Early November Art Dump - “I drew too many Twilights Edition”

“Candy n Pones” Not really a theme here, I just wanted to draw butts!
“Pones Dressed up as another Pone” Heres Twi dressing up as a Derpy Mailmare, minus the derp.
“Succubus Pones” Was talking about wow so I drew Twi as the Wow succubus :>.
“Horror Icons” Panko as Leatherface, Minus the spooky leatherface and instead just panko face, big thanks for @postitsketchdump suggesting the bit toothy grin!

Man, I’m missing a lot of challenge deadlines these past few days, guess I just wanted to try out some more difficult poses, should be able to improve time needed the more I draw em though :3.


You and everyone else…

Thank you so much for 500+ followers! This really means a lot to me! I know my updating is inconsistent at best, so I really appreciate everyone who continues to support this silly little blog. You guys are the reason I still draw ponies and do these silly posts. To show my thanks, I decided to do the ambitious follower picture I could - I included almost half of my followers! That’s 214 (213 if you could Mailmares as one) of you! I tried to include everyone who has been recently active and had a ref of some sort for me to go off of. It was a lot more than I expected! But! I got through it and I hope you guys like it! It’s like Where’s Waldo? but with ponies |D Have fun looking for yourself!

Alphabetical pony list:
Ace Key, Acumen, Adament, Admiral Burning Skull, Aerial Aim, Alchemy Fleck, Alicorn Katie, Amandeus, Apple Fritter, Applespice Big Mac, Arctic Tundra, Array (NSFW), Arson Shock, Artorigus, Art Spark, Athena, Austin, Banana Pie, Bandaid, Blue Hawaii, Brilliant Crescent, Brotrot, Bubble Pop, Bubbles Wond, Cadence, Carmen Pondiego, Chaos Magic (NSFW), Charlie Foxtrot, Cheesey Burger, Cherri Jell (NSFW), Cherry Knot, Cherry ‘Nilla, Chocolate Pony, Chubby Applejack, Cinnamon Treats, Clock Shine, Cloud Chaser, Cloud Rocker, Cobra Flame (NSFW), Cold Storm (NSFW), Colfax Starrider, Combat Grey, Copic Pen, Dainty, Dark Star, Dark Storm, Davvid Daggers, Desert Eagle, Discorded Celestia, Discorded Nightmare Moon, DJ Strach Attack, Doctor Mordenheim, Dopple, Dragicorn, Dream Charge, Drift Wayward, Ducera, Duke, Dusk Fall, Dynamo Sparks, Espeonna, Feather Mage, Fern, Filly Blossomforth, Film Cut, Fire Light, Flare Chaser, Flash Bulb, Fleetfoot, Flying Saucer, Foxfire Glow, Freckles, Full Force, Fuselight, Future Scootaloo, Gamer Colt, Gash3d, Glitch Decibel (I hope that’s the right name ;u;), Golden Pen, Green Breeze, Green Cupcake Horse Pepper, Gridiron Blitz, Heart Dancer (NSFW), Hisari (NSFW), Jackie Frost, Joen, Joker Pie, (Just Ask) Rainbow Dash, Kappa, Kloppy, Knyght Tyme, Lace Secret, Laura, Lavendeer, Lemon Frost, Libra Windrunner, Light Bulb, Lillian,Little Emerald, Lovely Pages, Lucky Klutz, Luna, Marble Cake, Marci, Mary El (I hope that’s right! So sorry if I am getting things wrong, Russian friends ;n;), Mayne Stream, Mean Spirit, Medical Lunar, Mic Boom, Midnight Rose, Miss Pinkie, Mister Derpy, MLPixel Pony, Moonrise Marie, Morning Twilight Sparkle, Mortify, Mo the Vagabond, Mystic Daemon, Nickle Shine, Night Creed, Nightraxx, Night Wishes, Nimby (Kinda NSFW), Nix, Normal Twilight, Not Pinkie Pie, Nova Crash, Nurse MD, Occult, Oddends, Opal Storm (Kinda NSFW), Packet Ponynet, Page Turner, Party Hats, Pencil Drawingz, Pencil Mac, Peony, Philososhy, Pinkie Pie Style, Pirate Dash, Plushie Derpy, Princess Carol, Princess Moon, Princess Sharp (Kinda NSFW), Princess Sweetie Pie, Professor Maple, Pure Hue, Qinmeatha, QT Awesomeart, Queen Frau (NSFW), Quick Shift, Rainboom, Rain Coyness, Raindrops, Rarity (Kor), Regal Masquerade, Roger Houston, Rosalina, Roundabout, Ruby Rue, Rusty, Rusty Nail, Sapphire Diaries, Sarteck, Scope Guard, Scrap Metal, Scythemaster, Seraphem, Serenity, Shadow Steed, Shaylia, Sheep, Shut Eyes, Sierra, Sigil, Sillybelle, Silver Speed, Silver Tongue, Sir Lintalot, Sky, Smooth Writes, Sockz, Sonata (NSFW), Sonic Dash, Spades, Spike, Spittfire, Squddles, Star Stalker, Stormy Weathers, Strawberry, Stripes, Strums, Sun Blaze, Swift Heart, Tech, Techno Wizard, The Duke, The Mailmares, The Smiling Guard, Thor, Thunder Flicker, Toon Pony, Tracy Flash, Trotter, Tryp, Twinkleshine, Tyco, Ugly Pony, Unfinished, Ursa Major, Valantis, Wild Card, Willy Nilly (NSFW), Yfrau Kristin

You can view and download the complete picture HERE!