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Name: Caitlyn
Age: 15
Country: UK

Right. Where do I start?
I guess I’ll start with music. I’ll say it, I’m into the ‘stereotypical alternative artists’. I love twenty one pilots with a passion, Melanie Martinez, Halsey, Lorde, The 1975, Lana Del Rey and more, but I still like more mainstream music like Demi Lovato, The Script and Ed Sheeran. If you don’t like the same sort of music, that’s fine! I am open to new music and would actually like suggestions.
I’m from the UK but I’ll accept requests from anyone, anywhere, and I’m really into the idea of having an online friend as, to be honest, a lot of people around me don’t have similar interests to me and unfortunately I did use to be the ‘attention-seeking’ girl when I was younger, so people have pretty strong opinions about me.
I love TV shows like Orange is the New Black and Riverdale, and I watch a little anime and would be willing to watch more. I love dodie and Emma Blackery with a passion, so if you don’t want me talking about how gorgeous dodie is then… whoops. Which reminds me, I’m pansexual, so if you’re homophobic I’m basically your worst nightmare.
I’m currently preparing for Year 11, and I chose the subjects Art, Music, Sociology and Geography. I’m really into photography, poetry, deep meaningful crap and all that jazz.
That’s pretty much me in a couple of paragraphs.

Preferences: Age wise, I’m hoping for you to be about 14-17, but I’m not that bothered really. Just be a decent human being who isn’t Islamophobic, sexist, homophobic… Just not a twat basically.

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i dont unerstand how people say ml isnt sexualized just look at the scene when ladybug transform youtu(.)be(/)FvIChM4vF7o i mean just look at how she do all tha awkward poses and the camera angles

marinette’s transformation into ladybug’s transformation scene

YIKES. I had heard from someone else that her transformation scene was bad, but I didn’t think they’d ACTUALLY zoom onto.. her ass like that…

nd??? her end pose is REALLY gross…..

@ ml supporters: how dyall think this isn’t sexualizing kids????

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Bill/Heather has been the emotional mainstay of The Pilot for me :') A parallel has been on my mind: in Death in Heaven, where the Doctor warns Clara to get away from Danny after she sonics his emotional inhibitor, leading to the realisation that "he will never hurt her". Same goes for Heather, where the Doctor warns Bill away because "she is no longer human any more". Fear the Cyberman. Fear the time travelling alien mimic... only to reveal they're driven by love. Because love is a promise.

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Name: Sophie
Age: 15
Country: Greece

Hi I’m Sophie and since I’m incapable of talking to people in real life I’d like to make some internet friends. I read most of the time (preferably fantasy books), sometimes I write but usually I’m either not satisfied with the result or I lose motivation. I don’t watch TV shows much except Stranger Things, Supernatural, The Flash, Supergirl, game of thrones, riverdale and the walking dead. I listen to any kind of music (depends on my mood) but my favourite band is Twenty One Pilots. I’m pretty sarcastic and swear a lot so hopefully you can handle that!

Preferences: I’d prefer someone around the age of 14-16 of any sexual orientation, gender identity, religion and all that. I think snail mail is too slow for my liking so I’d prefer talking over email or social media. I would like to be friends with someone who can be fun to talk to but also is to talk about anything (depression, anxiety…). If you are close minded, sexist, racist, homophobic or hateful in any way then don’t bother contacting me.


Aviator Katherine “Air Queen” Stinson (1891-1977) in Tokyo, 1916.

On July 12, 1912, Katherine Stinson became the fourth American woman to earn a pilot’s license. As the “Flying Schoolgirl” she toured the country and thrilled thousands of viewers with her stunts at county and state fairs.

In a plane she had built herself, she became the first woman and fourth pilot in the United States to master the loop-the-loop, a stunt that was considered particularly dangerous. She was the first person of either sex to fly an airplane at night. Moreover, in 1915, in Los Angeles, California, she flew into the dark sky to spell out “CAL” with flares, thus becoming the first pilot to perform night skywriting. 

In 1916, the year Amelia Earhart graduated from high school, Stinson became the first woman to fly in the Orient. Fan clubs developed all over Japan to honor the “Air Queen.” Chinese leaders were granted a private exhibition, one of the thirty-two flights that Stinson made in that country. 

In 1917 she set a long-distance record of 610 miles by flying alone from San Diego to San Francisco, over the mountains of Southern California. When the United States Post Office started air-mail service, Stinson became the first woman to be commissioned as a mail pilot. She broke her flying record while carrying airmail with a 783-mile flight from Chicago to near New York City. When the United States became involved in World War I and the army asked for volunteer pilots, Stinson applied, but the military twice rejected her applications because she was a woman.

Katherine then volunteered as an ambulance driver in Europe. She was accepted, but brutal winter and wartime conditions took a toll on her health: she returned to the U.S. weak from tuberculosis. Settling in Santa Fe, she eventually became an award-winning designer of pueblo-style homes. Katherine never flew again, but her pioneering efforts lifted aviation to public awareness and acceptance. 

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Name: Valerie
Age: 15
Country: Hong Kong

hii!! I’m val, I am currently in year 11 and I really want to make new friends!
I love music, some of my favs are twenty one pilots, 5sos, green day, arctic monkeys and so much more tbh
I love watching movies and tv shows, uh and I like spending time with my family lmaoo
I’m a pretty chill person so if you just wanna talk, hmu haha, I’m also pretty awkward and weird and i love a good laugh !!

Preferences: tbh emails would be best but if you prefer snail mail, prepare for my messy handwriting!! ANY age is fine and gender/sexuality/religion/etc doesn’t matter!!!!!!!! :)


Control the Blurry Sail

Message Man by twenty one pilots vs. Sail by AWOLNATION & Control by Halsey.

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Name: Charlotte
Age: 16
Country: Australia

Hey guys, my name’s Charlotte, and I’m a 16 year old girl from Australiaaa
So a little bit about myself:
I looove music, I’ve been playing the violin since I was 5 and the piano since I was 4, so it’s a pretty big part of my life. I love listening to Twenty One Pilots, Lorde, Imagine Dragons, The 1975, Troye Sivan and Melanie Martinez. I don’t watch that many TV shows, but I absolutely love Sherlock. And I like to drink tea. Idk why i said that, just felt like popping it in there. The main reason I’m here is because I really like the idea of making friends with someone who might even be on the other side of the world. It would be awesome to have someone to talk to about random stuff in my life, and to hear random stuff from their life. So yeah, I’m generally just here to make friends :)

Preferences: Ages 15-18, no homophobics/racists/transphobics/anyone who feels unnecessary hate :)

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can you give me the basics of the 21p fandom like what even is the meaning of the band name what the national anthem any big things i need to know about the boys? i love their music and i want to talk to fans more but idk how the fandom works

okay okay our fandom is called the skeleton clique (its all inclusive) 

the band’s name came from Tyler(lead singer) while he was still in college(dropped out to form twenty one pilots)(abbreviated as TØP) he took a theatre class and studied the play “All My Sons” by Arthur Miller. Well in the play the main character owns or manages a company that sells airplane parts, after the production of the parts it is discovered that the parts are faulty and the main character has a decision: he can either send the faulty parts out and get money from them and continue production, or he can choose to not send the parts out and take the loss of production to make the parts safe to use. he decides to send the faulty parts out and is responsible for the death of twenty one pilots at the end of the play because of the trouble and heart ache he causes the main character ultimately commits suicide. the band name is basically a  reminder. in life you’re always going to be faces with tough decisions, you can take the easy way out or you can work hard and make the right decision. ultimately it’s up to you and can be credit to your rise or your demise.

as for national anthem? everyone really just likes all of twenty one pilots songs tbh though im pretty sure it might be Car Radio. 

hmm idk just know that Josh and Tyler are never serious during interviews(well not never but most of the time theyre joking)

Josh is always on the left and Tyler is always on the right

Tyler hates drake

Josh loves cats and aliens

..:.tÿlęr typêš łïkē thīš whêñ hę gētš ęxçïtēd]••

you can hit tyler up for editing inquires anytime on twitter @tylerrjoseph

also don’t get sad when they kick eachother out of the band, its a regular occurrence and often encouraged in the clique

they’re probably the nicest/sweetest guys ive ever met and they actually care about you never forget that

you can come to me anytime you have questions and let me be the first to say WELCOME TO THE CLIQUE