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Gallery Pose Pack 4- female

 Hello, this is my 4 set of Gallery poses. :)

* 6 female poses for the main picture in the gallery

* instalation : put only 6 gallery poses in “mods” file

* Please, credit me and tag #ktosik when use! Don’t reupload!


Enjoy and have fun!

Many thanks to all cc creators!!! <3

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The Maine at Webster Hall in NYC

by Alex Muller

8123, sometimes I get scared because I’m 20 and everyone around me is falling in love and getting engaged and I’m not, but then I realize that I’m falling in love with these places and these people I’ve had the chance to go and meet because of 8123. I’m falling in love with every coast and every mountain, with all the places I’ve had a chance to stop by, with every back road I take, with every ten second conversation in every bus station, with every sunrise and night sky, and with every fullhearted friend I’ve made and every story I’m told along the way. I’m forever craving all of these things and adventures and it still is like a dream to me that I get to experience them. I never thought at this age, I’d be able to say I traveled across the country, 50 hours, California to New York just to see my favorite band for the last time in 2016. My legs, ankles and body might be aching. But all in all, this adventure I took was completely worth it. It’s true, with friends like ours, anywhere is home.

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Hey Kein, how's the house and wife doing? You got any kids yet? Get to it man~

D-A: In all seriousness though, Iona’s owner @glowingseaglass and I haven’t really been active SoC wise, so it’s been hard arranging for those two to finally get hitched and have the kids we pretty much headcanoned for them. All in all though we do have intentions for it to happen eventually. 8′)

And on a side note, if there’s anything I’m pretty dang glad about starting up this blog, it’s that I’m getting asks for characters I haven’t drawn in forever. 

Kein really has changed significantly since his last update, and my drawing style has obviously changed since then too, so it’s really fun to see what the man currently looks like in the way I now draw things, especially after all this time of being missing from my main gallery when he used to be a common face over there.

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hey, uhh.. i want to ask if you have Shirogane's sprites cosplaying as Junko? ((They aren't in sprite gallery))

The main game hasn’t been ripped yet,,, i might ask /r/danganronpa if i was you


¡Ay caramba! Happy anniversary to The Three Caballeros! Don’t miss the newly rotated artwork from this film in our main galleries. Read more about these new artworks by clicking the link in our bio.

Rest in peace, Viola Desmond.  The most celebrated case of racial segregation in Canada, Desmond refused to leave a whites-only gallery in a cinema in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, and was wrongfully convicted of tax evasion as a result.  [The tax was a difference in the ticket price of a main gallery price and the price of a balcony ticket.]  Her refusal, in 1946, and the subsequent trial (during which she fought to file a lawsuit against against the Roseland Theatre, with the help of her minister, William Pearly Oliver [who went on to found the Nova Scotia Association for the Advancement of Coloured People] helped spur Canada toward integrating Blacks and whites, and while she died on this date in 1965 at the age of 50, she was granted Canada’s first posthumous pardon in 2010 and will be the first Canadian woman to be honored on the 10-dollar bill, slated for issuance in 2018.

Stamp details:
Issued on: February 1, 2012
From: Ottawa, Canada
MC #2798