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Do you have a link to your NSFW accounts? Asking for a friend...

so i get this question often (for obvious reasons) when i don’t explicitly link my accounts in the post. i don’t always do that because of tumblr’s weirdness regarding tag searching and posts not showing up if they have an outside source.

i did a little more research though and it seems that instagram, ao3 and twitter links should show up in searches fine, so from now on i’ll try to be better about my links lol. which are:

NSFW twitter:
NSFW instagram:

basically i’m the same name everywhere, just put underscores sometimes lol

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Do you know of any other Larries going to the Nashville Live.Life.Love show?

i don’t wanna say anyone in case they wanna keep it on the down low but if anyone is going and they wanna share feel free to like/comment or something!!!

So I just came across a post asking for birthday cards for a holocaust survivor. This man is turning 100 on September 3rd, 2019, and he would like to receive 100 cards! If anyone wants to send him a birthday card, that would be awesome! I did get permission from the original poster on reddit, so no worries there! His address is:

Sam Weinreich

5731 Ashbriar Ave

Memphis TN, 38120


Here he is!


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so in love with ur slutty husbands, any possibility we could see the face azi was making while crowley was doing his thing on ur jealousy comic? honesty what exhibitionist pervert crowley was, I mean kissing in a gallery is one thing, but straight up licking ur partners neck and prob making him hard is another level lol


how about his face right after, when they realize they got a bentley parked nearby

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What do you think anout top!Aziraphale?


i think he’d be super gentle and soft and slow (both for crowley’s enjoyment and his own). very sweet, very in love. constant stream of darling and you’re doing so well and i love you i love you i love you. of course he gets into it too but i like to think he holds his composure fairly well (or at least attempts to and yes crowley finds that hot).