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Nutrition Exhibitions

Me and my collegues were busy with organizing nutrition exhibitions in local areas last week. Nutrition Promotion and Consultancy Services organizes these nutrition exhibitions on regular basis every year. The main goal of these exhibitions is to acknowledge general public about different food groups which are localy avaliable, what are the benefits of eating those and how much they should be consumed. The exhibition also shows different posters which are promoting hand washing, proper food preparation or importance of breastfeeding.

Our first exhibition was held in very close proximity to ward 22 health post in Lalitpur district. We organized the exhibition in the morning from 9-12 as the health clinic is opened during that time and therefore we were able to reach mothers and children who were visiting the clinic. Female Community Health Volunteers were helping us to put all the things in place and were active in approaching people passing by and inviting them to see our exhibition. There were mostly women with children stopping by, but also few men were not exception. Everyone who came was immediately approached by our stuff and we explained them about different foods and posters. My collegue also recorded the name of each participant in order to get an overiview of how many people were reached. My main role was an observer as there is a language barrier in talking with general public. Nevertheless it was extremely interesting for me to observe the different groups of participants, what their main interests are also learn about the different food groups which are recognized here. I also had opportunity to spend some time in the health clinic and see the child vaccination, growth measurement or advising mothers on using vitamin A and iron/folate supplements.

Three main food groups were: 1. Body and health protective foods, which contain fruits and vegetables, such as broccoli, oranges, apples or spinach. 

2.Energy giving foods, where mostly oil, cereals and starchy food belong. This includes for example corn, potatoes, rice or beaten rice, wheat, vegetable oil and ghee.Ghee is a fat which is extracted from buffalo milk. 

3. Growth and develpoment foods, which consist of protein rich food. For instance, chicken and buffalo meat, eggs, milk, fish or yoghurt (curd). From plant origin these are different kind of pulses such as beans, chickpeace, lentils or soyabeans.

The second nutrition exhibition was organized in the same way, but the venue was very special. It was held in the temple area on Hindu festival called Shiva Ratri. It was very interesting experience to promote food on this religious site. Main reson for that was to reach as many people as possible as there were many people around on this day. It was successful and I could see more people were approaching our exhibition  than on the previous day. 

Maha Shivaratri festival is Hindu festival celebrated in honour of god Shiva every year. People are chanting prayers, fasting, doing Yoga and meditating. There were huge cues in front of the temple and people use to stand even the whole night to be able to enter the temple on this day.

“The World in Our Eyes,” one of the four main exhibitions at last fall’s 2016 Lisbon Architecture Triennial (@trienaldelisboa), featured work produced in an #MIT graduate architectural design workshop. Led by Hashim Sarkis, Dean of the MIT School of Architecture and Planning, the course—"Constructing Vision: The Eye, Architecture, the World"—examined how architects use means of representation to project how buildings and environments will be perceived. 📷: @mitsap

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Abigail the Naga. The main exhibit in the Heta Supernatural Zoo, and some would say the most exciting. She towered over everybody, she could move around her enclosure like a bolt, and she could hiss and spit angrily enough to startle even the bravest human. However, she wasn't used to being around humans for so long and in such a small place. She grew tired, weak, and frail, until her scales lost their shine and she barely moved out of her den. Perhaps it was time to upgrade her exhibit…

Alfred frowned as he looked over Abigail. He sighed softly and shook his head sadly “Poor girl…” He ran a hand through his hair.

The Right Shade of Green-A Clexa AU Fanfiction (Chapter 1)

She should have never come to this stupid event.

Clarke had spent a good portion of the night loathing her own self-pity while she sipped on champagne she knew she would never be able to afford. That is, unless she could sell some of her work, unlike at this opening. The Museum of Modern Artists had turned down three of her pieces she submitted for review. Somehow, though, her best friend Raven had managed to get a sculpture of hers into the museum as a main exhibit.

She isn’t even an artist, Clarke thought as she looked around the room. Raven had graduated as a mechanical engineer, but chose to work in a garage instead. At night, though, she was the mysterious graffiti artist Rey who had been tagging buildings all over the city for months. At first she had done it as a dare-Octavia had told her to paint something obscene on a politician’s billboard. From there, she had moved on to buildings, walls, even once painting half of the busiest street in the city. Sure, she had been arrested a few times while caught in the act, but that didn’t sway her.

“You’re looking kinda blue there,” Clarke could hear Raven say as she made her way over to the blonde.

“Why am I here Raven?” she asked her, finishing off her glass of champagne.

“Because even though you’re still bitter, you’re a good friend who came here to support me tonight,” she replied. She had been hesitant at inviting Clarke as her guest to the opening, but Octavia was busy with another commitment she would not tell anyone about.

Clarke sighed. She was trying to be supportive, but everywhere she looked all she saw was mediocrity. She wondered if anyone who had work in this museum had ever studied art.

She stood up from her seat and gave the empty glass to a waiter passing by. “I’m going to take a walk around so I can clear my head.”

Raven nodded, then went back to socializing. Clarke wandered down the hallway, stopping a ways away from everyone else. She started examining the painting on the wall in front of her. It depicted a scene in a park, but Clarke didn’t focus on the obvious. She examined each little piece of the picture.

“The strokes are going in all directions,” she mumbled to herself. “Looks as if a three year old painted it.”

“And the tree is in two different shades of brown, as if they ran out of paint and use whatever other hue was available.”

Clarke turned towards the mystery voice to see a young woman walking up to her. Her brown hair shimmered under the soft lighting of the gallery. She was wearing a white button down with a dark green tie tied with an intricate knot. Her black vest was still buttoned and shirt tucked into her trousers, but she had rolled up her sleeves, allowing a small part of a tattoo to show on her right arm. Clarke could tell that she reeked of money.

“Such sloppy work. Don’t know how Anya allowed this into the museum,” she continued, stopping right next to Clarke. She put her arms behind her back, her hands falling at the small of her back. She her head towards Clarke slightly, tilting it. “What do you think?”

“I can see three different brush types used, which would be great if it was done for texture, but this is totally random. Like you appearing here next to me, away from the rest of the party.”

Out of the corner of her eye Clarke could see the girl’s jaw tense, then relax. “If you want to be alone I can leave.”

“No, please,” Clarke responded a bit too quickly. There was something about the presence of the girl that eased her. She quickly cleared her throat. “I mean, I’m glad there’s someone else her that understands art.”

“I wish I could paint, I’m just good at analyzing others’ work,” she responded, turning towards Clarke and extending her hand. “I’m Lexa, by the way.”

“Clarke,” she said as she shook her hand. God, her hands were smooth, Clarke thought. In the distance, she could hear someone clinking a glass.

“I should go, Anya’s probably speaking now,” Lexa said before turning on the heel of her perfectly shined shoes and striding back towards the party. Clarke couldn’t help but stare at the way her vest lined her back and the way her belt cinched her pants at just the right spot. Did she really feel something right now?

It took her a second to break out of her thoughts and rejoin the party. As she slipped into the crowd and found Raven again, the audience began applauding as another woman took to the stage. She was dressed similarly to Lexa, but still wore her jacket. She stepped up to the podium there and began speaking.

“I just wanted to quickly thank everyone that is here tonight, whether you are an artist or patron. A few special thanks though before we leave.”

This must be Anya, Clarke thought. Anya Woods was the curator and owner of the museum. She also curated the ancient histories museum downtown, but this was her first time owning one. She continued to thank patrons who had donated huge amounts to the museum just to get their names engraved on little plaques around the museum.

“And last, but certainly not least, I’d like to thank Trikru Industries and their CEO, Alexandria Woods, who is in attendance on behalf of the company tonight, for their generous gift of the land we currently sit on. Thanks again, everyone, for coming out tonight. Enjoy the food and drinks and feel free to wander around the gallery.”

As the audience applauded once again, Clarke stopped. She knew Lexa had sounded familiar, but that Lexa? As in, Lexa short for Alexandria Woods, the youngest CEO at Trikru in its history? The Lexa who had doubled the net worth of the company over her short tenure? Clarke couldn’t believe she didn’t recognize the face standing next to her. It was in the paper so many times that she should have known it right away.

Clarke found herself grabbing another glass of champagne before sitting again. How could she not have made a connection?

Mid sip, she felt someone walk behind her and sit in the chair next to her. Looking over, she could see the same brown hair as before, but the jacket missing from her suit had made its way back onto her.

“You didn’t tell me you were that Lexa,” Clarke said, placing her glass down on the counter.

“Do you know anyone else named Lexa?” she retorted with a smirk, grabbing her own glass and taking a small sip. Clarke found her eyes following Lexa’s throat, watching her swallow the liquid. Lexa noticed her gaze and smirked.

“Or am I the most attractive you’ve met so far?” she continued. Clarke noticed the hint of cockiness thrown in there. Two can play at this game, she thought.

“Hm? Did you say something? I busy thinking of the other Lexa’s I know,” she retorted, taking another sip of champagne. She could see Lexa’s eye twitch ever so slightly. She leaned in close to Clarke’s ear and whispered.

“I can tell you though, none will ever compare to me.”

Clarke had to grab the counter to stop herself from shivering. Those words managed to slice straight through her like none had.

Lexa leaned back and finished her glass, then stood up and buttoned her jacket. “Anya’s calling, guess it’s time for us to head out. It was nice to meet you, Clarke.”

And with that Lexa had left. Clarke watched her walk over to where Anya was waiting and the two of them headed outside, where a limo was waiting for them. Figures.

Clarke turned to find Raven coming back over to her.

“So, I see you started getting friendly with Lexa there. Thinking of sleeping with her already?” Raven grinned.

“Hey, I’m not like you. I actually get to know people before they end up in my bed.”

Clarke stood and followed Raven over to the coat room. She pulled on her coat and buttoned it up before sticking her hands in her pockets. She wasn’t expecting the crinkle of paper in there.

I didn’t have anything in this pocket when I came here, she thought, pulling out a small strip. On it was a phone number and a small note.

Call me. -L


Based off of the messages between @flyingfanaticfics and I after coming up with the idea of another fine stud for poor little Raven because she deserves someone. Most of the chapters will follow Clarke or Raven, maybe an occasional one with Octavia. We’ll see how it goes.

So I got my RTX Guardian acceptance email, which is so super rad!

However, I just thought of something and I have to share it now.

As most of you know, I was Ryan Haywood’s PA for RTX 2015. He is absolutely incredible and wonderful and I loved working with him! Anyway, he told me at the beginning of the last day that he wanted to go sit on the throne (there was a throne in the corner of the main exhibit hall, like the one from the Minecraft Let’s Plays) which was fine. We were supposed to contact our team lead so that they could contact the ExhibitGuardians and let them know that Ryan was coming. I did this, but only mentioned that Ryan wanted to do an impromptu signing and not sit on the throne (I had 100% forgotten about that!)

So we head over to where the signing was taking place, which was sorta near the throne, and Ryan was like “Oh yeah I want to sit on that, can I go sit on that??” and so he goes over and just plops down on the throne.

This woulda all been fine except for that SWARMS of people started surrounding the throne trying to see and take pictures, and like 2 Exhibit Guardians were there because I had totally not warned them we were coming that way.

Either way, I think it went well even though it was totally unplanned, because it was just so fitting: Ryan on the throne, literally like 200 people surrounding him. It was pretty awesome, honestly.

I think the Exhibit Guardians low-key hated me, but what can you do, right?


Installation view of immense and brilliant woodblock cuts by artist friend and colleague Chen Haiyan, professor of printmaking at China Academy of Art, one of the foremost women working in print in Asia, in “Resurrecting the Phantom” main exhibition of the 2015 IMPACT at China Art Academy in Hangzhou. Haiyan is one of the first artists I was introduced to when I started traveling to China several years ago.  -Endi