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I love how no matter what, a tiny square of the skin on a titty everyone knows is nsfw. But Gore? Heads getting chopped off? Intestines hanging out? Bones sticking out of the skin? Everyone always has to ask and it pisses me off to no end. If the barest of underboob isn't safe for work than no form of violence is going to be (not unless you are on some horror set or some shit like that)!

Okay minus the America part because her words apply everywhere.

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I'm jewish and born in America but my grandparents are from morocco and Argentina. so what does that make me? technically, I'm a non-white jew but physically, I look white.

Why do so many “Rachel Dolezal’s” stay finding my inbox with their bullshit? I went through your blog and found a picture of you just to prove a point of how delusional white people are about being “WHITE”.


Moroccan and Argentine my ASS!

You knew you were white when you hit my inbox, WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO YOURSELF BECKY?

get ready kids‼️

I’ve been getting a lot of people wanting to be snail mail pals & so it would be cool to have a net where everyone gets paired up with their very own mail friend 🍊

Rules 🌟
- to be in the net you must reblog this post
- be following me (I’ll follow everyone back)
- send me a message or make a post including
• your name & age
• what country you live in
• what languages do you speak
• your favorite fruit & favorite vegetable
• one hobby of you have
• three things you think would be cute to get in a letter
• if you okay an instrument, what it is
• your favorite band & song
• and one random fact about yourself !!
- once you are paired up you must abide the safety rules, no posting ppls addresses and stuff like that (will be written later on)
- be a cool bean🌱
(you can tag stuff to mail pals net of you want)

now get going !!!

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Everything you think about Armenians is rooted in ignorance and racism. You're almost not worth addressing but I refuse to watch as you attempt to erase Armenian identity and reduce it to something it's not. So let's get this straight. ARMENIANS ARE NOT, NEVER HAVE BEEN, AND NEVER WILL BE WHITE. Just because you're too ignorant to understand the history of the Middle East does not mean your misguided assumptions about Armenians and our history are true. Fuck you. Fuck Armenian erasure.

This is a Armenian family, from Armenia. WHITE PEOPLE! NOT PEOPLE OF COLOR!


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What does it mean to be in a little space. Is it a punishment or something littles just like to do? Sorry if its a silly question im still learning :)

No such thing as silly questions! Little space is a mindset that littles can go into where we feel younger and are able to step away from grown up worries and stress. It’s the best and I could use some little space time…

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So Russians aren't white?

Absolutely, Russians are white oppressive, terrorist people.

Russia shot down a commercial Malaysian airliner in July of 2014 killing 283 innocent passengers. Russia then went on the invade the white country of Ukraine.

ONLY white people can commit such acts of violence and terror without consequence or reprisal.

Had a African, Arab, Asia, or Latino country committed such an act, ALL the white countries of the world would join together in going to war against that POC country while robbing it of it’s wealth.

But white people/ countries are indemnified of such consequence as being held responsible for their white supremacist actions.  


Rabbits! Rats! Droppings! Mushrooms! Ducks! Dragonflies! Newts! Lizards! Spiders! Brighton! Oh my!

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Yeah, Make-up is false advertising to them... But if you happen to go without it completely 24/7 then ya get asked "but why would you advertise your self that way?" Like dick, PUH-LEASE! I ain't a product to buy, there is no advertising, but thanks for letting me know you're likely a fuckboy (one who will pull out the other shit when you do where the make-up). If you think eyelids come in green and gold and lips are always DEEP red on their own then boy do I have bad news for your dumb ass!

Women doing stuff only for themselves is still a puzzling concept. Also they like the “natural look” but they can tell the difference between no makeup and natural makeup. So it’s fail of their part all the time. Even when they try to be the “Prince Charming” type of fuckboy who’s all “I love natural women”. Lmao, and I would love a world in which I didn’t meet you.

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Thank you for making the Armenian post!!! I've been trying to explain it my whole life to those who don't believe I'm actually white.

I’m from Texas, I attended college in Los Angeles for 5 years. Living in Los Angeles was my first exposure to Armenian people. One of my friends Amir who was Iranian {Persian, not Arab} got into an altercation with a group of Armenian men at a party one night. The Armenian men called Amir and our friend Muhammad, who was from Pakistan “Sand Niggers”.

These drunk white Armenian men went on to berate Amir and Muhammad with more racial slurs, prompting Amir and Muhammad to leave the party.

I heard about the account of this story from my other friend Assi who witnessed these events. Me being 19 and ignorant at the time, I asserted in the presence of Amir, Muhammad, and Assi that I thought Armenian’s where “Middle Eastern”. Which caused sneering, hysterical laughter to break out amongst the three of them, then anger followed their laughter.

They were all disgusted and highly offended at my suggestion that Armenian’s were people of color, let alone “Middle Eastern” people.

I then started to notice that all the Armenian’s at our college actually identified themselves as white people, and these Armenian’s had a deep disdain for people of color. Black people to be exact, but there were exceptions.

There were groups of white Armenian girls who were obsessed with “Black Culture”, but of course they loved “Black Culture” and hated black people.

This motivated me to speak with one of the World History Professor’s on campus, who went on to inform me that Armenian are indeed “White People” from Europe.

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Honestly why are people so afraid of John being bisexual?

tbh I think it’s more about straight people who are afraid of bisexuality because it means that the fact that they’re attracted to the “opposite” gender doesn’t mean they can’t be attracted to other genders. Which makes they feel insecure. When you say that John is bi, you say that the fact that he’s attracted to women doesn’t mean he can’t be attracted to men too. I think it’s all about insecurity here. ya know

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May I follow your blog? I saw your post saying that it is for POC only and I wasn't sure if that meant literally you don't want white people following you, or if you're just not going to take any shit from white people. I'd love to follow your blog and see it a wake up call to the evils of white supremacy around me but respect if you want to keep it as a place for POC only.

Why wouldn’t you be able to follow this blog? I have upward to almost 60,000 people following this blog, and I’m quite sure that a ton of white people follow this blog. My concern with white people following this blog is their attempts to invade and control the content that’s promoted here.

See, black truth has always been white discomfort.

There is a humongous disconnect in black people’s dialect, language, and experience than white’s people’s.

When you hear me sounding off stating that “I DON’T FUCK WITH WHITE PEOPLE!” What I mean is:

If you’re WHITE and following this blog, PLEASE understand that you’re welcomed here but this blog and space is NOT your therapy session. This isn’t a space for you to give your unsolicited white opinions in regards to the “Black Experience”. This isn’t a space where I’m going to give a shit about your white feelings over something I’ve written.

Admittedly, this sounds fractious and malicious, but understand that….

We as people of color have to cope with our innocent black children and family members being murdered in the streets by racist white people, we have to cope with being oppressed by white people, being imprisoned for profit by white people and being financially and culturally exploited by white people.

Imagine our psychological state when in comes some oblivious lilly white asshole attempting to cause more harm by pandering for our sympathy because we had the audacity to speak openly and honestly about the crimes against people of color at the hands of white racist people.

I’m not saying that you’re not welcomed here as a white person, I am saying that the psychological harm that you cause through acting like you’re the victim of being murdered, oppressed, imprisoned, ostracized, raped, enslaved, and dehumanized is NOT WELCOMED HERE IN A SPACE THAT CELEBRATE PEOPLE OF COLOR THAT HAVE EXPERIENCED ALL THAT AND MUCH MORE AT THE HANDS OF WHITE PEOPLE FOR 600 YEARS.

Unlike President Obama, I absolutely recognize skin color, poverty, police brutality, and the racist economic exploitation system of American capitalism. I’m aghast and offended by anyone who doesn’t acknowledge these realities in AMERICA- but I strictly measure people for their ability or inability to exhibit kindness, truth, love, character, and talent.

NEVER by the color of their skin, and the truth of the matter is that you have to forgive me if I don’t marvel over white people’s talentless being, white people’s undeveloped invective minds, or white people’s aggressive promotion of their white privilege of being celebrated for no apparent reason at all.

So, if you’re a white being following this blog please know that you’re MORE than welcomed to do so-but also know that this space isn’t about you or your white privilege. If you’re here, be here to be open, to learn, to listen, and to love.


This isn’t directed at you per say, but I’m speaking in general to all the white people who follow this blog.