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   “MMmff. Thanks for the muffin Doctor!” The mailmare beamed as she bite out of her muffin that was gifted by the stallion. 

   “Oh it’s lemon surprise, How did you know that it was one of my favorites?!” She asked before swallowing the first bite down. It was nice to see a familiar, friendly face on the job. “So what can I do for you Doc? I don’t think I saw a package for you yet.”

   “I-It’s not that bad I p-promise..” The mailmare murmured nervously as she attempted to cover her head injuries that she received from work with her mane. Accidents like these were a normal occurrence for her, and she usually kept her wounds a secret from everypony, but it seems like this time she was caught red hoofed. “Don’t worry about me I-I’m fine really!”