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B.A.P - Wake Me Up line distribution (173 seconds of vocal time - may overlap eg adlibs, duets etc)

Yongguk: 21 seconds

Himchan: 19 seconds

Daehyun: 44 seconds

Youngjae: 40 seconds

Jongup: 19 seconds

Zelo: 30 seconds

*watches Yuri!! On Ice*

*sees the cute girl working at the ice rink*

There she is. There’s the love interest. Honestly, what did I expe-

*sees she’s happily married with 3 kids*

*sees no immediate female romance option for Yuri*

…Well then. You have my attention.

Worlds 2017: Video Masterpost

Art Love & Inspiration Fluff Piece

Practice Day

FD Practice CBC

SD Practice in Main Rink (fan version) credit: Rusalka

CBC Olympics: PJ Kwong and Scott Russell (discuss 20 yrs)

Friday (Short Dance)

ISU FULL Practices SD

SD Practice 1 2 and Run through

Backstage Warm Up

Pre SD warm up Hug (fan version) credit:sleeping bee

Warm Up

SD Warm Up (fan version) credit: Rusalka

Intro + Warm Up (fan version) credit: @sleeping-bee

SD (CBC version)

SD (NBC version)

SD (B. Euro version)

Kiss n Cry (fan version) credit: skating4us

Full Group 6

Small Medal Ceremony + Press Conf. + Interviews

Backstage 360 video

Post SD (Helsinki Greeting)

Post SD Interview

Post SD Japanese TV 1 2 3  credit: amomomijie12

PJ Kwong Post SD

Interview with Charlie White

Canadian Press (Press Conference)

Small Medal Ceremony + Press Conference

Small Medal Ceremony + Draw (Periscope)

Saturday (Free Dance)

ISU FULL Practices FD

FD Run through (protective Scott clip) credit: schistostega

FD Run through

FD Run through (fan version) credit: @olyagasanova

FD Run through (fan version) 1 2 credit: @hazyhorizons

Pre-FD Practice (fan version) credit: @hazyhorizons

Pre-Morning Practice (fan version) credit: Rusalka

Warm Up

Pre-Warm Up (fan version) credit: @hazyhorizons

Warm Up (fan version) credit: Rusalka

Intro + Warm Up (fan version) credit: @sleeping-bee

Introductions (fan version) credit: Rusalka

Introductions (fan version) credit: @hazyhorizons

Pre FD Hug (fan version) credit: @hazyhorizons

FD (CBC version)

FD (NBC version)

FD (B. Euro version)

FULL Group 4

Kiss n Cry (fan version) credit: skating4us

Kiss n Cry (fan version) credit: @hazyhorizons

Kiss n Cry (fan version) credit: Rusalka

Medal Ceremony (fan version) credit: step by step

Medal Ceremony (fan version) credit: @hazyhorizons

Victory Lap (fan version) credit: @hazyhorizons

Medal Ceremony (BBC high quality)

Post Medal Ceremony (fan version) credit: @hazyhorizons

Press Conf. + Interviews

Pre- Winners Interview (fan version) credit: hazy horizons

Winners Interview

Press Conference

Post Medal Ceremony Interview

Virtue & Moir on their Comeback with PJ Kwong

Post FD Interview French Televison

Sunday (Gala)

Gala Practice + Post FD Interview

Interview with Scott Russell

Pre Gala (goofing off + singing)

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Gala Finale

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Gala  (fan version) credit: Itiahs A.

Small Medal Ceremony

Small Medal Ceremony (Periscope)

Small Medal Ceremony


Periscope Banquet (dancing Scott) credit: @dreamofawonderfullife

Fan VLOG  (BTS) credit: Мария Лоскутова

**FAN MEETING** 1 credit: Anastasiya Mosina2 credit: @rusalka4

**ISU BEST OF DANCE HIGHLIGHTS** – backstage hug

CBC Highlights + Fluff + BTS – SD // FD // Gala 1 and 2

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dadstiel-n-sammy  asked:

I loved your meta/breakdown of 12x10 so much. Since you seem to ship destiel too, the only tiny thing I would add to it is that you should look at the framing of that gif with Cas and Ishrim after Cas is beaten up. It's framed to look just like the reverse crypt scene where MoC!Dean beats up Cas, stabs the books near his face and walks out on him while Cas looks after him. Except this time Dean is experiencing this memory as an onlooker.

Hey and thanks! I do indeed ship destiel. What gave you that idea? lol!

This is crazy because I have been struggling to get to my ask box because I’m *still* half way through writing part 2 of my review I missed this when I added on my thoughts to this post which should interest you. Main credit of course goes to @destielonfire and @elizabethrobertajones as my comment around the framing was that I saw the two scenes as mirrored book ends to a very dark period in Castiel’s life and emotional arc that we have now come to the end of. 

10x22 was horrific both for Castiel’s self esteem (he had literally just pledged himself to Dean forever and got rejected) and for Dean and Cas’s relationship. They were at their worst point and the repercussions of this on Castiel’s mental state rippled throughout season 11 and were partly to blame for his accepting Lucifer. We only really started to get any recovery from this in 11x23 when Dean actually took Cas aside for a so called beer run to tell him how important he was. But Castiel didn’t really take it in properly.

In season 12 they have finally built on their relationship and are on a more equal footing, but 12x10 was the first time that the Winchesters have actually sat Castiel down and told him just how much they care properly and sincerely.  (I was screeching about that final scene for ages it was wonderful). In the mirror scene to 10x22 where Castiel is lying hurt on the floor, Dean is once again presented with a choice. Castiel gets to watch as Dean chooses to risk his own life rather than risk Castiel’s. Proving just how much Castiel means to him by that one small action of lowering his hand. 

This is such an important moment, not just for destiel but for Castiel’s self esteem and understanding of how Dean views him. This is Castiel learning to believe that he may actually be just as important to Dean as Dean is to him. 

And yeah, another thing this episode has done really well is show Dean things that he may not have been aware of before. Here is a comprehensive list:

  • Reminded him that angels don’t have gender.
  • Reminded him that angels treat Castiel like shit (and Dean doesn’t like that one bit).
  • Therefore made him reflect on his own attitude towards Castiel sometimes that he may not have been aware of previously.
  • Reminded him of just how much Castiel has done for him.
  • Reminded him of how much he takes Castiel for granted.
  • Reminded him that Castiel chooses him everytime.
  • Reminded him that he has previously hurt Castiel badly, and that he needs to make amends for that. (via this scene and the framing which was mirrored with 10x22).

Because whilst we argue that they have been acting like an old married couple having a lovers spat, and have been snapping at each other for quite a few episodes now, we need Dean to experience moments like this so he can get some perspective on his own situation with Cas. Do I think it brought back memories of 10x22? Yes of course. That much is obvious. Going forward I predict that we will see more care from Dean, and start to get more of Dean’s point of view on Cas and his current emotional arc. Which we have been greatly lacking in for a while. I am hopeful that this episode has taught Dean some lessons, because as far as I can tell that was intention. Otherwise we never would have got a blatant explanation of behaviour from Dean at the end. The guy actually used his words for once, and the only reason this was possible was because of what he witnessed in this episode.