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What if Lances little sis joins the Garrison after he disappears from Earth. What if she gets a mission to explore some unknown planet with her crew. What if they are captured by the Galra. What if as a prisoner, meets Matt Holt. What if, during an escape, she pushes Matt out of the way of a serious blast. What if she last person she sees is Lance, running from his black lion (because Voltron attacked the ship she and Matt were on to save the prisoners).

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We live next door to each other and I can see you through the window while you’re dancing to your iPod in your flannel pajamas and disheveled hair and God you’re a dork” AU. Please! Your bellarke fics are positively wonderful!

Thanks for the prompt! Hope you like it! AO3

Living in college apartments is… not glamorous. Walls are thin, pipes are thinner, and working air conditioning is a luxury. But it’s not terrible, Clarke finds, as long as you have excellent roommates to share in how much it objectively sucks. Raven and Anya fit that bill, so she considers herself lucky.

Plus, their windows open into an alleyway between their apartment building and the next. Which might not sound like a plus, but when the alternative is street facing windows that do nothing to stop the sounds of drunk college students when you’re trying to sleep the night before a midterm—the difference is staggering.

So, suffice it to say, Clarke largely likes her apartment. It’s great, for what it is.

Until it betrays her.

The first thing Bellamy Blake says when he comes in for his shift at the bookstore—the Monday morning shift, that, unfortunately, she shares—is, “Nice moves last night, Princess.”

Most of the time, Bellamy is full of shit, but as he shucks off his jacket the smirk on his face says he’s getting away with something, so she quickly runs through the events of the previous night, searching for any instances of embarrassment he might have been privy to.

…and comes up with nothing. She didn’t go out after she’d come back from class, and she and Raven didn’t get drunk, precluding any chance that she’d sent out some drunken snapchats he might have seen. (She has him on snapchat for bookstore-related emergencies, alright?) In fact, she spent most of the night working on her chem lab assignment, finally finishing around midnight, so really, there’s nothing for him to have seen.

So she scoffs, dismissive, and keeps working, only mildly interested in what kind of scheme he’s running.

“What are you talking about?” she asks, clicking through their schedule to see if they have any deliveries scheduled today.

He grins at her, wide, just when she spares him a glance, and she has to physically force it to not affect her. Because Bellamy Blake might be a snarky asshole, but that doesn’t make him any less… well, hot. Which is a whole other level of unfair.

“It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Everyone needs to jam to Taylor Swift once in a while. It’s a good de-stressor. I’m not judging.”

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yo but imagine cat grant finding out about kara and lena and giving lena the shovel talk of her life

i just imagine cat finding out and just showing up at lena’s office the same day. she passes by jess and when jess tries to stop her she just gives jess this look and say not to bother bc they’re having lunch together

lena being startled but not showing it and just going for the business mask and suaveness and “hello, cat. i wasn’t expecting you” as if they’re old friends or something, meanwhile subtly gesturing for jess to leave

cat all sharp edges and even sharper words not even giving lena a chance to speak after that, just coming to stand in front of lena’s office desk and settling her hands on it

she gives lena /the/ shovel talk, because not even alex’s “if you hurt my sister, no one will ever find your body” can compare

lena being lowkey intimidated by it but just looking impassively back at cat through the whole ordeal and, when cat is done, lena just gives this small smile and nods once, saying she doesn’t plan on hurting kara but will bear the consequences if it ever happens

cat nodding once, approvingly, them huffing and throwing in a dismissive “i’m glad we understand each other” and then turning around to leave because “nobody knows how to do anything properly when she’s not around”

and, when she is almost at the door, lena says something “i’m glad kara has you looking out for her” or maybe “it’s good to see how much you care about her”

cat doesn’t even acknowledge it, but it’s because of that talk and that comment that cat softens her stance towards lena and gives their relationship her approval (even if she’ll never admit it out loud).

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I'm currently living every middle schoolers dream. I have 5 guys that like me and 1 that I'm unsure of. The bad part, they're all my close friends. If I date one of them, the rest will all leave me. I like one of them back. Help??

I think you should date the one you like. if they really value your friendship they will stay your friend and understand that you are your own person and like who you like.

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What is Hentai? Is that like when a chicken leans Tai Chi or something? Or some sort of internet meme I'm not aware of?

At this point honestly, yeah, it’s a meme. Who even watches hentai these days? What’s left of it is the meme “I’ve seen enough hentai to know where this is going” and it’s usually said in situations like…

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My girlfriend has become obsessed with one of the shows she used to like and now she wants to date someone exactly like her favorite character. We've been dating for almost a year and I KNOW for a fact this is a phase but she keeps saying she wants to date someone who is a replica of her favorite character and that I'm not like that... i don't know what to do, I know this is a phase I just feel helpless

I don’t think that finding other ppl attractive while in a relationship is a problem, and that you can talk to your partner about ppl who are attractive while in a relationship. I don’t think it takes away from the love they may hold for you either. but if it’s something that bothers you, talk to your partner about it.

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After shiro disappears, the rest of the paladins are looking at the black lion. Keith is like "welp I guess I'm the black paladin now" and starts walking up to black but she's like "no bitch move" and she walks right past him and sits down in front lance who was standing in the back kinda away from the group and lance is the new black paladin.

what about blue :(

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14. Mike Lawson x Ginny Baker

14. “Hey, I’m with you, okay? Always.”

Pitch Drabble No. 2

“This was a bad idea,” Ginny says, staring apprehensively out the taxi window. 

Beside her, Mike catches the driver’s eye in the rear view, glances at Ginny, then looks back. “Hey, man, would you mind giving us a few minutes? Keep the meter running; we just need a little time.” The guy shrugs and exits the car, goes to lean against the hood and begins thumbing through his phone.

Mike turns his attention back to Ginny, who hasn’t taken her eyes off the house that sits beyond the curb. “Talk to me, Gin.” He takes her hand and presses it between his in an effort to calm the tremor that’s begun to run through her.

After a while, Ginny turns to him, eyes bright with unshed tears, and expels a tremulous breath. “What if we just went back to San Diego? I can make up some excuse. She’s used to them by now, and I’ll figure out how to make it up to her before the…” She pauses before she can complete her sentence, and her eyes grow ever wider and more frantic as her breathing gets rapid. Mike places his hands on her shoulders and runs his palms up and down Ginny’s arms.

“Breathe for me, babe, it’s okay. Breathe, Ginny. Breathe with me.” Mike fixes her with a steady gaze, and together they slowly breathe in and out for several moments. Once her panic subsides, Mike pulls Ginny in close and brushes her hair from her face, wipes the tears that sneak out from the corners of her eyes. “Okay, Gin. If you want to, we can go. We can leave right now. But do you want to put this off? Your mom and Kevin are getting married in three months. And you’ve been really clear about wanting to talk to her before the wedding day.”

“I know. And I do. It’s just…” Ginny pauses again and steals a look out the window. “Knowing that I’ll walk through that door and see them together again in the house - my family’s house. It just brings it all back.” She buries her face in Mike’s chest and tightens her hold on him. Mike feels more than hears her say, “I don’t think I can do this.”

“Baker.” His use of her last name gets her attention, and she lifts her head. “You can do anything. And I’m here for you no matter what. You wanna get the hell out of here, we’ll ask this guy to take us anywhere you want to go. You want to scream at your mom and Kevin for three hours, I’ll stand beside you or fuck off to the backyard. I can take him out for beers so you can finally talk to your mom about the affair in private. Whatever you want to do, however you want to do it, I’m in. You call the play, Rook.”

Once he finishes, Ginny takes another long look at the house. “Okay. Let’s do it.”

Mike huffs a laugh, “Which scenario we going with, Gin?”

“The third one. You take him for beers while Mom and I talk. But I reserve the right to scream at him later. And you don’t be like, overly friendly to him. He makes my mom happy, but I’m not completely sold yet.”

“Fair enough,” Mike agrees. He moves to exit the car, but Ginny holds him back. She reaches up to pull him into a deep kiss.

Releasing his lips, but resting her forehead against his, she says, “Thanks, Old Man. I love you.”

“I love you too.” Mike gives her a few quick pecks, and they sit leaning against one another for a few more beats. Then, with a quick tug to his beard, Ginny turns away and pushes open her door.

Mike exits on his side and meets the cabbie at the trunk. He tips him extra for his trouble, then grabs his and Ginny’s bags. Joining her at the edge of the driveway, he takes her hand and raises it to place a quick kiss to her palm. Ginny looks at him, teeth worrying her lower lip, doubts still playing in her eyes.

“Hey, I’m with you, okay?” He finishes with a short nod, “Always.”

Ginny answers with a nod of her own, squeezes his hand, and leads him up to the house.

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My bf and I used to have a bit of an unhealthy friendship before we dated (which was two years ago). We worked things out but there's something he did from that time that's been on my mind. Is it a good idea to bring it up even if it happened a long time ago or should I just move on...?

I think it really depends on what it is. but if it’s really bothering you and you’re still thinking about it, it’s probably worth bringing up!

ID #84104

Name: Rosanne
Age: 19
Country: The Netherlands

Hey, my name is Rosanne and I’m from the Netherlands. I’m an art student looking for a fun relaxed and creative penpal to exchange snailmail with. I love drawing, painting, photography, reading, watching movies/series, going to the gym and tattoo’s. I’m a big nerd and know lots of useless fact so if you like artsy slapstick letters I’m yo gal! Also, idc if you are a girl or a boy I will call people bro, dude or gurrlll regardless of gender.

Preferences: I would like someone from the ages of 18 and up because swear a bit (alotactually) and because I think I understand those ages better than the younger ages. Again I don’t care if you’re a guy or a girl as long as we can have fun!