why must polyethylene foam rolls be at MINIMUM 60 ft. long and cost exorbitant amounts of money???

I am a simple cosplayer who does not need 60 ft. of foam. Please…… I’m too broke for this “buy in bulk” bs that the builders you undoubtedly target subscribe to.


I don’t know if y’all know, but NBC bought the comedy called Mail Order Family. (Source)

This show apparently “follows a widowed single father who orders a mail-order bride from the Philippines to help raise his two preteen daughters”. It is supposed to be a sitcom.

And let the fucking anger commence.

1. EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS IS UGLY. Racist? Check! HUMAN TRAFFICKING? Check! Fetishization of Asian women? Check! There is not ONE THING funny about ANY OF THESE TOPICS. 

2. This is loosely based off of the writer’s life whose dad DID THIS. You can hear her talk about her experience DISGUSTINGLY here. (Source) Literally, listening to this alone made me so angry. She talks about how she wanted to connect with the mail order bride, so she basically tried to be Asian? She tried to flatten her nose to look “more Filipina”. She legit said that she considered herself Filipina. She talks about how the mail order bride her father BOUGHT wasn’t GOOD ENOUGH for her as a mother, and she defended her father through it all… HER FATHER ALSO HAS A SECOND SECRET FAMILY IN THE PHILIPPINES. Just a lot of ugly and a lot of fetishizing of Asian women. She also talked about it here in this article. (Source)

3. LET!!!!!!!!! PIN@Y!!!!!!!!!!!! PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!! EXIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give them roles. SE Asians are often seen as Not Asian by white people and East Asians, and we barely see them in media. REPRESENTATION FUCKING MATTERS.

4. Jackie was terribly RACIST in trying to defend her RACIST ideas on Twitter. I don’t have the Time to pull up every ugly thing she’s said today, but… it’s just ugly.

5. CANCEL!!!! THIS!!!! SHOW!!!!

I have more thoughts, but I’m pressed for time. I made a small thread on Twitter about why this whole thing is bullshit if you want to read more.

Fuck. This. Show.

Raspberries. John Lewis Childs, Inc., (1921) by Swallowtail Garden Seeds
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From our collection of botanical photographs, illustrations, and paintings. We hope you will enjoy these images as much as we do.

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