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Sketchdump 3 of Samurai Dad. This one is dubbed the “Dress Up” dump. Ever since the 6th episode with Ashi’s new hairdo and outfit, I was inspired to make nature outfits for all the girls, as well as changing their hair. You will bet that Jack would immediately scrub the “Aku” goo off of the girls. BTW, he’s not mad at them, he’s mad that toddlers were dropped into bubbling goo. Then I got the urge to draw the girls with all their new hairdos and outfits when they’re older. Unfortunately I don’t know whose name is who. Please forgive me, I didn’t have time to assign the listed names, because they never did so.

Neon-Cat-Headphones & grungy green clothes: The main tech and gear head. Tinkerer, inventor. Not a super genius, but still the main tech-head.
Blue Coat with blue eyeshadow: She takes care of all the makeup and beauty needs. Also the experimental chemist who makes dangerous makeup bombs. Her handbag is filled with things from knockout gas & acid, to humble eyeliner & blush.
Chun Li with roller shoes: The tech-head sister made those shoes especially for her. Those shoes are heavier than they look. She likes her snacks & food. 
Pink Sakura Tessen/ first one Jack killed: She loves her books and soaking up knowledge like a sponge. She’s a living encyclopedia.
The Falconer: Nuff said. She loves nature and all of its creatures. Especially birds. Can do almost any bird call.
The rebel graffiti ninja: The artistic graffiti rebel with a cause. The stunts she pulls is baffling, and she’ll get help from her sisters. The people who painted that Soviet star as Patrick Star? She’ll do that s#!t and more.
Ashi, the ladybug warrior: We all know Ashi. But I’d say she’s really dedicated to martial arts and the bushido code studiously. Still loves ladybugs.

The final pic took way long. They’re preparing and gearing up for the final confrontation. And Jack now has his sword back (FINALLY!)

I don’t know if I’ll do another Samurai Jack-based stream next week. It’s pretty much likely that I might just do that. Probably will stop after the hype dies down and the end is near.

To all the viewers who stopped by, thank you so much for putting up with my dry and boring self haha.

OK but seriously, Bitty and Jack’s public coming out/proposal...

I have this headcanon/idea that if they come out publicly they decide, “Fuck it. If we’re doing this we’re gonna go hard.” AKA some kind of flash mob or performance proposal. So Jack and George come up with this genius idea to announce Zimbits at a game.

  • George just wanted to slip it in at the end of the game but JACK… 
  • Jack talks to Bitty and they decide to do something a little bit….different
    • The planning took FOREVER. It was originally just going to be a way for them to come out. 
    • Zimms decides about 10 seconds in that this would be a perfect way to propose. He gets some of the guys in on it. He has Tater and Shitty help him pick out the ring and gets Georgia to work out the logistics for everything.
    • Don’t even get me started on when Jack tells Bob and Alicia/Suzanne and Coach bc you know they absolutely LOST it
  • Bitty used to be a figure skater. Jack plays pro hockey. So what better way than to do it than on the ice at a Falconer’s home game?
  • It’s halftime/intermission/whatever and the announcer welcomes a surprise performance
  • Enter Bitty. He’s not in a fancy costume or anything, just a shirt and some pants. The crowd’s all types of confused. 
  • “I came here for hockey and there’s some ice skater taking over the ice?! What in the hell is going on?”
  • He’s skating to Death of a Bachelor (AKA I’m taken. He’s taken. Leave my BF alone you fucking piranhas)
  • It’s a pretty standard routine until right before the chorus
  • Enter Jack “Cannot do anything less than 110%” Zimmermann. 
  • He’s changed out of the main bulk of his gear. Mainly just wearing the sweater so people know it’s him.
  • Insert Yuri on Ice-style exhibition/pairs skate shit here. I’m thinking something Battle of the Blades-ish, maybe.
  • At some point, Jack THROWS Bitty into a fucking jump or spin. (Because you know that boy is ripped as hell and has the strength to do it and Bitty might never have skated pairs but he used to goof off with the girls that practiced at his rink sometimes and is DETERMINED.) 
  • They practiced it over and over and over and almost cut it altogether. But bc Jack is HARDCORE you know he went whole fucking hog and told Bits when they were practicing, “I can do this. One more time. I’m going to get this right” about 1000 times (Bitty had a massive bruise on his butt despite the butt pads for like, 2-3 weeks because of Jack’s determined attitude/ Bitty’s need to be a little extra. Which Jack took advantage of but Bits didn’t exactly mind)
  • The entire routine is full of lingering touches and cheek caressing. It’s tasteful tho bc Bitty is a Southern boy dammit it and his momma is watching.
  • THEN
  • Right at the end, Bitty’s doing some fancy spin (He hears the crowd hollering) and when he finishes there’s Jack.
  • HOLDING A FUCKING RING BOX. DOWN ON ONE KNEE. IDK how but he got his hands on a mic, probs Marty or somebody chucks it at him with a “Go get ‘im kiddo”, and asks Bits to marry him
  • Bitty’s losing it. The crowd is losing it. 
  • Bitty says YES! about a hundred times and it’s beautiful.

“Form Voltron !!” 
Well, close enough.

Air Gear crossover 


i need an aggro skating au ???

LGBT Characters In Animation

*crying tears of joy and saddness* *is a mankanshoku x gamagori shipper* *unable to hold the feels* *laughing over Shinsekai yori*

these are just some of my favourites, full list here :)

Voltron: Miraculous Defenders

Here’s a sample of a Miraculous/Voltron au I’m playing with ;D

“Galaxy garrison flight log 512-14, begin decent to Kerberos for rescue mission.”

“It’s 511-14,” Marinette corrected with a growl, hands tightening around the armrests of her seat as she glared at the side of Chloe’s stupid, blonde ponytail. 

“Whatever,” she replied snottily. “That’s hardly important here. We’re trying to rescue people, not worry about flight logs.” In her defensive ramblings, she’d released one of the control sticks, causing the ship to veer off course in a manner violent enough to knock both her copilot/navigational support and engineer into the sides of their seats.

“I swear to god, Chloe,” Alya said through gritted teeth, “you take your hand off that control stick one more time and I’m going to puke from here all the way to your command screen and back.”

“Why is it that you’re always threatening to vomit on me,” Chloe rebuked harshly, “but never Marinette?!”  

“Because Marinette doesn’t make me sick every time she’s behind the wheel!”  

“Stop fighting, we’ve received a distress call,” Marinette said, leaning toward her own navigational screen and listening in on her earpiece.

“Finally! Took them long enough.” Chloe huffed. “Marinette, track coordinates.” Pause. “Marinette?” Another, longer, pause. “Marinette?!”  

Her copilot slumped in her seat. “Copy…”


“Chloe!” Alya shouted when the ship rocked violently once more. “I will literally vomit down your suit!”

“Um, while that’s a lovely picture you’ve painted, that one wasn’t my fault. We’ve got a hydraulic stabilizer out, so I suggest you get your butt out of that chair and do something about it.”

“I will strangle you someday,” Alya murmured, releasing her seatbelt and moving toward the main gear box, only to stumble and knock her head against the metal counter when the ship rocked again.

Chloe laughed. “That one was me.”

Alya formed claws with her hands and was readying herself to pounce.

“I’ve lost contact,” Marinette announced. “The shaking is interfering with our sensors.”

“Well if someone was doing their job,” Chloe started.

Alya nearly ripped the cover of the gear box from its hinges. “I’M WORKING ON IT!”

Marinette sighed.

“Ah ha, never mind all that,” Chloe announced abruptly, waving a flippant hand. “We’ve got a visual.”

“Er…” Marinette narrowed her eyes and leaned forward toward the command screen. “I’m not sure trying to land is advisable when concerning our current mechanical issues.”

“Why are you worried? You’ve done this a thousand times,” Chloe replied.

“Yeah, but Marinette knows how to fly,” Alya seethed.

“Excuse me?!” Chloe took her eyes off the screen to whip around on Alya. “I’ll have you know I have more natural talent than anyone in the garrison, including Marinette Dupain-Cheng!”  

Marinette leaned her head on her hand and her elbow on the navigational pad. “Why is saying my full name somehow insulting?”

“Who cares?!” Alya shouted. “Would you look at where you’re driving?!” She gestured violently to the command screen, which spurred Chloe to turn quickly back around. Just as the ship shook again, which didn’t bode well for anyone.

“Marinette,” Chloe started, clearly ignoring the dire trembling all around them. “Hail down to the planet and let them know we’re arriving.”

“Sure thing…” Releasing her seatbelt, Marinette stood to retrieve the mic, only for the ship to swerve violently yet again and knock her to the floor. On her hands and knees, she tossed her dark bangs out of her eyes and glared at Chloe.

Chloe, who just shrugged. “A smarter person would have kept their seatbelt on. Also,” Chloe’s voice carried back to Alya, “it’d be nice if this shaking would stop sometime this century! Preferably before my teeth fall out as a result!”

“I’m trying!” Alya yelled back. “Maybe if you’d control the ship, I’d stop dropping my tools everywhere!”

Marinette rubbed her bruised knees and grabbed the mic before strapping herself back into her seat. “Attention lunar vessel, this is Galaxy Garrison Rescue Craft 1 Victor 3 6 Tango, coming in for landing and probably death of all current crew members.”

“What did you just say?!” Chloe seemed incapable of keeping her eyes where they should be. “Mutiny! MUTINY!”


With Chloe’s attention put back on the command screen, she managed to swerve the ship away from a protruding ice cliff just in time, the terrain ahead of them looking no friendlier as their ship headed in for a supposed landing.

“You’re not going to make it under that overhang,” Marinette said simply, crossing her arms over her chest in a rather satisfied manner. “You’re coming in at the wrong angle.”

“If you can do it, I can do it! Now shut up!” Leaning forward in determination, Chloe pooched her lips and angled the ship only more sharply as the icy overhang approached at a rapid pace.

Marinette sighed again.

Alya groaned, laid down on the floor, and covered her eyes with her arm.  

“C’mon, ship! Do what I say!” Chloe commanded, but, alas, the angle had been all wrong as the whole ship was thrown askew when their wing—which was subsequently broken off—collided with the side of the ice cliff, sending a red, blinking warning sign flashing across their command screen.

“We’re all dead,” Alya deduced, refusing to get off the floor.

Chloe turned her scowl on Marinette. “This is your fault, I know it.”

Marinette snorted.

Their ship was spiraling toward the ground and, within moments of Marinette returning Chloe’s glare, crashed into the ice and pitched the whole ship into darkness.  

Around them, a voice spoke as words were spread out across the blackened command screen. “Simulation Failed,” they read as well as announced, no one in the cockpit in need of clarification as far as their position.

“Yeah, you really did it,” Marinette muttered. “Just like me.”

Chloe nearly roared in frustration.  

Toy Train

The Ghost Zone, though never a welcome sight for Danny, had become a regular sight for him. A number of ghosts still didn’t like him, and at least one still wanted his head on a wall mount, but he’d made a few good friends with others, friends he wanted to keep. Having ghost friends was a good idea, especially when you were a fourteen-year-old hero who needed help fighting and studying on a regular basis.

Today he was visiting Clockwork for help studying for a test. While Danny did actually have free time today, he figured he’d ask for some extra time just in case a ghost popped up in Amity Park later. And perhaps some free test answers, though he doubted Clockwork would actually let him cheat.

Danny floated to a halt and knocked on the large wood door to the clock tower. When there was no immediate answer, Danny arched an eyebrow. “Clockwork?” It wasn’t like the time ghost to not be, well, timely. He should have known Danny was coming. So why wasn’t he answering? Was something wrong?

He’d been about to knock again when the door opened just enough for Danny to squeeze inside. Inside the vast main room, there were gears, clocks, and screens all around, but no Clockwork. Danny called his name again.

Then a whistle from high above caught Danny’s attention. Far above him, barely a foot from the cavernous ceiling, was a small railroad that looked to pass through other rooms of the tower. The whistling continued in a song-like rhythm as a little train that had obviously been styled by the ghost that had designed the clock tower made its way into the room, carrying something.

Danny flew up beside the railroad to see what it was. To his surprise, it was Clockwork in his child form, riding the little train. “Clockwork?” Danny said, completely puzzled. Why was he riding a toy train? Wouldn’t flying down have been faster? “What are you doing?”

Clockwork held out his staff. The little train paused its chugging. Then he looked over at Danny and answered with, “Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional.” Clockwork promptly pulled out a pair of sunglasses, put them on, and continued looking forward. The train began chugging along once more.

And Danny just watched.

The Martin B-27A Atlantic Marauder (Model 189B)

General Characteristics
Crew: 6-8 (2 pilots, bombardier, navigator/radio operator, 2-4 gunners)
Length: 56 ft 6.6 in
Wingspan: 91 ft
Height: 17 ft 3.5 in
Wing Area: 842 ft² 9.6 in²
Empty Weight: 30,957 lbs
Gross Weight: 44,417 lbs
Maximum Takeoff Weight: 48,417 lbs
Powerplant: 4 x Pratt & Whitney R-2800-43 Double Wasp radial engines equipped with General Electric CMC-3 turbochargers, 2,200 hp each

Maximum speed: 465 mph
Cruise speed: 250 mph
Landing speed: 114 mph
Service ceiling: 30,000 ft
Wing loading: 36.7 lb/ft²
Power/mass: 0.18 hp/lb

Guns: 8 × .50 in Browning machine guns
Bombs (Very Short Range): 10,000 lbs (4536 kg)
Bombs (Short Range): 8,000 lbs (3628 kg)
Bombs (Medium Range): 6,000 lbs (2721 kg)
Bombs (Long Range): 4,000 lbs (1814 kg)
Bombs (Very Long Range): 3,000 lbs (1360 kg)

The B-27 was designed as a 4-engine version of the B-26 Marauder, with additional defensive armament in the form of two Sperry A-17A ball turrets in the nose and tail positions, as well as a Martin 250CE top turret and a Martin designed remote controlled belly turret. First used against U-Boats during the Battle of the Atlantic, where it earned the nickname of “Atlantic Marauder”, the aircraft was used in both the PTO and ETO, replacing the B-24 Liberator. Units in the PTO referred to it as the “Pacific Marauder” instead.

Due to the large wing area, the plane had a much lower wing loading of only 36.7 lb/ft², compared to the 46.4 lb/ft² of late Marauders and the 56 lb/ft² of the early models on which it was based. Such wing loading was also lower than the B-17’s (38 lb/ft²) and the B-24’s (52.5 lb/ft²). This, combined with the aircraft’s smaller size and more powerful engines, made it much faster and more maneuverable than either aircraft, while also making the B-27 very resistant to battle damage, and giving it a shorter takeoff distance when compared to the B-26.


Something I’ve been working on for the past few weeks. War Thunder’s having an art contest where you have to design a vehicle. I might have gone a little overboard, since I not only spent a lot of time making sure none of the drawings disagreed too much and doing research into how much my changes to the original B-26 design would affect performance. Took up 4 sheets of paper overall and the front view alone took around 3 hours. Interior views (left to right): Outer engine nacelles (engines 1 & 4, bomb bays), inner engine nacelles (engines 2 & 3, landing gear well), fuselage and main landing gear (shown from behind).



Harley-Davidson FatBoy (FLSTF) 2007 “The Smoked” или Копчёный

Концепция этого мотоцикла менялась столько раз, что уже даже трудно будет вспомнить. Началось все с того, что у друга случилась неприятная история с мотоциклом и нам нужен был легальный донор. С момента покупки мотоцикла на аукционе Copart до фактического его получения на руки прошло месяцев 8, нам было очень тяжело признать через суд «это» транспортным средством.  

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