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I just need enough of you to dull the pain, just to get me through the night until we’re twins again


You love any of this movie

  • Big (1988)
  • Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)
  • The Breakfast Club (1985)
  • Sleepless In Seattle (1993)
  • When Harry Met Sally (1989)
  • You’ve Got Mail (1998)
  • 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)
  • Pretty Woman (1990)
  • Notting Hill (1999)
  • Mean Girls (2004)
  • Confessions of A Shopaholic (2009)

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what are your favorite movies and shows? maybe top 5-10 each? just for fun!

OK. I will do 10 each because there will be categories. The first five are movies/shows I respect and admire in terms of the form, I think they’re excellent examples of that medium and well-crafted and the second five are movies/shows that may not necessarily be the best or movies/shows and ones that don’t necessarily have my utmost respect as superb examples of the medium but they’re ones I consistently rewatch.


1. Do The Right Thing

This movie is always relevant, there are so many layers and I’m introduced to a different theme or issue every time I watch it, it is an extremely important movie and it is well-crafted and well-written and well-executed.

2. GoodFellas

One of the very few movies that can pull off a voiceover. Scorsese is my favourite director and this movie is well-acted, well-directed, brutal and entertaining.

3. Raging Bull

Like I said, Scorsese is my favourite director and Raging Bull is heralded as his masterpiece. At the time he thought it would be his final film and De Niro is credited for saving his life by persuading him to make it.

4. Boyz N The Hood

Boyz N The Hood lacks subtlety but then again it’s not supposed to be a subtle movie, it is extremely powerful and tragic and had a very big impact on me at a young age.

5. The Godfather

I mean, it’s a masterpiece.





1. The Wire

It took me 11 tries to get into The Wire but I have yet to watch a show that is so thorough in its crafting, in its acting, in its perspectives, it is excellent television.

2. The West Wing

Like everything, there are issues with The West Wing but it is well-written, witty and well-acted.

3. Underground

Listen, I just found out that this show got cancelled and I’m hella pissed right now but it was a beautifully-acted, beautifully-shot, important, powerful show.

4. Breaking Bad

A very tight show, well-crafted, no season, no episode is wasted, extremely well-done.

5. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

This is a show that goes into both categories. One I can watch over and over again and one that I deeply respect as a show.

*bonus* Avatar The Last Airbender

A study in plot, character development and world-building. Excellent.


6. LOTR Trilogy

It’s epic, it’s grand and I find it extremely comforting. If I’m having a really bad day or if I feel really anxious or upset, LOTR calms me down. During my time in the mountains (which sadly ends this week) every time I’ve gone on a hike or a long walk I make an LOTR reference. I just love this trilogy so much.

7. POTC Trilogy

I watch any of the three movies when I need to go to sleep and I put them on for background noise and the cinematic nature of it, the panoramic shots, they usually help me write.

8. The Breakfast Club

I grew up watching this movie because my mom had it on tape (which I don’t know why, she is not someone who would like this movie at all) and every year I got a new joke and I of course appreciate as a teen classic.

9. You’ve Got Mail

Very smart, very witty, very light, very funny, very feel-good, like everything it has issues, but it’s just, it’s the perfect romcom.

10. The Mummy

So much nostalgia.


6. Goblin

I could go into it as I’m sure my followers know so I just won’t.

7. Sons of Anarchy

I don’t know what it is about SOA that I can just rewatch consistently but I do and often.

8. Spartacus

There is gratuitous sex and gratuitous violence, but it is also really funny and really intriguing and really suspenseful and entertaining.

9. That 70s Show

I mean, it’s That 70s Show.

10. Archer

So raunchy, so smart, so funny.

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yo,.... lena getting taken by cadmus and kara just like tearing thru the place because she's so worried and lena kissing kara when they're back in the deo because she wouldn't stop babbling about how worried she was etc

you rly should blame @luthoring for what i’m abt to do

anyways! imagine this:

lena is kidnapped on what’s their standing date night.

kara talked with j'onn so he could look out after the city for this night, bc it was a special night. kara herself was too busy flying from one place to the other, organizing everything and buying the things she forgot for their date, as she was the one organizing everything.

lena’s last meeting of the day should finish at 7pm and she was supposed to be home early for their date.

except she doesn’t show up.

when it’s around 8pm and lena still hasn’t shown up, hasn’t answered any of her texts or called back, kara starts to get concerned. she tries to tell herself lena is just busy, hasn’t finished her meeting yet, and she shouldn’t get worried bc there’s nothing wrong. either way, she stills calls jess to ask if lena will take too long to finish, bc she doesn’t want the food to get cold.

jess is confused, tells her lena left the office even earlier than planned bc she wanted to surprise kara.

at this point, kara is already beyond concerned and frustrated. she tries to expand her senses, tries to locate lena, all the while sending text after text, only stopping to call her - only for all calls to go straight to voicemail.

when she isn’t able to locate lena and doesn’t manage to get in contact with her, she quickly changes into her supergirl suit and flies to the deo to see if they know what happened.

she’s halfway there when alex’s voice comes through the comlink, asking her where she is and telling her to come to the deo because they have an emergency

she can hear it in alex’s voice, in the way it’s carefully controlled, that she won’t like what’s happening and her breath catches in her throat and her heart twists painfully because the only thing she can think about is lena

she arrives at the deo, hurrying to her sister’s side and not even stopping to smile or wave at the agents she passes, as she usually does.

she knows the situation is really bad when the first thing alex does is squeeze her shoulder and say, more a warning than anything, “don’t freak out”

she doesn’t noticed how her fists clench when they tell her lena has been kidnapped by cadmus, show her the video they streamed of lena, tied to a chair, blood running down her face. she doesn’t notice the snarl on her lips or the narrowing of her eyes until alex is tightening the hand on her shoulder and calling her name in that sharp tone of hers.

winn is working himself on the ground trying to locate them and j'onn stands near by, offering support in his own way, while barking orders to the agents forming the strike/rescue team

she takes a deep breath, stills herself to the best of her abilities and waits, fighting the urge to fly in search of lena herself, knowing she won’t find anything

as soon as winn shouts “i found it! i found them!” and points the location on the map on the computer, she’s out of the deo, moving as fast as she can and ignoring the shouts of “supergirl!” and people telling her to wait

she arrives at the warehouse and makes quick work of the entrance, tearing through everything on her way, knocking out anyone trying to stop her and breaking weapons in pieces

it’s only when she comes across the room they’re holding lena in that she slows down, tries to calm herself

she realizes something is wrong when her knees weaken and give away beneath her, feels suddenly nauseous and hears a man laugh. she notices the kryptonite in his hands when h steps closer, bending down so he can be eye level with her.

“well well well, supergirl. we all thought you weren’t going to show up at this point. poor young miss luthor had to be gagged while we waited for you”

she feels hot red rage at this point, harder than she ever felt. she briefly considers that it was a bad idea to come alone, that maybe she should have waited for the others, but it’s soon gone when the man goes on to tell her this is a surprise gift from lillian. after all, what better way to get back at her daughter and get rid of the aliens at the same time than using lena as a bait then finished off both her and her precious hero at the same time?

she tries to fight despite her weakened state, but can barely move anymore with the amount of kryptonite near her.

she listens to the man’s monologue, has nothing she can do and she starts to lose hope. her eyes meet lena’s across the room and she see the fear and desperation in lena’s eyes.

it’s at this point that j'onn comes flying in, knocking the man into a wall and putting the kryptonite back in the lead box. the deo agents come closely behind, their shouts of “clear” and some of “what happened here” being heard before they even appear in her line of vision

as soon as she starts feeling a it better, she gets up and shakily makes her way to where an agente is freeing lena of her bounds

she takes over them, freeing her faster than humanly possible. as soon as lena is free, she takes her into her arms, not even mending everyone else in the room

she hugs as tight as she knows she can without hurting lena, repeating “i love you"s and “i’m glad we found you” and “rao, i was so worried” in between breaths and while listening to lena’s heartbeat, to assure herself she’s really alive

it’s when lena untangles herself from her and moves back just enough they can look face to face that she stops talking

when lena smiles that soft and beautiful smile of hers, reserved just for kara, she can feel herself truly relaxing for the first time since the start of the night

and it’s when lena says “and i’m glad you’re alright, i love you” and kisses her that she feels her at peace and at home.

Hey guys💛 so I just want to apologize for the first version of this. Her skin came out a lot paler than it looked when I was coloring it on photoshop and I don’t know why. I had no intention of white washing her.

Rebelcaptain // You’ve Got Mail AU

Jyn Erso runs Partisan Books, an independent communist bookstore in New York’s Lower East Side, a shop that her mother Lyra ran before her. At night, Jyn’s guilty pleasure is chatting online. Over the past few months, under the handle “Stardust,” she’s started chatting and exclusively emailing “a friend” who she’s met online who calls himself “Fulcrum.” There’s a hitch, though. There are boundaries to their online relationship: no specifics, including no names, careers, class information, or family details.

It turns out that “Fulcrum” is Cassian Andor, a VP at Rebellion Books, an online book sales juggernaut that specializes in leftist literature, and whose parent company, Alliance LLC, wants to buy out small bookshops like Jyn’s in order to bring together like-minded booksellers under one umbrella in order to fight the creep of fascism.

At a reading by the up-and-coming nonfiction memoirist, Bodhi Rook, Jyn and Cassian finally meet in person. They take an immediate liking to one another, until Jyn finds out who Cassian works for and what they are trying to do to her bookstore. Then it’s nothing but hate.

They continue to email each other anonymously, falling in love slowly, and not knowing the other’s identity until one day Jyn decides that “Stardust” and “Fulcrum” should finally meet. On a rainy evening, they are supposed to finally meet at Kyber Coffee in Soho. While they wait to meet each other, they clash, and Cassian slowly realizes that Jyn and Stardust are one in the same.

How will they overcome their conflicts? Can they be friends or more than friends if Jyn finds out the truth?

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Lena being the extra gay that she is ask Kara to go on a date with her or marry her with a crop circle

lena asks kara to marry her with a crop circle

she takes kara there and she’s all sneaky about it and not telling kara what’s happening but kara knows it’s something important bc she can hear lena’s heart and she’s extremely worried by how fast it’s beating

when they get there kara looking around and being all “um lena? what am i supposed to be looking at?” but still saying it with a smile and this soft look on her face bc lena can take her to the middle of nowhere and she’d still be charmed as hell

lena taking a deep breath before smiling and pointing upwards and “you’ll see”

kara giving her this confused but amused smile, but complying to her request. she flies up, slowly at first and with her eyes fixed on lena and how she just swallowed and her hands started to tremble

when kara looks down and sees the bigger picture she just gasps and says a very soft “rao”. she just stays there, midair, blinking away the tears in her eyes and looking at the “will you marry me?” and the designs - kryptonian designed - surrounding it

she flies down, so stunned she forgets a little about her strength and dents the ground where her feet touched. she turns her head and sees lena kneeling with an open velvet box in hand and looking up at her

she can’t contain her sob nor the excitement inside her and in a burst of super speed she’s in front of lena and helping her off the ground, still silent

lena looks at her, worried and anxious and nervous and “kara? kara w-”

and kara interrupts her with a kiss, as soft and as full of love as she can manage. when they pull back, kara tells her “yes. a million times yes.”

she pulls back a little so lena can slip the ring on her finger and then they’re both crying and kissing again, not caring about anything else

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Were Mila and Danny a thing??? I mean I had ~a feeling~ that they may have been at some point but...what's the tea 👀

They weren’t, as said by them plenty of times and the facts one can add.

I’m not much of a RPF fan, so I’m going to try and make this response as clear and informative as I can. But,

  • She was underage for most part of the show. He being 7 years older than her would had been a little bit crazy and honest to god disgusting if they were a thing. Which I don’t believe they were because
  • Both were on relationships by the time the rumor of them being a thing was spread. He has always present as a very monogamous man, liking and having serious and long-term relationships, which he had during the show and after, before marrying Bijou Philips. While Mila was also in a long-term serious relationship with actor Macaulay Culkin.
  • Another thing to add is the fact that both had refer to the other as their brother/sister, which makes sense since he seemed to have bonded with her pretty early during filming.
  • After the show ended, and their relationships too, they didn’t had a reason to hide if they had been together, but to this day they keep saying the same: they never dated, they see each other as brother/sister, it was only a rumor.

IMPORTANT, 24/06/2017: This post is constantly updated. It has gotten to long, so the rest is now under the cut. You can ask me whatever you want about it.

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Unusual emoji asks

🤕: most physically painful moment

👻: favourite halloween costume you’ve ever worn?

👽: favourite pop culture alien?

🤖: favourite pop culture robot?

💄: do you wear makeup? favourite style?

🕶: wayfarers, aviators, or clubmasters?

👗: favourite era of clothing?

🎧: headphones or earbuds?

🎼: do you remember all the treble and bass note names from sixth grade?

💿: do you still use CDs and DVDs?

📷: preferred photo-taking apparatus?

⌨: can you touch type?

✒: preferred writing apparatus?

✉: do you still send things by mail?

🔮: believe in psychics?

🍦: favourite flavour of ice cream

🍫: milk, white, or dark chocolate?

🍿: favourite movie snack?

⏰: favourite time of day?

🗺: favourite place you’ve been to (or a somewhere you’ve always wanted to go)?

🎢: favourite carnival ride?

🌞: favourite weather?

🕹: game console you grew up on?

💯: highest and lowest grade you’ve received?

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I headcanon Lena as a big nerd, just as much as Katie so I think she would love Star Wars quite a lot. I bet she has thought about naming her children Luke and Leia, especially because it works with the whole L.L. thing. I don't know if Kara would like that though

Or… If they had a daughter they could name her Lexa. It would be a cute tribute to both Alex and Lex. It would work better if Lex wasn’t bad but still cute

lena luthor is the biggest nerd you’ll ever meet

she’s so ridiculously passionate about it and everything she likes and it’s incredible funny (and annoying) to let her and winn together (nobody will ever forget that one incident where they had a discussion of epic proportions of which was better, star wars or star trek (lena won, star wars is better) or that one time they spent two consecutive game nights without talking to each other because they had a disagreement when they were playing a video game).

lena quoting all the classics (movies and literature alike) and giving herself peep talks based on speeches from her favorite characters.

don’t tell anyone but she has a collection of star wars themed stuff. like mugs, posters, action figurines, shirts (her favorite is one with darth vader, he’s pointing and “the empire needs you” is written underneath him)… at one point she briefly considered trying to build her own version of the millennium falcon but that rly didn’t turn out well for her.

when she’s younger, when being a luthor isn’t so bad, when lex still hasn’t turned mad, she wants to have twins so she can name them luke and leia, where they’ll be loved and cared for, will know the best things in life and won’t ever go a day without love and attention, won’t have to discover what’s it like to grow up without their parents.

she grows up and the name luthor starts getting more infamous, harder to bear, and when lex turns mad, she mourns for the children she never had and thinks she won’t ever have, because she’ll never want for their children to suffer like she’s suffering just because of their last name.

she meets kara and she discovers how it is to be loved, appreciated and cared for. she finds out the wonderful feeling of someone loving you because of you are, despite of your flaws. she rediscovers the feeling of being teased in a loving manner, something she only had with lex - her lex, the one from before - and kara’s “you’re such a nerd, lee” always gives her a rush, makes her heart beat faster and her cheeks blush, even if she acts annoyed (everyone can see she’s fighting off a smile)

she and kara grow more intimate, more comfortable, and by this points they know basically everything there’s to know about each other.

when kara found out she wanted to have twins so she could name them luke and leia, she laughed and called lena cute. when she found out lena’s motives and how she had given up on it, her gaze grew impossibly serious and sad. she gathered lena in her arms and hugged her fiercely, as tightly as she dared.

later, when they’re already cuddling in bed, kara hesitates a moment before saying “we could name him luke… if we had a son. but i was thinking about lexa, in case we had a daughter. you know, because of alex and um.. lex”

lena feels like her heart stopped beating and she doesn’t know how long she stays without breathing, but the next things she knows is she has already turned around and has her face pressed in kara’s shoulder, her tears soaking the blonde’s shirt. she murmurs a soft “thank you” and kara responded by squeezing her just a bit tighter, a movement that at this point lena knows mean ‘you’re welcome’, ‘anything for you’ and 'i love you’ combined, but also so many others things that neither are capable of putting into words.

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yo..... i see your 'kara dying' ask and raise you 'kara getting captured/tortured by cadmus and having to tell lena that '

now, i rly think u shouldn’t have said that

ok how abt this:

kara is captured by cadmus for the second time on a warm thursday night.

it’s summer, her favorite season of the year, and she’s just flying around the city when she hears a sudden scream.

she is turning around and flying in the direction of the noise before she can fully register she moved, stretching her senses and trying to pinpoint what’s wrong.

so focused she is on trying to locate where the scream came from, she doesn’t notice anything is wrong until she’s shot out of the sky, the kryptonite darts shot at her working quickly enough that she hits the ground already passed out.

she briefly comes back to consciousness, long enough to notice she is being held in a cell, kryptonite cuffs on her wrists and the cell itself illuminated in a way she knows mimics the red sun. she can feel it in the way the floor is much too cold, much too hard; in the way her body aches all over and her ankle sits in an unnatural angle.

she doesn’t know how much time passes before someone appears, a man screaming for her to get up while he opens her cell’s door. she is too weak to move, her ankle hurts too much when she puts pressure on it, and the man kicks her stomach and sends her sprawling on her back.

he snarls something under his breath she can’t understand and he hefts her up and drags her behind him, ignoring her weak protests and questions of where they are.

he drags her into a room filled with people in lab coats and presents her to them with a gruff “i’ve got her”

one of the men turns them, cold smile and calculating eyes in place as he directs the man holding her up to “put her over there”

she’s tied to a bed then, and her trashing goes ignored when they tie her legs too tight, her ankle burning in protest. the first man offers a last parting glare after he finishes tying her up and gagging her mouth.

one of the other men in lab coats - scientists, she assumes - comes to her side then, connecting her to different machines and making brief annotations on a clipboard.

“don’t worry, alien, this will only hurt a lot” he says right before injecting her with something, and that’s the only thing she remembers before everything starts burning

wen she wakes up again, she’s back in the cell. her ankle is swollen, her throat is raw and hurts - probably from her silent screams - and there are multiple marks on her arms. when she manages to crawl in the direction of a wall to rest her back on it, she’s nauseated and feels like throwing up

the same man shows up then, scowling in her direction when he opens the door. he doesn’t say anything this time, just holds open the door so another man can follow him in and both of them drag her to the same room. the only difference is that they don’t gag her when they tie her to the bed this time, the man just leave after a particularly hard tug on the bounds on her legs.

when she manages to ask a broken “why are you doing this” to one of the scientists working around her, he just turns around with his head cocked to the side, considering before “just because you’ve managed to send one of us doesn’t mean you’ve ended the organization or the cause. you dedicate yourself to protecting the human population, do you not?” at her hesitant nod, he smiles “well, consider how much good you will be doing after we’ve completed our study on you and how much good Cadmus will be able to do with its discoveries after you’re gone”

it’s at this point someone else comes to her side, injecting her with something that quickly knocks her out

these sessions keep happening, one after other, and it’s the only indication she has that time is really passing, even if she doesn’t know how much

one day she wakes up being cradled in someone’s arms and when she looks up and sees her usual guard/keeper, his face transforms until she’s looking at “j'onn? is that you?”

“come on, supergirl, we have to go until they find out you’re missing. i’ve got you”

“but what about-”

“a team is already waiting nearby. our priority was taking you out of here”

she nods weakly, rests her face on his shoulder and manages to murmur an “i’m sorry” before she falls asleep from exhaustion

when she wakes up again, she’s back at the deo, surrounded by the sun lamps and with alex in a chair by her side. it’s when she register the sight of her sister, realizes her powers are back when she heard the frantic way alex’s heart is beating, that the first tears start to fall

she flinches back when alex moves to hug her and the pain she feels is a different one, only getting worse when she sees the way alex shoulders tense and she clenches her hands

alex waves off her apologies, only telling her to rest, promising she’ll stay there and that nothing else will happen to her

it’s only on the second time she wakes up that they let her get up and explain to her what happened, that other cadmus’ agents kidnapped her and took her somewhere out of the city, that they planned to study her and see what else they could discover before they killed her, that way making it easier for them to kill off all the aliens later

they tell her they took around a week - 8 and a half days - to find her, that the city was in chaos over her disappearance and everyone was speculating about what happened

when they’re alone in the car on their way back back to her place, alex tells her how lena was the one who alerted them something was wrong. she called alex the first night kara disappeared, telling her how kara hadn’t shown up to dinner or at any time of the night, hadn’t said anything came up and just vanished

tells her how lena offered to help in anyway she could, maintained in contact with alex so she could know everything they found and when they found kara. alex tells her she didn’t tell lena anything that happened in the cadmus facility or that it was cadmus that kidnapped her, just tells her that they found kara and were going to get her back

when they enter her apartment, alex gives her a brief kiss on the side of hear head and offers a nod and a wave to lena, who was sitting at the couch but got up when the door opened

lena looks at her then, eyes roaming every inch of her body to try and see if there was any lasting damage, tense posturing relaxing a little when she doesn’t find anything. she takes an hesitant step ahead, then stops and crosses her arms in front of herself, hands gripping her elbows hard enough to leave marks, and offers kara a small but soft smile.

“i- i’m so glad you’re safe now” and the way her heart beats, hard and fast, doesn’t escape kara

kara is the one who closes the distance between them, hesitating only a second before she envelops lena in her arms - because she stills flinches when people try to touch her, still gets startled with sudden and loud noises, still feels uncomfortable with anything too constricting

but this is lena, someone who makes her feel safe and at peace and at home, so she starts to relax when lena hugs her back, when she feels lena’s pulse under her hand, when she smells lena’s familiar perfume, when she feels the familiar way lena nuzzles her neck and rests her forehead on kara’s jawline

they say “i love you” at the same time, pulling apart to smile at each other and then, in silent agreement, they both move to the couch

kara hesitates another moment before she starts telling lena what happened, breath catching in her throat when she describes what they did to her and why they did it

she’s aware of the way lena’s hand tighten in hers, can hear the way lena’s jaw clenches, as the story progresses

she only realizes she’s crying when lena’s hands are suddenly cradling her face and she flinches back because of the sudden move

she sees the hurt mixed with concern flash in lena’s face and she stammers her way through a brief apology before lena is interrupting, telling her she understands

when kara starts to cry again, she’s the one who moves close to lena and allows lena to wrap her arms around her and press a kiss to her head

it’s to lena’s whispered “i love you"s and promises that they’re going to put an end to cadmus, together, that she falls asleep, feeling if only a little better, and infinitely times safer, for the first time.


an endless list of that can’t-eat, can’t-sleep, reach-for-the-stars, over-the-fence, world series kind of stuffmovies

you’ve got mail (1998); “The odd thing about this form of communication is that you’re more likely to talk about nothing than something. But I just want to say that all this nothing has meant more to me than so many somethings.”