Snail mail me maybe?

Hi everyone! My name’s Núria, I’m 21 yo, come from Catalonia (Spain) and, if you haven’t already guessed, I’m looking for a snail mail pen pal. I really don’t mind if it’s a boy or a girl but I’d prefer if he/she were at least 20. (Sorry younger ones, know you are all nice but I do not feel comfortable with that…)

I’m really into books and I’d like to find someone who likes or loves books as I do and that is able to make suggestions or at least discuss about them. (By no means I want to say that if you don’t like reading I want like to talk with you; it’s just to seek some common things). I’m not that much into music and you’ll probably laugh at me if I try to remember the name of an artist or an album or song… I think you’ll check it by yourself.

I really REALLY love sleeping (that’s my main hobby) and eating chocolate (but that’s not because of the dementors as I tell myself.. I know it’s almost an addiction…)

I watch sometimes some series such as Supernatural or Penny Dreadful and I’m into horror films (not gore). 

Also, I really enjoy a quiet day, sitting by the window, having a juice or a tea and doing nothing. Just breath. And maybe fall asleep.

I am looking for someone who’s willing to write long meaningful letters and that won’t leave when the second letter (or postcard) comes. I’d like to keep that ‘friendship’ for a long time and I will do anything in my hand to keep in touch with you and make you feel as I was near you.

I do not really mind where you come from. I’d like you to speak at least English (or Catalan/Spanish as long as they’re my mother tongues).

Well I think I have settled something you can start from. If you are interested on being my snail mail pen pal just write me an e-mail at

nuria.bntz @

and I will answer as soon as possible (

2 seconds the quickest, a day the latest).

Btw, and acting as a PS, I forgot to mention that it’s almost impossible for me to understand sarcasm. Even in my mother tongues. So it’s kinda funny to see my struggle trying to see an covered sarcasm in some sentences. Also, I can almost remember all the spells in the HP series so never ever give me a wand or I may end up casting some weird spells in front of you and getting arrested (and maybe in Azkaban)…

Codi Ann ThomsenFallkirkshire

Austin and I recently collaborated on an exchange and today, I received his absolutely wonderful care-package. He enclosed to me: a small batch of Double Red Rooibos Tea, Where the Long Glass Blows by Louis L'Amour, a red beanie, a Field Notes notebook, James Townes Earle on vinyl, a small pocket knife, a beautifully written letter and lastly, a smaller piece of paper right on top that reads, “learn to… be what you are, and learn to resign with a good grace all that you are not” written by Henri Frederic Amiel. Not to mention, on the return label, he replaced his name with “Goin’ Postal” which got a much needed laugh out of me.

Follow along Austin or check out his work if you’ve got a second. He’s a real good guy and runs a pretty wonderful blog if you ask me. 

Hey penpal people. My name is Ruby and I’m 23. I live in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

LIKES animation (Steven Universe, Studio Ghibli, Disney, etc.), art (traditional, but I work in Graphic Design), nature, music (Fleetwood Mac, Bon Iver, Lana Del Rey, Tegan and Sara, Imagine Dragons, etc.), movies, laughing, going on adventures

DISLIKES fake people and lack of communication

I’m looking for a penpal to write snail mail and exchange packages with. If things go well we could eventually Skype and/or email.

If you’re interested inbox me -


The October/November parcel for the Mail Exchange. Send me a small something to get the next parcel.

Hey friends!  Nik, 16, Idaho, US.

I’m a musician, artist, vegan-anarchist, gemini.

Likes/Interests:  Music (Favorite of all time is My Chemical Romance, but lately I jam PUP, Polar Bear Club, Code Orange, Microwave, Dads, and frnkiero and The Cellabration), art, sunflowers, roadtrips, tofu, yoga, seeing bands live, crowdsurfing, proving people wrong, fitness, speech and debate, graphic novels, cacti, dark comedies, the coast, travelling, guitar, drums, distortion pedals, organization…

Dislikes:  Elitism (especially in music), snow, lack of alone time, closed-mindedness, whiney people at concerts

I’m looking for people interested in long-term and exchanging snail-mail letters and possibly packages.  Doesn’t matter what age, gender, sex, or location.  I’d love trading long letters about daily life, your hopes and dreams, stories, photos, poetry, pressed flowers/leaves, whatever you like.  

My only language in English, and you can contact me via my tumblr inbox at:

Random fact?  Hm.  I got socked in the face in a Rise Against crowd one time, so I have a rad scar that’s hidden in my eyebrow.  You can only see it if you move the hair.  How cool is that?  Also, I’m homies with Frank Iero, and we always find time to hang out when he’s in town.

I think that’s all?  I hope?  But yeah!  Hit me up if you’re interested.

Valentine's Day Mail Art Exchange

Valentine’s day themed mail art exchange. Postcard, actual card or empty envelope. I will be sending hand made cards. To be mail by feb. 9th
Send your mailing address to my inbox.
MyMailArt 1763 Gunnison, colorado 81230
Everyone that has previously exchanged any mail art with me, I’ll be sending one your way :) you’re number one on my list

To those that would like to exchange letters!! <3

postcards, care packages, art, trinkets that express who you are… I want to meet people, really learn about them, take the time to think about it! & please, message me here or email me at to exchange addresses! (don’t worry, nothing will be posted for the public eyes. just mine!)

I’m excited to meet you!! ^.^ <33


Pocket letters that went out earlier this week. These were returns for the wonderful mixed media pocket letters I received last week.

For the front sides, I painted magazine pages. The pages are from a photography magazine and have a really nice weight to them. Then for the back sides you can see I added arty goodies and stuff. I recently pared down my fabric collection even more (I basically just have scraps now) and have decided to start putting what’s left to use finally. So instead of washi tape samples, I wrapped some fabric strips around playing cards.


So. I absolutely love exchanging mail. Mostly handwritten letters (there’s a kind of intimacy in that, I think), and currently, I’m looking to exchange more international mail. Preferably of Japanese persuasion (I’m hoping to visit Japan in the near future, and Japanese is my second language, even though it isn’t exactly the best). BUT! I am not opposed to other countries, nationalities, or ethnicities of any and all kinds :)

No preference in gender

Age, I’d like to be kind of around my age range. Like, 17-25ish, maybe

I live in the United States (More specifically, Washington state), I’m 20 years old and in college,

I am an artist, I love animals, I’m a huge nerd (and I’m not going to lie, I can be a bit of an otaku at times), I’m a very tolerant, empathetic, and understanding person, I love to read, write, and make things with my hands, I have an inclination with darker things in life, but am also a bit of a hippie, I suppose, so I guess you could say I love things that are creepy, strange, unique, and the like, but I also adore things that are stupidly cute :D Really, I love anything with thought or intrigue behind it, eve if it’s something YOU are passionate about without knowing me too well. It helps me get to know you!


Person: “I don’t know what you like, but I sure like collecting rocks and minerals cause they’re neato”

Me: “That’s neato. You’re neato. Tell me about these wonderful rocks and minerals>.”

it’s about like that :D)

Arguably, I’m good-humored and am very, genuinely interested in learning about people and cultures. I suppose I like the more odd things in life, but I believe that in some ways, I can relate to anyone out there. You can count on very heartfelt and interesting mail from me ( I love sending small gifts :D) Also, I will draw you things. 

Just know that I am looking for genuine friends and I am passionate about exchanges and I will send you pieces of my heart and soul in my letters and packages, so don’t do it if you aren’t going to be that way as well :3

So if you’re interested in a mail exchange buddy, shoot me a message :)

Gaeri (they), 22, Finland

artist, anarcha-feminist, vegan/freegan, virgo

likes/interests art, radio and music (crystal castles, die antwoord, bonobo, M.I.A, grimes etc), coffee, wine, fruits and detox, DIY, details, perfection in imperfection, animals, nature, plants, spontaneous trips, star gazing, night walks, thoughts and assiosiation, dreams and subconsciousness, interesting people, science, psychology, philosophy, treasures, some games (pokémon x, sims), comics, journaling and organizing and planning, drawing….

i dislike arrogance, prejudice, mess and disorganization, illogicality and bad argumenting, dishonesty and not keeping promises, capitalism and oppression, racism, sexism, trans- & homophobia etc…


i’m looking for ane-mail or snail mail pal, of any gender, sex, age, and location.

i’d like to exchange just thoughts about everything and anything, dreams, experiences, poems, worries, life stories, daily life and situations, anything at all. also i’d love exchanging drawings, photos and/or some other small things via snail mail :)

languages english, finnish. and very little swedish and spanish so if you’re patient enough we could try writing in those as well.

you can contact me via e-mail icelanderocks at hotmail dot com or
my tumblr inbox


random fact about me hmmmmmm well…..i eat in periods, like if i find a certain food or foods i like i will eat that (and only that) until i find something i like more.

  • once i only had chips and noodles for like a month.
  • then i only had banana smoothies for two months.
  • now i’ve had pizza and oranges for three weeks.

idk if thats interesting at all…but yea i actually got very significant relationships with every favorite thing of mine, so if you wanna hear more about my obsessions with foods, shirts, coffee cups or the shoes i found from a tree three years ago, hmu.


Happy that i’m part of this year’s 20 Something Bloggers postcard exchange!

I didn’t get any out of this country pairings, but my cards will go places I’ve never been, so that’s exciting! :)

If you’re a 20-something looking for a great blogging community, join 20SB!!!!