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Why are you reblogging your answers!! You're so arrogant it's unbelievable and you're not even a good writer, you're subpar at best but your ego is so inflated. Humility doesn't hurt you.

Why are you so obsessed with my blog?


“Okay, so we might lose 10% of our GDP, tens of billions of pounds to the economy and nearly a hundred thousand jobs, but at least we’ll be taking back our country. To the mid-1950s.”

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Ok, boarding school AU with servamps, eves, subclass, and C3. Who rooms with who? [[and no cheating by going the traditional pairs of kuro/mahiru or licht/lawless. We’re going random with this shit!]]

Wow, that’s a lot of people.  Alright, I hate to do this, but I’m going to have to cut it down just so I don’t break my brain trying to plan all this out.  I can do the Servamps, Eves, and C3, but the subclass are gonna have to be left hanging. Sorry!:

Kuro and Tsurugi: One very high strung roommate and one very…not.  Tsurugi’s the one who gets into trouble because he can’t behave, and Kuro’s the one who gets into trouble because he wont’ do his homework.  Needless to say, they have a sort of reputation.

Mahiru and Jun: Mom friends of the world unite.  Their room is always clean, and they usually have some sort of snack to hand out if anyone wants to drop by.  Jun’s in his last year of school and Mahiru is just staring out, but the two of them get along well and have excellent grades.

Hugh and World End: Hugh suffers.  World End is loud, messy, and everything that Hugh isn’t.  It’s a miracle that neither of them have been smothered with a pillow yet in their sleep.

Tetsu and Yumi: They knew each other before heading off to school, so it only made sense for them to room together.  Tetsu is calm enough to handle Yumi’s hot-headed nature well, and in return, Yumi looks out for the younger boy.

Jeje and Lily: Y’all know how weak I am for these two brothers.  I don’t even have anything more to say other than I will go down with the headcanon that Jeje favors Lily over all his siblings, and Lily does the same in return.

Mikuni and Shuuhei: Their room is the one that people swear is going to blow up one day.  There’s always some sort of noise or loud explosion coming out of it, and it’s not unusual for the two of them to emerge with singed clothes.  On the whole, Shuuhei can deal with Mikuni’s nonsense, but sometimes Jun has to step in to stop him from killing his roommate.

Wrath and Hyde: Wrath is Hyde’s full time roommate and part time baby sitter.  At the very least, she makes sure that he’s eating properly and passing all of his classes-which, as he reminds her on a daily basis, means he only has to get a C.

Licht and Misono: Probably the most studious pair of roommates.  Licht excels in the fine arts and Misono excels in written work and problems.  The two of the rarely argue, though if it’s the last thing Licht does, he’ll teach Misono how to properly stand up for himself and his ideals. 

Long Distance Friendship Anyone?

Hey guys. So I know people come on here for the adventure time junk, but I thought it would be a cool idea to actually get to know people, so I’m looking for a penpal (maybe a couple. Idk)

I’m looking for someone to send handwritten letters to. So someone who likes to write or draw would be cool (we could draw each other lil pictures. It would be so cute).

So a little about me. I’m an 18 year old female, and I live in California. Im an art student. Studying at a junior college with plans to transfer. I am a gothic feminist and I always say please and thank you. I identify as bisexual, but i am currently in a relationship with an amazing male. I also love cooking/baking, cartoons, DOOOGGGSSS, and really anything creative, fun, or cute.

If you think we would get along, you should hmu. I’m looking for a penpal in the 16 - early 20’s age range. If you’re from another country that would be awesome, but from a different state is also cool.

I would really like if we could send each other more than just letters. Like postcards or little gifts. I just think that would be so fun, but just letters is also fine. So if you are interested, just send me a message on this blog. (I respond best to chats, as opposed to fan mail or my submissions box). And we can work things out from there. (Also, you are more than welcome to talk to me on tumblr to decide if you’d like to exchange information. I will in no way be upset if you change your mind or decide you don’t like me, nor will I pressure you to exchange info, and it would solely be used for the purpose of writing letters and nothing more.)

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Hi! Can I request Greed and Pride pairs hanging out? Or just headcannons about them? Thank you!

Alright, this was fun and new to think about.  All the love for all the Servamp pairs!:

  • Hyde and Hugh don’t get along.  At all.  There’s a lot of tension and bad blood between them left over from Hugh’s attitude about Ophelia, and it puts a huge strain on their relationship.  For the sake of family, however, both of them try to be civil to one another.
  • On the other hand, their Eve’s get along fairly well; Tetsu is chill enough to go along with any crazy thing that Licht says or does.  Honestly, my sweet child probably believes that Licht is actually an angel, bless his heart.
  • Licht is aggressive by nature, and his favorite target is usually Hyde.  Tetsu is the one to break up the fights; he’ll just lift the two of them up until they apologize, or at least promise not to lunge for one another when he sets them down.
  • Chillin’ in the onsen, yeah man.  With the exception of Tetsu, the other three are fairly high strung.  The hot springs gives them an outlet to relax and unwind in.
  • Going out for the four of them is always an adventure; something is bound to happen, as all of them seem to be a magnet for trouble.  Hyde is especially guilty of this.
  • They have been thrown out of several stores for one reason or another (but usually it’s because they’re squabbling loudly in the middle of the store).  Tetsu is always the one to apologize to the store owner, and the one who scolds the others for their behavior.
  • When push comes to shove, though, they have a no man left behind policy.  Even Hugh and Hyde won’t abandon each other if they have to make a mad dash for the door because they’re about to be arrested for causing a commotion.
  • Licht teaches Tetsu how to play Mary Had A Little Lamb on the piano.  Tetsu’s family is just.  So Proud.
  • Licht and Hyde get the Pride Pair hooked on playing the Sims.  The four of them have a whole town going on that they play anytime they hang out.
  • In return, Tetsu introduces them to Stardew Valley, and Hyde has never hated a game so much in all his life.  Licht, on the other hand, vows to be the best farmer that there ever was and make his grandpa proud of him.

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Y'know, I think it can be pretty funny when Sawamura tries to police Chris and Miyuki's relationship, and usually they just sorta deal with his antics. But what if one day Sawamura pushes just a little too far, and Chris actually snaps and gets angry at him? -sugardaddy

Scary chris-senpai is scary!! But dw, he’ll immediately revert to his kind self after he cools his head. Or, in eijun’s case, is just a few seconds after he saw the horror in eijun’s face hahaha.

omg between the two senpai(s), tho, it’s p hard to tell which one will snap first. Indeed, maybe it’s chris who will, but most probably bcs of other reasons as well besides eijun’s antics. Like, maybe he’s having a really tiring or bad day and he just can’t deal with all the hype and noise you know??

((lol i have to apologize if i misunderstood what you meant tho sugardaddy anon. Idk, there’s smth wrong w me today and i cant r connect my brain to some stuff))

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I know nothing about Berserk, but Guts is such a juicy beefcake, damn (i love it)

Guts is extraordinary ❤ ❤ ❤ Easily the most badass character in all manga. Levi is second; and mostly because these guys are humans fighting against non-human enemies that’re way more powerful. I appreciate characters like that a lot. Guts is so soft, beautiful and strong.

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omg so when I first followed your blog, I didn't know Malta was a country, I only knew it as a soft drink (I've never been good with geography) and when I read your description thing I was so confused because I thought you were talking about the drink (but now that I know Malta is a country, I want to go visit it because it looks so pretty)

OH MY GOD HAHAHAHA it’d be funny to live in a soft drink, I think :P (Please come visit me!!)

✉💫Is there anyone who needs help finding a pen pal?💫✉

A lot of people asked me how to find pen pals so I wanted to help them a little. If you’re interested please message me for the details😊

I’ll make a list of all the people who are looking for pen pals and I’ll post it on my blog so everyone can message each other and make new friends!

Reblogging this message would be nice so I can reach more people who are looking for pen pals as well!💖

I’m very excited cause that high five post is around 36k notes and not one of them is hateful although several are pedants