maim or seriously injure

Ok Casualty, some Chuffy ground rules:

1) you may not at any time wreck this relationship (30 years of development down the drain if you do)
2) you may not kill, maim or seriously injure either party
4) get rid of any potential obstacles, particularly those whose names begin with R and end with yan.

Thanking you very muchly and good day.

I will spar you! Respectfully.

Inevitably, if you practice martial arts, you have told someone you are going to your martial arts class.  They may have given you that raised eyebrow wtf look.  If you tell them you spar, same thing.  More often than not I hear a comment about sparring along the lines of ‘I bet it’s a great way to get aggression out.’

Sparring is not about getting out aggression.

What sparring is about: respect, self control, and refining your technique.


First and foremost is the well being of your partner because you are not here to injure or seriously maim them.  They deserve your respect because they have openly agreed to being put in harms way for the sake of bettering your skill.  You are partially responsible for their safety and welfare.  

Self control

Yes, it is possible to learn without going full force.  If you really need to wail on something, save that for a bag or some other training equipment designed for that.  There is a kid (16) at my dojang who has zero self control and ends up always apologizing profusely for injuring his partner.  Not only does his behavior not change, but most students will not spar with him anymore.  Only the advanced students will and there aren’t many who regularly attend sparring class.  If you want other students to spar with you, keep your strength in check. 

Refining your technique

If your school is set up the way mine is there is a separate class for sparring instead of being the primary focus.  During the regular lessons we learn a variety of blocks/strikes and application.  Well, the only way you are going to learn speed and accuracy is to practice and sparring is a great place to try out something new.  One of my instructors will often spar with the lower ranks and when the student goes into kick he just stands there and lets them try it and keeps himself at a safe enough distance that it wont hurt him.  

We are here to learn so in the process, try to keep yourself and your sparring partners in tact.  

Also, listen to Yoda

Thank you to SifuKuttel for inspiring me to write this post. 

#nerdybookchallenge day thirty-one: best fictional place ever.

And the answer, of course, is Hogwarts. I know, they’re kinda racist and there are a lot of government issues and the students have a tendency to get seriously injured or maimed but come on, that’s not that different from our world except they also have magic! And butterbeer! And cauldron cakes! I wish Hogwarts was a real place, even if I didn’t go to school there. Maybe I could be a teacher now.