chibibiscuit  asked:

This just occurred to me - have you ever drawn any large Derpy? I feel like I've just become aware of a small hole in the fabric of the universe, because I feel it /should/ exist, but I can't find proof it /does/ exist.

I don’t think I have ever drawn Derpy, large or otherwise. I hopped on the ride somewhat late back in Feb. 2013 and so I have zero attachment to her. :P Lyra is best background pony to me, ha. The mailmare outfit is pretty cute, though! 

anonymous asked:

You know, I've never pictured Derpy as being chubby (mostly cause she's often portrayed as a mailmare, and they get quite a bit of exercise carrying all those letters and packages around town), but I really like how you draw her. It's way too cute!

   Thank you!╰(*´︶`*)╯♡ Though if anything I try to portray Derpy as thick and pudgy. Here’s a few examples that are similar to what I imagine her body to be like.

    I agree with you for the most part. Yes she does eat a lot of sweets but activity she does at work kinda balances it out. If I had more experience with drawing humans, I would’ve given her muscles but I still need practice.        (。・//ε//・。). 

   To be honest the summer drawing wasn’t a good representation of their human counterparts. The matching outfit one is much better.