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I need to tell you that I have a cat and his name is Purrcy Jackson and I feel like he and Purrsephone would get along pretty well.

Maybe! Purrsephone is a bit of an asshole face, despite being adorable and soft and smol. She’s still very young so everything is new and something she desperately needs to kill and maim, so if Purrcy is on the same level, I bet they’d have some fun. During the 25-30 minutes a day Purrsephone is chill, though, she’s super non-murdery.

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Maybe an angsty dean Drabble where the reader was the love of his life and she died but he still leaves her voicemails even tho he tries to hide it from sam? Thanks! And congrats on your follower milestone!

Thank you, love! :)

Hi, this is the cell phone of Y/F/N Y/L/N. If you’ve reached this, I hope to God you have enough salt and silver to fight whatever’s trying to eat, maim, or possess you. Good luck, you’ll need it.” Beeeeeep.

Click. Dean hung up for the millionth time while tears streamed down his cheeks. He couldn’t help but chuckle at your less than witty voicemail greeting. But, as was hunter tradition, you implemented a sassy voicemail.

But, Dean didn’t care about the cheesy line. All he cared about was hearing your voice again. Sure, in the past, he absolutely dreaded hearing those words. It either meant that you were mad at him and giving him the silent treatment, or you were in some sort of trouble.

They were the last thing he heard before he found you on the muddy ground of that graveyard, laying in a puddle of blood with three stab wounds and a broken neck.

Dean twirled the delicate diamond ring he had planned to present to you after the successful hunt, but never could. He couldn’t bear to sell it now. It just meant too much to him.


“Y/N. Baby, wherever you are, I hope you can hear me. I-I hope you are floating around in Heaven, laying under your favorite blanket with a warm cup of tea. I hope your bookcase is stocked to the brim and there is a marathon of Hannibal on repeat.” Dean’s voice choked as he closed his eyes, allowing more tears to fall. “Sweetheart, I know that you are somewhere beautiful, because someone like you doesn’t deserve anything less. I love you—“

Your voicemail has reached the maximum length. Goodbye.” Click.

“Shit,” Dean growled as he slammed his phone onto the table. His other hand clutched your ring as he let out a short sob. “Baby, I-I love you so much. And I hope you’re happy, wherever you are.”

“Dean?” Sam called from the other side of the door. Before he could slip the ring back into its original box, Sam opened the door, his eyes landing on his grieving brother. He pursed his lips in a sad smile. “Dean, you have to eat something. You can’t just sit in here and call her phone all day.”

Dean narrowed his gaze at his brother. “It’s all I have left.” His voice cracked.

Sam sighed. “Dude, please come eat something. I don’t care if it’s eight pounds of chocolate pudding. And when was the last time you showered?”

“I’m not hungry,” Dean growled as he closed the ring box.

“Do you really think Y/N would want you to be like this?”

“Don’t, Sam. Guilt isn’t going to work.” Dean’s eyes shut as he swallowed his anger. “Just let me do this my way.”

Sam nodded as he backed towards the door. “Okay, man. But I’m here. If you need anything—“

“Please Sam.” Sam nodded as he turned to the door, leaving his brother to his thoughts.

weird question

Can you think of any fiction characters who are very nice, but also of very questionable morality? Like, they interact with other people in a gentle, friendly way, they even show care and concern for others, but then they make some really horrific choices. I don’t mean evil characters who pretend to be nice and then show their nasty side once their evil plot is revealed. I mean characters who might not even realise that their choices are selfish or maiming to other people. Characters who go on acting nice even as they destroy other characters lives.

I’m suddenly fascinated by this idea. I’ve known many people like that in real life, but I can’t think of a lot fictional characters who fit the description. 

You know those Photoshops of Harry Potter books from Voldemort’s POV? I want titles of the TAZ arcs from Lucretia’s POV. Like:

Episodes 1-6: I Finally See My Friends Again!!

Episodes 7-9: I Almost Kill Two Of My Friends But It Turns Out Okay In The End And I Help Magnus Discover His Love Of Maiming Robots

Episodes 10-16: Of Course They Showed Up In Their Pajamas Why Did I Ever Expect Anything Else From These Chucklefucks

Lunar Interlude I: Oh Shit The Hunger

Episodes 18-27: GODDAMMIT BARRY 

Lunar Interlude II: I Realize I Can’t Trust Anyone Outside Of My Space Family With The Relics And Also Adopt A Small Child

Episodes 29-39: GODDAMMIT LUCAS 

Lunar Interlude III: I Have A Spa Day With Merle And Apologize For Erasing His Memories Though He Doesn’t Really Get It Because I Erased His Memories

Lunar Interlude III Alternate Title:  I Walk Into The Cafeteria One Day To Find Lup’s Name Burned Into The Wall In Giant Letters And Nearly Have A Heart Attack

Episode 41-59: They Spend Twenty Minutes Buying Shorts When The Fate Of The Universe Is At Stake Of Course Why Do I Even Try

Lunar Interlude IV: Magnus Is Being Super Weird Was It Something I Said?

Episodes 51-57: The Hunger Is Coming And I Think I Might Have Gotten My Friends Killed

Lunar Interlude V: Magnus Dies But Gets Better Also GodDAMMIT BARRY

Episodes 60-65: The Story Of How I Became Totally Awesome