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Hi! Please help! Could you recommend podcasts to me? I'm desperate and need something to distract me from reality. (I have been listening to (ok let's be real...obsessing over) Wolf359, the penumbra Podcast, the strange case of starship iris, the bright sessions and eos10 lately, if that helps)

anon ur current list is full of some of the best congrats

with content warnings: greater boston, ars paradoxica

without content warnings: the orbiting human circus (of the air) /mc gets attacked by a polar bear and hospitalised/, wooden overcoats /its abt a funeral home theres lots of death and assumed death/, inkwyrm, alice isnt dead /gore and death/, lake clarity /gore and main charachter death/, jim robbie and the wanderers /abduction of a mc (the robot one), bear attack at one point, main charachters get held against their will, some spooky stuff like posession happens too/

(titles are bolded and negative content in the slashes)

i hope its a good list anon!!

One of my Skam theories:

In season 1 Vilde lost her virginity with William. But in season 2 Noora was dating William. Which means that main charachters love intrest has been involved with someone else before being with them like William was with Vilde or Even was with Sonja. But since a girl is main in a season her love intrest is linked to a close friend just like the whole Noora and Yousef story. Let’s wrap this up Sana and Yousef are end game(cause this is last season).

GOT7 reaction to them finding out you were in a movie

hopeless-lovex0 said:  Hello 😀 Can I get a Gif reaction to Got7 finding out you were apart of the 2012 movie? Like the main character or a character that dies? Thank you and I hope im not being a bother 😊😘💕

- Girl of course you are not bothering me :D Hope you enjoy your reaction <3

Jackson: “Oh really? That is very interesting” 

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Mark: “You were the main charachter!? That is really cool jagii”

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BamBam: “Tell me everything..How was it..Everything” *curious* 

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Youngjae: “ I am sure you were amazing as always” 

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Yugyeom: *gif*

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JB: “I want you to act something for me from that movie” *smiles and waits*

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Jr: “Why would someone kill you? Your beautiful face and body? Why?!” *shocked as you told him you died in the movie*

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Hi, I'm writting a series, but in every book there's a new main charachter, whose life somehow interwines with the others', and the actual protagonist comes up later, so it's kind of like a prequel. Is it a bad idea? Is it necessarily for the main protagonist to show up always from the beggining of a given story?

No, it’s not a bad idea. Though a series like this will mean that you will have more than one protagonist. So even though the “main protagonist” does not make an appearance, each book will still have a protagonist.