Oh dear god, has Sophie got him saying “odious” now??? LOLOLOLOL

On a roll, I passed Benedict Cumberbatch on the way into dinner, an actor I’ve long admired on and off screen, and who my whole family, led by my mother, seem to adore.
Last year, I interviewed him on the Oscars red carpet and he couldn’t have been more friendly or charming.
So I assumed he would greet my appearance with the same warmth that had drawn him over to my CNN cameras 12 months ago.
‘Good luck tomorrow night, Benedict,’ I gushed. ‘Loved the movie.’
‘Thank you Piers,’ he replied, slightly less enthusiastically. ‘That’s kind of you to say.’
I walked on, then I turned back to see where my wife Celia was, and spotted Benedict and a bearded chap exchanging what looked like mocking glances at me.
Celia, who’d been standing right next to them at the time, looked bemused when she reached me.
‘Did you say something to upset Benedict?’
‘No, why?’
‘Because I’m fairly sure I just heard him say “ODIOUS man” about you, emphasising the first word and rolling out the “o” for good effect.’ I felt a dagger pierce my trusting heart.
‘Fairly sure, or certain?’
‘99.9%. It could have been “Oh, delicious man,” but I think we both know that’s unlikely.’
I looked back at Benedict who caught my eye then glanced away sheepishly.
I’ve no idea what might have provoked such new secret loathing.
Keira Knightley, his co-star in The Imitation Game, can’t stand me after I berated her a few years ago for constantly moaning about the press – and for saying she has the world’s most annoying pout, which is just an indisputable fact.
So maybe she poisoned his mind.
Or maybe Benedict’s just reached this verdict all by himself, which of course he’s perfectly entitled to do.
I’d just admire him rather more if next time, rather than shake my hand and exchange platitudes, he has the b**** to look me in the eye and say: ‘Go away Piers, you odious man.’

mrmartini asked:

I'm not meaning to sound angry nor do I intend this to be a hateful message but I'm just interested what is so bad about the Zionist movement? I've always been taught that it was good but your blog says otherwise. Could you just inform me? Sorry if this was rude or ignorant at all.

Of course you’ve been taught and lead to believe that Zionism is a positive movement, just as it was taught in American schools that the Ku Klux Klan was a white wholesome Christian Organization.

Jews are a group of predominately white people who believe in and identify with the religion of Judaism. Real Jewish people don’t believe in Zionism and are highly adverse to the idea of Zionism, because Zionism equates to white supremacy. Any Jewish Rabbi will tell you that Judaism is sternly against Zionism, and that GOD never intended for Jews to have their own country, let alone murder, rob, oppress, and displace innocent people of color for their own country.

Zionism is the aggressive movement and conservative racist idea that White Jews should have their own country, so they went and illegally confiscated Palestine, a land of Arab and African people. Zionist then illegally converted that land into the White Jewish country of Israel with funding and military backing from the United States in 1946.

This is the reason every Arab country on the planet hates Jews, Americans, and Israel, because here you have this group of white people who murdered their way into an Arab land and stole the land while murdering, displacing, and imprisoning millions of innocent Arab people.  

If you’re an American, this story may sound familiar-due to the fact that it was those same white Europeans who murdered their way into America, Africa, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Madagascar, and Greenland.

Cranquis Mail: What happens if you go to a doctor for help with depression?

(name withheld) asked:

Hola Dr.Cranquis! So I have always heard that people go to a physician (or at least should) when they have symptoms of depression. I was wonder what the general treatment plan would be? I’ve never read an answer to this so I’m curious haha!

Hola yourself, Señorita Sigecaps! (Your Cranquis-Nym — you’re welcome).

So, keep in mind that I’m an Urgent Care physician whose most recent experience working in a traditional primary care clinic was almost a decade ago during my Family Medicine residency. In my current job, the extent of my “depression management” is either (a) determining if someone is suicidal and needs to go to the ER, (b) letting someone “talk it out” with me for a while before I arrange for a primary care and/or therapist appointment, and/or (c) praying with patients who are in pain and who express an interest in spiritual care. I don’t start or adjust anti-depressant meds.

But from what I recall, if a person with previously-undiagnosed/self-diagnosed Depression comes into a primary care provider’s office, the usual components of the initial workup will include:

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Do Not Forget Door Knob Organizer

If I had this hanging on my doorknob at home, I guarantee that 98.97% of the time it would be empty. BUT, at least it would be hanging there to at least remind me of the fact that it should be full of the stuff I should be remembering. Which, in turn, would make me think about all the things that I would probably be forgetting. Which, in turn, would cause me to forget everything that I should be remembering to bring because, whenever I start to think about trying to remember something important, I always draw a blank. So… Maybe this isn’t such a good idea for me to use, but it may work for you! Oh, and yes I did try to make the doorknobs the eyes of a smiley face by drawing in the nose and mouth. That’s the full extent of my artistic ability. I’m proud. And get bored easy

anonymous asked:

You wanted some headcanons, yeah? ... okay take mine. When Gon is bored and Killua is just chilling on the couch he just squats next to the couch (because killua would be laying there making no room for Gon) and Gon would pat Killua's stomach, using it as a drum. And they would smile at the sounds his tummy would make then they would burst out laughing.



bookerjustdewitt asked:


Dear Dad, whoever he is,

I sent this on Songbird and told him to give it to you. I hope you find it and all the other letters I’ve sent you. 

I’m twelve now, and nothing has really changed since my last letter. But I learned about dual-dial locks and pigpen ciphers, and I’m teaching myself how to waltz! It’s hard without a partner. I put a dress on one of my mannequins and stuffed the sleeves, but it didn’t work very well. I hope one day, when you find me, you’ll dance with me. 

My tears are working really well now, especially after my menarche (I’ll spare you that story, because you’re a man.) I’ve looked into so many places, and I even brought a kitten into my tower! I’m hiding her from Songbird, and I’ll release her back where I found her once she’s healthy, because any kitten shouldn’t have to be locked up like me. She’s really cute! A calico, with the cutest little meow ever, but she’s really skinny and weak so I’m going to try and nurse her back to full health. I don’t want to name her, because that would mean I get too attached and… yeah. If I do get too attached, then maybe I’ll keep her, I just don’t want her to be too scared of Songbird. He wouldn’t hurt her, but… he’s very imposing. 

I think I’m going to keep her, actually. Maybe they can be friends. I’ll name her Amelia. I hope you can meet her someday, Dad.

How is everyone? Mom? Brother, Sister? Please don’t be too sad that I’m gone. You’ll find me someday, I know it. 


ma1a-m asked:

Hey, why is everyone so angry?

White people are angry because I post this fact/gem. 

It’s just like white people to think that their “white tears” and their “ignorant white opinions” are valued or considered relevant on a blog that caters to people of color. 

tamneja asked:

:/, stop spreading negativity love. The world's problems is wayyyyy bigger than color. Instead of focusing on white vs black people should be focusing on spreading love and postivity. Instead of constantly focusing on the negatives ♡ Peace and love

I don’t agree with your skewed/racist white washed point of view, and frankly speaking. I think your mentality is extremely harmful to POC.

Innocent Black people are murdered, oppressed, and displaced EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE WEEK by WHITE PEOPLE. Innocent Latino people are used as slaves and oppressed EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE WEEK by WHITE PEOPLE. Innocent Arab people are murdered, robbed, oppressed and displaced EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE WEEK by WHITE PEOPLE. Asian people are being used as slaves to make the Nike’s you put on your feet as I type this, Oh look. More oppression stemming from WHITE PEOPLE!

So pointing out and speaking about covert racism and oppression is considered spreading “Negativity”, so what is murdering, oppressing and enslaving people of color considered?

Then your ignorant ass walks into my inbox talking about spreading love and positivity. Bye Felicia.

Les Mis star makes a big splash to stop 'cruelty' to fish: Samantha Barks 'drowns' in controversial new advertising campaign

Daily Mail

With her arms outstretched as she plunges helplessly to the seabed, this is Les Miserables star Samantha Barks ‘drowning’ in a controversial new campaign which claims it’s cruel to eat fish.

Animal rights activists Peta says the striking image tries to give a sense of the suffering fish go through when they are taken out of water.

Vegetarian Samantha, 24, right, who took the role of Eponine in the 2011 film musical, said: ‘I have a fascination with fish but I think that people see them as lesser than other animals.

'A dog looks like they’re going to cry when they’re upset and you can’t help but empathise with them.

'But fish feel pain just the way other animals do.’

A Peta spokesman added: ‘Fish can’t scream as we can, but they certainly suffer.’

However, biologist Dr Bruno Broughton, who advises the fisheries industry, said: ‘Biologically, it has emphatically not been proven that fish feel pain.

'They lack the advanced part of the forebrain – the neocortex – that deals with pain recognition.’

anonymous asked:

Papa!Leo headcanon: Even after Gon gets older people still mistake Leorio for Gon's dad and after a while they just start going with it like "yep that's my dad/son". Kurapika thinks it's hilarious until Killua and Gon start calling him Mom. Leo starts calling Kurapika Mom just to piss him off until the day someone literally mistakes them for Gon's parents because Kurapika is trying to get Gon into some respectable clothing and they all realize this has gotten out of hand.

The part where they actually realize got me laughing.

Imagine them at the store trying to dress Gon, leaving Killua to his thing, to live his fashion, no need to be constricting, then they look in the mirror and there’s Kurapika and Leorio arguing about a color, Gon looks nervous in his long brown pants and Killua can’t decide between two shirts. The realization strikes, but no one says a thing.