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The Jumping Frenchmen of Maine

During the 19th century in Maine, something very bizarre happened with a group of lumberjacks. Known as the Jumping Frenchmen of Maine, these lumberjacks exhibited a very perplexing and rare disorder with origins unknown. The disorder made the group of men literally do whatever they were told, even if something negative. Other symptoms of the disorder were randomly jumping, shouting, and hitting. While there have been several theories as to what caused this odd disorder, it still remains unknown.


OROVILLE — Immediate evacuations have been ordered for residents of the low levels of Oroville and areas downstream, according to officials with the California Department of Water Resources.

Officials say a hazardous situation is developing with the Oroville Dam auxiliary spillway. The operation of the auxiliary spillway has led to severe erosion that could lead to a failure of the auxiliary spillway.

Officials are anticipating a failure of the auxiliary spillway at Oroville Dam within the next 60 minutes.

Failure will result in an uncontrolled release of flood waters from Lake Oroville.

The DWR is increasing water released to 100,000 cubic feet per second.

Immediate evacuation from the low levels of Oroville and areas downstream have been ordered.

The National Weather Service has issued a flash flood warning for possible dam failure. Areas affected include Oroville, Palermo, Gridley, Thermalito, South Oroville, Oroville Dam, Oroville East and Wyandotte.

Residents should evacuate in a northward direction, toward Chico.

The flash flood warning is in effect until 4:15 p.m. Monday.

Evacuations have also been ordered for parts of Yuba County including Hallwood, Marysville, Olivehurst, Linda and Plumas Lake. Those in Yuba County are asked to not travel north toward Oroville. Travel east, south or west. Yuba City and Marysville are under evacuation.

Parts of Sutter County has ordered immediate evacuations for Live Oak, Yuba City, Nicolaus and all communities along the Feather River basin.

A second evacuation center has been set up at the Colusa County Fairgrounds. There are trailer spaces as well as indoor space at the Main Exhibit Building. 1303 10th Street in Colusa.

For evacuation information, Butte County residents can dial 2-1-1 from landline or cell phones. Yuba or Sutter residents can call 1-866-916-3566.

A press conference is scheduled at 6 p.m. at the Lake Oroville Nature Center at 917 Kelly Ridge Road.

if viktor and yuuri were artists

 #victuuriweek2017  day ( one ) 
↳ au: other careers  

Title: Colours
Author(s): @viktor-nkfrv
Rating: PG
Warnings: N/A
Summary: Street artist Katsuki Yuuri wakes up to find that his wall art has been altered by the famous Viktor Nikiforov. From there, the two get to know each other despite having never met face-to-face, for a picture speaks a thousand words. 

Now also on AO3 here.

Read the full one shot under the cut. (Cut doesn’t work in the original post on mobile, but WILL work once reblogged!!)

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Bringing up baby kelp forest fish

A wild kelp forest, home to numerous animals. Photo: Bill Morgan

Like a giant, underwater apartment building, a kelp forest provides food and shelter for thousands of animals. In our Kelp Forest gallery you can see the full vibrancy of an underwater forest where fish are displayed throughout their life-cycles, so visitors can see how fish change in size, shape, pattern and color as they grow. 

Aquarist MacKenzie Bubel and some future Kelp Forest gallery residents. 

The youngest, smallest fish at the Aquarium start out being cared for behind the scenes. This gives our aquarists the opportunity to keep a close eye on their feeding habits and growth. As the little ones grow, they’re usually moved to progressively larger exhibits in the Kelp Forest gallery. 

The Seaweed Gardens (left) and Under the Canopy (right) exhibits.

Our Seaweed Gardens exhibit provides an excellent home for small fish to get started in, so this diverse community has become a kind of fish nursery.

After a few months in the Seaweed Gardens, larger fish are ready to graduate to a roomier exhibit like Under the Canopy, the Kelp Holdfast or even the main Kelp Forest exhibit!

The current residents in an exhibit definitely notice when new fish are introduced into their established territory and may react aggressively to the perceived threat of strangers. To avoid this, aquarists rearrange everything in the exhibit just before introduction, so all the fish will be facing a fresh situation at the same time.

The Kelp Forest exhibit.

The result of all this work is a series of vibrant exhibits that showcase the kelp forest ecosystem right outside our deck (and below the waves).

So when you visit, keep an eye out for these classic kelp forest fishes throughout the gallery as they grow up:

the shinji matou meta that nobody asked for

EDIT: note that this post is poorly worded & sounds far more forgiving of shinji than intended. I’m leaving it as is because I don’t want to pretend I never said this but it is not an accurate representation of my opinion of shinji

ultimately shinji is a really tragic character. nobody has to feel sorry for him and he deserved everything he had coming for him because he’s responsible for his own evil actions as a (reasonably) sane rational person but the reason he became the kind of person that made the choices he did is a tragic one if you ask me.

the matous (sakura, shinji, kariya, byakuya, zouken) are the main exhibit on Why Magus Culture Is Fucked Up. each of them shows a different aspect of how incredibly creepy magus families are and how it fucks people up, and shinji’s case in particular shows how this fucked up mage culture perpetuates itself because he’s the abused-kid-turned-abuser. don’t think for even one second that shinji had it easy with the matous, they’re the matous. shinji is a collection of fears and insecurities carefully taped together with a fragile ego.

shinji matou has no redeeming qualities. his entire character is built around that he has absolutely nothing going for him. he has no magic ability, no particular other skill that really stands out, and no good personality to make up for it either. and this is terrifying to him, because he’s a matou, and a matou that has no use gets fed to the worms. his mother got fed to the worms as punishment for having such a useless kid as shinji. I don’t know if shinji knew that it was death by worm pit specifically at the time but he no doubt knew that You Do Not Go Against Grandfather Or You Will Die even before he actually found out about the flesh eating worms part.

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My Lover Smells Like Fish (2)

Part 1

Google more or less confirms what Alfred suspected: merfolk don’t talk.

Sifting through the search engine long enough that he’s made uncomfortable by the sheer quantity of mer porn people have produced, Alfred realizes that not only do they not talk, but no one even talks about them talking. He suspected there would be some kind of conspiracy theory type forum for this sort of thing, but no. Not even crazy people are crazy enough to invent lies about this, which means that Alfred must be King Crazy to have experienced it.

It’s kind of really unsettling and Alfred’s sorely wishing he’d taken up a summer gig at the local radio station over doing this. He could be out in the sun getting live reactions to parking tickets, not stuck in some dank aquarium with a chatty fish filet.

It’s after hours again this time, but Alfred sits down on the side of the ledge near the merman’s tank rather than just throwing the fish in. He waits and he doesn’t have to wait very long.

The merman pops up after a minute or two, clearly curious about what his game is.

Alfred plucks a fish from the bucket and leans out with the wriggly thing in his gloved hand. “Here.”

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anonymous asked:

If you think both of Keith's parents were galra how come he looks human?

Simply: It’s been established in s1e11 that it’s possible for druid magic to create and maintain a glamour over someone’s appearance. Haggar uses this to make herself into a “dark” version of Shiro. As she does this, it’s clearly not shapeshifting, and distinct from instances of such that we’ve seen. 

What’s interesting here is that this illusion is not simply that- it appears to actually be a fully tactile layer over their appearance.

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Sneaky fan pic of Robert Pattinson at the Tate Modern art museum in London on June 5, 2017. The main exhibit features Alberto Giacometti, and Rob appears to be holding a Giacometti program in his hands.

“He is never without a book in his hands, a piece of music on his mind, or a movie he wants to share.”

~Evgenia Peretz, on Robert Pattinson in Vanity Fair, 2009


1920s Exhibit on Conservation

by Bonnie Isaac

In looking through museum archives, I found a photograph that intrigued me. The image (above) looked very similar to the spring wildflower diorama in Botany Hall, but different in that there was litter on the ground. After some digging around, it turns out that our curators and exhibit designers here at the museum were way ahead of the curve on conservation awareness.

The 32nd annual report of Carnegie Museum from 1929 states:

“One of the ideas underlying the preparation of this group was that of stressing the importance of preserving our wildflowers. In order to present this idea without marring the natural appearance of the main exhibit, there were prepared two miniature exhibits, exact duplicates of the larger one, but showing on the one hand the desecration of such a beautiful spot by thoughtless and destructive picnickers, and, on the other hand, the bleak devastation wrought by fire. These miniature exhibits, one placed on each side of the main exhibit, have attracted much attention and undoubtedly help to serve the desired educational purpose.”

Smokey Bear was created in 1944, and the first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970. Carnegie Museum of Natural History was raising these concerns in 1928!

The spring wildflower diorama today

Bonnie Isaac is the collection manager in the Section of Botany at Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Museum employees are encouraged to blog about their unique experiences and knowledge gained from working at the museum.

New Fic Outtake?  Addition, maybe

Not quite sure what you’d call this, but when I finally post Geode to to AO3, it will have this scene added in there because the story seemed to demand it.  How could I do a story about Steve and Darcy visiting museums and not bring up the fact that there’s a museum exhibit dedicated solely to Captain America?


While Darcy’s been to the Air and Space museum before (thank you, 8th grade class trip to Washington D.C. where one of her friends smuggled a naughty magazine onto the bus with them and they ended up breaking one of the beds in their hotel room because they were jumping from mattress to mattress and lied about it to the chaperones to stay out of trouble), she hasn’t experienced the Captain America exhibit yet.  But the curators had called up Steve to consult on a new addition to the exhibit - which apparently was just asking him to verify if the items they’d found were actually his or just someone trying to blow smoke up their asses - and they’d decided to make a little vacation out of it.  Some time that’s just for the two them, away from the familiar territory of New York and everyone who knows everything.

But the job comes first, of course, which leaves Darcy to wander idly through the fairly empty halls of the exhibit.  It’s never entirely empty, not given Steve’s popularity and the fact that the entire museum is a tourist’s highlight, but on this Wednesday morning, Darcy feels like she can slip between the other tourists without being noticed, blending into the background as just yet another person who’s there to partake in the spectacle.

Steve is notoriously quiet about his private life - much to the dismay of the paparazzi who went in expecting another Tony Stark and got someone entirely different.  Even so, word has gotten out to the gossip columns that he’d been seeing someone for quite a while now, though all they’ve been able to discover is that she’s female and brunette thanks to those few artsy photos of her shadowy profile Steve had put up on his Instagram page.  

It’s funny though, no one ever seems to pay attention to them in the New York City museums.  But that could be because it’s New York, Darcy thinks.  New Yorkers don’t get excited about anything (or at least they don’t let people see them get excited), and as soon as Steve slaps a baseball cap and a jacket on he’s just one more meathead in the crowd that they don’t notice.

But in Washington D.C. Darcy feels exposed.  Like there are eyes watching her from every direction, assessing her, determining her value and passing silent judgement that she’s not worthy of being Steve’s girlfriend.  And rationally, she knows that’s bullshit.  She’s entirely fucking worthy, and doesn’t even need to lift a hammer to prove it.  But the whispers through cupped hands behind her back have always gotten to her, long before she’d ever even known Steve.  Sometimes it’s hard to break through those years of old habits.  

“Whatever,” she mutters under her breath, wrapping her cardigan even more tightly.  “You are damn worthy.”

It’s hard to shake the feeling of creeping eyes on her, however, even if it’s probably only her head seeing things that aren’t there.  So Darcy hunts for a shadowy corner in order to take a few minutes to regain her equilibrium, and finds herself wandering into the room where the Peggy Carter interview is running on a continuous loop.  And boy, doesn’t that just make all the inadequacies come rushing back…  Still, Darcy plonks herself down on one of the benches; it’s dark and quiet in there, the perfect little escape from the outside world.

Peggy Carter is an entirely formidable woman, even when she looks like she’s on the verge of tears.  But then, it’s probably a natural response to have when one reminisces about the lost love of your life.  When did you know, Darcy thinks, that this person - this magnificent and imperfect wonder - was going to be the one to get under your skin like that?  That this person would be nothing less than the other half of your soul?  

Darcy has never been good with emotions.  She realized this long ago, and has accepted it as one of her deep flaws.  That it’s far easier to be brash and loud, to put the safe parts of her personality out there for everyone to see because the soul, that inner part of her that bruises and sometimes doesn’t want to cope with the world, is soft and squishy and gets hurt all too easily.  Why get hurt when you can get angry instead, has been the motto that’s gotten her over and through many rough times in her life.  But this approach to the world has sometimes made her a little out of touch with her own feelings, she admits (if only to herself).

How do you know when you’ve found that person, the one who you don’t mind cracking open your skin in front of so that they can see the whole package of your emotions and not just the safe outer shell?

(Darcy studiously avoids thinking about the fact that Steve could be that person for her, because emotions are tough and the deeper she looks the more in over her head she might find herself.  Romance is such a strange thing, in her experience.  But that doesn’t mean that it’s not good for her, that having that imperfect and wonderful compliment to her soul would make her more like the true self that she wants to be instead of that facade that the world sees.)

Ugh, she gets awfully maudlin once the caffeine wears off.  Darcy grimaces, and is incredibly grateful that the darkness of the film room keeps her hidden from the group of elderly ladies a couple of rows down from her commenting about how much they like Peggy’s suit outfit.  It’s better to focus on Peggy than on herself, anyway.  On the screen, Peggy makes a comment about how, even after his (supposed) death, Steve was always changing her life.  Ain’t that just the truth, Darcy thinks in full agreement.  

After a while Darcy needs to leave the movie room, because otherwise she might start crying at the intensity of Peggy’s emotions.  They’re not obvious, because Peggy is a consummate professional, but Darcy knows the type (she’s one herself, after all) - never let them see you sweat or see you cry.  So she wanders back out into the main exhibit, washing up in front of a display that outlines some of Peggy’s other accomplishments that weren’t related to her time with Captain America.  It’s only a matter of seconds, however, before she sees a shadow loom up next to her, followed quickly by soft footfalls that come to a stop next to hers.

When she looks up at Steve, it’s all too easy to see the strain on his face, even half hidden by the baseball cap he’s got shoved on his head.  His eyes are tight, mouth pulled into a slight frown.  His shoulders are hunched over, hands shoved into his pockets, and, at least for this moment in time, he looks a hell of a lot less intimidating than she’s ever seen him.  There’s no need to ask him how he feels when it’s written all over him, Darcy thinks.  So instead, she just waves a hand at the display in front of her and says, “She’s a hell of a woman.”

“That she is,” Steve replies, the frown dropping away from his lips for a moment and replaced by something far more soft and pensive.

“Come on.”  Darcy weaves her arm through his, tugging his body close to hers.  “Let’s get out of here and see some sunlight.”

It’s one of those days that moves slow like molasses, thick and lazy, traveling along without any actual aim and just spreading about instead.  It’s a good day, sunny and warm even though it’s late in November, and they stroll along the streets, wandering into bookshops and cafes and places that Darcy hopes won’t remind Steve of the past.  Anything to take that frowny look of his face, she thinks.  Eventually they head back to the hotel with the intention of getting ready for dinner…but the best of intentions are forgotten when Darcy all but pushes Steve back on the bed, and starts planting kisses down his torso, peeling back his sweater as he goes.  After that, room service is the only dinner option that either one of them has the energy for.

“I know what you’re doing,” Steve says afterwards as he stumbles out of bed towards where the room service menu is.

“What am I doing?”  Darcy sits up, dragging the sheets around her shoulders and attempting to bring some semblance of order to her sex-tossed hair.  It’s a futile effort, but she has to try anyway.

Steve arches an eyebrow at her and crawls back onto the bed, menu in hand.  “You know, you’re not as subtle as you think.”  He presses a swift, firm kiss to her mouth.  “It was a good day.  Thank you.”

Darcy smiles back at him, followed swiftly by the sound of her stomach grumbling.  “You’re very welcome.  Now feed me.”

“As you wish.”

The picture that gets posted to Steve’s Instagram later is a simple one, overlaid with a black and white filter that just emphasizes the shadows coming from the small lamp off in the distance of the shot.  The main feature of the photo, however, is the two hands tangled together, fingers intertwined, relaxed and resting on a pillow.  And while nothing else is visible aside from the extension of their forearms, the implication that there are two people on the other side of those hands, snuggled up and resting together, is a given.  The caption simply reads ‘a good ending to a good day.’

Claustrophobia (Newt x Reader)

Originally posted by secretly-a-wizard

For @leslaiiiii who requested Newt one-shot where the reader and him have crushes on each other but they are too shy to admit, but when they chase after a creature in New York, they end up in a closet and the door lock itself. If the reader is claustrophobic and Newt shyly comforts her before they kiss.

I hope you enjoy this!

Words: ~2500

Rating: Cute comfort fluff, pretty good fluff to get you through the day.

Visiting Jacob and the Goldsteins was supposed to be a relaxing little vacation from your travels with writing the magical creatures handbook. Tina was ecstatic to see you and Newt after receiving letters every month, and Jacob was always anxious to hear your stories of your journeys around the world studying and recording various types of beasts he could only dream of. Queenie, however, was a bit disappointed to find that the two of you continued to have intense feelings for one another (more than mere friends would, anyway), and had yet to act upon them.

You adored him, completely and truly and forever, though in reality, you could never say such things to him. When you tried, you found the words would get caught in your throat, and you would merely mutter your apologies for forgetting whatever it was you were attempting to tell him. And each time, Queenie would give a pout and sympathetic look your way.

Now, Newt wasn’t completely oblivious as you had thought, his hands would tremble and heart quiver at the idea of you confessing some sort of attraction to him when you would approach him…and every time you backpedaled he would deflate just a little bit at his own inability to admit his feelings. Queenie could only fume in silence when she heard the wizard’s thoughts screaming at himself to get over his shy nature and let you know just how much you brightened his days and warmed his heart with just one of your heart-stopping smiles.

Though it was hypothetically supposed to be a bit of a holiday, there wasn’t much resting with a case full of magical creatures that sometimes managed to escape.

Tonight was one of those times.

You had chosen your most flattering of outfits, dressing to impress a certain magizoologist.   Queenie must have read into your thoughts that afternoon, for she had generously offered any of her wardrobe for your taking, and insisted on applying a generous amount of her favorite red lipstick to your lips to prepare for an evening out.

Throughout dinner, you two caught one another staring. You would look up and find Newt’s shy gaze upon you, blood rushing to his face and heating his freckled cheeks as he attempted to hide behind his mop of honey curled hair. In turn, he would chance a glance at you just to find you pretending to drop your fork to distract from your obvious gawking.  

It didn’t take a mind-reader to see how hard you two had fallen for one another. After glancing at a very restless Queenie, Tina took it upon herself to announce to the table once dinner was finished, “It’s a perfect night for a walk, wouldn’t you say so Newt?”

Everyone looked to the wizard for his response, effectively catching him staring at you again, making you smile. Taken a bit off guard, Newt blinked rapidly and pushed his mashed potatoes around a bit with his fork distractedly. “Y-yes, yes I would say so…”

“That sounds nice.” you added, tilting your head and flashing the shy Hufflepuff a reassuring smile that he easily reciprocated.

Jacob couldn’t help but grin at how connected you two seemed to be, all the more after the events here in New York, but he should have known you two were too shy to admit it to one another. “Better go grab your coat, Newt…?” he suggested, as neither of you broke your gaze from one another, smiling like two lovestruck teens.

Newt’s cheeks dusted a rosy pink, having being caught in his infatuation for you for the second time that night. “Oh, yes I suppose,” he tore his gaze from you to stumble to the back bedroom.

Tina turned to you with a light smile. “Sooooo Y/n, how are you and Newt–”

The Goldstein sister was stopped short by a clunking noise from the bedroom. At first you were grateful for the interruption, but when it didn’t stop you became a bit concerned.

You all stared blankly at one another as the clattering continued, followed by some maternal reprimanding, more crashes and an eventual cry of frustration. A few seconds passed in silence.

“Newt?” You tentatively called, already having a sinking feeling as to what had occurred when he emerged with a sigh.

“The, um, Niffler…may have slipped out of the open w-window…” he trailed off, scratching the back of his neck sheepishly.

Queenie raised her brows with a smirk. “Oh. Is that all?”

“Just like old times, eh?” Jacob shook his head with a chuckle.

You had meant to go out during the evening in your lovely outfit with Newt and your friends, though it wasn’t planned you would be chasing a Niffler for the majority of that evening.

You found the Niffler initially at the local jewelry store, where Newt tried his best to re-enact the last success when this scenario occurred, though this time the small creature escaped. The suspicious trail of missing trinkets, money and jewelry then led them to the museum, which was luckily closed so you wouldn’t attract too much attention while chasing for the magical creature that tended to cause havoc.

A quick “Alohomora” made the entrance the easy part. It was when the five of you observed the expanse of the museum while in the lobby that it was made clear things would be a bit harder…

“Maybe we should split into groups?” Queenie suggested a little too innocently as she averted your and Newt’s gaze.

“I’ll take the left wing, it’s smaller.” Tina quickly piped up enthusiastically, though out of breath, catching Queenie’s suggestion.

Jacob, hands on his knees and panting, inhaled deeply before gesturing to the main exhibit and lobby. “Right…well…I can go–”

“Yes, you and I will go this way,” Queenie specified, glancing at you and Newt with a cheerful smile. “Good luck!” she chirped, helping drag Jacob along down around the corner and out of sight. Tina gave a small wave before she too disappeared down the left hallway.

“Right,” Newt sighed, swallowing thickly as he looked to you with a little smirk. “Shall we?”

You two set to jogging down the corridor on the right, anxious and alert to find the mischievous missing beast.

Along your search, the distinct sound of clinking metal was heard from the ancient jewel displays. Initially, the little creature attempted to blend in with the black velvet of the case display, but it wasn’t long before Newt’s keen eye found him and the chase began. With the nimble creature slipping through your hands time and time again, it almost became a competition between you and Newt to see who would catch the naughty Niffler first.

“Y/n,” Newt whispered just loud enough for you to hear. He gestured to an open custodial closet that you could easily corner the Niffler in. You nodded your understanding with a smile, and the both of you set to surrounding the small creature.

It’s beady black eyes blinked at you as you slowly inched closer, “Come on little guy,” you hummed, hoping he would walk into your open hands. Instead, the Niffler turned and scampered into the closet, it’s pouch clicking and dropping a few coins on the way. “Well, that works too,” you giggled, pursuing with Newt right behind you.

The closet was quite dark, until you switched on the dim singular light bulb that dangled from the ceiling. “Where’d he go?” you hissed, scrambling through the shelves of cleaning supplies desperately, Newt searching the upper shelves you couldn’t reach.


The both of you whipped around just in time to catch of glimpse of the magical creature ducking–slipping, rather–through the cracked open door, effectively knocking it shut with a light click.

“The little bugger,” Newt muttered under his breath, though with a slight smile as he went for the door, “Can’t keep his paws off even remotely shiny—oh, dear…” he sighed, peeking over his shoulder sheepishly as the doorknob rattled. “Seems we’re stuck for a bit…”

You felt a wave of fear-induced nausea wash over you in the dim lighted closet, the space feeling too constricting for you, let alone with another person. “Your wand?” you quickly yipped hopefully.

Newt patted his pockets, then gave a sigh of exasperation when he remembered, “Tina has it, she picked it up when it fell out of my pocket when I almost caught the Niffler at that jewelry shop…”

It was already dim and uncomfortable, though you were aware it was only a matter of time before panic swallowed you in this cramped space. Suddenly out of the corner of your eye, it had appeared the wall beside you began closing in to compact you indefinitely. You whipped around, glaring at the seemingly still wall accusingly before pacing. Either way, the space felt smaller, and your heart began thundering in your ribcage when you couldn’t find enough room to breathe properly. You felt your chest constrict and muscles freeze, knees threatening to buckle from under the weight of damp fear that seeped to your core.

Newt tried the handle again, pushing the door forcefully.  “Perhaps the Muggle way is the best way in this situation, don’t suppose you can pick a lock Y/n?” Turning, Newt seemed to take notice of your change in behavior, pausing in his escape attempt to observe your continued pacing and…shivering? “Y/n, are you alright?”

You didn’t answer, though you didn’t have to. Your slight whimper as you backed into a wall and heaved for air gave Newt enough indication that you were indeed in need of help. He approached you slowly, cautiously, knowing you were uncomfortable with your current surroundings.

“It’s going to be alright, I-I’m here.” he assured, taking your hands in his.  “Y/n look at me,”

You slowly raised your embarrassed gaze to his, internally chuckling at the thought of how the roles had switched, as the magizoologist rarely kept eye contact for long when he blushed when in in your mere presence. His seafoam eyes were almost luminescent in the dim lighting as they appeared to churn with concern and affection, staring at you intently, seeming to read you like an open book, worry evident in his creased brow line. “I’m s-sorry,” you stammered, the pressure in your head and tightness of your chest inciting a wave of tears, fresh flowing rivers of sadness and fear that you couldn’t stop.

Newt’s expression quickly melted into one of sympathy, his hands flying from yours to cradle your face, warm thumbs gently stroking your cheeks dry as he pressed his forehead against yours firmly. “Oh, Y/n…” he cooed affectionately, taking note of your instantly relaxing shoulders when you locked gazes with him once more. “Don’t ever be sorry, just…” he inhaled deeply, already feeling his heart pound at how daringly close he was to you. “ …just f-focus on me…breathe.”

You did as he instructed, shifting your thoughts focus to your magizoologist as he tenderly held you like fragile glass, your hands resting on his chest, absorbing the reverberations of his rapidly beating heart. You mimicked his breathing pace, his barely audible murmurs of comfort combined with the soothing sensation of his warm, freckled thumbs stroking your chilled cheeks wrapped you in a sense of harmonious security and relaxation

Newt felt relief and pride swell in his chest. Though you hadn’t realized it yet, your breathing evened and your muscles slowly began to relax. He watched your E/C gaze flicker as you methodically counted the freckles that dotted along his face, his cheeks heating up in the realization, though the corners of his mouth twitched into a smile nonetheless.

You felt as though you had broken out of a trance, blinking to clear your vision, you looked up to find the shy Hufflepuff staring back at you with nothing but compassion lining his herbal eyes. “Thank you.” you whispered genuinely.

Newt’s face may as well have been on fire at this point, for he had never engaged in such a close proximity between the two of you. You intensified his emotions exponentially with something as simple as holding his hand, so he figured if he got any closer he very well may melt from pure bliss.

“Of course.” Newt replied, seeming to absorb every detail of your face in that moment, overwhelmed by the way you looked at him, a look of adoration in your eyes that he knew matched his. Shyly, he leaned in to delicately kiss the corner of your lips.

The other side of your mouth curved in a half-smile, it was so very characteristic of him to present his feelings in a timid, gentleman way, though the fact he took action itself declared him a holder of much deeper and profound emotions that hid behind his shy demeanor.

You felt your breathing hitch when Newt pulled back ever-so-slightly, his lips barely hovering against yours, his freckled nose brushing light Eskimo kisses as he breathlessly whispered, “M-may I…?”

The timid wizard’s shaky but hopeful question made your heart race and stomach flutter in a nervously excited frenzy, wherever Newt’s skin made contact with yours felt delightfully ignited with flames of fondness you desperately desired to kindle. You couldn’t help but smile upon noticing the wizard’s gaze flickering to your lips a few times before meeting your gaze.

Your hands snaked from his chest and up his neck to weave into his cinnamon-peppered golden locks, feeling him tremble slightly beneath your gentle touch. Gingerly, you pulled him into you and captured his lips in a fervent kiss that gushed with compassion and yearning.

Newt gave a barely audible brief gasp of surprise, which quickly blended into a sigh of delight as he practically melted into your embrace, the sensation of your fingers entangling in his hair driving him absolutely wild. It was no longer you trapped in a room, rather you and the wizard you loved sharing a sacred space.

“Hey there you guys are!”

You both jumped at the intrusion, the light from outside the closet almost blinding as a familiar face opened the door. “Everything alright?” Jacob asked in concern upon seeing his friends so jumpy.

“Y-yes, quite,” Newt replied, looking back at you sheepishly.

“Ya gotta little, somethin’…” Jacob chuckled, tapping the edge of his lips. “Right there.”

It was only now you noticed the lipstick stain on the side of Newt’s mouth, and you felt your cheeks heat up in response, giving a light giggle at the wizard’s immediate wide-eyed expression of embarrassment.

“D-did you find the Niffler?” Newt swallowed thickly, obviously attempting to redirect the conversation as he wiped his lips with the back of his hand.

“Yeah, we cornered the little rascal in the gift shop a few minutes ago, then set off to find you two.” Jacob explained. Newt gave a curt nod of appreciation, which gave way to a moment of awkward quiet with Jacob grinning until he spoke up again. “Gosh, you both are too cute.”

If possible, Newt blushed even harder.

“He’s become much more clever,” you noted, walking alongside Jacob and Newt as you headed for the exit. “We thought we’d trap him in the closet, and he ended up trapping us instead.”

“The way I found you two it couldn’t have been that bad,” Jacob sent you a smirk, to which you scoffed and smacked his arm playfully.  

Eventually, you made it to the main entrance where Tina and Queenie were waiting, the Niffler in a small birdcage. Your brow furrowed in thought of where it came from, but Tina quickly answered when she saw your expression. “I don’t think their stuffed bird in the nature exhibit will miss it that much.” she chuckled, making sure to hand back Newt’s wand.

Though the walk back to the apartment was long, none of you were bothered in the slightest. The night had settled in and the stars gleamed above like shattered diamonds.

About halfway there, Newt had taken your hand, and it was admittedly one of the best feelings you’d ever experienced when he looked down at you in such a deeply enamoured way he never had before.

Jacob had to bite down on his lip in an attempt to keep from grinning, though it wasn’t as effective as hoped. “I could just lock you two back in there if ya want,” he gently elbowed Newt in the side, watching in satisfaction as his magical friend quickly turned a light pink and chuckled bashfully.

“I, ah… I don’t think that will be necessary,” Newt replied in a hush. He gave a giddish grin, squeezing your hand and turning to you with shining green eyes that reflected complete infatuation, and you could only smile back just as elated.

Your friends felt their own excitement brewing as they watched you both ahead, strolling down the sidewalk, hands clasped and hearts fluttering.

Hope you enjoyed this one!

Comfort fluff is good stuff. :)

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The Imperial Botanical Gardens

The Imperial Botanical Gardens is located 15 km north from the Kaas City and maintained by the Sphere of Biotic Sciences. The Imperial Botanical Gardens consists of Darth Belarn’s mansion and 23 greenhouses spread across 641 hectares. The Gardens are open daily from 10am to 6pm. Guided tours are available every day and themed tours during the Equinox festivities. Tours for private and student groups are available on demand.

The main building was originally built as Darth Belarn’s private mansion in 364 AE and contained her private laboratories and a small greenhouse, which is nowadays an herb garden. During her later years Darth Belarn decided to testament her mansion and the surrounding areas to the Sphere of Biotic Sciences and after her death in 402 AE the Sphere moved their main botanic laboratories to the premises. In 587 AE Darth Ashelon, of the Dark Council, declared Darth Belarn’s mansion and the associated greenhouses as a cultural heritage site and the Imperial Botanical Gardens were opened a year later. Since then the Imperial Botanical Garden has become a popular tourist attraction on Dromund Kaas.

Today Darth Belarn’s mansion functions as the Gardens’ main building, and the library and Science Bureau’s laboratories can found there. The laboratories remain closed to the general public, but the library’s impressive collection of over three million volumes is accessible to all. In addition, the library contains several herbaria, which contain over 100 million plants, as well as an insect collection of two million species. The main art exhibition is displayed at the top floor of the mansion with a biyearly changing theme. Most of the art comes from the Gardens’ own collection of 1.5 million illustrations, but some are on loan from different museums around the Empire.

The Gardens’ living plant collection includes over 500 000 different species from all over the Galaxy. Despite most of the plants originating from various Imperial worlds, two of the greenhouse house species exclusively from the Hutt Space, four from the Republic, and one from the Unknown Region. Due to this, the Gardens house some rare species, such as the Tythonian sageberry. The sageberry was acquired from Tython in 1582 AE, and remains the only one living outside of the Jedi homeworld.

In addition to the Gardens’ impressive collection, visitors can enjoy the cafés and restaurants around the Gardens. The Imperial Botanical Gardens also organizes monthly musical and theatrical performances in the Shâsot house, as well as occasional debates in collaboration with the Sphere of Sith Philosophy. The detailed program can be found at kaasbotanicalgardens.emp.

Traveller’s Guide to Kaas City

Froot Loops.

A/N: So this is actually a sister part to the wonderful @mystic-biscuit ‘s NERD HQ. This is what happens with Amanda and how she ends up in Tyler’s shirt eating Froot loops. We really hope you enjoy it and it was super fun to write! Love Lau xoxo

Pairing: TylerPoseyxReader

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Request: Yes. But to be written by Moni! 

Warnings: NSFW.

Word count:  4369

Inspired by this song

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One of my best memories ever happened maybe 15, 16 years ago. I was around 12. In October there used to have this pumpkin decorating contest in my home town - not carving, because that would rot and all, but decorating - and the week before Halloween they would display all the different pumkins in the main room of the exhibition center, before having a special event to announce the winners, and there would be all sorts of pumpking-themed pastries (real pumpkin, this was before lattes and all the craze of recent years).

I’d praticipated all my childhood, and when I started high school (middle school for you americans) I started helping out with the event. At 12 I couldn’t do much, but I would just have a couple of ‘shifts’ to watch the displays during opening hours, make sure no one messed it up, kids didn’t destroy the pumpkins and all.

 Anyway. One night my dad was picking me up, but he was early (he’s always early to everything, keeps half a dozen books in his car just for that purpose), but instead of reading in the car, he waited in a side room next to the lobby for me to finish my ‘shift’ and pick my things up. Now I didn’t see this, but he told me - there was a bunch of kids doing a origami crafting workshop, and apparently one little kid went up to him for help with his project, and my dad, who I had never seen do anything artistic like that, just went with it. I came out of the main room maybe 10, 15 minutes later to see my dad, a friendly but fairly reserved person by nature, surrounded by all those kids and showing them how to make a paper hat. It was adorable.

I don’t know why it’s one of my favourite memories ever, but I still remember it and it makes me so happy.

The Centre Pompidou in Paris, France. It’s a modern and contemporary art museum. When I took this photo, the main exhibition was about the American photographer Walker Evans (very interesting. 

Lomo LC-A + Agfa Vista Plus 200

I’ve been very disappointed by the Agfa Vista Plus 200 film roll when I used it with my Canonet QL17: the colors looked dull and flat. So I was happily surprised to see how vibrant the photos looked when I used that same film roll with the LC-A! The saturation changes everything and I enjoy the result so much that this association will probably become a favorite. 

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