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Saw your post about Shiro; I agree. Sometimes I even feel like they are attacking Shiro using his mental illness as a weapon: yelling and screaming at him, or maiming him (one person wanted his arm to be ripped off) or whatever, I am over here just trying to enjoy a character that I like and is heroic with mental illness. Idk, I just feel pissed at this fandom that I can't go through the shiro tag with some sort of attack on him

oh man, i feel u. people demonizing and stigmatizing shiro for his mental illness is a WHOOOOOLE other rant buddy. i have a Lot of feelings about that, cause i see it every now and then, the whole “is he even fit to be leader” thing or “how dare he have/do this thing thats obviously a symptom of his mental illness/trauma” thing. its ridiculous. this is wjy we cant have nice things.

harry potter aesthetic → {8/∞} Walburga Black

gothic / romantic aesthetics → {1/∞} Lady Lucille Sharpe from Crimson Peak

But the horror… the horror was for love.  The things we do for love like this are ugly, mad, full of sweat, and regret.  This love burns you and maims you and twists you inside out.  It is a monstrous love and it makes monsters of us all.