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I headcanon Lena as a big nerd, just as much as Katie so I think she would love Star Wars quite a lot. I bet she has thought about naming her children Luke and Leia, especially because it works with the whole L.L. thing. I don't know if Kara would like that though

Or… If they had a daughter they could name her Lexa. It would be a cute tribute to both Alex and Lex. It would work better if Lex wasn’t bad but still cute

lena luthor is the biggest nerd you’ll ever meet

she’s so ridiculously passionate about it and everything she likes and it’s incredible funny (and annoying) to let her and winn together (nobody will ever forget that one incident where they had a discussion of epic proportions of which was better, star wars or star trek (lena won, star wars is better) or that one time they spent two consecutive game nights without talking to each other because they had a disagreement when they were playing a video game).

lena quoting all the classics (movies and literature alike) and giving herself peep talks based on speeches from her favorite characters.

don’t tell anyone but she has a collection of star wars themed stuff. like mugs, posters, action figurines, shirts (her favorite is one with darth vader, he’s pointing and “the empire needs you” is written underneath him)… at one point she briefly considered trying to build her own version of the millennium falcon but that rly didn’t turn out well for her.

when she’s younger, when being a luthor isn’t so bad, when lex still hasn’t turned mad, she wants to have twins so she can name them luke and leia, where they’ll be loved and cared for, will know the best things in life and won’t ever go a day without love and attention, won’t have to discover what’s it like to grow up without their parents.

she grows up and the name luthor starts getting more infamous, harder to bear, and when lex turns mad, she mourns for the children she never had and thinks she won’t ever have, because she’ll never want for their children to suffer like she’s suffering just because of their last name.

she meets kara and she discovers how it is to be loved, appreciated and cared for. she finds out the wonderful feeling of someone loving you because of you are, despite of your flaws. she rediscovers the feeling of being teased in a loving manner, something she only had with lex - her lex, the one from before - and kara’s “you’re such a nerd, lee” always gives her a rush, makes her heart beat faster and her cheeks blush, even if she acts annoyed (everyone can see she’s fighting off a smile)

she and kara grow more intimate, more comfortable, and by this points they know basically everything there’s to know about each other.

when kara found out she wanted to have twins so she could name them luke and leia, she laughed and called lena cute. when she found out lena’s motives and how she had given up on it, her gaze grew impossibly serious and sad. she gathered lena in her arms and hugged her fiercely, as tightly as she dared.

later, when they’re already cuddling in bed, kara hesitates a moment before saying “we could name him luke… if we had a son. but i was thinking about lexa, in case we had a daughter. you know, because of alex and um.. lex”

lena feels like her heart stopped beating and she doesn’t know how long she stays without breathing, but the next things she knows is she has already turned around and has her face pressed in kara’s shoulder, her tears soaking the blonde’s shirt. she murmurs a soft “thank you” and kara responded by squeezing her just a bit tighter, a movement that at this point lena knows mean ‘you’re welcome’, ‘anything for you’ and 'i love you’ combined, but also so many others things that neither are capable of putting into words.

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Okay but if we're doing headcanons here for Tythan then just imagine this: Mark is doing some charity livestream and playing games on the couch while the others are "gone" but it turns out that Tyler and Ethan are behind the couch cuddling and kissing off camera, and Mark never realizes that they are, and Amy and Catherine just kinda snort at the oblivious Mark


i love how in nearly every ship headcanon, it involves amy and kathryn being the insiders i love it

also bonus points if tythan is behind the couch together because ethan is showing tyler memes and tyler just laughs and puts his arm around ethan so cASUALLY AND AMY AND KATHRYN DO A TYTHAN NUT

Picture this. e/R have been living together for a little while now, happily in love in and their new apartment. They decide - after much deliberation and detailed discussions about how often they’ll be home to keep it company and who’ll be in charge of picking up the food - to get a pet.

The only problem? Grantaire is a dog person and Enjolras is a cat person.

They bicker for DAYS about which to get, each trying to win the other over to their side because “OBVIOUSLY dogs are better, and here’s all the reasons why,” “What PLANET are you on, CATS are CLEARLY superior, and here’s all the reasons why”

They try getting the rest of their friends to weigh in on one side or the other to help them decide, but the field is split evenly down the middle, and eventually they decide to just go down to the local shelter and see what’s there, because maybe something’ll click.

They’re introduced to a whole lot of cats and a whole lot of dogs, and they each have their favourites but nothing really clicks.


There’s one cage that has a dog AND a cat in it, and the cat is sitting curled up in between the dog’s front paws and is hissing at them, and the dog is lying there wriggling and wagging his tail as he watches them approach.

They ask the shelter volunteer, and she says that these two come as a pair; their old owner went into a nursing home and couldn’t care for them any more, and the two of them refuse to be separated.

Grantaire’s grinning already, because he’s pretty sure that they’re going to be going home with these two animals, but he keeps himself in check because they’re not QUITE there yet.

So they go in to meet the two animals, and the dog bounds up to Grantaire the second he steps inside while the cat bolts off to a shelf in the back corner to glower at them all from a better vantage point, and Enjolras follows, making soothing noises.

Ten minutes later grantaire is on his back on the floor while the dog slobbers all over his face, and Enjolras is standing with a disgruntled-but-no-longer-hissing cat in his arms who is pretending to hate the chin rub he’s getting but who in fact is leaning into the touch.

They take the pair home and settle them in, and all their friends come around the next day to meet the two additions and fawn over them, and the cat spends the time balanced on the curtain rail and glaring at the lot of them and hissing whenever anyone getz too close, while the dog can’t decide who his favourite is because he’s getting pets from EVERYONE and it’s AMAZING.

The cat and the dog sleep in the laundry the first few nights, but somehow within a week have migrated to e/R’s room, and the dog sleeps at the end of the bed and the cat sleeps on their feet and hisses when one of them moves during the night, and eventually the cat stops hissing whenever one of them approaches him, and eventually he starts to consent to sit on their laps, and then they can’t get rid of him and he’s on top of them ALL THE TIME, the SECOND one of them is sitting down, he’s there, taking over lap space and chest space and pinning them in place. And meanwhile Grantaire teaches the dog all kinds of fun things like how to shake and roll over and high five and fetch slippers, and Enjolras teaches the dog how to gently take the mail inside without tearing it and how to bark and snap at either intruders or men who are harassing women on the street (that last one he learns through direct example from Enjolras), and how to play dead.

And it’s HILARIOUS, because even though grantaire is the dog person and Enjolras is the cat person, they sort of end up switching? Because you see, Grantaire likes to flop about the house indulging in a good cuddle, and so does the cat, but Enjolras likes to go be active and go for a daily walk or run, and so does the dog , so the cat kind of claims grantaire as his favourite and the dog claims Enjolras, and Courf still hasn’t managed to pat the cat even once, which he’s still heartbroken by, and - ultimately - it all works out brilliantly.

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dude. a hunger games au where lena only has her name in a few times and gets chosen and kara was the winner from like 2 years prior so she's lena's mentor and kara would be so gay and in love w lena and want to protect her and keep her safe and lena doesn't have weapon or fighting skills but she's a genius so kara would make sure to teach her how to use her smarts to hunt and survive and then when lena wins they'd hold each other to keep the nightmares away and fall in love :)

omg yes??? jst imagine kara sending the items and v helpful and also heartfelt notes with them like giving advices then ending them with “i believe in you -k”

kara managing to get lena a lot of good sponsorships;

kara crying and suffering in the times lena comes close to dying;

when lena wins kara is the one who cheers the loudest, after that they’re just… together bc of them get each other, understand what the other has been through. at night they hold each other to keep the nightmares away and sit beside each other offering comfort when that’s not enough.

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*takes deep breath* o H MAN

Who falls asleep on the couch: Naruto while watching movies, kakashi always picks him up and lays him on the bed so he doesn’t wake up sore. Naruto latches onto him like an octopus and kakashi is pulled into bed whether he’s ready to sleep or not (●´∀`●)

who wakes up first : kakashi, to finish up the mission report he lagged on the previous night and visit the memorial stone before naruto wakes up. ヽ(;▽;)ノ

who cooks the most: lol kakashi hands down. occasionally naruto tries to surprise him with recipes but they never turn out well for anyone involved so he’s kind of banned from using the kitchen for anything that involves more than boiling water while kakashi isn’t there. he’s totally cajoling kakashi into teaching him how to cook, though . (*≧▽≦)

who’s in charge of the tv remote: naruto!! he gets super emotionally invested in all of the characters and it’s kind of hilariously endearing to kakashi so he lets him have free reign over it~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

who takes the longest getting ready: naruto mostly because he takes really long showers (゜▽゜;)

who takes up most of the bed: neither are used to sleeping with another person in their bed so they kind of alternate as hoggers throughout the night, but they soon fall into a happy medium and sleep nestled together in the middle  (。♥‿♥。)

if/what pets they have:  they dont have any because they’re both pretty busy with missions and don’t have the time to take on a pet fulltime, but naruto’s got a neighborhood stray he’s grown attached to and kakashi’s got a particularly resilient cactus on the apartment balcony, so there we go. (;゙°´ω°´)


The Company of the Ring stood silent beside the tomb of Balin. Frodo thought of Bilbo and his long friendship with the dwarf, and of Balin’s visit to the Shire long ago…


Requested by; Anon

“If request open, will u pls do some angst bruce x reader? Where they used to date for months but he doesnt take their relationship seriously. Its just a cover for public image to him. He thought the reader is a shallow person like the usual women he dated before. But reader is actually smart but choose to pretend to be shallow. Bruce broke up with her. Then years later they met n he learn who she is. He want to get to know her n pursue her but she still hurt with him. Thanks in advance.”

Warning; Angst (not really because I suck) and sudden change of POV. And off the prompt, just a little.

You had your arms around Bruce’s, smile not leaving your lips as you went to your 12th date with him. You’ve dated for months with him, you love him with all your heart. You always at your best when you were with him, all dolled up so you wouldn’t feel self-conscious and out of place when he brought you to a fancy looking place.

Tonight was the night he promised that he would spend his time with you, he brought you to a quite fancy restaurant. You thanked all the gods up there that you’ve made the right decisions to dress as fancy as you could even though your intention was only to spent the night with him, playing or whatever, but being a shy woman that you were you couldn’t say it. The words were stuck in your throat.

So you gave up and just spent your night dining in a restaurant nearby until late. You didn’t have any appointments or meeting with your manager and the other agencies tomorrow morning, being a model as a job was hard, you were treated like a barbie doll.

The both of you sat down on a table near the window, the view was so great you couldn’t take your eyes off it. But when you did you spotted a tinge of uncomfortableness in Bruce’s blue eyes, he somehow didn’t look as happy as you did.

“Bruce?” You called to the billionaire softly, placing your much smaller hand on top of his. You could feel he tensed as he looked at you, “what’s wrong?”

“Don’t worry darling,” he finally responded after a moment of awkward silence, he moved his hand from your gentle grip to put it into his pocket. “I’m okay.” He assured.

You didn’t believe any of his words but decided to let it drop because you knew he wouldn’t like it if you pushed the topic too far. You also had this weird feeling, your chest tightened when you think about it. Why?

The foods came, the two of you had a little chit chat, you did most of the talk since Bruce had preferred to listen instead of talking. You asked him about his day he only answered with boring as usual with a chuckle.

It went on and on, it got worse each day. You were always the one who called him, asking him about his day, what is he doing, telling him that you missed him, saying goodnight even I love you. You missed him a lot. On Saturday night you decided not to contact him to see if he would do it.

You received no calls and no messages. No nothing.

It saddened you, it made your heart drop when you woke up to work. Your manager had warned you about him, telling you that he was just using you to which you answered with,

“Give him a break, hes a kind and generous man. He’s sweet, all of you need to see past his walls, his barriers. I love him not for his money, I love him forHim, nothing else matters.”

You managed to smile for the entire day until someone came into your changing room. A mail woman, you greeted her with the widest smile on your face. She returned your smile and gave you a letter.

“Oh, from Bruce.” You smiled softly after reading where it was from. Your smile dropped at what you saw next.

Let’s end this. This won’t ever work.


The mail woman saw your tears that slowly dripping down to the paper, they dropped right on Bruce’s signature. The ink slowly faded because of your tears, the old woman you didn’t know hugged you hoping it would bring you some comfort. You gladly accepted her little embrace as you cried.

Your manager who just came back from a coffee shop saw your state. She immediately put the coffee cups down and joined to embrace you. You kept on breaking down, everything was so blurry, so monochrome. All colors were gone from your eyes.

Since then you stopped being a model, your manager understands and she supported you. She even helped you looked for a new job, she knew how much of a smarty you were, she knew your abilities and skill because you were the one who helped her with everything that she couldn’t handle. You became a scientist and your manager who also a lowkey smarty became your partner.

It took years for you to completely forgot about Bruce Wayne, about the good times you soon realized that you were the only one who enjoyed it, all the talks, everything. You even realized that he never took your relationship seriously, he used you. You were wrong… Or weren’t you?

Soon your names were spread all over the news and cities, not because of your successful model career this time, instead, it was because of your brain. Your accomplishments, your ideas to make the city a better place, your works, your inventions. Not your body.

It was so satisfying, it felt good to be yourself and not the shallow woman everybody had come to know.

Everything you did reached Bruce’s ears, he watched you from his TV in his office, he even watched every speech you made. He misjudged you, he made a wrong move. He looked down at a scarf you made for him on your first ever Valentine’s day, he should’ve known that you weren’t like any woman he had met and dated.

Those women never made something for him, they never even tried to. Bruce only could imagine how broken you were when he sent you that letter, that heartbreaking letter.

He ran his fingers through his raven hair, a sigh of frustration left his chapped lips. He had never felt like this before, why should he care? You were nothing. You were supposed to be nothing.

Then without him knowing 2 years had passed, Bruce couldn’t get you off his mind. Karma is a bitch. He lived 2 more years of his life thinking about you, he now had fallen for you. He wanted to know you better, apologizes for what he did and even telling you the truth. Hours after hours he made up his mind.

He needs you.

2.31 PM, your work will be over in another 29 minutes. You didn’t mind to stay longer in the lab since you enjoyed it, you enjoyed making things.

“(Y/N)! Someone is looking for you.” Your colleague said, the blonde man brought in someone you hadn’t met in years, you never expected to meet him here. You stared up at Bruce with wide eyes as soon as your gaze landed on him, you slowly gaining your composure back and looked at your male colleague.

“Thank you, I need some privacy.”

He gave you a nod, a hint of worry was visible on his face. Of course, he knew your little scandal with the playboy, it reached everybody’s ears.

“Please sit.” You offered, he didn’t budge and walked to where you were currently working on. It was a little device, a really small device. “What is it, Mr. Wayne?” You asked politely.

Bruce was taken aback upon hearing your voice, it was so different. It somehow had changed. When he first heard your voice it was so annoying he wanted to cover his ears every time you talked but now it sounded like a music. gentle, melodic and soothing were the only thing that could describe you right now.

Bruce didn’t realize he had been silent the whole time until he heard your voice calling his name again.

“Mr. Wayne?”

“Oh, sorry.” He quickly apologized.

“You should be.” Your words made him tensed in his place, he looked at you still with his usual face but inside he felt his stomach churned and filled with an uncomfortable feeling.

“I shouldn’t have done that.” He finally responded.

“No, you shouldn’t have.”

More silence, you seemed so calm under the awkwardness. You couldn’t help it, you were used to it. This awkwardness was the same thing you felt when you were still with him, still happy.

“Are you trying to get me back?”

Yes. He answered in his mind, I want to know you better I want to see you better from a different perspective.

“You’re too dangerous for me Bruce.” You continued, stopping your work and leaned your back against the seat. Eyes looking up at him sadly, “You turned me away like I begged for your money.” You added.

Bruce didn’t say anything, he couldn’t say anything which you took as an opportunity to continue your speech. “I loved you, I did. I thought I saw through you but I was so naïve and stupid, so wrong.”

You didn’t notice Bruce had knelt down in front of you and gently took your smaller hand in his, it felt so warm now. The only thing you could feel when you dated him was coldness, it felt weird.

Bruce felt your fingers twitched in surprise but he didn’t draw his hand back, he gave you a gentle squeeze.

“I was blind back then.” He finally spoke up, “I didn’t know it would hurt you that much. I thought you were like the other women and I was wrong I misjudged you. I’m just going to ask you once, I don’t want to force you, will you give me another chance to get to know you better?”

You stared at his blue eyes, noticing that he didn’t get enough sleep. Another silence filled the room once more before you stood up and drew your hand back from him.

“I don’t know Bruce, I’m still scared.” You grabbed your bag, walking towards the door before opening it open and stepped out. “I’ll think about it.”

[ END ]

Nope, not gonna continue this, I’m sorry!!!

Sorry for grammar errors hope you enjoyed!


Oh a little fun fact, I rewrote this like… 2 times. The other two has 2000 more words XD AND I DELETED THEM!

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im ur bff so i automatically get vip :/ @cinderella-esque sorry i dont make the rules


My Opinion on;

Character in general:  um  ;/  u already kno that i dont like yukako so…..  suck my ankles LMAO

How they play them:  GOOD !!!  I HATE U AND YUKAKO SO IT’S A PERFECT MATCH !!

The Mun:  we met 6 years ago…. do u rememeber that… ur ‘xD’ usin ass… ur anime girl profile picture havin ass… ur ‘come with me to this anime chatroom!!’ sayin ass..  do u remember those vows we made to eachother…..  we were both fucking 9 when we met… heres to many more years…. xoxoxoxo

Do I:

RP with them:  YES !

Want to RP with them:  YES.. :/  UNFORTUNATELY,

What is my;

Overall Opinion:  MWAH !!!!!!!!!!! 

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty


The last time Creepyyeha opened her store, I ordered this gold Althea belt and Oh choker within like 2 seconds and they arrived last week!! I have never cried over mail before but I definitely teared up/freaked out when I opened these, I’ve wanted to buy from her for so long :’)
They’re seriously gorgeous pieces and if you ever get the chance to order from Yeha, do it do it do it ♡

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omg this might be too oddly specific but top 5 times jensen laughed a lot (ew how disgusting) at something misha said/did that wasn't even that funny (ew gross)

It is too oddly specific but I have a tag for that so I know where to find stuff AHA!


Because seriously Misha wasn’t DOING ANYTHING??? He just walked on stage and Jensen did this (there are other posts here and here because it really is so embarrassing) jfc Jensen control yourself


INDIA RUSSIA!!! LOOK AT HIM oh god he’s so cute (and it really isn’t that funny)


I don’t know if I should laugh or cry I just know it really wasn’t that funny


I think this is his reaction when Misha says “theatere” with an accent and it’s ridiculous because Misha has already joked about it and look at his fACE he looks at whoever it is and he repeats “THEATERE!!!!!!!!!!” with that stupid face because he thinks it’s hilarious EVEN THOUGH HE HEARD THAT JOKE BEFORE
(On a side note, here’s a photoset with pictures of Jensen while Misha talked in that accent and it’s the dumbest thing)


THE HAND ON HIS CHEST WHAT THE HELL JENSEN ARE YOU OKAY oh my god the whole thing is precious I wanna cry


He’s cOVERING HIS MOUTH WITH THe bacK of HIs HAN D that’s so FUkICNG cUte I’M ಥ⌣ಥ

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*Flies in and gives you a bag of cookies* Heya, Ruby! I thought I'd drop by and express my appreciation for all the things you huntsmen do for the world.

Ruby: I knew being a huntress would be amazing but I never thought it would be flying cookie express mail good. *a tear of happiness is in her eye* best. job. ever. Thank you.

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Mori, Honi, and Haru comforting their s/o whose stressed about college ?

Sure! I’m assuming Haru is Haruhi, if I’m wrong, I’m sorry I’ll rewrite it !

Mori: You paced back and forth, over and over again in front of the window, your eyes never leaving the mailbox. Mori had been trying to get you to do something else all day, but you couldn’t stop thinking about how your entire life depended on a little piece of paper. Mori walked up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist.

“Babe, relax. It’s going to come eventually.” You sighed, enjoying the feeling of your boyfriend’s arms around you. Looking up at him, you smiled.

“I know, but if I don’t get in, then what am I suppose to do? Go get a job at a fast food chain and hope I make enough money to support the life I want to live?“ You said, groaning.

“If you don’t get in, you and I are going to go through with getting an apartment and we are going to live a happy life and you are going to get in somewhere. You do not have to go to the same college as me. No matter where you go, you are not loosing me.” He kissed your forehead, as the mail truck pulled up. You quickly loosened yourself from Mori’s grasp and ran out to the mail box, pulling the giant stack of letters out and sorting until you found the one from the University. You quickly ran back in the house and put the rest of the mail on the counter, tearing open the one still in your hands. Looking up at Mori, tears started to form in your eyes.

“I got in.”

Honey: “Come on (Y/N)-chan, sit down and eat some cake, they are going to get all of your information.” You sighed, shutting your computer screen and making your way over to Honey, who was sitting on the couch, happily chomping away on cake. There was an extra large piece of cake siting on the coffee table for you, and you took it in your hands happily, taking a large bite.

“But what if they don't Honey?”

“Then you go plan B, which is Takashi and I forcing them to take your application on the spot." You laughed, his humor making you feel a little but better.

"Honestly, that may have to happen.”

“Whatever you need Princess.”

Haruhi: “ (Y/N), your deadline isn’t for another three weeks, you can get that application done and submitted by then, even if we have to pull a few all-nighters, we will get it done.” Haruhi walked up behind you and wrapped her arms around your shoulders, placing a soft kiss on your temple. You turned your head towards her and pecked her lips, smiling.

“I don’t know what I would do without you.”

“Honestly, probably starve, what do you want for dinner? Something that will calm you down?” She asked, walking into the kitchen.

“Ice Cream, chick flicks, and cuddling?” You called into the kitchen, moving to the couch and grabbing a blanket. She came back into the room, pulling you into her arms and kissing your temple again.

“Sounds good to me.”


She went about cleaning the room, standing on a chair to reach the dried blood on the ceiling. Her ears drooped low as wipe by wipe her friends blood left the walls. It was a hard job, her emotions getting to her every so often as she worked all through the night. Mikey didn’t need to do this…she didn’t want him to do this. The old man had been through enough.

With a sigh she hopped off the chair, tossing the rag into a bucket of now purple water. Her amber eyes glanced towards the armor stand and she walked towards it. She ran her fingers over the Chatterskull tabard, then the mail armor underneath it as tears welled in her eyes again. She shoved the stand over, watching the armor clatter to the floor before kicking his chest plate away.

“You’re a coward….you could’ve talked to someone…anyone…but no..” Her voice shook as she moved to pick up his hat. She hated this hat…always thought he looked like a moron when he wore it…but as she held it now she just wanted it on his head one more time.

“…A fucking coward, Gala…” The tears came again as she sat on the bed and held the hat tightly, letting grief kick in once more.

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