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A quick look at my main witchcraft storage shelves & altars. The first photo is a collection of crystals, the second is of my altar. The third is a shelf of witchy things and the fourth is my storage cupboard, which contains my jars, herbs, oils, powders and other such things. I would love to see everyone else’s witchy shelves & such!

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oh I wear bright red all april out of spite. the second it's over though back to my lovely light blues which you ruined (glaring at them)

Ooh I wear red all through April too! :D

I’m Catholic, so my Lent penance is to put vanity aside– I don’t wear makeup or earrings to church, and I pick an outfit that I wear every Sunday. This year it’s a purple velvet hoodie and a long black skirt with red socks and my usual church shoes. (Purple is a Lent color :)) 

I picked it specifically so I can still keep to my “uniform” for all of Lent with minor alterations as I see fit. Since April 2nd falls on a Sunday, I’m going to wear my hoodie unzipped so my “I can’t keep calm, I’m autistic” shirt is visible to my entire church. The choir loft is off my right hand side (your left hand side if you were in the congregation) of the main altar, so I’m literally in everybody’s field of view.

Here’s a pic of what I’ll wear on April 2nd. I wanted to do some of my RedInstead selfies that reflect what I’ll be wearing that day. I took more pics in different red outfits just to keep some variety, but I will definitely wear this on April 2nd. My paper sign says #AreYouAwareOfMeNow ?

Even when it’s not April, I sit up there and I stim during Mass. I’ll chew my Dulcimer or twiddle my Tangle. I keep my movements small so as not to draw undue attention to myself, but anyone who looks is going to see me stimming without being ashamed of it.

My usual Lent outfit is a plain purple pullover sweater and black pants or a skirt with red socks and black shoes. I only changed it up this year because April 2nd is on a Sunday. Next year, it will probably be back to the pullover again.


My bathroom altar to Aphrodite. The votive holders are heart shaped and the candles smell of roses, the bowl is shell shaped and filled with sea glass, shells and “pearls” (a little poor for the real thing) and the shell is for offerings. everything, besides the statue, was sorced from discount stores/thrift stores and I think it is beautiful and worthy of her! I think I spent $20 on everything and $45 on the statue. So for the most part pretty thrifty, and like my main altar she is also set up on a little shelf I also got from Ross. This shrine means a lot to me, hopefully ill be able to post about my relationship with Aphrodite soon (I’m on mobile now, posting from work so not sure I want to write a long emotional piece right now)

Altar to Asklepios made March 24th 2017 (Currently unconsecrated) 

There are two idols on the altar but only one of them has been consecrated to house him.

I am sick thus I felt I couldn’t go before the Gods due to ritual impurity Look here for it all. I am still not doing the best and now serious stress and other things have decided to add to it all. 

Anyways, Asklepios does not mind the sick approaching him, his temple, his Idol. I needed an altar badly, so I made one for him. I was going to anyways though, because I need to do a specific ritual for him. I am also debating whether or not to consecrate the larger idol for him and use it on my main daily altar. It is a very large statue so it’s hard to fit on this table with all the others. 

Altar Anatomy 

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Okay so in the centre is my main altar, it’s in winter mode right now… I’m just sort of starting out, but this is basically where the magick happens, any offerings and rituals get carried out here…

To the right at the top of the white shelf I have a very small altar for Luna where I have the tulips, a small candle, the moon phases and a small rose quartz I’ve offered her. Just starting to get to know her, and I look forward to expanding her altar soon.


Happy Feast day of St John Vianney – August 4

 His work as a confessor is John Vianney’s most remarkable accomplishment. In the winter months he was to spend 11 to 12 hours daily reconciling people with God. In the summer months this time was increased to 16 hours. Unless a man was dedicated to his vision of a priestly vocation, he could not have endured this giving of self day after day St John Vianney died on 4 August 1859, Vianney died at age of 73 – his body is incorrupt and is entombed at the main altar in the Basilica of Ars, France.