mailed these to some awesome people


This is my really awesome friend Gregory Ousley and he’d love to hear from you.  Not only is he an awesome musician, but he’s hilarious and probably one of the easiest people to talk to ever.  In a few months he’ll be transferred to a halfway house, but if you get in touch with him now you can STAY in touch with him when he’s moved!  His date of birth is 10/11/1978 and he stays fit!  He can use some friends and people to keep the mood uplifted.  You can actually email back and forth with him on JPAY.COM just make an account, add him to your list, and email away!  He’s quick to email and a joy to talk to.
Join him in his road to freedom, I guarantee you Greg is someone who will be a friend to you for life.
If you’d rather send him a letter, his current address is

Gregory Ousley #940935
Indianapolis Re-Entry Educational Facility
401 North Randolph Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46201




Look at all this cool stuff I’ve crocheted for people at some point in the last 2 years! Oh man, did you know some of them are for sale on my etsy? YO!

Are you interested in having one of these things/a thing similar to one or any of these things? Did you know you can give me money and in return receive a product tailored to your wishes? WHOA! that’s awesome!! How does that happen??

You can e-mail me at and we can discuss a commission! Small, 12 in. and under plushies will cost up to $25 depending on the amount of detail you want. Larger plushies will cost more and that can be discussed in private. I can also make hats and scarves for $15 a piece! It’s almost autumn in the vast majority of the world, why not be warm and not die? 

My yarn is either acrylic or dyed wool, depending on the brand. I use non-allergenic poly-fil as my stuffing. That said, my house is riddled with animal dander, and may remain on the yarn. You can wash any of these (unlease stated otherwise) in a lingerie bag on machine wash gentle. 

I’ve been having a not so great time in life lately and last night 2 wonderful things happened.

I met @not-enough-salad-babies and @the-starlit-sylvan . Both very awesome people and fun to hang out with. Thanks for the shenanigans!

Then I get some mail in game and my buddy got me the harp as a feel better present. After helping him with a quest we then proceeded to play a lute/harp combo remix of songs for an hour.

Good times.

“I’ve always liked to do nice things for strangers. I worked in the mail room at my college dorm, and whenever I emailed a package notification, I’d always add a little something extra. Like an awesome shark pic. Or a link to Japanese jazz. Lately I’ve been doing this thing where I buy really weird antique post cards, write poems on them, and mail them to random people I find in the white pages. The first time I sent one, I added a full-page disclaimer because I was worried some old person would think it was from ISIS and call the cops. I basically wrote: ‘Don’t worry. It’s art. Everything’s cool. You won’t be hearing from me again.’”

I deleted this blog.

It’s empty. And I’m parking this here so people understand why.

I got tired of constantly being triggered on here. I got tired of not being able to come on here without making myself cry because you all are so fucking beautiful and you struggle and I can’t help. I can’t do this anymore. I try to and I just can’t. I get so much hate mail and I know I should just ignore it but some of it has been triggering panic attacks and I can’t do this and deal with life at the same time.

This is my last Dear Cis People post. I guess it would be inappropriate to not thank the people who have come here and tried to help me. Cameron, first of all, if you’re reading this, you’re fucking awesome. Secondly, to everyone who came and followed Dear Cis People, thank you. We were 19,000 strong by the end of it.

You’re all awesome. And now a poem I once saw on a bathroom wall that somehow seems appropriate to end on:

Roses are Red

Gender is Performative

Mass Market Romance

Is heteronormative

Wish you were queer.

Spoonie Care-Package Give Away!!!!

Today I reached 500 followers, which is AWESOME. Thanks to everyone who follows me! 

As a thank you to everyone I am going to be sending out spoonie care packages to THREE of my followers. I want parts of the care packages to be a surprise because everybody loves getting surprise mail. 

If you want to get sent a super awesome spoonie care package, 

1) You must be following my blog

2) You have to reblog this post so that I know you are interested!

3) You must have some sort of chronic illness or health problem. This can be physical, emotional, whatever. But you have to consider yourself a part of the spoonie community to get a spoonie care-package.

This reblog fest will be going on from NOW until THANKSGIVING. At which point I will pick the three people who will be receiving my uber awesome and magical care packages.

IN GENERAL- the care packages will include some of my favorite things to use and enjoy on my low spoon days.
1) a fun and awesome movie to induce giggles and smiles

2) comfort foods! This is going to be FLEXIBLE. I know most of my followers have various dietary restrictions, so I’m going to pick foods based on the dietary restrictions of who is receiving said care package.

3) Tea, scented candle or essential oil for relaxation

4) Something soft and fluffy to cuddle

5)Love and spoons.



Got my marionette Cedar in the mail from Matty Collector today! I’m honestly really surprised they got them out to people before the con was even over.

She’s really neat and displays well in the box. Her limbs are loose like an actual marionette, which is awesome. I took some scans of the instructions so you can see how the box can be used as a stage for her and how you can play with her like a real puppet.

Regular releases for EAH may be disappointing these days, but at least the exclusives still have awesome details!

To Haters of Uncle Grandpa

I like Cartoon Network
I like EVERY show on that channel, except Uncle Grandpa

Why do I hate Uncle Grandpa?

I don’t like the animation, I don’t like the plots, I don’t like the characters; the show in general has some problems that I don’t really want to waste time discussing- but they aren’t exactly positive, and I have every right to dislike it.
We all have every right to dislike any particular show, and state our dislike for it; so long as we’ve actually WATCHED IT.

But it’s still a cartoon and it does have a fanbase, so how about showing some fucking respect? Instead of making rants about how horrible it is and how awesome your show is, and instead of sending hate male anonymously through tumblr. 

You know what I don’t do?
I don’t send fucking hate mail to people who like Uncle Grandpa!

What the FUCK is wrong with all of you?

I love Steven Universe as much as the next adult who tunes into cartoons and then blogs about it, but how fucking dare you people go into another fucking fandom’s tags and attempt to “defend” your favorite show by spitting on another! 

Your lack of respect loses you respect. I don’t fucking respect any of you assholes for this shit.

You people are harassing others now? Is that what your favorite cartoons are teaching you? Knock it the fuck off, you make yourselves look like a giant, idiotic, assholes. You’re driving others from our fandom by being dickwads; people who deserve to like whatever they want and be included in any fandom they want without stigma. 

Include others without demeaning what they like. Seriously.

Stop being assholes.


every now and then the people who process dvds for my library send me fun promotional items. this time i have three force awakens posters to give away!

they are 26″ x 40″ and ever so slightly wrinkled, but still pretty darn awesome. of course, there are rules.

  • you must live in the united states, because i am too poor to ship these internationally
  • you must be willing to provide a name and mailing address
  • it would be nice if you were following me
  • i get to decide who gets a poster because life isn’t fair and you’re getting the darn things for free anyway

if you’re interested, just like this post (no reblogging necessary). i’ll pick some people and contact them on may 6th or 7th!

So I go to UPS right because I gotta mail some Steven Universe artwork to my friend in Kansas in exchange for them buying me a DS game

back in February

(hahha sob)

BUT SO I GO TO UPS and these two fantastic people are working there and help me get my artwork all shipped away and then one of them is like

“so…are you all caught up?”

and I am so fucking jazzed and Laurel and I start talking to them about SU and then AND THEN the other person is finished with a customer so they come over and are like hi I actually sorta kinda follow you on tumblr

I lost my shit 

I have both of their numbers

shoutouts to both morethanmonsters and thirteenftw FOR BEING AWESOME AND ALSO MY NEW FRIENDS!!!

The story told, part 1/6, at Aunt Arctica’s Biker BBQ.

GO TO PART:  1..  2.. 3.. 4.. 5..  6..

We had a sound engineer when for our first two tracks, “Dream Come True” and “Unity”.  

“Dream Come True” hit 10 000 plays this past winter, and was written and produced to speak out against a couple local stalkers that were targeting people we know.

“Unity” was written to encourage people to get out of their heads and away from negative introversion; the solution being to find people who accept you for being you, and engage life.  It did really well with the LGBTQ community, I got a lot of fan mail that really opened my mind and awesome positive feed back.  It seems we share an understanding of the value of the message “accept embracing life” and “stop punishing yourself with the judgments of small minds”.  

Then our sound engineer had some serious personal problems and was gone. Because the town I live in is a small one, replacing them was, and has continued to be, very problematic…

Shoutout time 😁

I just wanted to make this post to give a shoutout to all those that comment, message and encourage me to stay on this path. Sometimes i get a bit lost on this journey and having such a strong support network on here always helps me get back on track. I’m gonna list some out, people and blogs who either help with lovely words or just seeing there posts help swing my head back round to a good space. Please do me a favour and go follow them:

Thank you to all of you and everyone else that i’ve not mentioned. Seeing your personal posts and general Tumblr activity these last few weeks have helped me get on track. For that i love each one of you.