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Oh my god people bringing up the age of consent in Japan is literally my berserk button. "B-but the age of consent in glorious Nippon is 13!" No it isn't you ignorant sack of shit. There's better places to stick your dick than a child who doesn't have the emotional maturity to handle the responsibility of being sexually active. A blender, for example.

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do you ever have followers who submit a lot? and does it ever annoy you? ( just asking because i think of cute stuff but i worry about submitting too often and i can't do it on anon so i get nervous and it's just a whole mess 😅 ) also this is one of my fav blogs, lovely work💛

No ! I have some people who submit a lot and it never bothers me !
It’s when people are submitting a lot and it has nothing to do with the theme that isn’t my fav but people rarely do that!

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Underage sex is a social stigma in the US. In Japan the age of consent is 14. Once you start to mature physically it's to begin reproduction. Reproduction is not structured around stigmas like the mind is. I understand the validity behind it though

Tell that to all the child brides who died in childbirth. The age of consent in the US used to be 10-12 yo but it’s not anymore because it’s plain stupid for it to be that low and it sparks pedophilia apologists. Japan has regional penal laws that counter the national penal law which states that the age of consent is 13. The regional penal laws rise the age to 20 yo. Any relationship involving someone below the age of 20 is considered underage relationship and is subjected to supervision and regulation.

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How do you feel about the issue with Marina Joyce? I'm personally a little upset about it because it appears to now be a publicity stunt and I dislike how people do these things to gain popularity, and it sends off a negative image towards those who actually suffer/suffered abuse, kidnapping, etc. Like those who've faced this are liars and attention seeking.

Here’s what’s up.

Honestly I’m just glad she’s okay. The internet might be paranoid but all the evidence is pretty much spot on. Marina didn’t start it… She didn’t engage in it either and rebuked the rumors a few times. Bunch of people blew it up and started fake accounts, took advantage of others’ gullibility and now here we are.

The people who upset me and who are insensitive about abuse are the ones who leeched off the #savemarinajoyce tag and posted conspiracy-ish videos on Youtube to “prove” that she’s in danger. Those people had nothing but popularity in mind. Latching onto a possible tragedy for views is despicable.

It seems she’s dealing with unpleasant personal issues. I wish her best of luck.

i literally almost started crying at work bc my manaer refused to let me leave

My dad comes in asked where she is, all mad, she tells him to leave i’ll be out in a little bit but she didn’t tell me that that happened
and the. My coworker tells me this and now i was begging her nicely to let me leave while continuing to work and she refused
“let me fucking leave caroline. My dads drunk let me leave i need to go”
And she goes
“U dont have to tell me all that. Leave.”


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How to adult: Do the thing where u keep plastic shopping bags inside another one (probably a pretty one from Barnes and noble or something I don't know) U will probably eat hot sauce and crackers at some point Apply at places you actually go to. If you didn't like being there u probably won't like working there Save up as much money as you can. "I'm going to comic con next year I swear" fund Take breaks. U like going on walks? Do that. U like naps? Do that

thank you, like– this is sound advice? i was expecting a meme tbh, but seriously, thank you

Not creepy at all there, Martin, well done.

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do you think steven's healing powers are based on love? because it didnt work on the galaxy warp but did on his bear? thats why he chose to heal centipeedle, because he loves her. ive been crying about this since the episode and still am so

oooo thats interesting!! that could be it?

Concept art for Pigeon, the introvert of the Aviary Post.

Pigeon is kind of a loner by nature. Though still just a kid she manages the Aviary Post tending to the Radio birds and delivering letters to the people of Corsica.

Considered quite the eccentric most of the kids don’t visit her in the Aviary, and that’s just the way she likes it. Although she does have friends most of them are older. Instead of speaking with people face to face she likes helping people reconnect with others through her messages.

Its ironic that the person spends her life relaying communications rarely ever speaks to anyone.

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I would love to know your thoughts on Stranger Things!

Oh I meant to respond to this earlier. Anyway, I liked in on a general level. I love me a nice stephen king-esque creep factor and this was a major homage to him. I loved Eleven especially, and I really enjoyed the sort of 1980s movie pastiche thing they had going on.

I just in general am a feminist buzzkill, lmao, so I was bothered by A) the shows handling of women (the lack of them in general, the fact that I’m pretty sure most episodes didn’t pass the Bechdel test if any of them actually do at all, and also the differences between the female and male victims–I’m really mad about Barb, heck, even Eleven is rooted in the very problematic “monstrous feminine” trope), and B) the lack of diversity otherwise with the massively white cast (see also: my irritation that the one token black kid in the group is ofc the angry one who yells a lot). 

I spent a lot of time imagining a version where all the kids were girls instead and my mental version was pretty great.