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Things I’d like to see in Stardew Valley

SV is such an awesome game but like let’s be real there are some things missing and these are some of my ideas:

  • so i dont know if im the only one but i feel like the relationships aren’t that great? like the dialogue needs some work, and there should be more scenes w/ bachelors/ettes and non bachelors/ettes!!
  • be able to send other villagers mail! I would love to send friends as much stuff as they send me!
  • add a place to set up a “shop” that you can use to sell items to the people in town! And if you sell stuff that certain people like, their hearts go up or something
  • Have more dialogue with personal character questions, and have the townspeople bring that same answer up later
  • place to buy a jukebox for you house? I want to play music!
  • let townspeople visit your farm!! Have your farmer give a tour or something!
  • i know there’s a mod for it but have the wizard sell you a character change/styler for your house
  • obvi multiplayer
  • MAKE THE KIDS GROW UP!! I can’t stress how much i loved this in previous harvest moon games! I want my kids to help around the farm or follow a career of art with leah as a mentor or music with sam!! this would be super cool to see!
  • more dialogue with spouse! I married abigail because i loved her characteristics and dialogue, but i feel like she lost that once i married her (she didnt have that much to begin with but still,,)
  • speaking of spouses, ENOUGH WITH THE DROPPING DREAMS. I hate seeing how certain spouses stop what they want to do just to marry you. Like, shane should own his own coop on you farm, seb should have a garage extension where he works on his motorcycle and sometimes isn’t there because he’s “riding” it, leah works on art in a separate building, etc
  • i want to have anniversary cutscenes with my partner!
  • also cutscenes for birthdays/giving presents with spouse and kids!
  • ((the farmer should have a birthday too))
  • more furniture
  • allow you to get a dog/cat that you didn’t have later in the game, or other random pets
  • rival marriages (except for clint- he sucks) or at least show the townspeople growing as well, following careers etc
  • make one of the big tasks to build linus a house or something! like a small shed or house similar to the farmer’s in the beginning

WOW okay i wrote down a lot more than expected! If anyone has any other ideas feel free to add them (i might add some more too :O)!

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Hey sorry to bother you, but do you have any recommendations regarding which doctor who blogs to follow? I know someone asked you this before but the only post I could find was pretty old so most of the urls don't exist anymore.

Sure! @abossycontrolfreak @borntosavethedoctor @evilqueenofgallifrey @scriptscribbles @clarabosswald @whifferdills @joscribbles @haruspis @impossiblyeclecticduck @resting-meme-face @sarah531 @lyricwritesprose @orelseatlastsheunderstoodit @transjeanluc (although I don’t think he has watched the last series yet) @drmottershead @oimatchstickman @thenotoriousscuttlecliff @samesonic-differentdoctor @riveralwaysknew @taiey @ampersands-and-guitars @the-lazy-cat-bakes-souffles @the-last-teabender @doctorwhodowntimeblog @big-finish-sketches @fuckyeahdoctorwhosidecharacters

Also, @timeladv @doctorwhogeneration @lonelygodinthetardis @timeladv @clarraoswald and @doctorwhoblog for lots of pretty pictures.

ID #98022

Name: Felix
Age: 18
Country: Sweden

Hello everyone! My name is Felix and I am a Swedish boy who loves reading. Currently reading lots of sci-fi, fantasy and some classics here and there. I love discussing books with other people and hope that I’ll get a chance to broaden my horizons when it comes to literature. Another one of my largest interests is martial arts. I have been practicing karate for about six years now and I find it extremely enjoyable and relaxing. I am also a slave to my music. I listen to a bit of everything from classical to progressive metal. My absolute favorite composer is Mendelssohn.

Other interests would include things like: cats, space, tea, science, anime, manga, programming, gaming, and most other nerdy topics you could think of. I would say that I consider myself really open about everything and an open-minded person and I would love to talk to some new people from all across the globe, so if you are looking for a pen-pal who will discuss pretty much anything and everything, I might be your guy.

Preferences: Age: No preference really, 0 or 120, makes no difference to me.
Gender: Guy, girls, trans, non-binary, agender, and anybody else welcome.
Also it would be nice if you like books, because books are awesome:)


If your getting hate mail, telling you that your blog sucks and to go kill yourself or delete your blog. Don’t do it. You are wonderful and there are people who love you and your content. Don’t let some anon rule your life. I encourage you all to keep doing what you love and to grow as a person and make awesome friends! Negativity isn’t going to get you anywhere, so stay positive!

And for all of you who are trying to get people down. Those hateful anons who send countless messages. Go outside and get some fresh air. Eat some fruit. Drink some water. Listen to some happy music. Try making a new good friend. There is so many other nice things you could be doing right now with your life.

That is all.

The Charade

(gif credit to the creators)

Part Four

Master List

Pairing: Misha x OFC / Jensen x OFC
Word Count: 1,815
Warnings: language, mentions of domestic abuse
A/N: Here’s part four of mine and Nicole’s (@iwantthedean) collab! Hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback for this is awesome! :)

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ID #47208

Name: AJ
Age: 16
Country: India

Okay, well hello… again?
I’ve done this once before and although i met some awesome people through this, i’m only really properly in touch with like 2 since the rest just drifted and our conversations died :(
On a lighter note, my name is AJ (it’s not my actual name, but it is my initials. I’ll give you my real name once we begin to talk). I was born in the US but my parents are Indian, and i currently live in India (as you can see above). I’ve always found the concept of a pen pal really cool, so like why not here?
I don’t want to give away too much of myself because if i do it leaves nothing for me to say to you, but most of my interests center around art and expression. I do a lot of art myself, i’ve dabbled in everything from bead work to just writing stuff to express myself. i really love books, a good book is probably the greatest thing to me, i’ll read anything, though i have high standards :P. I also sing and listen to alot of music, my tastes mostly center around rock and indie but there are random songs from random other genres. i love exploring music and making playlists, exchanging playlists would be cool :)
In terms of identity, i’m a cis female so she/her pronouns suit me just fine and i’m also demi/straight. But anybody in the LGBT+ community has nothing to worry about, i’m a very active supporter and some of my best friends are LGBT as well.
Overall, i’m willing to talk about anything and everything under and beyond the sun, from sex to outerspace or if you just need a friend since times are tough (i gotchu fren). Just have the ability to keep a conversation going, I can’t be the only person trying to keep the conversation alive. That just becomes a waste of both of our times :/ . Quite frankly, i’m sick of that since it happens to be the end result all too often :(
Ultimately, just don’t make me the only person trying to keep the conversation alive and we should be good :)
Unfortunately, due to India’s (terrible) postal system, i would not be able to do snail mail as cool as that would be. I’m more of an Instant messaging person (i have a tumblr, snapchat, instagram and facebook) anyway. Once we get to know eachother it’d be awesome to videocall sometime :D

If anything above has intrigued you, don’t hesitate :)

Preferences: Preferably 14-20, nobody older, but i guess younger is okay. I’m not the best at emails but i’ll do my best. (the email is a fake name for safety reasons), though i prefer IM. Any gender/race is fine, just don’t hateful in any way. That’s a waste of a brain.

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i read some post that after years of being together you dont react the same way when you see thr person you love. You dont get butterflies and your heart doesn't flutter instead their presence calms you. Bringing in the destiel headcanon that despite Dean and Cas not being officially together I'm pretty sure when Dean sees Cas he automatically becomes calm, he smiles more, and he seems more controlled relaxed and it just makes me want to cry

OOOoooooooooohhhhhhh thisssssss……

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Hi, my name is John!

I’m a 17 y/o trans guy (he/him) and I live in Washington DC!

I love 1776, Hamilton, Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, Glory, TURN: Washington’s Spies (legit my favorite, let’s be spy buddies) and pretty much anything related to early US history but I’m also getting into to European history as well!

My perfect penpal would be of any race, gender, sexuality, etc and maybe around 16-18 y/o? But I guess if you’re a year off that’d be totally fine! I’d love to do snail mail, but only in the US just cause postage can get expensive, but if you’re from somewhere else I’d love to talk to you too! Maybe you could give me some nice facts from your area?

I’d love to send you pressed flowers, Polaroids, and any souvenir I manage to pick up when I visit a historical location (I visit Mount Vernon A LOT, I love it so much.) I’d also love to talk about history and learn from others as well! I don’t have any friends who have such an interest in history as I do and it gets a bit lonely to have all this to talk about. Oooooh and maybe we can come up with a spy code, that would be lit.

Shoot me an email at: 

johnkuragin @

or message me on my new tumblr seltxer!

I’m super excited to hear from some awesome people!!

ID #55244

Name: Chloe
Age: 17
Country: Brazil

hey! I’m Chloe and I’m currently a senior in high school (one month left for my graduation tho). I don’t think I can snail mail right now, but it’d be awesome to talk to more people online (I use a lot of social media lol). I’ve always loved arts, and I really want to do something related to art history or photography. I also love cinema and discussing movies, as well as music (I feel like I mostly listen to indie and its variations, but I like almost everything tbh). In the very little free time I have (between all the tests I’m doing right now) I like to bake, draw, watch some movies and hang out with friends (or my dog). And I play the piano and the guitar!!

Preferences: I prefer talking to someone closer to my age (16-19), and I don’t really care about where you live, gender, sexuality, etc etc.

I keep thinking about it because it’s definitely something I want to explore perhaps in Two and a Half Steps, but like… asexual James Vega is the type of asexual representation I would KILL to see.

He expresses how he doesn’t “fraternize” and despite his hookup with Ashley, which in a universe where Kaidan survives, doesn’t happen, James doesn’t canonically end up with anyone. And of course, people could read into the flirtiness as “well clearly he’s not asexual because he flirts a lot! so he’s interested in being with people!”

But you see… that’s why it would be so great. The closest ace representation (not even explicit really) out there is shit like Sherlock Holmes, or until he banged his girlfriend, Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory. Of course there are examples out there, but they’re very tiny. The ace community gets recluses and people who have very bad social skills. We’re lead to believe that we only exist if we live in our mom’s basement and aren’t really just asexual, just don’t know how to flirt or speak to people. We’re not asexual. We just can’t get laid.

So to think about a universe where James, a flirty, outgoing, multifaceted character who is so far from other implied asexuals in the media… it’s a really, really awesome. It’s the sort of thing I would kill to see. Someone who identifies as asexual, is comfortable in themselves and has good social skills, and can flirt and be outgoing. Asexual James Vega would just mean so much to me.

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the people need to did roll please) JAKE

it was a really nice day in early may of 2017 when i got put in a groupchat with some really awesome people (including @rosesau, @pubsundays, @landslidelouis, and @28tatt) and literally i just clicked with him the fastest, i think ?? and everyone in that gc got on very well and he and i kinda talked a lot and basically yeahh thats how i met @sbbxmas its wild and im happy it happened :))))))))

HeLlo StRaNGer

Hi, I’m Zi (pronounced like Zye) and I’m looking to make some awesome internet friends that can possibly turn into snail mail.

Facts About Me:

I’m 15 (16 in December) 🌹

I listen to heavy metal, indie rock, and goth rock.

I’m very eccentric and have a very dark sense of humour so bear with me ;-) 🐻

I hate racist/homophobic people with a burning passion

I’m a supreme GAYYY 🌈

And I’m homeschooled so I don’t really have a way to make friends. But plus side is that I can respond quickly. 

So any of that interest you than message me on my tumblr @zairaxrose 

ID #96268

Name: Daniela
Age: 20
Country: USA

Hi, my name is Daniela!
This is the first time I do something like this, so I am a little nervous. I am 20 years old, I live in the USA. I speak Spanish and English.
I love to ride my bike, listen to music (Major Lazer, Maná, Camila, Ed Sheeran, Halsey, Imagine Dragons, P!nk, Chainsmoker, Calvin Harris, OneRepublic, etc.) read, write poetry, watch all kinds of movies and TV shows ( I’m obsessed with GoT, and Lilo & Stitch). I love morning coffees, deep conversations, rainy days (especially if I can stay in my bed while watching a movie), creative gifts, and long trips. I am currently going to college, I also work there as a math tutor (so I can be a little nerd) I am a bit shy person when it comes to talking to people face to face, so that’s partly why I’m trying this. I would like to meet new people who I can talk about anything, like how was their day, what do they like or dislike, anything. I support the LGBTQ+ community, and I am against racist, homophobic, and sexist people. If you like what I wrote, or have anything in common and want to be friends, that is awesome.
I would like to talk through email first and then we will see. At some point, we can do snail emails because that sounds fun and because why not?

Preferences: Age: 17+



Hello there!

After some time thinking about this, I’ve decided to start commisions. I’ll be having three open slots. Depending on how this goes I may have more.

Please, before commisioning me read the Terms & Conditions.
If, after reading them, you have any question, feel free to message me or contact me by e-mail:

Click on the pics to enlarge them.

Can’t wait to do commisions for you, awesome people! ~<3

Please, even if you don’t want a commision right now, reblog this to help me, thanks!

“I’ve always liked to do nice things for strangers. I worked in the mail room at my college dorm, and whenever I emailed a package notification, I’d always add a little something extra. Like an awesome shark pic. Or a link to Japanese jazz. Lately I’ve been doing this thing where I buy really weird antique post cards, write poems on them, and mail them to random people I find in the white pages. The first time I sent one, I added a full-page disclaimer because I was worried some old person would think it was from ISIS and call the cops. I basically wrote: ‘Don’t worry. It’s art. Everything’s cool. You won’t be hearing from me again.’”

I deleted this blog.

It’s empty. And I’m parking this here so people understand why.

I got tired of constantly being triggered on here. I got tired of not being able to come on here without making myself cry because you all are so fucking beautiful and you struggle and I can’t help. I can’t do this anymore. I try to and I just can’t. I get so much hate mail and I know I should just ignore it but some of it has been triggering panic attacks and I can’t do this and deal with life at the same time.

This is my last Dear Cis People post. I guess it would be inappropriate to not thank the people who have come here and tried to help me. Cameron, first of all, if you’re reading this, you’re fucking awesome. Secondly, to everyone who came and followed Dear Cis People, thank you. We were 19,000 strong by the end of it.

You’re all awesome. And now a poem I once saw on a bathroom wall that somehow seems appropriate to end on:

Roses are Red

Gender is Performative

Mass Market Romance

Is heteronormative

Wish you were queer.

ID #72299

Name: Kristen
Age: 17
Country: Australia

Hi my name is Kristen

I Love:

Reading- romance mainly but open to any kind of books

Watching tv/Netflix- Geordie Shore, The Fosters, Call the Midwife (weird I know) and heaps more that I can’t think of right now

Music- I’m up to listening to most types of music just not heavy metal (sorry) but my favourites are Troye Sivan, Angus and Julia Stone, Ed Sheeran, Broods and Ellie Goulding

Travelling- I love travelling. I have only travelled to cities around Australia and also Indonesia

Youtube- I’m constantly watching youtube videos. I love OKBaby, The Dolan Twins, Sacconejolys, Jesssfam, Zoella and all the British YouTuber gang, Jess and Gabe and sooo much more.

I’m a singer, swimmer, dancer, vaulter and horse rider

I am currently studying Indonesian so it would be awesome if someone from Indonesia contacted me cause I’m always up for improving my language skills.

I would love to be able to do snail mail and send letters and packages but I’m fine with good old social media as a way of talking.

I would also love to be able to make some best friends and maybe meet up one day :)

Anyone can contact me. I don’t mind where you come from, what gender you are if your alien or not, what religion you believe in or what age you are. The only people that can’t contact me are people who are racist or homophobic.

Preferences: over 15 years old, both genders, from any country, either snail mail or social media

anonymous asked:

Hey, I saw that horrible Trans Gal anon. I’m not sure how to say this, because in my experience with older adults they bristle when you say you support them (like, “you think I need your help???” or something) but I support you!!! You’re really awesome and that person was a dick (and probably had one) for sending you that sadistic hate mail. Just wanted to let you know you have many supporters and anons like that can fuck off

Thanks, I appreciate the support. The only thing he accomplishes is making trans people look like total loons, which is a shame because some are very nice people. The screaming nutjobs who are running in front of this movement really need to be held back or they will lead their followers right off a cliff one day.

Trignal’s Weaknesses #95

From Trignal no KiraBR #95 (which originally is the afternoon session of last month’s B-Fes). Some of the scoop corners are also pretty amusing this episodes (like Ryohei’s crossdressing, Wing being super macho and have 366 pajamas which he uses once a year (then Ryohei added that he actually slept with different dolls every night too)) plus survey corner (where another one of Egu’s Ibaraki Jungle House episode is revealed…XD ), but I guess I really love the weaknesses more though…XD

My favorite Trignal’s weaknesses of this week:

Ryohei’s weakness: Garlic, cross, sunlight

Ryohei: …Umm, I’m the vampiric seiyuu representative of Japan, Kimura Ryohei. I’m actually considering trying out for Guinness World Record.
Egu: He just shared too much fate with vampires…
Wing: Yeah, he has been sucking too much blood…

Wing’s weakness: If you call him cool, he’ll become even cuter.

Ryohei: …So, let’s all give it a try then. Everyone, eyes on Wing. Get it, guys and gals? “So - Cool!”, OK? 1, 2…
Audiences: SO COOL!!!
Wing : …/////////// << *silence for nearly 10 seconds before the audiences started screaming and the other two laughed at him*
Ryohei: …He just pulled his hood over his head and shrunk…
Egu: His reaction really wasn’t something you can understand just by listening at all. It’s awesome how he went for silent action on that.
Wing: …Since I’m not used to being called that (>_<”)…but I’m really happy though.
Audiences: SO CUTE!!!
Wing: (Cute voice) But not as much as all of you though. <3

Ryohei’s and Wing’s weakness: Eguchi’s Hedoro Kaijin appears in your dream every night that you couldn’t sleep at all. (Mail: And BTW, I like his drawing)

Ryohei: No, you’re lying.
Egu: No, no, no. There’s no way she’d hate my drawing.
Wing: I think she’s just pretending to be kind to you.
Egu: But some people do like it though?
Ryohei: Never.
Egu: Some people do like my-
Ryohei: Never ever.
Egu: Some pe-
Egu: …I’ll send them to you then.
Ryohei: NE-………….forgive me…
Wing: He gave in…Ryohei-kun just gave in!
Egu: Bunch of stamps a night…
Wing: Well THAT might really make him not being able to sleep…

Just in case: Hedoro Kaijin = Egu’s twitter avatar

Once again…DVD PLZ!!!!!! T_T


PS. And this episode of Trignal no KiraBR actually proves that Wing doesn’t really know anything about DGS…It’s not “Kamiya-san has been saying (”Onna no Ko Janai!”) lately too, like in KiraComp”…It’s “HiroC has been saying it probably for hundreds of times for over a year now…in DGS…” (Even though as said before, I myself don’t listen to DGS other than Wing’s episodes anyway…but considered that DGS made a t-shirt using Wing’s “Onna no Ko JANAI!” phrase and the fact that that phrase won him a DGS award (and a “creepy” trophy), I can guess how much fun those two must’ve had with that phrase…>_<”)


I think there are a lot of things going on here…

There’s the fact that there are some people who just don’t like Cress. I get it. I can definitely understand why some people may dislike Cress and downright hate her. That’s cool and I look forward to reading those rational posts and listening to those arguments, but please don’t come on my blog and attack me or anyone else for liking who they like, especially if people have their own reasons. 

It also seems as though some people are really unsatisfied about my headcanons, but that’s the thing. These are my headcanons. If you don’t like them, don’t read them. Read someone else’s. Write your own. I can’t satisfy everyone, just like MM couldn’t satisfy everyone. And I mean, I just don’t know what to say. It is obvious that Cresswell is my OTP and I feel like the people who follow me and send in headcanon requests like Cresswell too and if you don’t like Cresswell, then maybe this isn’t the blog for you. I mean, don’t be a vegetarian and walk into a burger joint and demand them to stop serving meat. 

For the whole racism thing… I’ve never once said that I like Cresswell because they are white. I’ve never once said I dislike any other ship because they are non-whites. I’ve never once brought up race as an argument or reasoning for anything I’ve personally said on here so I don’t know why I’m all of a sudden being attacked for it. I understand that there is a lot of racism in the world and being someone who isn’t white myself and have experienced systemic racism on a first hand basis, I understand how frustrating and passionate people are about it. That being said, the thing I love most about TLC is that race isn’t an issue. Not once has someone been called out because of the color of their skin. No one’s race is their defining factor. The color of their skin is simply that; the color of their skin. Just like the color of the shirt they’re wearing is the color of the shirt they’re wearing. It has nothing to do with how Cinder is brave and stubborn or Scarlet is bold and outspoken. I like that the people of Luna love Winter because she’s kind and caring, not because she is a black princess. 

Yes, people should be proud that TLC characters are POC. Like I said, that’s one of the reasons I love it, but I also love that they are great characters all in their own right and none of those qualities are attributed by race or creed. I love that the fandom is passionate about equality and diversity but it’s just as unhealthy to like someone because of their race as it is to dislike someone because of it. I honestly don’t understand why I’m being accused of being racist because I like Cresswell. I also don’t understand why they’re the ones telling me I like them because they’re white. That is just simply, not the truth.

Last thing. I hate bullying. I try to make my blog fun and positive, but I guess that has gone out the window. Please unfollow me if you don’t like this content. I’m not going to change my mind and you’re not going to change your mind. I made a point to answer/respond to everyone who has ever written in to me, but I’m changing my policy because well, I’m not going to get into a flame war with you. Especially if you make assumptions about me that are unwarranted. If you want to write in to me and talk about how funny it would be if Cresswell adopted a kitten, awesome. Or what would it be like if the Rampion boys started a boy band, count me in! Or even if you want to write me and disagree with me and want to have a calm, rational discussion, sure I’ll make some tea. But please don’t come here looking for a fight. I aint got time for that. 

Instead of going on Tumblr and using up energy to send people hate mail based on unfounded assumptions, maybe put that passion into making a blog about how awesome Wolflet is (I’m definitely a fan and would love to see more Wolflet stuff) or how great Kaider is (do you know how many people would jump on that?). I’d love to read and reblog all of that positive stuff, because now that I think about it, I would love to read a headcanon about the Rampion Boyz - the hot new boy band with their pop and R&B tunes and choreographed dance moves! #rampion boyz 4 life!!