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i thought since we are all living online maybe you would be interested about the internet’s vocabulary in France! as usual, n : noun, v : verb, adj : adjective ; m : masculine, f : feminine (about the first word if there are several).

- computer : ordinateur (m) / desktop computer : ordinateur fixe / laptop : ordinateur portable / printer : imprimante (f) / scanner : scanner (m)

- tablet : tablette (f) / keyboard : clavier (m) / battery : batterie (f) (also drums) / key : touche (f) / arrow : flèche (f) / space bar : barre d’espace (f) / mouse : souris (f) (also the word for the rodent)

- flash drive : clé USB (f) / hard drive : disque dur (m) / wire : câble (m) / input device : périphérique (m) / USB port : port USB (m) / on/off switch : bouton de marche/arrêt

 - wifi : wifi (m) “wee-fee” / service : réseau (m), ex : je n’ai pas de réseau, je ne capte pas/plus

- hosting platform : plateforme d’hébergement (f), hébergeur (m) / password : mot de passe (m) / typo : faute de frappe (f) (“mistake of strike”) / virus : virus (m) / to lag : ramer, v/“ça rame” / to edit : modifier, v / to scroll : faire défiler, v (we also use scroll)

- toolbar : barre d’outils (f) / click : clic (m), cliquer, v / tab : onglet (m) / window : fenêtre (f) / socket : prise (f) / multi-socket adaptor, plug : multiprise (f) / adapter : adaptateur (m)

- phone : téléphone / cellphone : portable (m) / landline : téléphone fixe / phone company : compagnie de téléphone (f) / phone call : appel (m)

- text : sms (m), message (m), texto (m), ex : tu as reçu mon texto? / answering machine : répondeur (m) / message : message (vocal) (m)

- phonebook : répertoire (m), contacts (m, pl) / spam : spam (m), pub(licité) (f) (: advertising), ex : c’est encore de la pub! / receiver : combiné (m) / screen : écran (m) / broken : cassé-e / crack : fissure (f) / bill : facture (f) / IT : informatique, n+adj / service technician : technicien-ne de maintenance / operator : opérateur (téléphonique but no need), m

- inbox : boîte de réception (f) / outbox : boîte d’envoi / trash : corbeille (f) “trash bin” / junk mail : courrier indésirable (m) / scam : arnarque (f), arnaquer, v / newsletter : newsletter (f), lettre d’information (f) 

- e-mail : e-mail (m), mailto (m) / subject of an e-mail : objet (m) / attached document : pièce jointe (f) 

- to attach : joindre, v / to send : envoyer, v / to receive : recevoir, v / to answer : répondre, v / to delete : supprimer, v / reply to all : répondre à tous

PSA if you got something like this in the mail it’s a scam. Do not call back for an interview. A simple google search will tell you they’ve been involved with human trafficking and preying on teens and young adults who don’t know any better. When you call they will tell you you’re “lucky you called so soon” because they’re on a “first come first serve basis” for “these” jobs, promising $15 or more an hour. Glad I found all this out before my interview in the morning.

the SPLC is not a source

it is a combination direct mail scam and political smear machine

if you quote the SPLC you have just discredited not only whatever you’re trying to say but you’ve discredited yourself


On February 24, 1973, Hope Masters (31) was spending the weekend with her fiancé Bill Ashlock (40) in her mother’s ranch in Sierra Nevada. In the middle of the night, she was woken up by an intruder with a gun. Bill was already dead, his bloodied body still sitting in the sofa where she’d last seen him before going to bed.

The intruder violently raped Hope and tied her up in a hogtie position, covered her with the blankets and, in a baffling gesture, told her he loved her.

When she asked why he’d killed Bill, he explained that he was a hit man and his real target was Hope. He’d been hired, he claimed, by Hope’s second husband, with whom she was in the middle of a divorce, to do a “Sharon-Tate like” massacre and her children also had to be killed.

It was around this time that Hope recognized the man she was talking to. She knew him a Taylor Wright. He had introduced himself as a Los Angeles Times reporter and said he was doing an article about eligible bachelors and wanted to interview Bill for it. Taylor had spent the afternoon of that February 24 with the couple and was still talking to Bill when she went to bed.

A bizarre two days followed in which Taylor kept alternating between declaring his love to Hope and threatening her. He took pictures of her, drove her home, spent time with her kids and visited her parents. Even though they told them that Hope had been targeted by a hitman that had killed Bill, and Taylor had saved her, Hope’s stepfather was suspicious of the story and insisted they called police, especially considering Bill’s body was still at the ranch, three days later. 

At first Hope refused to identify the man who’d raped her and killed her fiancé, and to this day people can’t agree if it was because she was afraid of him or in love with him. Eventually, she cooperated with police and Taylor was caught. His real name was G. Daniel Walker, and he’d escaped from an Illinois prison three months earlier.

Walker acted like a textbook psychopath. He was charming, persuasive and showed no remorse. After a string of petty thefts that seemed to have been done more for the thrill of it than necessity, he’d killed a cop that stopped him for a routine check.

Both Walker and Hope were arrested and charged with Bill’s murder. But after a while the prosecution decided to offer Hope to dismiss the case against her in exchange for her testimony against Walker, which she reluctantly gave. He was convicted. Hope visited him twice in prison. Later, when asked why he’d let her live if she hadn’t helped him in the murder, she said: “Everyone thinks Walker let me live because either we were sexually mad for each other, or my parents paid him off… It never seems to occur to anybody that maybe he let me live because he thought I was a good person. A useful person. A valuable human being.“

Walker’s stay in prison has been interesting, to say the least. In 1986, a deputy state attorney general sued him and his family for plotting to poison him and other members of the justice system. Then he was involved in a mail order scam from his prison cell.

The book A Death in California goes deep into this unusual case and there’s also a condensed version of it in this 1981 article of the New York Times.

Orange is the New Black: Marisol "Flaca" Gonzalez [INFP]

UNOFFICIAL TYPING by howtotallyamazing

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Flaca has a unique sense of style that shows her individuality. Even in prison, she manages to stand out with her dark make up and gothic persona. She shares a strong and intense bond with her best friend, Maritza, and the fellow Latina inmates seeing them as her secondary family within the walls of Litchfield. She’s shown to be intensely emotional though she tries to present a tough front. She easily justifies selling fake drugs to her fellow students because they are merely a placebo until a student harms himself while “under the influence” of her fake LSD and she becomes distraught because she never wanted to hurt anyone.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Flaca knows there’s more out there than what she’s known. She wants to be more than a seamstress. So, she sells fake LSD to her fellow students made out of water and paper to give herself an edge to experience more than what she’s known. She causes a rift with her friends when she claims to be better than them after taking a standardized test to get her out of kitchen duty and a chance at something “more”. She looks at things and sees a deeper meaning, such as a question on the standardized test about people being good or not. She argues that the question goes deeper than that, that people want and try to be good but they mess up.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Flaca finds herself repeating the same patterns. Her desire to get out of the kitchen to make more money and be something more mirrors her days of selling fake LSD. Despite being somewhat ousted by her family in the kitchen, Flaca finds a shoulder to cry on in Gloria when Piper accuses of her sabotaging her business and lying about her mother having cancer because Gloria has always been a mother figure to her.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): While Flaca is presented not to be the brightest bulb in the bunch, she can be extremely intelligent and astute. She takes command of the prison newsletter quite effectively, correcting Daya on the design of her comics and Morello on her grammar. She challenges Piper’s prisoner panty operation by getting Piper to give the employees a better incentive than the one she’s been offering.

Note: heavily debated between ISFP and INFP. However, compare Morello’s mail scam to Flaca selling fake drugs. Morello (Se-user) wants to fund her expensive lifestyle that’s a result of how she pictures her life to be on that vision board (Ni). Flaca, however, knows there’s more for herself out there (Ne) and that’s what motivates her, to not be a seamstress like her mother.

fromthebelltower  asked:

Have you covered why Sans has a ton of mail he never reads? I might have missed the post on that.

He is lazy and everyone loves him. It’s supposed to contrast Papyrus and his empty mailbox.

Sans is the kinda guy with 1,254 unread messages in his email inbox.

Papyrus is the kinda guy with 7 emails, all read and replied to within 24 hours, with 1 of them being the automatic email you get when you join, and 5 being spam, and 1 being from his brother.



vausx  asked:

(cause you asked for memes) Nichorello for the 'i’ll tell you who' meme thing

YES good.

-Who gives forehead/nose kisses?

Nicky gives forehead kisses, but Lorna gives nose kisses. Mainly because that’s as far as she can reach on her tippy toes.

-Who gets jealous the most?

They both do. Nicky doesn’t ever think Lorna will cheat on her, but she doesn’t really like it too much if Lorna ever swoons after a guy. And for Lorna, this is the first real, true, loving relationship she’s ever had and she doesn’t ever want to lose it.

-Who picks the other up when they’re too drunk to drive?

Lorna. Nicky doesn’t know HOW to drive, plus Lorna doesn’t like getting drunk in public.

-Who takes care of on sick days?

They both do. In fact, it happens quite often that the not sick one will end up sick once the other is healed, all because they cuddled too close.

-Drags the other person out into the water on beach days?

Nicky, because she’s a child and likes to have splash fights. And Lorna hates it because she KNOWS Nicky will mess up her hair.

-Gives unprompted massages?

Nicky. She’s a giver. Plus Lorna’s skin is very soft AND it usually leads to sex.

-Drives/rides shotgun?

Lorna drives. She tried to teach Nicky how to drive, but Nicky is a stubborn little shit and Lorna has heard the cab story and gets very very nervous with Nicky at the wheel. Driving lessons typically end in screaming and fighting. So Nicky sticks to shotgun.

-Brings the other lunch at work?

Nicky. She makes sure to bring a LOT too. Kid likes to eat.

-Has the better parental relationship?

Funnily enough, it’s Nicky. With Red, not Marka. Even after prison, Red and Nicky are inseparable as mother and daughter. Lorna has a decent relationship with her parents, but she much prefers her sister’s company.

-Tries to start roleplaying in bed?

Nicky, of course. Although, there is the occasional night where Lorna is feeling a little fiesty and might suggest it first.

-Embarrassingly drunk dancer?

Lorna. Nicky can tell whenever she’s starting to get tipsy and she prepares with a video camera. She likes to play it back for Lorna in the morning when she’s hungover, because the look on her face is always priceless. Nicky finds the whole thing too adorable to actually be embarassed.

-Still cries watching Titanic?

Lorna, naturally. Nicky loathes the movie but Lorna is all about romance movies and cries every. damn. time.

-Firmly believes in couples costumes?

Lorna. Every Halloween she wants them to pick out matching costumes. Nicky is all down for Halloween parties and stuff, but she’s not a costume person and Lorna doesn’t ever pick things Nicky think would be fun (gore or sexy) but nerdy things. And yes, they DID go as Maria and Tony one year. (Nicky hates that she’s such a fucking softie for Lorna)

-Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas?

Nicky. She knows Morello didn’t have a lot growing up (and most everything she did have was either hand-me-down or part of her illegal mail scam), so she tries to give Lorna everything she wants, no matter the price or whether she’s gotta ask Marka for some extra dough (which is surprisingly easy when the money isn’t for drugs. Lorna ALWAYS complains that it’s too expensive, but Nicky knows she loves it.

-Makes the other eat breakfast?

Lorna. Nicky isn’t a morning person and tries to skip breakfast because she thinks it’s bullshit. Lorna tries to tell her it’ll make her feel better and Nicky eats only to please Lorna. She also will never admit that it kinda does wake her up.

-Remember anniversaries?

Both. Something about being in prison made them both better at remembering dates and counting days. However, Nicky does forget some days only because Morello has an anniversary for practically every day. Nicky doesn’t complain though because hey, lots of anniversary sex!

-Brings up having kids?

Lorna. It’s all part of her perfect vision, but Nicky isn’t a kid person. Lorna tries to reason that Nicky would like their kid, but Nicky isn’t really convinced.

Patreon Scam E-mail

Hey guys! A few people contacted me off site with concern about this and using Patreon. There is a scam e-mail going around that reads as follows:

“Unfortunately your data was leaked in the recent hacking of the

Patreon web site and I now have your information. I have your tax id,

tax forms, SSN, DOB, Name, Address, Credit card details and more

sensitive data. Now, I can go ahead and leak your details online which

would damage your credit score like hell and would create a lot of

problems for you. If you would like to prevent me from doing this then

you need to send 1 bitcoin to the following BTC address. ” In my inbox

this morning. Clever approach. Buy an email list. Send threatening email

to millions. Some of whom with have patreon accounts. Some of whom will

be Americans (tax id, SSN references show this to be targeting US

peeps). some of whom will get spooked into sending bitcoins. YOU HAVE


None of this is true. If you recieve an e-mail like this, feel free to delete it and move on. Patreon is already aware of the issue and there is no danger to you or anyone else.

“I learned yesterday evening that some Patreon users have been

receiving a scam email. The sender claims to have the recipient’s SSN,

credit card number and other personal information. I want to assure

everyone that the claims in this email are false, and we are already

working with federal law enforcement. Do not reply to the email—it is a

scam. The tax forms we store are securely encrypted with RSA 2048-bit

encryption, and we do not store full credit card numbers. If you receive

this email I suggest you flag it as spam and ignore any further emails.

Do not reply. Thanks.” – Jack Conte, CEO/Co-founder, Patreon

If you have any concerns, do feel free to change your password, it is always a good idea to do once and a while anyways :)

Letters To A Maus

“Meine Schatz,

There is not a way to write the words that rattle my heart in its ribcage, they remained trapped and yet so loose.

Hair reflecting violet light in its undertones as the eyes duck down, staring at feet with the intent to kill, you enchanted me. There’s fire in you, dearest. It warms the fingers that crave to trail the paths your veins make and tickle the invisible thoughts you create.

To trace the pink lips, feel the ridges the hills your upper lip forms.

To connect your lips with mine, I believe such a kiss could birth universes.

Beloved, do you know what it is to crave with such longing, so much that all emotions, thoughts, desires are consumed by one aching need? To simply see your face.

If I could, I would rage, I would burn through the earth’s very core to walk by your side.

To stand a thousand and one dark nights to hear you laugh.

To swallow the sea to see you smile.

To weave a second moon into the night so you’d never have to go without light.

To hold your hand so you never feel the need to cling to a shield.

I cannot battle this anymore, I surrender.

My heart will not listen to me and will not be commanded by logic.

So precious one, command it.

I consent and gladly give.

Ever yours,


“Luisa, are you coming?” Pieter asks, huffing as sweat tickles his forehead, the crowd pushing into him to walk along the sidewalk.
Tanned hands tremble, an egg-shelled envelope hovers over a graffiti covered mailbox.
A hesitation.
Jaws clench, a letter is dropped.
The blue lid shuts with a resolute clang.
“Ja, I’ll be right there.”

Beca climbs out of her car, sore muscles stretch as she walks to her silver letterbox. It’s nestled comfortably and permanently next to its identical brothers.
She hums as she thumbs through her mail.
Another bill.
A creamy envelope catches her attention.
She opens it in confusion, there’s not a return address.

“Tiny maus,

Hope you are resting your vocal chords. Can a throat as tiny as yours make a big enough sound to even be heard over the many fans chanting DSM’s name?
See you at Worlds.

Ever the best,



Lots of collector friends get lots of packages in the mail. You might not think twice about something like this. Don’t call the number! These types of postcards are scams designed to collect your data.

Some of them are branded to look like popular shipping companies like UPS and the US Postal Service. Go to the official site and put in the tracking info to check if the package is real. It’s probably not!! ><

Be safe collectors~~ ♥