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Logan: everyone, would you mind telling me what color my boyfriend’s shirt is?

Thomas: gray?

Talyn: his shirt is gray

Joan: yeah. gray

Patton: it’s gray-et..

Logan: don’t. Virgil?

Virgil: it’s gray. What’s the point of this?

Logan: alright. Now, Roman. Tell our friends what color you think your shirt is?


Roman: dark white

*watches Yuri!! On Ice*

*sees the cute girl working at the ice rink*

There she is. There’s the love interest. Honestly, what did I expe-

*sees she’s happily married with 3 kids*

*sees no immediate female romance option for Yuri*

…Well then. You have my attention.

B.A.P - Wake Me Up line distribution (173 seconds of vocal time - may overlap eg adlibs, duets etc)

Yongguk: 21 seconds

Himchan: 19 seconds

Daehyun: 44 seconds

Youngjae: 40 seconds

Jongup: 19 seconds

Zelo: 30 seconds


D.O - 171013 ‘Room No.7’ main trailer - [ENG SUB]

Credit: Kyeongsew경수. ('7호실’ 메인 예고편)

My favourite Scully quirk is her love of classical music. It just reflects her personality so well - so much of the commonly known classical repertoire is so often seen as stuffy and difficult to engage with and lacking in humour, but if you sit with a piece for a while and just let it wash over you without judgement or impatience… there are real gifts that tend to unearth themselves, stories, emotions, depth… 

Just like Scully. She might come off as staunch and closed off at first blush, but she has this underlying core of passion and warmth and soulfulness. 

Anyway in Chinga she’s listening to this on her drive AND in the bath: