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Imagine an AU where Voldemort and Death Eaters don't exist, but Lily and James are still killed (cuz the world isn't all sunshine and rainbows alright) and Snape is left to adopt Harry (this is an alternate universe ok just roll with it). What would happen? How would Snape handle a toddler/little kid Harry? Idk for some reason i like this idea.

- lots of sleepless nights mostly because of what happened to lily

- hogwarts is out of the question because severus can’t work there while having a toddler to take care of

- agonising over harry’s unmanageable hair

- exchanging hate mail with sirius, who helps out financially

- stealing the neighbour’s cat after harry permanently changed its fur to green 

- severus likes to be prepared so he looks over hogwart’s school material. appalled at how bad the potions textbook is, he decides to write one

- it’s hard writing with a toddler who loves playing with ink

- finding out that children need to eat healthy food the hard way

- having mental arguments with his mother about his parenting skills

-realising one morning that he is stuck being a parent for the rest of his life

- somehow, after months of co-existence, severus isn’t too bothered by that

I need a fic where Supergirl and Livewire exchange hate mail regularly…

Kara randomly just receives a postcard from hawaii or new zealand or france saying: Saw you get beat up on the news… your form is off… coming for ya blondie…

Livewire always hangs around long enough to get return mail, usually on the back of a gaudy greeting card that Kara found in some back alley gift shop, filled with a really bad pun and a quip about Supergirl being in top shape…

Then once a year, they meet up… beat the absolute crap out of each other, then part ways…

2 weeks later, Kara receives another postcard from Tahiti… bet you wish you were here instead of in a hospital bed… that was a nasty fall you took… shame you’re bulletproof…

No decency II pt.2

Jungkook x reader

genre: smut, fluff, stepbrother!jungkook

word count: 10k

The next week Jungkook’s attitude made a turn, letting you relax around him until a night escalated and you got to see a side of him you never thought he would reveal to you.

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Interview Outtakes

I had the pleasure of interviewing Nicki Minaj. Here are some sections that were cut from my first draft of this cover story for T Magazine. 


Her publicist assures me it won’t be too long and I tell him it’s no problem. When I interviewed Madonna, she was ninety minutes late, which is not name-dropping. I am offering context for why I am so Zen about waiting for Nicki Minaj. I understand that time works differently for famous people.

In the end, Nicki Minaj is remarkably prompt which is to say our meeting begins only about twenty minutes after the scheduled time. The real challenge was in scheduling the interview at all. My editor and Minaj’s team spent quite a long time exchanging e-mails about when and where the interview would take place—in Los Angeles, in Miami, in New York, on this date or that but without an exact time. I finally learned when we would meet upon landing at JFK, mere hours before the appointed time. It was all very exciting for a writer whose days are generally marked by the difficulty of choosing whether to watch Law & Order SVU or Law & Order Criminal Intent.


Her publicist Joe, who will stick around for the entire interview, sits across from me. Earlier, as we waited in the hall just outside the suite, Joe gave me tips on how to talk to Minaj and then, I must confess, I did name drop Madonna because this was not my first rodeo. It was my second. On the coffee table, a laptop records our interview on Minaj’s behalf. I can’t say I blame her. I’m not concerned.


It took a long time to get to that place Minaj tells me, and now, “sonically I know what the album’s about to sound like. I know what this album is gonna mean to my fans. This album is everything in my life coming full circle and me being truly, genuinely happy. It feels almost like a celebration. The last album, the Pink Print was like my diary, closing the chapter on certain things and not knowing if I was happy or sad about beginning new chapters. I was really writing about feeling unsure.”


It’s interesting that Minaj is feeling more confident in herself than ever because I am there to talk about greatness. I am curious how Minaj defines greatness and after a thoughtful pause, she says, “Discipline is one of the things I believe every great has a lot of. I’d [also] put talent, intelligence, and I’d mix it in with the X factor, which is just the thing you can’t really put into words.”


…it is easy to make tawdry assumptions about what she means by closing chapters and new outlooks, but in preparing for our conversation, I was determined to not ask invasive, personal questions. I was determined to not ask stupid questions….I did not delude myself into thinking I would be the one who might crack the Minaj code. She was thoughtful and open but it was crystal clear that she wasn’t going to divulge anything but what she wanted to divulge.


By way of her music and public personas, Minaj has fostered a devoted fan base. She speaks often and lovingly of these fans who are definitely on her mind when she’s making music. So are her peers in the rap game. “When I’m being super lyrical and really pushing my pen, I’ll think about dope rappers and what they’re gonna say when they hear that. Rap is competitive and that’s a good thing. We should push ourselves to compete and I’m a woman and I always want to compete with the greats. There are moments where I say something really funny or really ghetto or cheeky and I’ll be like, oh my fans are gonna crack up about that. Whenever I’m really baring my soul, I always say, oh my god, my fans will go crazy because they appreciate when I just let myself really show… and don’t guard myself.”


I’ll know feminism has succeeded when women can achieve greatness without wading through a lifetime of bullshit first. 

The Adventure of Cengiz getting his • Strong Women • squad

It started a month ago, I was bored and spontaneously decided that sending Cengiz a package to Norway would be nice. 

Yes, to Cengiz Al. Yes, to Cengiz Al, the Yousef Acar. Yes, that’s him.

The thing was, I didn’t want to send a letter. Or a drawing. Or a bandana. I wanted to be EXTRA. So that day I decided to go for it, Cengiz gave us the shocking news about his new hairstyle, so I did what every sane normal person would do when their idol changes their hair colour - went to the closest grocery shop and bought a hairdye so he can redye his hair back to black.

The next step was easy, take desperate to another level. I went to Ikea, bought a frame, printed memes and put it together. Easy, right? 

Shitty quality of a shitty DIY, what can I say.

The other thing was not intentional, it wasn’t about Cengiz reading notes from his fans, it was my way to contact people and to make some friends. But, I’m a socially awkward person so what should we do? YES! Tell these people that they can send a note to the one and only Cengiz Al and befriend them meanwhile in the process.

Sidenote: Worked, would recommend 10/10

And then I put it together and created a DIY book called “Kjære Cengiz” and did a profile on each fan and added their note while including some random posts about Cengiz I found on Tumblr.

So once I was done, I also decided to step up game of promoting my videos and what’s the closest thing to forcing him to watch this by breaking into his house? Exactly! Send him a USB with all of them with “Watch this” written on top of it (to make sure, you know). 

So I bought a USB, I called it “Strong Man” to give it the Cengiz vibe and uploaded here my videos with Cengiz (Yousana/Yousef/SKAM crack) And included our memes with Cengiz in HQ & explanation to the hairdye so he wouldn’t take it as a cyberbullying. 

And then, I wrapped it all in Christmas wrapping paper because I didn’t have anything else and had to came up with a lame “Merry Cengzmas” inside joke to somehow explain this.

And then I sent it and waited 14 days. After 14 days I decided that it’s the right time to panic and have a mental breakdown. And while I freaked out, I wrote Cengiz a mail, he never replied so I guessed that me and Cengiz would stick to our ignoring relationship and expected no outcome.

It was 9pm, I was in my bed, decided to look at my mail to avoid another existentional crisis to see how no one commented on my new video I uploaded on my Youtube channel, to see that there’s a mail written by the one and only Cengiz Al.

A three sentences long email saying he didn’t get the package, asking for a code of it, ending with a norwegian sentence “ Sendt fra min iPhone”. He had this in every email he sent to me, so many times that I even thought: Maybe “ Sendt fra min iPhone” will be our always. 

But this wasn’t a John Green book where someone dies after an epic love story - This was a desperate act of a desperate woman who was desperate for a notice by one norwegian guy who works in an electronics store. And it wasn’t some epic love story, I just wanted to get out of this “ignored for half a year” zone to be honoured to be friendzoned by this man. And no one died. He just broke a wall with his leg.

And then things got interesting, we mailed. We exchanged addresses. We made clear we’re not stalkers. And the morning after I told him the code of our package, he got it. And posted it on his InstaStory. 

But in that moment I was in the middle of Prague, in subway and when I turned on my LTE data in middle of ZARA, I had 240 messages on different social platforms and no matter how much my high expectations™ self imagined the situation of how he would get it, this was like 10 times worse. And I thought my expectations were unrealistic. 

I thanked him, he thanked me back, turning this into a neverending compliment battle between us. I enjoyed the adrenaline. I enjoyed the moment of glory I had. I enjoyed the attention Cengiz was giving me after giving me none for 6 freaking months. 

And then, this happened. 

Cengiz Al, the man, the icon, the legend itself created a groupchat. Bitch, I was SHOOK. I was completely, absolutely, uterly SHOOK. He did THAT. He thanked us all and TALKED to us. Like I will never forget this. 

He promised me to act in my debut movie and so many other things. From the man I had named on Snapchat “ignorant imposer” he turned into the nicest, most genuine guy I’ve ever met. He was honestly grateful and I was honestly screaming and as bizzare as this story is, I hope that he honestly considers me as a friend or AT LEAST remembers my name because as much as he added “Sendt fra min iPhone” to the end fo his mails I kept repeating “Love, Simone” everytime just so he would remember my name. 

And I hope he does. 

And he also sent us 3 videos I didn’t see because I had turned off sound so I’m dumb and the only thing thing I remember is Cengiz holding a black hairdye, talking. 

From what I heard, he promised to go back to black, as one wise woman once said in a song.

And this, lads, is how I got noticed by the one and only Cengiz Al. 

Thanks to these amazing people that became my friends in progress of this weird twisted somehow beautiful experiment. I own you a lot.

@stressedoutteenager, @nothesc, @smoothyousef, @sana-bakkoush, @sanaflowers, @mrspaaadfoots, @slytherino, @cheekyeven, @iamacolor @thickskinandelasticheart, @yossiacar and @savedbythespell @rumaan

This wouldn’t be possible without you and your support. (And drag.) 



Not Sendt fra min iPhone

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Is the college au available for update? I can't see the date on mobile. Thanks for your work.

sure is

Gran Knows Best by smokesforsterek (1/1 | 2,889 | G)

“Derek Hale, when are you going to ask that nice young man to marry you?” Grandma Hale asks from her spot on the porch, overlooking the backyard.
“We’ve only been dating for 6 years,” Derek huffs out a breath, a small smile appears on his face.
“‘Only'” she says trying mimic him, “like 6 years is two weeks. If he was a woman he would be begging for a ring at this point,” she jokes.

or the one where Gran and Laura knock some sense into Derek about finally asking Stiles to marry him.

not really casual by bibliosexual (1/1 | 2,714 | PG13)

He might be down for casual stuff, theoretically—in fact, he kind of expected he would be, and he’d even started down that path by making out with a random girl during orientation and then a different random girl later that same night at the freshman bonfire—except that then he walked into Biology on the first day of classes and there was Derek, and suddenly no one else looked half as interesting.

What’s Left of Me by Takentothenext (1/1 | 3,632 | R)

Derek was the bold one who struck out into his new life without hestitation. Stiles had been the emotional one; uncertain and a little broken. How was it then, that Derek had become the one pining for what he couldn’t have?

New Jeans by jesslikeschub (2/2 | 10,343 | R)

Stiles is a broke college student who likes to party and eat garbage. So he’s getting chubby. And there’s a certain stud of a lacrosse player who doesn’t mind a bit.

A Comprehensive Study in Getting a Boyfriend via Persuasive Essay-Writing by Luddleston (1/1 | 14,591 | NC17)

Stiles is a junior Journalism major who takes Rhetorical Strategies because it covers his English requirement. He’s also trying to be subtle about the way he keeps checking out his professor.

Derek is a grad student teaching his first class ever. He also has the most annoying student on the face of the planet, and is done reading essays about the history of male circumcision.

Flirty e-mails are exchanged, Stiles spends way too much time in Derek’s office, and they fall in love over a mutual hatred for APA formatting.

Less Than Average by dragon_temeraire (1/1 | 2,768 | NC17)

Derek feels insecure about a certain…personal attribute.

Please Go Slowly by brokenpromisesandhope (1/1 | 4,293 | R)

Stiles and his boyfriend Derek are going to school 1300 miles apart, that’s scary.

Falling in Hurt by FangirlWolfie (1/1 | 13,935 | NC17)

Derek was a bit broken, not pieced together right.

Stiles was everything Derek wasn’t. Alive, vibrant, social, popular.

He was also cold eyes, soft moans and long fingers.

Derek had known he should stay far away from Stiles Stilinski.


You know I love surprises, don’t you Yuuri? Here is part 13 of the Victuuri fire emblem fates au! O////w/////O.

With everyday passing by, Yuuri misses Victor more and more. But then suddenly he receives a letter and it’s from Victor! He has got a very special surprise for him that will change their lives forever~.
Alsooo introducing two new characters in the au! First we have Seung-gil, he’s a sky knight (like Tsubaki) and one of the best knights of Hoshido. He loves to take care of the pegasuses and is responsible for mail exchange between Hoshido and Nohr together with his pegasus. He also helped Yuuri get to Victor who was injured in part 7, as fast as possible.
Next up we have Mari, princess of Hoshido and Yuuri’s big sister. She’s a sky knight (like Hinoka) and largely praised for her strength on the battlefield. She is very protective of Yuuri and wishes the best for him, so when Victor asked her if she could help him with his plan to surprise Yuuri, she didn’t hesitate for even a second before saying yes~

part 1 - part 2 - part 3 - part 4 - part 5 - part 6 - part 7 - part 8 - part 9 - part 10 - part 11 - part 12 - part 13 - part 14 - part 15 - part 16 (end)

Secret Witch Event

Hello Everyone!

We are really disappointed with how many inactive people we have in The Secret Witch Event, and ultimately it’s making the experience a bit anti-climatic for those who really want to have fun with this. 

So we’ve decided to do another purge of inactive participants, please read the requirements needed to stay in this event. If you don’t do what is required of you, you will be removed. 

@missabigailhobbs @full-moon-new-moon @the-millennialwitch @mai-muse @lovely-amethyst-witch@chiefgrumpkin @tenroutree @thewitcheswand@whichwitchami@xyloph0nes@kellhos
@bethy-hime @lavender-lace-witchcraft @thelushfaerie@witch-fae@thelittlestwitchh @jadeiteheart @sultrmoonie@mrs-k-cottage-witch
@nanejo, @fondwitch , @madamehearthwitch, @chronicallywitchy , @writingswitch , @nokothesecretwitch , @twilight-stardust, @smolwitchybaby, @supernovasinner, @borrowers-of-the-night
@therealwhitewitch, @amanda-mae, @tiredasswitch, @heavenly-maenad, @cyber-witchz, @sugareyes, @ghostofsin13, @krystalynterski, @shibariphoenix, @amanda-mae, @dreamyeyedwitch, @astral-honeybee, @dammitjesusidgits,  @twofatwitches, @thiswickedwitch
@honeycatsabi @royalitywitch @themoonwitchselene@morgueghost @witchy-lady124 @bixcraft@littlepinkgrimoire @fabledgarden @water-witchling@barberwitch @thenameisfame @embersofamber@shinelittlewitchling @eyeshuh @witchoftherain @she-who-treads-on-water

The Gif below is an accurate depiction of Nessa and I with these inactive participants. 

Originally posted by geekylaugifs

This is a huge issue, especially since the event is merely a month away.

So here is our course of action (again):





In return ( to those in the address route) we will e-mail you the address to your secret witch recipient. 




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ALL THOSE WHO ARE INACTIVE (without a valid excuse) 



Okay now that’s all said and done….I feel the need to vent a little bit, because it’s making the entire experience so draining for us. 

Kinara’s Rant Warning:

First of all, HOW DARE YOU ( to all inactive participants, or active but refusing to participate). There are other people in this event who want to have fun, and if you suddenly lost interest or had an issue that prevented you from continuing. You have the basic responsibility of bringing it to our attention, you are in no way required to stay against your willin this event at any point. ( if you don’t want to)

Originally posted by emmsgifs

Secondly, we will be having consequences for this issue due to the fact it’s severely unfair to others and for us. Why? Because we are so sad that this is even happening, it’s been to the point that I contemplated just canceling the event all together.

However, we won’t because there are some awesome people who deserve to have some fun and they make all this worth it. You guys know who you are, we thank you for your patience and thank you for keeping a positive outlook during this whole process. We truly appreciate you guys from the bottom of our hearts.

In order to try and restore some fun, we will be doing another purging of the inactive participants.

Organizing this is nothing easy, Nessa and I are really happy for those who are enjoying themselves but it deeply upsets us to see others not enjoying themselves because of their inactive secret witches.

ANYWAYS, Kinara’s Rant Over.

Please e-mail us and let us know you’re alive so we can give you an e-mail with your secret witch’s address ( if you’re in the address route) so we can continue having fun. 

Trump supporters : “Russia is just a false story ! There’s nothing real about it ! It’s the democrats trying to hide Hillary e-mails !”

Meanwhile, George Papadopoulos, former Trump campaign aide, pleads guilty to lying to the FBI about his links with Russia and his multiple meetings, e-mail and phone exchanges with at least 2 russian representatives when he was already in Trump’s campaign staff. It includes an invitation by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to meet officially or not with Donald Trump. Papadopoulos worked toward this goal and he was encouraged by other campaign advisors of Donald Trump. The meeting never happened (as far as we know/thankfully).

This isn’t questionable or unlikely. Papadopoulos pleaded guilty to it, he admitted to meeting Russian representatives while already in the Trump campaign, as well as admitted to trying to set up a meeting between Trump and Russia.

Paul Manafort (former campaign manager) and Rick Gates (senior campaign operative) were also charged with money laundering, tax evasion and failing to register as foreign agents.

I’m sorry, but this is pretty damning. There is not “nothing” on the Trump-Russia links.

Sources :

Here’s the Indictment against George Papadopoulos to which he plead guilty (read by Leonard French, a lawyer with a youtube channel, 30 minute video).

“Paul Manafort turns himself in as Trump-Russia inquiry heats up”, article on the Guardian.

Between the sheets

Characters: Joen Joeng-guk (Jungkook)  x reader
Genre: fluff
warnings: hints of smut (even very little)
words: 735
authors note: This is a half year old. I put this on around december/ january. It was meant to be a little drabble game. Just some random scenarios from each member of BTS with their girlfriend :) 

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Because of VERY high expenses this month, I am now virtually without any money (I have less than 15$ to sustain myself with food and everything else for the next three weeks) and I need to buy two tickets for the airport bus for when I´m traveling home for this summer which will add up to about 45$ so I am hereby opening emergency commissions! I hope to reach a goal of atleast 85$ so that I won´t starve atleast, even though I know over half of that will need to go to travel expenses, so I guess more than that would be preferable even though I know it´s unrealistic at this point.
But PLEASE if you have any money to spare at all and if you´ve been considering commissioning me before, now is the time to do so.

My highest priced item is the detailed chibi commission, and I feel the price of 25$ is a quite generous offer, considering I might spend up to 15 hours on a piece like that.
Other than that I also offer sketches, both simple black/white shading as well as simple colours AND my cheapest offer - line sketches at only 5$.
Icons are for use on social media and can be more or less detailed like the example, but will only have very simple cell-shading.

If you are interested in a commission, please send me an ask or instant message here on tumblr, so we can exchange e-mail-adresses and paypal info. You can also contact me on twitter @Frillypinkdrms

Signal boost please!

ID #46079

Name: Will
Age: 18
Country: France

Hi there !

I would like to find a penpal in order to exchange snail mails (or maybe e-mails at first ?).

I am kind of an awkward person when it comes to live chat so I thought I would try others means such as snail mail (although I have never done it before) which, I hope, could be the way to build something interesting and meaningful.

In order to find the right person, I will try to introduce me through the passions that define me the most, and I would love it if someone with similar interests was up to be my penpal.
First of all I am really into art. Actually I’m studying art in Paris ; I love conceptual art the most (really, more than anything else).
Then I’m also love watching movies. I don’t have a favourite genre, really, but if it can help you some of my favourite movies ever are The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Snowpiercer, The Witch and The Double.
I’m also really into philosophy and I would define myself as a nihilist.

Finally, if that can help you, I am either INTP or INTJ ; I go by any pronoun but if you’re uncomfortable with it you can use they/them/their ; and I am looking for someone incredibly open-minded.

Preferences: No gender preference.
Someone between 15 and 21 years old would be great but I’d like to talk with anyone younger or older, just be sure to notify me about this element tho.

Ah, so... help?

So, very long story short, I live on the western coast of Florida, and as you may have heard, the last few days sucked. Aside from spending a bunch of money we really didn’t have to be prepared for this storm, we then had it followed by an unexpected expense we can’t really compensate for. Basically, broke on broke on broke. So, I’m looking to… probably not fix it, I think grand total I’d need a grand to get us back to black out the gate. But, maybe take the pressure off, some.

I’m going to be taking donations, but I’m also gonna do commissions. They’re emergency, so I’ll be trying to turn them over asap, we’ll exchange e-mails real fast, we’ll go over details, etc. nail down the price, and I’ll get started. I’m… hoping you’ll go ahead and send the cash up front, but if not, that’s fine, I will give you water marked samples as we’re going along until I’m done and will transfer the un-marked final after payment.

Pictures usually take a day’s long work, I’m not gonna ask hourly, but if you’d like to, I absolutely accept tips. It will be first come first serve, but I need to try and recoup this blow asap instead of over the next few weeks, so, gonna line up a few, get through them, more, etc.

Commission Slots : 

To claim a commission, please sent an e-mail to with 1.) Which style commission you which to purchase. 2.) A thorough physical description of the subject’s appearance along with any references you can provide (face claims, garment references, the like) 3.) A brief description of temperament or personality so I can try to get that across with the character, and 4.) any additional notes, a preferred pose, for the sake of specific action poses, if you want to be performing any act or, in the case of spells or effects, how you would prefer it appear, if you have a preference.

If on the other hand, you prefer to donate without purchasing, that’s totally understandable (and ngl pretty frickin’ cool of you.), you can send your donation to, that’ll send my way immediately. 

Not exactly sure how to finish this, so, uh, feel free to reblog if you can’t commission or donate, thank you for your time and hopefully, your patronage.



Jaime x Brienne: You’ve Got Mail AU

Brienne of Tarth always loved books, the smell, the leather bindings, the feel of the paper between her fingers as she turns the page. Her personal favorites have always been the knightly tales she used to read as a young girl, sitting on her father’s lap, in his little bookshop, getting lost in their own little world where knights came to life to slay gruesome dragons to win the hearts of the maid they loved with a fierceness that let them overcome any obstacle.

Said bookstore is now hers after Brienne inherited it following her father’s demise, which left the young woman totally devastated, and yet with the devotion to keep her father’s business and legacy running, to bring to life the magic she was granted to enjoy while reading with her father when still a child.

However, that legacy is in great danger with the rise of a monster matching that of the tales she read as a girl – a brand-new, high-tech, chic Lannister Libraries, a chain store set on nothing but commerce and profit, which is about to open up not very far from her book shop.

Brienne of Tarth would not be her father’s daughter if she just gave in, though. She is ready to fight for her father’s legacy to live on.

A welcome change in her ongoing battle against the great evils of the business is Brienne’s e-pal, whom she has known for a couple of years now. She never met the man she has corresponds with daily, but for some reason, she feels like she can speak to him about things she otherwise does not dare to let anyone know. Even though they have the agreement not to give away personal information: Brienne doesn’t know his profession, his age, the color of his eyes, or his actual name. The only identificatory aspect she knows about him is that his nickname is “GoldenHand33,” the same way he only knows her under the pseud “OathKeeper1.”

And yet, Brienne feels as though she knows that man anyway, his thoughts, his mind, his dreams that, according to him, won’t ever come about because they do not correspond with what his father’s legacy would demand, and, to her surprise, she has a lot more in common with this rather snarky, witty man than Brienne first thought when they started chatting more or less by accident.

Over time, those e-mail exchanges grew to be her lifeline, the one thing to hold on to when times are rough. GoldenHand33 was one of the few people Brienne ever opened up to when it came to her father’s death beside her friends in “real life,” and now grows to be ever the more important to her now that her father’s legacy is threatened.

A small fair is supposed to flush money into cash register, or so Brienne’s hope, because her greatest fear of the business being crushed by the Lannister Library grows with every day passing. Between reading sessions with children, featuring, obviously, lots of knightly tales, games, and balloons, Brienne finds herself running into a man taking his nephews and niece to the small book fair. Though judging by the looks, and the oldest nephew’s misgiving behavior, that is normally not their usual social sphere. The blond man with almost painfully good looks proves to be quite a witty and charming character, seemingly wanting to teach the children some valuable lessons about life against the odds of how they could probably buy that place with their own pocket money.

And if Brienne is not mistaken, the man actually flirts with her. Though she deems that to be rather ridiculous, considering her ugly looks by comparison. However, all of Brienne’s thoughts regarding their newest customer turn bitter once she finds out that the man is Jaime Lannister, son of Tywin Lannister, CEO of the Lannister Library bookstore chain threatening her small business! Brienne is furious – and disappointed.

Hurt and frustrated, she turns to her online friend again, who, gladly, offers some much-needed solace and encouragement. Though, to her surprise, GoldenHand33 suddenly starts to suggest meeting in real life, something that the two ruled out from the beginning. And it would be a lie to say that Brienne didn’t consider it since. After all, she found herself comparing the few men she dated over the past years to her e-pal, and whether they manage to make her laugh as much as he manages even with nothing but written speech and emoticons. And sadly so, most men already failed that simple test.

After some more time, and a particular party where she had to suffer through meeting with Jaime Lannister again, Brienne agrees to a date with one click on the SEND-button. And she must admit, the closer the date comes, the more excited she gets, even though Brienne is about twice as nervous and afraid of it. After all, she knows that she is no beauty, not what is conventionally perceived as charming or attractive, and she doesn’t want to lose her online companion.

They are supposed to meet up in a small restaurant, with their distinctive features being her early version of The Dance of Dragons, which they discussed about a lot online, since both have a fable for medieval history, whereas GoldenHand33 is supposed to arrive with, who could have guessed? a golden hand.

However, the man keeps her waiting.

What she doesn’t know is that the man is just outside the door, but too hesitant to walk in, instead, pacing outside, pondering about what to do.

Because that is Brienne of Tarth inside, the woman who was quite outspoken when she met him, not knowing that he is GoldenHand33, just like he had no clue that she is OathKeeper1, at a party where she directly attacked him and his father’s business, and that even though Jaime quite enjoyed her company while roaming through her little bookstore down the street. However, Jaime had absolutely no clue that the woman whom he has been flirting with online for the past years is the same woman who was charmingly kind to him in the store, only for all of that to turn to bile as she met him again, aware that he is the son of the man threatening her business.

Rarely has Jaime dreaded it as much as right at this moment that he was born a Lannister. Because that makes Brienne hate him the moment on he walks inside, he knows.

With a heavy heart, Jaime decides against the date, even though it breaks him about as much as it must break her, rushing back to his apartment to send her an apology via e-mail, hoping that she will forgive him until he found a solution.

However, matters only turn worse when Jaime gets news from his father that Brienne will be forced out of business, making them a monopoly in the capitol, which assures him ever the more that there is simply no way that Brienne will ever forgive him for working at the store chain that just annihilated her small business, for letting his father’s legacy – which he would rather not share in at all – destroy that of her beloved father.

Brienne, meanwhile, tries to come to terms with having to give up her father’s dream as she closes down his little bookshop, just like she has to deal with the sting she still feels about having been ditched by her e-pal. While she accepted his apology, it still hurt her, since it came right at the moment where she could have used the support. Needless to mention that GoldenHand33 rather kept his distance since, seemingly hesitant about chatting with her after the failed attempt of a date.

A nasty cold seems to be the icing on that cake of misery, and Brienne just wants to cave in at home, not knowing where to go from now on, what to do next, suddenly encountering the issue of having to find a new dream, and form her own legacy, as it appears.

But where to start? Brienne was so set on her father’s bookstore that it never occurred to her to do something else, to do something for herself.

Things take a sudden turn when the person knocking on her door is not one of her friends, but apparently the man she considers partly responsible for her world having been shattered, Jaime Fuckin’ Lannister.

Brienne’s irritation grows exponentially when the man whose father’s business just ended her father’s legacy tells her that he needs a friend, and that the person he chose of all people… on the entirety of the planet… is her.

“You are the one person I have ever met who insulted me to my face. And I think I need more of that in my life. Thus, the solution seems rather straightforward – I need a friend like you in my life.”

“And I don’t get a say in that?”

“I fear not.”

“The Seven must have sent you to test me.”

Yet, to her even greater surprise, Brienne finds herself befriending that man against all odds, soon enough laughing at his jokes and antics, having to discover that, yes, the man is human, and not some great monster from the tales, that he can be kind and what she would coin “knightly,” and that despite the fact that the man has one more blemish to add to the list of things that annoy Brienne out of her mind – the man even has a yacht. Because if there is one kind of people that she openly despises, then it is people with a yacht.

It is through Jaime that she starts to formulate her own wishes for her future, surprised to find someone supporting her and her ambitions, and having a keen understanding of the burden that comes with a father’s legacy. While Jaime’s is far different from that of her father, the two relate on a level they never thought they would. Nevertheless, she remains hesitant about starting over, feeling as tough that letting go of the bookstore, of that life, would somehow betray his legacy, him.

Whereas Jaime has to fight his own battles, as she can read between the lines of what he is saying, seemingly wanting to get out of the realm of Lannister Libraries as much as she wanted them gone while she still had her bookshop, seemingly having much smaller, much more personal agendas than that of the empire his father dreams of.

And in that, the two find themselves united in ways they didn’t believe possible.

But what of Brienne’s feelings for the man she spent so much time chatting with?

Can she trust Jaime Lannister the same way she dared to trust GoldenHand33?

Does GoldenHand33 deserve a second chance the same way she granted it to Jaime?

And what is she supposed to do with her life, now that she no longer has her father’s legacy to guide her? What is Jaime supposed to do about his father’s?

What tale is going to be hers? What is going to be Jaime’s? And what of GoldenHand33 and OathKeeper1 in this whole mess?  

Does the tale play out in real life, or will it stay hidden in electronic messages forever?

ExR Interview with George Blagden

George very kindly exchanged e-mails with me while I was working on my dissertation, which focused on Enjolras and Grantaire’s relationship in Les Misérables. I basically wanted to see if it was viable to view their interactions as being indicative of something more intimate than friendship, and extended that to examine the reception of their relationship in online fandom, which is where George comes in! He asked to share this interview on Twitter - his answers are great at exploring an actor’s process, as well as being a really fantastic and valuable contribution to what I was writing about; I’m super excited about sharing his thoughts and I hope you all enjoy reading them!

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ID #35446

Name: Ariel
Age: 14
Country: USA

Hey hey hey! I’m Ariel, and I’m aesthetic trash. I’m looking for a few friends to exchange mail with, but I’d be down for online friendships too ig. I’m fourteen, and looking for someone around 13-16. My interests include music (I’m trash for most genres… Lana Del Ray, Gorillaz, Dodie Clark, and Conan Gray to name a few.), washi tape, ukuleles, tea, bunnies, flowers, ect. If you wanna learn more about me shoot me a message and/or like this post //finger guns

Preferences: 13-16 is basically my only preference.