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All the cookies in the world for Mail-order bride Stiles!

COOKIES! Yes please! - Anastasia

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This tumblr fic.

Mail-Order Werewolf Bride by tolieawake

(3/? I 6,276 I Teen I Sterek)

(the correct term was a ‘Potential Lifemate’, Scott insisted, after Stiles had sworn him to secrecy).

When he was a kid, Stiles signed himself up as a ‘Mail-Order Bride’ for a werewolf. Now, he’s 21, and it’s time to meet his 'potential lifemate’. Oh, and somehow, he’s got to tell his father what he’s done.

The One With The Mail-Order Brides and A/B/O Dynamics by Stoney

(1/1 I 16,149 I Explicit I Sterek)

Wolves aren’t meant to be alone. Laura tells Derek this repeatedly. Which… is why Derek knows he’s losing his mind, as Laura has been dead for more than six years. Wolves aren’t meant to be alone.

And so he sends away for a companion. JUST for a companion, not for a mate. The universe, however, has a different plan in store for him.

Mail Order Stiles by Green

(1/1 I 17,489 I Explicit I Sterek)

Stiles laughs. “The day I become a mail-order bride is the day I eat my hat.”

“You don’t even wear a hat.“

“I’ll buy a hat for the occasion,” Stiles says. “A white one with a veil.”

(Stiles doesn’t eat a hat, but that’s just because he’s too busy with his new husband, his five children, his new husband’s ex, and a deadly feud with the neighboring ranch)

These Four Walls by pandabomb

(4/4 I 38,890 I Mature I Sterek)

“Is your place a mess? Do you wish you had someone to take care of you and cater to your needs? Then reach us online at Your human companion awaits!”

In a world controlled by werewolves, lone alpha Derek Hale buys a mail-order human.

Kentledge Hall

Chapter Sixteen

A penniless dock worker inherits a title and his family’s destitute estate. In order to save the house and grounds, he puts an ad in the paper for a wealthy wife from the United States. The damaged Emma Swan is desperate for a new start anywhere but New York. Together, will they save Kentledge Hall?

@ofshipsandswans is the talented creature who created the cover art, and she also created 1, 2, 3 corresponding moodboards!

@lenfaz @kmomof4@accio-ambition @rubyrose82@chrissascorner@wellhellotragic@ultraluckycatnd @krystalsficpage@anouj112@onceuponaprincessworld @killlihan-jones @ofwhitewolvesswansxpirates

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Rated M

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June 1918, Westminster Abbey, London

“And for bravery under heavy enemy fire,” the Prime Minister announced from his podium, “we award the Bronze Cross to The Most Honorable Marquess Killian Bertram Jones, Lord Matlock.”

There was a smattering of applause as a visibly nervous Killian stepped up before Lord Lloyd-George and bowed his head to accept the medal as it was placed around his neck. With a slight smile he stood and turned to face the crowd. Emma sat in the second row, dabbing lightly at the corner of her eye as she watched her husband accept the award from the highest levels of the English government.

Killian glanced at his wife, adorned in her sparkling tiara and a modest gown of cream-colored satin. She seemed to shine like the sun. Resisting the urge to wink, he carefully took his seat once more at the side of the church as the ceremony continued.

Following the pomp and circumstance, Emma moved to Killian’s side and slid her arm into his. “You were wonderful,” she cooed into his ear.

“Sweating like a hog,” he whispered back to her through clenched teeth as another fellow peer approached to make small talk.

“You’ll be just fine,” she smirked and rubbed at his wrist in an attempt to calm his nerves. She watched as her husband, a former working man, easily navigated his way through conversations with the highest of society. She was exceedingly proud of him. His transition had been amazing. She had watched him from the day he first fumbled to serve tea at their meeting, to parties where he had to bite his tongue, now to becoming a decorated member of the upper crust. Despite the change in his circumstances, Killian had retained a good heart and maintained the estate so that it thrived in the war-torn economical climate.

“Lovely pair, the two of you make,” the Duke smiled at the both of them, who gave blushing nods in return. “A fine example of the very best English breeding.”

The Duke wandered off after a brief conversation, and Emma took the chance to assist Killian in making an escape. They walked quickly in the direction of the exit, with Emma giggling under her breath. “Probably shouldn’t burst his bubble about ‘very best English breeding’.”

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Kentledge Hall

Chapter One

A penniless dock worker inherits a title and his family’s destitute estate. In order to save the house and grounds, he puts an ad in the paper for a wealthy wife from the United States. The damaged Emma Swan is desperate for a new start anywhere but New York. Together, will they save Kentledge Hall?

Thank you to the gorgeous @ofshipsandswans for the amazing cover work!

Rated M – Chapter One contains non-con/rape

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New York City - December 31st, 1915

Awash in several glasses of Champagne, eighteen year-old Emma Swan had been easily tantalized into the Conservatory at the Vanderbilt Mansion during a New Year’s celebration, ringing in the promises of 1916. Despite the December chill, there was a lingering warmth in the Conservatory.

The young society darling and her date were surrounded by all manner of exotic plants and flowers, blooming in the moonlight. She, herself, was the most colorful thing in the room; she wore a gown of gold and black, covered with a wine-tinted gauze and cinched at the waist with a decorative band of gilded embroidery and mother-of-pearl. Her moonlit hair was tucked into a pile of curls, secured with a large gilded comb bedecked with pearls.

Neal Cassidy, a young, handsome attorney from Delaware, was her tuxedoed date for the evening’s festivities and they had just managed to ditch Emma’s tipsy aunt Regina Mills back in the ballroom downstairs.

Emma giggled with delight as Neal swung her around the tiled floor of the room, his arm wrapped around her back. They were dancing much closer than they would have been allowed at the party. She closed her eyes as Neal bowed his head to place kisses along the side of her neck, a smile spreading over her lips.

“Mmm,” Emma moaned softly, sliding her fingers between his. “You really shouldn’t do that, you know.”

Neal chuckled and let his lips find hers. He walked her backward until her calves came to a stop against the end of a chaise longue. “Why shouldn’t I?” He asked against her lips. “I’m going to marry you, Emma, my dear.”

The idea made her giddy. A grand wedding with all sorts of fanfare and a milky-white gown of everything in the finest, her best friends all with large bouquets of white roses and lily-of-the-valley…it was everything Emma wanted. And Neal was such an entertainment to her over the past few months. Lavish dinners, ferry rides, and even a day at Luna Park in Brooklyn where he had won her a small pink porcelain figurine. He really knew how to woo a girl. He grasped her by the waist and carefully laid her back onto the chaise, taking a seat dangerously close to her.

“Neal,” Emma whispered, blushing profusely, “no, stop that…someone will see you and think the worst.”

“With me, it will hardly be the worst, darling. Don’t you want me, Emma?” He asked. The music downstairs grew louder, and Emma knew they must be nearing midnight.

“After we marry, of course,” she insisted, moving her hands to his shoulders to push gently.

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I have this head canon where it was Obi-Wan’s idea for Yoda to dump a surprise mail-order Padawan on Anakin. Maybe he thought a padawan would distract Anakin from his grief, the way that little Anakin distracted Obi-Wan from his. Maybe he noticed Anakin’s growing dissatisfaction with the Order and thought a padawan would help cement his ties. Either way, all Obi-Wan’s talk of taking on a new student himself was to give him some plausible deniability when Ahsoka showed up.

Spelling Bee Songs, Summarized
  • The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee: drink every time they say the title of the show- also why am I crying already
  • The Spelling Rules: you better pay attention bc this is some sick foreshadowing
  • My Favorite Moment of the Bee: ready, set... oh wait let's reminisce for a sec. ok GO
  • My Friend, The Dictionary: who needs friends when you have books amirite
  • The First Goodbye: the guest spellers are never as funny as the actual characters
  • Pandemonium: this is what I like to get down to at the club
  • I'm Not That Smart: beautiful cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure
  • The Second Goodbye: the guest spellers are never as funny reprise
  • Magic Foot: that vibrato tho
  • Pandemonium Reprise: hahaha get rekt Chip
  • My Favorite Moment of the Bee Reprise: schadenfreude, basically
  • Prayer of the Comfort Counselor: FINALLY we got rid of all of the guest spellers
  • My Unfortunate Erection/Chip's Lament: how many penis and/or boner jokes can we pack into 2 and a half minutes
  • Woe is Me: smol bb has so many problems- also why am I crying reprise
  • Spelling Montage: break it down now
  • I'm Not That Smart Reprise: beautiful cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure reprise- also why am I crying reprise reprise
  • I Speak Six Languages: holy crap this girl can do everything- also slay me bc I am not worthy
  • Jesus/Pandemonium Reprise: I didn't think this bee could get any crazier but I was wrong
  • The I Love You Song: this is when most people start crying but I've been crying since the opening number
  • Woe is Me Reprise: don't cry for me Putnam County- also why am I crying reprise reprise reprise
  • My Favorite Moment of the Bee Reprise: ready, set... oh wait let's reminisce for a sec. ok GO reprise
  • Second: wait no I didn't want that person to win... at least Olive's happy
  • Finale: so none of the ships got together??? is that what I'm hearing???????
  • The Last Goodbye: yes hello I would like a different ending please and thank you- also why am I crying reprise reprise reprise reprise

2017-04-10_03-55-29 by John Dunlevy
Via Flickr:
Charles W. Smith house, built in 1895 3445 Home Avenue, Berwyn, Illinois “Members of the A.C. Nielsen family of the international marketing company fame, lived there in 1920, U.S. Census records show. The house was also designed by famed Gilded-Age architect, George F. Barber, a self-taught home draftsman whose mail-order designs were used to build Victorian houses across the country." 

Romance Novel Tropes

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  • Accidental pregnancy
  • Alpha hero
  • Amnesia
  • Arranged marriage
  • Athlete
  • Best friend’s sibling
  • Billionaire
  • Blackmail
  • Class warfare
  • Cowboy
  • Disguise
  • Enemies to lovers
  • Fairytale
  • Fake engagement
  • Fish out of water
  • Fling
  • Friends to lovers
  • Forbidden love
  • Jilted bride
  • Kidnapped
  • Law enforcement
  • Love triangle
  • Maid
  • Mail-order bride/Craigslist Date
  • Marriage of convenience
  • Matchmaker
  • Military
  • Mistaken identity
  • Office romance
  • On the road
  • On the rocks
  • Opposites attract
  • Orphan
  • Parent/childcare worker
  • Performer
  • Playboy
  • Politics
  • Protector
  • Redemption
  • Return to hometown
  • Reunion
  • Revenge
  • Royalty
  • Runaway bride/groom
  • Scars
  • Secret baby
  • Secret/lost heir
  • Sex worker with a heart of gold
  • Stranded
  • Sudden baby
  • Time travel
  • Tortured hero(ine)
  • The terrible wingman
  • Ugly duckling
  • Unrequited love
  • Virgin
  • Widow(er
  • (Wo)man in peril