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Name: Monica
Age: 19
Country: Italy

Hi my name is Monica, i’m 19 years old and i live in Italy. I’d like to know new people to talk.
I finished the superiors and I’m looking for a job. I would like to have a pen friend 😻 Someone who has more or less my age. I would like to exchange photos to know my friend’s country.
I would like to know someone from the USA * - *
I hope so. Good bye!

Preferences: More or less my age. I prefer write through Mail or Tumblr

Hi everyone. I’m Selina, 24. I live in Hong Kong. 

I am looking for snail mail penpals from all over the world.

I am a nerdy fangirl spending most of my time binge watching Netflix at home. I also know a little bit tarot. Currently learning basic French but suck at it.

  • Favorite TV Shows: Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, Skam, Stranger Things, Shadowhunters
  • Favorite Films: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Kingsman, The Lord of the Rings Series, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Wreck-it Ralph, The Lego Batman Movie, Spring Breakers, Kamikaze Girls, What We Do In The Shadows (and also every Disney teen movie. they are cliche but still good guilty pleasure.)
  • Favorite Books: Pride and Prejudice, Fangirl, Carry On, Wonder (I am not exactly a huge reader :P )
  • Favorite Music: Troye Sivan, Alessia Cara, Imagine Dragons
  • Other Random Likes and Dislikes: I love animals but own none. My favorite is properly llamas, followed by giraffes. I am not exactly a dog lover. In fact, I am afraid of them but I still find that pugs are cute. I like collecting stationery such as washi tapes and highlighters. I love traveling around the world. I had studied abroad in France for 1 semester. It was a life changing experience to me. I would like to enjoy your travel stories too.

I am not looking for anyone in particular. 

Feel free to contact me at kawingmok @ gmail. com

Well, hello there!

My name is Lissanne, but call me Lissa if you like. I’m nearly 18 years old (It feels weird saying that) and I’m from the Netherlands. I know, of all places… I currently have one friend I email with and one girl I’m actually writing to, so I’m open for both options. 

About me:

  1. I’m a huge booklover. There’s not a day that goes by in which I do not read. I’m a huge fan of Harry Potter, and I love any fantasy and contemporary YA books. I also run a book blog and I’m always open for suggestions!  
  2. I’m a sucker for learning new languages. I’m already fluent in English and Dutch, I’m learning Spanish in school and I can manage a bit of French and German. 
  3. I love writing letters. I’ll go all out with fancy fonts and decorating the envelopes to the point where there’s a tiny bit of space left where I can write the address. 
  4. I watch a crap ton of Netflix and my favourite series include Gilmore Girls, Once Upon a Time, Green Arrow, The Flash and many more!
  5. I love any kind of music. I’d be very into making each other playlists!
  6. I’m very open when it comes to talking online, but I have had friends in the past who dropped me like an anvil after they became bored with me, so I might be a bit reserved when it comes to telling really personal stories. 
  7. I’m a HUGE lover of holidays, so you could expect seasonal letters and postcards on your birthday and what not.

As I’m typing this up I realize I can ramble for a while, so if you’re into sending really long emails or letters, look no further!
I’m open to anyone, boy or girl. I don’t care about your religion or sexuality. As long as you’re happy with it, I am too.

To contact me:

Through my Instagram: mysweetbookaddiction
Through Tumblr: awkwardblogger07

Small note

I do want to get to know each other before I give out my address. I hope you understand! 

Love, Lissanne

ID #94506

Name: Kerry
Age: 16
Country: UK

I live in scotland, got blue/turquoise hair and im a huge fangirl. Really into musicals and a bit of a history nerd.

Preferences: 15-18, any country. We can start talking by email them move to snail mail when we know each other better.

I’m obviously a huge fan of snail mail (as I’m finally replying to all my letters!). I think it’s a fantastic way to interact and connect with other people

You can use any combination of the 50 suggestions below to give your penpal a better idea about who you are. It’s all about sharing and connecting!


  • States and countries you’ve been to
  • People you’d invite to a celebrity dinner
  • Your family members, and something they each like and dislike
  • What you’d put in a time capsule
  • Parts of society that you’d like to change
  • Things you’re really good at
  • Everything you’ve eaten in the past twenty-four hours
  • Things that you do every day
  • Your favourite TV shows, movies, bands, or books
  • The things you’ve dressed up as for past Halloweens
  • Unusual facts about you
  • Things that make you happy
  • Your duties at work
  • What you’re currently seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting, and feeling
  • What you collect
  • Goals lists for this month or year
  • Times you’ve performed for other people
  • Awards you’ve won
  • Nicknames you’ve had (and how you got them)
  • Sports you’ve played and/or hobbies you’ve had


  • Your favourite colour
  • Your favourite cuisine
  • Your favourite beverages
  • Your favourite season
  • Your favourite word
  • Your favourite number
  • Your favourite holiday
  • Your favourite quote
  • Your favourite blog
  • Your favourite superhero
  • Your favourite Disney movie
  • The type of letters/mail you like to receive
  • The most adventurous thing you ever did
  • Your preferences: hot vs. cold, cats vs. dogs, ketchup vs. mustard, etc.
  • Whether you believe in God, ghosts, aliens, and/or magic
  • Your main mode of transportation
  • How tall you are
  • When your birthday is
  • The last movie you saw in theatres (and how it was)
  • How you would describe your fashion style
  • Your life story in six words
  • What shoes you wear the most of
  • Any fears you have
  • What you were like in high school
  • Weird/awkward dates you’ve been on
  • Something illegal you’ve done
  • Why you like mail and how you got into it
  • The silliest thing you did in the past week
  • What you would wish for right now
  • Something funny or cute your pet did
101 Pen Pal Challenge

101 things to send you pen pal

1. Origami

2. Photo’s of you pets (or garden)

3. A Souvenir from your town/city (Post card, etc.)

4. Homemade bookmark

5. Collage of your favorite things

6. A recipe

7. A photo of the food you made with your friends recipe

8. Homemade pinwheel

9. A small gift from a cheap variety store or op-shop

10. A local tourist pamphlet

11. A poem

12. A button, a piece of ribbon, and some colored paper

13: Homemade card (using the above items from your friends)

14: Photo’s of your local area

15: A challenge or dare

16: Proof or results of challenge or dare

17. A blank coloring in page

18: Your finished coloring in page that your friend sent you

19: A playlist (saved on a disc, usb, tape, etc.)

20: A list of things you like about the other person

21: A “get well soon” kit for the times your friend gets sick

22: A piece of clothing or jewellery

23: A voice recording (saved on disc, usb, etc.)

24: A keyring

25: Your favorite quotes

26: Stickers

27: A newspaper cutting

28: A homemade friendship bracelet

29: A paper chatterbox

30: A list with a book, a movie, and a tv series for your friend to try

31: A paint hand print

32: A perfume sample

32: A selfie

33: A DIY craft pack

34: A questionnaire

35: Questionnaire results

36: A picture or art print of something you friend likes

37: A temporary tattoo

38: A photo of you with the temporary tattoo your friend sent

39: Some facts and pictures of your favorite animal

40: A coin or token (or coin rubbing)

41:  List of 3 foods you want your friend to try

42: Critique of the food you tried

43: A paper plane

44: An “open when you feel down” pack for your friend

45: Something weird you found (or bought)

46: A homemade crossword puzzle

47: Your bucket list

48: An acrostic name poem using your friend’s name

49: A souvenir from your country (Postcard, etc.)

50: A prank

51: A grocery shopping receipt

52: A small poster

53: A knitting or sewing pattern

54: Something you knitted/sewed

55: A playing card or game token

56: A comic

57: A piece of candy (or candy wrapping if unable to send food)

58: A fictional story

59: 21 Questions for you friend to answer

60: The answers to your friends 21 questions

61: A coded message or cipher

62: A photo of the sunset or sunrise you took

63: Homemade koinobori

64: Your local tv guide

66: A homemade finger puppet

67: A bunch of jokes and riddles

67: Something miniature

68: A flier for a local festival or event

69: A short home video (Saved on disk, usb, etc)

70: A picture of your oc or favorite character (drawn yourself or printed out)

71: Something yellow

72: A small flag from your state/country

73: A holiday item or cultural item (decoration, symbol, etc.)

74: An invitation to an online event (movie stream, online chat, etc)

75: A leaf rubbing

76: 5 photos of your favorite local places, animals or things

77: A novelty pen, pencil or eraser

78: 3 items or pictures that remind you of your friend

79: A cookie cutter

80: A photo of cookies you made using the cookie cutter your friend sent

81: A list of 10 things you love most, and 10 things you hate most

82: A good luck charm

83: A local story, myth or legend

84: A list of words in your local language, or a list of local slang words

85: A used move ticket or transport ticket

86: Either your countries national anthem, a local song, or a cultural song

87: Junk mail (brochure, advertisement, grocery pamphlet)

88: A list (with photos) of animals you often find in your home (insects, etc)

89: A collector’s card

90: A selfie of just after you woke up in the morning

91: A wish, promise, or prayer for your friend

92: Lyrics of a song you wrote, or of a song you like

93: A secret message written on the inside of your envelope

94: A small homemade kite

95: A recipe for a natural remedy

96: An article from a local magazine

97: A card signed by all your local family and friends greeting your friend

98: A photo of someone special (family, pets, friends)

99: A fitness challenge

100: A recording of outside sounds (Save on disc, usb, etc.)

101: A thankyou

What should I send to my pen pal?

Well I cannot really tell you EVERYTHING on what you should send to your pen pal but hopefully this will give you an idea:

1. CANDY! (make their day)

2. Pictures (whether it’s of you or something you just really like/find pretty)

3. Stickers

4. Post Cards from places you visit

5. Pencils/Erasers/Pens (They don’t have to be expensive or anything. It’s the thought and effort that counts!)

6. Post-its

7. Washi Tape (You can use a popsicle and wrap the washi tape around it. That way your pen pal can use washi tape you own!)

8. If you like to draw, you can draw anything on pretty paper and cut it out (maybe turn them into stickers?!)

9. Make magnets! DIY!

10. Make your own bookmarks with the things your pen pal and you have in common. Or maybe something you find cute

11. You can make pins and send them to your pen pals

12. Send them bracelets or a necklace (You can even make that)

13. Make a CD of your favorite playlist (Burn a CD of your fav. songs)

14. Cute hair pins

15. Souvenirs from where you are from/at

16. You can always get leaves or flowers and use tape that way your pen pals can save and see what your fav. flower or leaf is? lol or maybe you just like being outdoors

I can go on and on… I hope this gave you an idea or maybe you might even try some of the things that were on this list. Whatever you’d like, just remember to have fun with it!

anonymous asked:

alex walking into kara's apartment one morning and seeing lena standing in the kitchen making pancakes in one of kara's shirts and like... boyshorts and hearing kara yell from the other room "lee pleeeeease you promised you'd put chocolate chips in them"

i rly love this idea and i’d have just published the ask but i ended up thinking abt the whole scene and i’m Sorry, i couldn’t control myself…. so yeah, this is the result:

they started sleeping over at each other’s homes maybe two months after they started being friends. after lena had one too many drinks during game night, kara insisted it’d be safer if lena slept over and just wait home the other day, after she got better from the sure hangover she’d have.

after that, the sleepovers turned into a weekly occurrence, sometimes two or three times a week, sometimes more, but almost none of them were an accident like the first time

they grow comfortable in each other places, making it their own home in little ways. they’ve learned their way around each other’s kitchen, know where every piece of clothing is, have spare toothbrushes and clothes and their own drawers.

and now, two weeks into their now official but still secret relationship - “i- it’s not that i’m ashamed or want to hide it, i swear! i just- i mean, would it be okay if we kept this to ourselves for just a little bit?” -, they’re as happy and as comfortable as they could be

it’s on a bright wednesday morning that reality catches up to them in the most unexpected way, however

they’re still in bed, breaths synchronized and limbs tangled. kara wakes up earlier, as is the usual, and spends some time admiring lena while she sleeps. she is always caught off guard, heart beating louder and breath catching in her throat, when she sees how beautiful, how mesmerizing, lena is, especially in the morning, bathed in sunlight and face truly peaceful

she can’t stop herself from trailing her fingers over the lines of her face, down to a sharp jawline and stopping them at lena’s shoulder. she smiles to herself when lena shifts in place and opens one eye, squinting at her and grumbling that it’s too early

she shifts a bit closer so she can press their lips together and her smile widens when lena hums her appreciation

lena tries to kiss her again when she breaks the first kiss, but kara only laughs and starts to get up, ignoring how lena huffs

“come on, grumpy, you promised you’d make me breakfast as a reward” she says, getting up and looking for her clothes. she hears lena’s heart start to beat louder and, sure enough, she looks over her shoulder to see lena’s eyes firmly fixed on her bare back

“i was clearly preoccupied with something else at the time, otherwise i’d have promised you brunch. i wasn’t planning on getting out of this bed until much later” she does her almost wink then, and kara can’t stop her giggles from escaping when she sees it

“unfortunately for you, i have an early day at work, but you can come back to bed once i’m gone” she smiles when lena huffs again and out right beams when lena sighs fondly, mumbling an ‘only you, kara’ under her breath as she gets up to look for clothes

it’s kara’s heart that accelerates when she sees lena slip into one of kara’s white button up and a pair of supergirl boyshorts

she wrinkles her nose when she sees lena mischievous expression and outright rolls eyes when lena asks “have you changed your mind yet” but can’t resist smiling when lena presses a kiss to her check and tells her to get ready that she’ll start making breakfast

“pancakes!” kara yells once lena is already in the kitchen and lena just hums while she starts getting the necessary ingredients

some time later, she hears the door open and she assumes it’s just her girlfriend - and thinking about kara as her girlfriend still makes her giddy, gives her a warm feeling inside - going to get the mail downstairs and give the neighbor good morning

she smirks to herself and takes the chance to add blueberries to the pancakes but kara’s whine of “lee, pleeeeease! you promised you’d put chocolate chips in them!” comes from somewhere in the apartment

and lena laughs and turns, her reply of “and you promised you wouldn’t use your superpower-” dying in her throat when she sees alex danvers, her girlfriend’s sister, standing in the doorway with a shocked look on her face

“and i’m not using them! i just know -” comes kara’s voice from behind her, and she assumes it’s at this point she sees her sister standing there, because she finishes her sentence with a soft “you”

the three of them stand there, alex looking at them in shock, lena with wide eyes and trying not to squirm and kara, who is blessedly silent until “a-alex! hi! i- um, what are you doing here? not that i’m not glad you’re here, because i am! i just wasn’t expecting you! not that that’s a bad thing, of course, because you can always come here” and she keeps rambling

lena and alex share this look, an exasperated but completely fond look, and both of them freeze in place when they realize it happened

alex is the first to recover, looking at kara until the blonde stops rambling, then clears her throat and shoot the blonde a pointed look when she says “kara, is there something you wish to tell me?”

lena comes over to kara’s side then, taking her hand and giving it a soft squeeze when kara takes a deep breath, shoots lena a soft but apologetic look and blurts “lee and i have been dating for two weeks and i’m sorry i didn’t tell you before but i just wanted to keep this between us for sometime and i’m so sorry” in one single breath

both of them tense while they wait for alex’s answer, that comes in the form of the brunette closing her eyes and exhaling softly

“two weeks you say?” she opens her eyes and sees both of them nodding, and she closes her eyes again and scowls, “fuck i can’t believe i own lucy twenty bucks because of this”

How to Describe Yourself to Your Pen Pal

The basics are your age, location, and gender, but what about some other things to spice up the conversation?

-Places you’ve been to

-Favorite music

-A secret that you haven’t told before

-Your most embarrassing moment

-What you want to be when you’re older

-What superpower you would have and why

- Favorite foods

-Introverted or extroverted?

-Zodiac sign

-Things you want to fix about yourself

-Describe how you were as a 7 year old

Keep reading