?<p/></p>